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Contact report 217 (1987/5/8)   第217次接觸報告

接觸時間: 1987 5 8 日,星期五,凌晨 2 07


Quetzal 與比利談論主要談到下列議題:罪犯的管理;太陽中核聚變所產生的溫度;牛奶對人體正確的營養價值;以諾預言的相關話題;地球的冰河時期與氣候變化人類的進化理論等等……。

Synopsis    摘要

Billy and Quetzal discuss: the places of fulfillment of guidelines, the qualities of milk when consumed by a human, EU, NATO and UN, total global ice age, Charles R. Darwin.

比利和 Quetzal 討論的包括︰導正行為的設施與方式、人類飲用牛奶時的作用、有關瑞士與歐盟、北約和聯合國的關係、地球的冰河時期,以及查理斯.達爾文的理論。

This is the entire contact. It is an authorised but unofficial translation and may contain errors.



Nice to see you again, my friend. I've missed you already. Be welcomed.



1. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible for me to come earlier.



It’s nothing. It wasn’t a reproach, just a comment. If you permit, I would like to begin with some questions.



2. I have no objection to that.



A few questions arose in reference to the places of fulfillment of guidelines, as you have used these at earlier times to separate the fallible ones from society. How did everything work? Were the fallible ones supervised at the isolated locations or simply left to their fate? How was everything secured, so that these couldn’t break out, etc.?



3. The places of fulfillment of guidelines were, in every case, very much secluded from any civilized area.


4. The beginning of these places was, unfortunately, inglorious, for during the first 16 years of their implementation, the fallible ones, each one separated according to gender, were provided with everything necessary for living and learning, set out at the places of fulfillment of guidelines, and left to themselves; however, long-range alert barricades and security barricades were given, so that no one could escape.

在最早開始啟用這些地方的 16 年裡,真是難以啟齒,那些犯錯之人根據性別被分開來,我們提供為生活和學習所需的基本物品,然後就由他們去了。當然為了防止有人逃跑,設置有長距離的障礙物和警戒線。

5. But this method wasn’t sufficient, for since the fallible ones were simply left on their own, several power groups emerged among them, which exercised terror among the other fallible ones.


6. Thus, it led to uprisings and to murder and mayhem, including individuals who rose up against one another out of hatred and revenge as well as out of resentment and for many other reasons.


7. At the same time, homosexual relations and the resulting jealousy also played an important role.


8. Consequently, new ways for the fulfillment of guidelines were sought for the fallible ones, whereby new security measures became effective.


9. So from then on, the places of fulfillment of guidelines were secured by guards who, on the one hand, exercised their waking functions among the fallible ones at the isolated locations and, on the other hand, also outside of these within a particular area.


10. This was the case at least during the first period, which lasted for a few centuries, after which other methods were then brought to application because the direct surveillance carried out by the human guards didn’t work satisfactorily.


11. The direct contact of the security guards with the fallible ones at the places of fulfillment of guidelines led to reciprocal differences as well as to reciprocal attacks, through which there were often uprisings and deaths on both sides.


12. For this reason, although other reasons also played a role, new ways were sought, which eventually led to the fallible ones being taken to absolutely secure and electronically monitored locations; therefore, direct security personnel were no longer necessary, and through this, the hazard of collisions and differences between the fallible ones and the guards was excluded.


13. However, in order also to ensure the safety of the fallible ones among one another - so that even among them, no differences and uprisings as well as no power groups would emerge and, thus, murder and mayhem would also be prevented - our early safety scientists created electronic behavioral chips, i.e. security chips, which were implanted into the brains of the fallible ones.


14. These chips were designed in such a way that they steered the behaviors of the fallible ones in a way that no aggression and lust for power as well as no hatred and no vindictiveness could appear; rather, everything in relation to this was reduced in such a way that a damping of these destructive concerns occurred, and in each case, all resulting matters were processed in peace and with consideration.


15. Thus, everything was aligned toward the fact that all occurring things and matters were considered thoroughly and rationally, and no differences and degeneracies, etc. appeared any more.


16. But this doesn’t mean that the fallible ones’ own will and their own freedom of choice would have been taken from them, for that was in no way the case.


17. In fact, they were completely free in this as well as in every other form, which also has reference to their freedom of movement and freedom of action.


18. The only restrictions were that, on the hand, a secured place of fulfillment of guidelines was given, from which no one could escape, and that, on the other hand, no criminal or otherwise degenerative actions could occur any more because these were prevented by the programming of the implanted chips.


19. The development didn’t stand still, however, because the scientists researched further and improved the electronic products, by what means everything became much better.


20. But the real great turning point first came when gene technology was taken into consideration, through which the fallible ones could be treated in such a way that they were separated from their criminal or other degenerative actions and, thus, completely cured of them.


21. This meant that gradually, the places of fulfillment of guidelines became superfluous and eliminated.


22. During the first time, if it was the case that fallible ones were banished for life, without them ever being able to establish contact with the outside world, then this measure was gradually relaxed and, in the end, eliminated altogether, once the fallible ones could be completely cured of their criminal or other degenerate forms through genetic manipulation and be released into society.


23. This gene-manipulative healing method was further investigated and further developed, and indeed, even in reference to all hereditary diseases and immunodeficiencies as well as physical and organic deformities, but also in terms of disorders of consciousness and inheritable psychological disorders, etc.


24. The development progressed rapidly, so already soon, early detections of gene damages of the aforementioned kind became possible, which naturally led to the fact that these cognitions were used and the genetic deformities, genetic abnormalities, and other harmful genetic influences were already repaired in the growing child in the womb.


25. Thus, an irrefutable law has been in force since then, namely that every child, so every girl and every boy, is to be arranged into a gene examination, i.e. a gene analysis, at the prenatal age of seven months.

因此,一項不可辯駁的法律開始實施,也就是每個小孩,無論男女,在胎兒 7 個月大時都必須安排做基因檢查

26. Since then, since this law gained validity and became observed absolutely, it is valid with us that every crime or other degeneration as well as every inheritable disease of the body and its organs, every immunodeficiency of any kind, and every form of harmful aggressiveness, jealousy, and vindictiveness are just as non-existent as also hatred, envy, desire for validity, egoism, and many other characteristics that bring the human being discord, unkindness, and other harms.


27. But at the same time, it should be noted that through this, our own decision in all matters and concerns is in no way impaired, as well as not our drive for self-preservation and our drive for self-defense, when this is demanded.



Thanks. That should actually suffice. – On my Great Journey with Ptaah, he told me that our scientists are mistaken in their acceptance that in the explosions on the Sun, only two million degrees of heat would arise. But unfortunately, I now don’t remember what he said, I mean, what degrees of heat he said, which arise in reality. Do you, perhaps, know about this?

謝謝,這些解釋足夠了。在我和 Ptaah 的偉大旅程中,他告訴我,我們的科學家錯以為太陽上的爆炸產生的熱只有 2 百萬度。很遺憾我不記得他具體說多少度了。你也許知道這個?


28. I am not aware of what you two discussed in this regard, but it actually isn’t true that only two million degrees of heat should arise in the solar explosions.

我不清楚你們討論了什麼,但 2 百萬度是不正確的。

29. In fact, it is around a (1) billion degrees.

實際上那 10 億度


Now that you mention it, I remember again. Yes, Ptaah spoke of around a billion degrees. But now, something else: particularly in Switzerland and in Germany, a lot of advertising is always made for how milk should be healthy and a calcium dispenser. However, Ptaah once said that this doesn’t correspond to the truth. I also heard this repeatedly from physicians and scientists. What’s up with this?

你說了我就想起來了,是的, Ptaah 說過是 10 億度。另外的問題:尤其在瑞士和德國,許多廣告都宣稱牛奶如何健康和補鈣,但 Ptaah 曾經說過這並不符合事實。我也經常聽到有醫生和科學家也這麼說,到底怎麼回事呢?


30. What Ptaah explained to you and what you’ve otherwise heard repeatedly about milk is correct.

你從 Ptaah 和你從其他地方聽到有關牛奶的論述是正確的。

31. Milk is very well a great source of energy, but not necessarily healthy and tolerable for every person.


32. But in particular, milk may not be awarded those health values that are publicized, for example, by the milk producers and by the responsible persons of the milk industry and other utilizers of milk who produce food and beverages.


33. In fact, milk, particularly cow's milk, contains many substances that aren’t exactly to be designated as health-promoting.


34. Unfortunately, also in reference to milk calcium, many erroneous views and assertions prevail, for this doesn’t promote bone structure but is truly a robber of calcium, which removes the body’s own calcium, even from the bones, by what means there isn’t a supply of calcium to the body and the bones through milk but, on the contrary, a removal of calcium.


35. And since, as a rule, too little calcium is already otherwise supplied to the body – as this is also the case for many vitamins, trace elements, and minerals because today's foods, even fruits and vegetables that become more and more over-cultivated, contain less and less of these substances – the Earth person should take this separately or add this to his normal diet as a food supplement.



Also for this answer, I thank you, and it will certainly help so many people. By the way, various people have also asked me about how healthy milk actually is. So I can now give them a useful answer, naturally pointing out that you’ve explained everything to me more exactly. But now, still a question about the prophecy of Henoch: you said that if it should actually come to World War III, then Switzerland also won’t remain spared any more, namely for the reason that connections would be entered into with the UN, i.e. the United Nations, as well as with NATO and with the European Union. How, then, should these connections look – loose or firm? What is decisive in this regard?



36. The importance doesn’t lie in a loose or free connection but only in the fact that any mutual connection exists at all, whatever this may look like.


37. In every form, Switzerland loses the actual status of its neutrality, which it could only preserve if it in no way entered into any mutual or one-sided connections with binding contracts with the aforementioned organizations.


38. Only through this would actual neutrality be preserved in truth, through which an attack on Switzerland would remain undone.


39. But this won’t be the case with great certainty, for already shortly after the turn of the millennium, through the irrationality of many Swiss citizens, misled by those who are irresponsible, a firm entry into the UN will take place, which will count as the beginning of the prospective catastrophe, if the prophecy of Henoch should fulfill itself, which can still be averted, however, if this people takes the initiative and brings the responsible persons of the government to reason.


40. But this would have to mean that the majority of the population and the rulers become filled with actual reason and responsibility and act accordingly.


41. To open themselves to the world, and this means not opening themselves to a nation and its people, to go into the clutches of some foreign-conditioned organizations, etc. and to forfeit their freedom and neutrality thereby, these are truly worth a lot more than the empty promises and lies of those who only strive for power and wealth and to whom all infamous means are right, in order to deceive the people and rule over them.


42. Unfortunately, like with other peoples of other nations, this will also be the case with the Swiss people, at least just with the majority of them who will be shouting for the accessions or other connections to the aforementioned organizations, by what means it will first be recognized too late, as to what the actual truth will be, in regards to the connections and agreements with the EU, NATO, and UN.


43. But once this realization comes, it will be very well too late to be able to slip out again through a suitable mesh.


44. Therefore, it is only to be wished and hoped, and indeed, against all the gloomy prophecies, that the people, even those of Switzerland, will still become reasonable and prevent the impending disaster, which still, for a certain time, actually lies in the realm of possibility; consequently, the prophetic threatening events don’t have to arrive and don’t have to fulfill themselves.


45. And indeed, it is to be desired, that the future will change for the better in the third millennium and that the great time and the century of wars and strife among the Earth people will finally be over.


46. In order to achieve this, the Earth people just need a little reason, understanding, and love, as well as the will to live together in peace with all humans, to respect and honor one another, and to help one another live.



Your word in the human beings’ ear. – Actually, it would be nice if in this so beautiful world, love and peace would finally prosper among all human beings. But it would probably still be too premature to cherish desires and hopes for this, so I think, because the overall thinking and behavior of the Earth person is still too focused on power, materialism, religion, and faith, as well as on selfishness, egotism, pride, self-glorification, jealousy, hatred, vindictiveness, racism, and on many other bad things and negative values, than that he could be taught what is better and would also consciously and willingly change for the better. And even then, when the greatest misery and greatest catastrophe falls upon him, the person of the Earth, he will only reflect upon the better for a short time, and to be sure, only for so long until his agonies and his memories slowly fade away and he thinks that he has the upper hand again. Once he suffers agonies, fear, distress, and misery, then he is ready to make all possible and impossible promises, to pray to every imaginary God with endless words of gratitude and many sacrifices, which he would offer if he would just be released from his shit again. And once it is actually the case that the fear, need, misery, agony, trouble, and danger, etc. are over, then all the promises are forgotten and vanish like sound and smoke, after which the old lifestyle continues, and all harm and evil, all hatred, all unkindness and jealousy, racial hatred, and other forms of hatred as well as vindictiveness and all other inhumane, dehumanizing, and inhuman things continue to grow rampant in a toxic and all-around destructive form that stinks to the high heavens.



47. It is frightening, how clearly and plainly you see the facts and the reality, my friend.


48. I wouldn’t like to be in your skin, as you tend to say, because you have to live on this earth among this humanity and fulfill your difficult task.


49. If I just think of how you are still attacked and slandered for all your work and efforts, then I dread it.


50. Moreover, I can’t understand at all how you endure all this and remain undauntedly loyal to your mission, even though you would actually have every reason to refrain from it.



Dear friend, I made a promise.



51. That is well-known to me, and this word goes over everything for you.



Quite right. I can’t break any given word. But let’s leave this, for I have something else to ask: recently, we talked about the primeval times of the Earth, and the issue arose, which Semjase also once talked about, that at least once on the Earth, there had been a global glaciation, i.e. a total global ice age, which dates back about 600 million years. At the same time, the entire equatorial belt should have also been covered by many meters of thick ice and by enormous glaciers. This, along with the great ice ages and the small ice ages that repeatedly moved across the planet since ages ago and will also continue to do so in the future. Through the total glaciation of global expanse, the entire Earth became a giant ball of ice, i.e. an actual ice planet. In addition, I ask you, since you are also a geologist and an expert in terms of the ice ages and so on, how the Earth was able to turn into an ice planet at all and how the enormous masses of ice were able to melt and then disappear again. At the earliest times, the planet was, nevertheless, a giant glowing ball, before it solidified and formed actual land masses, on which then, in the end, mountains raised themselves through inner Earth movements and processes, etc.

沒錯,我不能食言。我們不說這個了,我還有問題要問:我們最近有談過地球的史前年代, Semjase 曾說過地球上至少有一次是全球範圍的冰河期,大約在 6 億年前。那整個赤道帶也應該是被數米厚的冰雪和巨大的冰川覆蓋。在久遠的過去,大小冰河期交替出現在這個星球上,未來也會如此。全球範圍內的冰川覆蓋,使得整個星球就像是一顆巨大的冰球。因為你是一位地質學家,我想問你,地球怎麼能夠變成這樣的一個大冰球?然後那麼多冰又是如何化掉的?在星球形成初期,地球是一顆灼熱的星球,後來再慢慢冷卻固化形成陸地的樣子,最後,山脈從地殼內部隆起等等。


52. It corresponds to the truth that at early times on the Earth, the ice regions and glaciers had advanced into the tropical zones and also forced the equatorial regions and even the entire planet under a mantle of ice that was many meters thick.


53. Thus, the ice planet Earth actually existed, just as Semjase explained to you.

因此,正如 Semjase 解釋給你聽的,整個星球就是一個冰球。

54. To your question of how the masses of ice melted again, I must explain the following:


55. Normally, the Earth's surface is so strongly influenced by the Sun, through its rays, that the upper layer of the Earth is warmed up.


56. However, this only happens under normal conditions and not with glaciers and large surfaces of ice, thus also not with small and great ice ages, because only the ice-free areas of the planet are affected and warmed up by the solar radiation, while the glaciers and other enormous white or bright greenish or bluish surfaces of ice too strongly reflect the Sun’s rays and, thus, also the heat energy; consequently, they cannot melt by the solar heat.


57. If large surfaces of ice and glaciers spread out across the planet through planetary climate changes or through disturbances of the revolution of the planet around the Sun or through any cosmic influence, then the Earth's surface naturally becomes brighter, by what means, as I explained, the sunlight, i.e. the solar radiation, becomes much stronger than what is usually reflected.


58. Through this, the planet takes in less and less solar heat, as this was also the case at that time with the Earth and is the case with every small or great ice age.


59. This is the reason why the planet’s surface cools down more and more and why the masses of ice can collect around it, grow unrestrainedly, and expand.


60. Then, once a critical expanse and mass are reached, the climate tilts inexorably, and the total global freezing can no longer be stopped.


61. This is the development of a global freezing of a planet, as this was also true for the Earth.


62. Nevertheless, such a total freezing of a planet can more or less or even totally be dissolved by the planet’s internal functions, which also happened on the Earth, on which even today, there are still a large number of glaciers, which can be found throughout the whole world in smaller or larger forms in the mountains, but in addition, the areas of the Arctic and Antarctic may not be forgotten, which also remained after the small and great ice ages.


63. Now, so that the Earth could free itself again from its enormous mantle of ice, the elementary, bubbling, inner life of the planet itself was decisive, namely the tremendous natural power of volcanism, through which the tremendous heat was generated, which eventually brought the ice crust of the Earth back to melting.


64. Volcanoes have a direct connection to the Earth’s interior and, with this, to the bubbling magma chambers, whereby the active volcanoes are also more active in their function, of course, during a global ice age.


65. Thus, the volcanoes remain active and, through enormous eruptions, spew out huge masses of liquid lava as well as heat onto the planet’s surface, but only the immediate ice-covered areas all around the volcanoes benefit from this as the vast sheets of ice melt.


66. But in addition to the lava and the heat, the volcanoes also eject huge amounts of the finest dust particles, i.e. ash particles and so on and so forth, along with enormous masses of carbon dioxide, and these very factors are the ones that ensure that the heat of the sunlight is trapped in the atmosphere.


67. But primarily, it is carbon dioxide that is decisive for this heat effect, for throughout the entire global ice age, which lasted on Earth for 12.47 million years, this gathered together in unimaginable mass in the atmosphere, heating it to about 57 degrees, which entailed that a tremendous global greenhouse effect arose, through which the enormous masses of ice slowly began to melt, by what means the global freezing dissolved up to the small areas at the North Pole and the South Pole as well as in isolated mountain areas, etc.

這些熱效應根本的原因就是二氧化碳在持續了 12.47 百萬年的冰川期,二氧化碳在大氣中累積到了不可想像的程度,使得大氣溫度達到 57 度,造成了全球巨大的溫室效應,而冰雪則開始融化 ,全球性的冰凍被縮減到南北極和部分偏遠的山區。

68. This was also the case on the ground, which took place about 600 million years ago.

陸地上的情況也是一樣,大約發生在 6 億年前

69. Of course, immense layers of clouds originated from the slow evaporation of the masses of ice, which surrounded the entire Earth as a closed cloud cover and which, in turn, led to a renewed and even much more extreme climate change.


70. Then, after many millions of years, it began to rain for the first time on Earth, and indeed, in such immense masses that everything was set under water.


71. This tremendous time of rain, during which the waters fell like a flood from the clouds to the ground, lasted for 142 years without interruption, and of course, new evaporations of the falling-down water masses took place again and again, by what means the cloud formations were continuously fed, while the powerful volcanoes naturally remained active and constantly ejected new carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

這場雨,猶如從雲端降落的洪水,沒有間斷地持續了 142 年,當然還有新的蒸發又變成雨水周而復始的落到地面,而強大的火山爆發自然也不斷將新的二氧化碳噴發進大氣裡。

72. The flood-like, falling-down water masses combined in the atmosphere with this carbon dioxide, forming acid rain, from which then, over the course of time, natural lime developed on the Earth.


73. This was the development of the Earth in relation to the total global freezing, which then also firstly formed the actual origin for the original emergence of the first micro-life forms of a single-celled kind, from which, over the course of millions of years and centuries, life forms of the water, land, and air evolved up to the higher kinds, after which then, the Earth person emerged from the whole thing and evolved over many depths and heights to the current state.


74. Until the global ice age around 600 million years ago, only thermal life forms, i.e. thermal bacteria, existed on the Earth in the scorching heat of the magma and lava, and these life forms were partially expelled from the hot springs of aboveground geysers as well as from small or larger black funnels or chimneys rising high up at the bottom of the sea, and to be sure, along with the other primitive forms, from which, over the course of time, new unicellular life forms could evolve, which settled in the sands of the shores of the seas and other bodies of water and evolved under or in the sand to multicellular life forms.

6 億年前的全球冰川期,只有熱感細菌存在於地球的熔岩和岩漿裡。這些生命形式通過溫泉被帶到地表,也從海底大大小小的黑煙囪裡湧出,然後隨著時間的推移,和其他原始的生命形式一起演化成單細胞的生命,在海邊或其他水系的岸邊沙灘上不斷演化直至多細胞的形式。

75. But at the same time, comets as well as meteors and asteroids as well as interstellar clouds of microbes played a very important role, once these came into the immediate vicinity of the Earth and fell down upon this, thereby bringing their microbes, etc. to the planet, which combined in part with the Earth’s already-developed life forms of a similar kind and thereby created new life, or else life forms that were independently brought from space emerged from these.


76. But in relation to the insemination of the Earth with respect to fauna and flora, it must be clearly said that what primarily relates to this didn’t proceed from the planet itself but resulted through the inclusions from outer space, and to be sure, through comets, meteors, asteroids, dust particles, and even through the clouds of chemical elements drifting through free space as well as clouds of microbes, through which all the bacteria, fungi, lichens, mosses, viruses, and protozoa of various genera and species were brought to the Earth.


77. The Earth human being first emerged much later out of new amino acid connections, etc., which resulted from the decay substances of plants and animals.


78. The earliest human forms in this regard, which emerged from the planet itself, are to be backdated to 8 to 12 million years, but the actual hominid forms first appeared between six and eight million years ago, from whose lines various human forms then developed over the course of time, but these were not of permanence and, thus, passed again.

地球自身出現的最早的人類形式,要追溯到 8 百萬年至 1 2 百萬年前 ,但真正的人形生命則出現在 6 百到 8 百萬年前 ,並不斷地演變成不同的人類形式

79. Then, from the same original line, still other and similar human life forms formed, so with the related human life forms, namely the simian beings, which still exist on the Earth today in various species.


80. The human beings who walked the Earth at earlier times, such as over 20 or 120 or even more than 230 million years ago, were in no way the so-called Earth-made or Earth-created ones but rather extraterrestrials who came from the depths of space and who stayed here for a certain time or only visited the planet for a short time for expeditions or for major excursions.

更早期在地球上行走的人類,在 2 千萬年前或 1.2 億年甚至 2.4 億年前,根本不是所謂的地球土生人類,而是外星人 ,他們來自宇宙深處,抱著探險或遠足的目的在地球待了一段時間或僅僅是短期拜訪。

81. At that time, the areas of origin and home worlds of these travelers from afar were to be found in your galaxy, so the Milky Way, but also in foreign galaxies.



So once more: from your words, it again follows clearly and plainly that humans aren’t descended from the ape line but rather apes from the human line.



82. That is correct because the Darwinian Theory of Evolution, that the evolutionary line of Earth human beings traces back to apes, is fundamentally wrong, for in truth, the evolutionary line of apes traces back to human beings.


83. Darwin was a deceiver in relation to the Man-Ape Evolutionary Line Theory because he secretly worked on ape bones and ape skeletons with a filing utensil, in order to adapt them into his claim and false theory and to present it to those scientists at that time who occupied themselves with the evolution of animals and humans.


84. At first, they were completely impressed by Darwin’s “evidence” and spread Darwin’s false claims and deceitful machinations across the globe as correct and as a true sensation.

起初,他們完全相信了達爾文的 證據” ,並將他的錯誤理論和欺騙詭計傳遍全球。

85. And once they discovered Charles R. Darwin’s fraud, it was already too late to correct everything again; consequently, everything took its course, and the fraudulently created evidence entered into the scientific annals as authenticity; thus, it also spread among the people, and the erroneous teaching was born that the human being is descended from the ape, which is the exact opposite of what corresponds to the truth and correctness, that the ape is descended from the line of the human being.



The story is well-known to me. Through his wrong machinations, Darwin probably created the greatest deception and the greatest lie that a scientist on Earth has ever created. Greater deception and greater lies were probably only created by the Americans, with their made-up first Moon-landing, as well as those through which religions and sects were created.



86. That is correct.


87. But now, my friend, it is again enough for today, because you just don’t look so good in the world, that one could say that you are doing really well.


88. So I want to say goodbye again and hope that in my next visit, I find you in a state of better health.


89. So farewell then – and until we meet again.


90. I will come again at the end of the month.



Then until we meet again, dear friend. So until the end of May. Please pay everyone my dearest greetings.

那再見了,我親愛的朋友, 5 月底見,問大家好。


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