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Contact Report 251-9 (1995/2/3)        第251次接觸報告之九


在這部分中, Ptaah 表示美國政府在他們秘密和機密的文件中,確實隱藏了大量關於外星生命存在與這些生命出現在地球上的重要證據


Naturally. - But I still have a question: Is it not possible that some things you just mentioned may be responsible for claims made by Ed Walters in America, who also offers photos?

是的,而我仍然有個問題,那就是你剛才提到的那些事情,是否可以對美國的 Ed Walters 所做的聲明以及他所提供的照片適用?


He is a swindler and a fraud, and his photos are counterfeit. This is an established fact.



Good, thanks. But why were we not allowed to mention those extraterrestrials of whom you just spoke?



On one hand this is related to the upcoming events and the new era on Earth. We are not permitted to speak about such things, as I have previously explained. On the other hand, unfortunately, careless leaks of this information would only lead to further hysteria, lies and fraud, along with deceit and charlatanry, as was the case already in America, Germany, England, Japan, Sweden and other places.

一方面 關係到即將發生的事件和地球上的新紀元。我們不允許談論這樣的事情,正如我以前說過的。另一方面,不幸的是,不小心洩露這些信息只會導致進一步的歇斯底里、謊言和欺詐,正如已經在美國、德國、英國、日本、瑞典和其他地方的情況一樣。


Yes, I know. In this regard, America especially leads the way in hysteria and idiocy.



That is correct, but MUFON alone must not be blamed for this entire hysteria; many religious sects and, in particular, the government itself must share in the blame. In fact, the latter hides a great deal of important proof about the existence of extraterrestrial life, and the appearances on Earth by these beings, in their secret and undercover files; indeed, the government prohibits by law contacts of terrestrials with extraterrestrial life forms. Another very lamentable factor is the fact that the American military constructs and tests flying objects with extreme secrecy, although many outsiders are knowledgeable about these events and even hold proof of these activities, simply because they were able to observe, film and photograph them at any time, day or night.

的確這樣,但是這整個的歇斯底里不能只單獨歸咎於 MUFON The Mutual UFO Network ;美國 UFO 協會);很多教派、還有特別是政府本身實難辭其咎。事實上,美國政府在他們秘密和機密的文件中, 隱藏了大量關於外星生命存在與這些生命出現在地球上的重要證據 他們確實通過法律禁止地球人與外星人接觸。另一個非常可悲因素是美國軍方極度保密之下製造並測試飛行物的事實,雖然很多局外人了解這些事件,甚至擁有這些活動的證據,皆因他們能夠在任何時間(白天或晚上)目擊、錄影和拍攝到它們。


And these flying objects have shapes that are unlike that of an airplane, and they possess propulsion systems and technological flight characteristics that traditional aircraft do not possess. But why are you speaking about these things now? We were not allowed to mention them before.



With our withdrawal the cloak of secrecy has been removed from us as well. Therefore, I am now permitted to speak about the various so-called UFO sightings that were observed in many countries throughout the world over the past four decades. Frequently they may be traced back to these terrestrial flying objects. They do not belong only to the Americans but to other countries on Earth as well. The real reason why we are allowed to speak now, after our current withdrawal, is the fact that for some time now all of these things were open secrets in certain circles. Therefore, we are not divulging anything that is considered a secret in the near future, as is the case with actual government and military secrets, in which case we have neither permission to intervene nor can we currently reveal them. At this time we are confirming certain things and events that previously could not be considered actual secrets for quite some time.

隨著我們的撤離,保密的外衣也已經從我們那裡除去。因此,我現在允許談論各種所謂的 UFO 目擊事件,在過去四十年,在全球各地許多國家被目擊到 它們通常可以追溯到這些地球的飛行物,它們並不只屬於美國人,也有地球上的其他國家。在我們撤離後,現在允許談論的真正原因,是因為所有這些事情在某些圈子裡已經是公開的秘密一段時間了。因此我們不會洩露任何在不久將來被認為是個秘密,如同政府和軍方的秘密一樣,在那些情況下,我們既沒有許可介入,也不能現在就透露它們。這個時候,我們正在確認某些以前相當長一段時間不能被視為真正秘密的事件。


In a number of countries on Earth, flying objects are being developed that successfully resemble alien and extraterrestrial vehicles due to their strange, untraditional construction. The styles of these flying devices range from the beamship shapes your people made known all the way to the triangular forms, among many others. It is no wonder, therefore, that observers regard these flying objects as UFOs, or rather, as spaceships or simply as extraterrestrial flying craft; last, but not least, also because these craft are silent or nearly silent and possess flying characteristics that are alien and contrary to flight techniques known on Earth. Now you have a repetition of your explanations. A double stitching holds up better.

在地球上一定數量的國家內,飛行器正在開發,由於它們奇怪、非傳統的結構,成功地類似於外星和地球外的交通工具 。這些飛行設備的樣式範圍,從你的人民一直已知的 beamship Plejaren 的飛船)形狀到三角形等等。因此,這也難怪目擊者視這些飛行器為 UFO ,或者更確切地說,視作太空飛船或視作外星太空飛船 ;最後,很重要的一點,因為這些太空船都是無聲或幾乎無聲的,並且具備外星和地球上已知飛行技術相反的飛行特性。現在有了你重覆作的解釋,更加證實其可信度。


That is correct.



In my 23 pages I forgot to mention also that the terrestrial beings were actually one single race during Enoch's (Henok) ancient times. From this one race other races formed due to climatic and atmospheric changes, and splits that created new breeds once again. These mixed among themselves, and new races were created once again. Over the course of time, not only did the skin color of humans change but also their outward appearance, yet always in tune with the new surroundings, new living conditions and other influences.

在我那 23 頁裡我忘記提及地球生命在以諾( Henok )的遠古時代實際上是單一種族 。從這個種族起源,由於氣候和大氣的變化以及種族分裂,再次創造出新的人種,因此有其他的種族形成。他們彼此之間混合,因此再創造新的種族。隨著時間的推移,不僅人類的膚色改變,他們的外觀亦有所改變,但總是隨著新環境、新生活條件和其他影響因素而調適

This, of course, resulted in genetic changes in addition to those changes produced by the genetic manipulations. However, the changes were not significant enough for the original and basic link not to remain evident that all humans on Earth originated from the same, single Ur-stock. Hence, when the humans from the Lyra regions and other locations interbred with the early emigrants, respectively their descendants nearly 190,000 years ago on Earth, the cycle was complete among people of the same stock. And then, when the peoples separated again in large spurts, and the most diverse regions of the Earth were newly inhabited, further changes in skin color, outward appearance and genes transpired again, This time, too, the Ur-breed remained intact, and it can be genetically proven that the terrestrials originated from a single Ur-race.

當然,這導致除了由基因竄改而改變之外的基因變化。然而這些變化已不是那麼重要,因為所有地球上人類起源於相同、單一最原始血統的根源與基本(基因)鏈已經不再明顯。因此,當來至天琴座區域和其他地方的人類與這裡早期的移民(也就是他們約 19 萬年前在地球上的後裔)雜交,這項循環已經在同血統的人之間完成。然後,人類再次因大量繁殖而遷徙分散,地球各種各樣的地區重新有人居住,於是皮膚顏色、外表和基因進一步的變化再次發生。這次,最原始的血統仍然完好,而且它可以在基因上證明地球人起源於單一的最原始種族。


Indeed, you actually did fail to mention this in your report.



Something else in this regard: I have been thinking that while redoing and correcting the PROPHECIES, we could also incorporate the 23 pages. There are actually only one or two prophecies, the remainder consists of predictions. How do you feel about this?

在其他方面,我一直在想,在重新修正這些「預言」的時候,我們也可以結合那 23 頁資料,那裡實際上只有一或兩個是預言,其餘部分均屬於預測的內容,這方面你覺得如何呢?


It would probably be appropriate for you to integrate everything together into your new book.



Certain people probably are going to get into a flap over it for sure; but that does not really matter. We are used to such things. Still, anyone who wishes to be heard must create a disturbance, and whoever wishes to create a disturbance must repeat the same things several times. Only by creating a disturbance, human beings will become aware of some person or some facts presented to them, because they will either feel personally attacked or because it bothers them to hear the same facts two or three times. It is the only way to stimulate people into thinking, regardless of whether it is in a peaceful or angry way.


The only important thing is the result, that is to say, the fact that one way or another they feel attacked and, therefore, only then do they begin to ponder things and react. - But now something else: Recently I stumbled across the fact that we spoke against hatred toward strangers and other races in our small campaign texts, but we have never really delved into the subject or produced any separate booklets on it. In the future we will do so and, together with Bernadette, I have designed stickers for this subject matter. Here they are. What do you think of them? These are already at the printers, these 3 I would like to have made up next week.

唯一重要的是事情的結果,也就是說,他們不管感到以什麼方式被攻擊,但卻因此才會令他們開始思考事情並作出反應。而現在我還有其他的事情:最近我偶然發現,我們在小型活動文宣中表示反對仇恨陌生人和其他種族,但是我們從來沒有真正深入研究這主題或製作任何專門的小冊子,在未來我們會這樣做,而且與 Bernadette 一起做。我已經為這個主題設計了些貼紙,在這裡,你認為它們怎麼樣?這些都已經在印刷機上了,這 3 張我想下星期印出來。


They are very nice and express a great deal about the individual subject matter. I like them very much. I would be delighted if you would let me have about three of each one - and of those you now have as well. I would like to begin a collection of them. Quetzal still has some Swiss money remaining from the time you purchased various items for us. I would like to give you this money as a contribution toward the printing costs of these stickers. It must be nearly CHF 500.00.

它們都很好,而且關於這個別的題材表達了很多,我非常喜歡它們。如果你每一款給我三張,我會很高興,那些你現在有的也一樣。我想開始收集它們, Quetzal 仍有一些你購買各種物品給我們所剩下的瑞士幣,我想給你這些錢,作為這些貼紙印刷成本的損獻,應該大約 500 瑞士法郎。


Of course -- you can have as many stickers as you wish. And the money we certainly like to have, too. I thank you on behalf of the entire group.



Please convey my thanks and greetings to the group members also, and to all of the groups in California, Sweden, Toronto, Japan and, of course, to all friends of the Mission and all Passive Group members as well. I also pass on these thanks and greetings of behalf of my daughters Semjase and Pleija, and also Asket, Neera, Menara, Isodos, Talida, Quetzal and all the others who know you from photos and our TV broadcasts, or from those people who encountered Core Group and Passive Group members during our visits to the Center, although these individuals rarely or never even noticed that we were nearby. I have also been asked to convey thanks and greetings from many people who know you only from hear-say.

請同時轉達我的感謝和問候予小組成員,還有加州、瑞典、多倫多、日本的小組。當然,還有這「任務」的所有朋友們和所有「從屬小組」成員,我也代表我的女兒 Semjase Pleija ,還有 Asket Neera Menara Isodos Talida Quetzal ,以及所有其他從相片和我們的電視廣播,或者那些透過探訪「中心」遇見「核心小組」和「從屬小組」成員的人從而認識你的那些人,表達感謝和問候,雖然這些人很少或從來沒有注意到我們在附近。我也被那些來自很多只是聽說而認識你的人要求,轉達感謝和問候。


Thank you.



It is . . . .

這是 ……


Please, the . . . .



This is correct. I also wanted to talk about that. But if you feel that matters really are as you just mentioned, it may be better to keep silent on it.



They are probably just as you said. Let's talk about something else: For some time now, the magazines and newspapers have been filled with war crime recollections by the Nazis in Germany. Radio and Television also have nothing better to do than to fan the memories of these crimes with every means possible. The Jewish organizations and associations, etc., do so especially. It is my opinion that these actions are just as abominable and criminal as the constant anti-war propaganda in form of so-called anti-war films, etc., as well as the magnified crimes of racism and torture. It is my personal opinion which is based on my knowledge of the human-psychologic reactions, that all of those people who shout "anti" and "contra" against torture and capital punishment, concentration camps, crime, wars in any form by showing those gruesome and horrifying pictures shown in newspapers, magazines, as well as on TV and in the cinemas of people getting massacred, tortured and murdered, of cemeteries being violated, houses burned among other things, are doing others a great disservice.


They have no clue about the human psyche and psychology. If they knew anything about this, they would realize that their actions achieve exactly the opposite to what they intend because numerous misled, erroneous-thinking individuals feel attracted to such purported anti-propaganda. These people see that idiotic anti-propaganda and are then triggered toward the opposite effect, whereupon they want to act in the manner they are shown. For this reason, the neo-Nazi and right-extremist movements gain ever more ground.


Unfortunately, this is a psychologic process which is really logical albeit unrecognized by those in charge and by the co-screamers of this insane anti-propaganda. Indeed, these people lack the knowledge of human nature and the knowledge of psychology. Anti-war films, anti-concentration camp films, anti-drug films, anti-torture and anti-capital punishment films that depict crimes in pictures and give descriptions, and movies that present such crimes in pictures by stimulating the readers' fantasy of these written words, achieve exactly the opposite of what they should do. Memories triggered by such moronic things provoke, in many people, the desire to act in the same way as the culprits who originally performed these atrocities - who also became insane through propaganda.


Anyone wanting to speak up against these past and still prevailing horrors, must never do so in this moronic manner. Condemnation must occur by pointing out the current existing ills and their ominous consequences for the future. Memories of past events in accordance with the idiotic motto: "We must never forget Auschwitz" or "We must never let the horrors of the past be forgotten", etc., are completely out of place and dangerous, for they only prompt anew the identical evils and horrors of the past. Therefore this insanity must stop if the flames of neo-nazism and the extreme right radicalism are not to be fanned any further.


Only by banning the anti-insanity in the above-mentioned form can healing begin. And a fight against all of these evils and harm can only be crowned with success if the means to fight are restricted to those methods that do not glorify the memories as it has been the case until now. Instead, the methods must delineate them in a form that points out the damage and the harm, and reveal the subsequent consequences they will result in. This is my personal opinion, and I'd like to hear yours too at this time.



I wholeheartedly agree with you. I need not add any further explanations except, possibly, that only truly responsible, clear-thinking and rational people will recognize this fact. One does not even require any psychological education; pure reason alone suffices to identify your factual explanation.



Of course, if this isn't the truth! - But tell me: In the middle of February, a severe earthquake occurred in Japan that caused more than 5000 deaths and immense damage. It was far, far more severe than the last major tremor in California, during which a great deal of plundering took place, and people behaved as though they had never been taught any decency and respect. This also happened in other places, in Mexico for instance, several South-American countries and elsewhere, where all law and order collapsed. All of this stands in direct contrast with Japan where such things hardly ever happened, and the people bore all hardships with admirable composure. Chaos and all other ills did not materialize the way they did in other countries, especially in America, where appropriate demeanor would have also been warranted. This appropriate demeanor was lacking as was a certain kind of culture.

當然,如果這不是事實!但是告訴我:在二月中旬(註: 1995 年日本阪神大地震發生在 1 17 ,而且這次接觸發生在 2 3 日,所以應該是一月中旬,這裡英譯有誤。),一場強烈的地震在日本發生,造成超過 5000 人死亡和巨大的破壞,這遠遠比加州最近一次的重大震顫更嚴重,在那期間大量的掠奪發生,而且人們表現得好像他們從來沒有受過任何尊嚴和尊重的教導一樣,這也發生在其他地方,例如在墨西哥,一些南美國家和其他地方,在那裡所有的法律和秩序都崩潰了。所有這一切都與日本形成直接的對比,在那裡這樣的事情幾乎沒有發生,而且人民以令人欽佩的鎮靜承擔一切艱難,混亂和所有其他的弊病並沒有像其他國家那樣實現,尤其是在美國,在那裡適當的行為也會得到批准,這適當的行為缺乏,就像是一種特定的文化一樣。

Indeed, Japanese organized crime groups even aided the population through food distribution and other things. This alone shows what true culture and honor, what composure and respect the Japanese possess. Chivalry and friendship are not simply empty phrases with them the way it is with many Americans who call you their friend very quickly. And yet the word has no substance for them - as we have so often seen over the past 20 years. Still, there are obviously also those Americans who are true friends and true human beings. To them friendship is a truly precious commodity. I, too, have such friends in America but unfortunately they are few in number. However, they are true, honest and good friends.

事實上,日本的有組織犯罪集團甚至透過食品分配和其他的東西來援助人民,僅憑這一點就可以說明日本人擁有哪些真正的文化和榮譽、鎮靜和尊重,俠義和友誼對他們來說不只是空談,就像美國人很快稱呼你為他們的朋友一樣,然而,這個詞語對他們沒有實質意義,正如我們在過去的 20 年經常看到的一樣。不過,很明顯也有些美國人他們是真正的朋友和真正的人類。對他們而言,友誼是真正珍貴的財富。同樣,我在美國有這樣的朋友,但不幸的是他們人數不多。然而,他們是真正、誠實的好朋友。


I am aware of this. The earthquake spread great suffering, misery, sadness and vast destruction throughout Japan and among the Japanese. Please convey to these people our deepest regrets and our great respect for their admirable conduct during those difficult times.



I'd be glad to, for I also feel a sense of high esteem and respect for them. Can any action whatever be taken against earthquakes?



The rule has shown, even on every one of our worlds within the federation, that hardly anything reasonable can be done to prevent severe quake damage once tall buildings, etc., have been constructed. For this reason we normally only have low, greatly reinforced buildings capable of withstanding the most severe earthquakes. Our worlds, too, live and are shaken by earthquakes, but our construction methods for buildings and their safety against planetary jolts are designed accordingly.



You also have houses and buildings that are not constructed from small pieces, that is, made from stone or cement blocks and so forth, since your buildings are made as single units from synthetic materials. There is not one seam anywhere, judging from what I have seen. Furthermore, they are constructed on systems of springs or as floating bodies.



This is correct, but these are merely two of the methods utilized to offset any jolting.



I did not claim that I knew everything. I only mentioned what I had observed during my visit. Besides, the earthquake was not the only alarming event on Earth in January. Throughout Europe, including Switzerland, monstrous storms and floods caused incredible damage.



This will also be the case from now on, for these disasters will increase worldwide even further, and so will storms, tornados, typhoons, hurricanes, floods, droughts and huge wild fires everywhere that will cause immense damage and many deaths on Earth. Earthquakes are also among these calamities that will cause yet even further damage and suffering, as will be the case also with wars and religious sectarianism, which is expected to initiate many sectarian dramas. Major crime and minor criminal activities will abound throughout the world, as will political and military turmoil. Islamic fundamentalism will become more extreme, and diseases and epidemics will increase among the terrestrial population.


Of course, these crises will not take place at constantly high levels, for these things tend sometimes to increase or to decrease; therefore, at various periods the calamities will be more numerous and sometimes less so. They will continuously increase, however. The blame for this upward trend must be placed on the terrestrials, for through the constant increases in overpopulation they compound the increase in their every ill. Yet, we must really not spend any more time speaking about these matters because throughout the many years of our contacts everything of relevance has been discussed previously - and in vain, unfortunately. Human beings as a whole, especially those with responsible positions in governments and the military have chosen to ignore the population figures, although you and your entire group has made every effort and expended much energy and cost to publicize this information.

當然,這些危機不會持續高頻率發生,因為這些事有時往往會增加或減少;所以,在不同時期的災難會時多時少。但是,它們會不斷增加,這種上升趨勢必須歸咎於地球人身上,因為透過人口過剩的不斷增加,他們在每一種禍害上使增 長惡化。然而,我們真的不能再花更多時間談論這些事情,因為我們接觸多年以來相關的一切以前已經討論過 —— 而且徒然,很不幸。人類作為一個整體,尤其是那些在政府和軍隊具有要職的,已選 擇去忽略人口數字,雖然你和你的團隊已經盡了一切努力,而且花費了很多精力和代價去宣傳這信息。


We do have some successes to show for it, because many people have picked up on our words and passed them on, along with their efforts to begin living and behaving according to our statements and suggestions.



This is correct, of course, but I spoke about the majority of terrestrials and the majority of the responsible people. Naturally, the minority is important, for it is these people who lead in this fight with great fervor. Unfortunately, they will reap very little gratitude, even though they are ultimately responsible for laying the cornerstone for the positive changes. In this regard you and your group are in the preeminent position.



Thanks for the "flowers" (The word "flowers" in this colloquial German phrase really means "compliments").



Now that we have withdrawn from Earth, I want to reiterate the issue, once again, that neither we Plejarans nor any of the allies within our federation are maintaining any contacts whatsoever with terrestrial human beings; neither in a physical nor a telepathic form. Indeed, such contacts have never existed except, however, for five particular individuals whose identity you already know, and who died several years ago. Not one of them ever publicized the knowledge he or she possessed. Yet, what we want to say though is that we do maintain impulse contacts with terrestrial scientists and others.

現在,我們已經從地球撤出,我想要再次重申這問題,無論是我們 Plejaren 或者我們聯盟中的任何盟友,也不會與地球的人類保持任何接觸 ;無論是以實體或是心靈感應的形式 。事實上,這些接觸從來不存在,然而,除了 5 個特定的個體之外,他們的身份你已經知道,而且幾年前已經去世。他們沒有一個人曾經公佈他或她擁有的知識。然而,我們想說雖然我們確實與地球的科學家和其他人有保持脈衝接觸。

We shall continue these contacts through appropriate devices, although the individuals involved have not nor will they ever know about the contacts in the future. These impulse contacts are determined by evolution and are guiding mankind toward the future, whereupon research and inventions will transpire, new knowledge will be gleaned, literary works in a futuristic form will be written, science fiction that will frequently be turned into motion pictures. You are the only person on Earth with whom we had and still maintain contact with in both physical and telepathic form - except for those individuals whom you knew and who have since died.

透過適當的設備,我們將會繼續這些接觸,雖然所涉及的人都不曾知道,而且在未來也不會知道這些接觸。這些脈衝接觸是由進化所決定,並引導人類走向未來,據此研究和發明就會發生,新知識將會被收集到,文學作品以未來的形式將會被寫下來,科幻小說經常會變成電影。你是地球上唯一以物理和心靈感應兩種形式與我們有而且仍然保持接 觸的人 —— 除了那些你所知道而且已過世的人之外。


What about other extraterrestrial intelligences since? Do any of those maintain contacts with terrestrials at this time? I mean with private people and the like, who have no connections with governments and the military, about which you are not permitted to speak.



This question must be answered with a definite 'no', for none of the three groups who are constantly or frequently on Earth, maintains any private or religious contacts with individuals on Earth, which can also be affirmed with absolute certainty. This also applies to the many extraterrestrial visitors who come to Earth for excursions, expeditions or whatever other reasons. The "examination" contacts are excluded, because we are not speaking about them since they are not contingent upon two-way contacts.



This means that no contacts now exist between private citizens and extraterrestrials. And, just as you have stated, neither are there any contacts of a religions nature between terrestrials and extraterrestrials. This means, then, that the stigmatized man and his benefactor, Siragusa, are nothing more than frauds, liars and cheats. The stigmatist, Giorgio Bongiovanni, even wanted to come and bring me a very important message from the Holy Mother of God and the Father in Heaven himself. For nearly a week he had third parties pester us in a number of languages to arrange a meeting with me. He and his followers actually believe that his stigmata is a sign from God, while his signs, and those of all stigmatic persons, are truthfully only generated by religious-sectarian delusions and fanaticism. These signs are produced through a religious and sectarian-based psychogenic effect in the identical manner as was the case with the first famous stigmatic individual, Francis of Assisi and several hundred others.

這意味著,現在普通人和外星人之間不存在接觸。而且,正如你說的,也沒有任何地球人和外星人之間的宗教性質接觸。那麼,這意味著,那烙了印的男人和他的捐助人 Siragusa 只不過是詐騙、騙子和欺騙。聖痕者 Giorgio Bongiovanni 甚至想要給我帶來一個來自聖母和天上的父非常重要的信息。幾乎有一個星期,他以多種語言第三方糾纏我們,安排與我會面,他和他的追隨者真的認為他的聖痕是一種來至上帝的標誌,而他的痕跡和那些有聖痕的人確實只是由宗教宗派妄想和狂熱產生的,這些痕跡透過一種宗教和宗派為基礎的心理效應產生,與首位著名的聖痕者 Francis of Assisi 亞西西的方濟各和其他幾百人的情況一樣,是以相同的方式。


This is absolutely correct. From our monitoring device I know about the incident regarding the telephone harassment by the followers of this delusional fanatic, Giorgio Bongiovanni. It seems, the religious-sectarian fanaticism knows no bounds among terrestrials.

這是絕對正確的。透過我們的監測設備我知道與這事件有關的電話騷擾,來至那妄想性狂熱的 Giorgio Bongiovanni 的追隨者們,看來,宗教教派的狂熱在地球人之間並沒有界限。


Another question regarding the Pleiades. You mentioned previously that they are still very young. Aren't there any inhabitable planets?

另一個問題是關於昴宿星團的。你之前提到,它們還很年輕。那裡不存在任何可居住的行星?(註: 所謂的 Plejaren 並非來自昴宿星 ,因為他們的時空結構與我們不一樣,所以在我們這個維度的昴宿星團中並沒有生命存在 。)


No. Although there is a planetary formation around some of the Pleiadian celestial bodies, they are in as young a state as the stars themselves, which is only natural, of course; when the stars are young, the planets must also be young. However, on the few planets in the Pleiades star cluster no life exists whatever at this time, and the question remains, whether or not any life will ever develop there.



Thank you. Another question: For his book Geheimsache UFO ... (Secret Matter UFO ...), Michael Hesemann used a cover photo, taken by a certain Amaury Rivera, that shows an American Air Force F-14 interceptor and a UFO over Puerto Rico. Do you know anything about this?

謝謝。另一個問題:對於他的書 Geheimsache UFO… (《 UFO 秘密事項 …… 》), Michael Hesemann 使用了一張封面照,由 Amaury Rivera 所拍攝,顯示一架美國空軍的 F-14 攔截機和一架不明飛行物在波多黎各上空,你知不知道這事?


Certainly. There is no doubt that trick photography was used with models suspended with fishing lines. We checked into this matter as thoroughly as we did with Ed Walters, whose photos also utilized trick photography. Michael Hesemann is an enthusiastic ufologist but he is, in this respect extremely, almost irresponsibly, gullible. He allows himself to be unusually easily tricked and deceived, and he erroneously believes that he is of extraterrestrial origin. As our very profound investigations have shown, he is a purely Earth-created individual and this may, in part, be the reason for his UFO enthusiasm and the fact that he is so easily deceived.

當然,毫無疑問運用了特技攝影,用了模型並以魚絲吊掛。我們對這件事的調查完全和我們對 Ed Walters 所做的一樣,他的照片也利用了特技攝影。 Michael Hesemann 是一個熱情的不明飛行物研究家,但他在這方面幾乎不負責任。他容許自己被異常容易地愚弄和騙倒,而且他錯誤地相信自己來自外星。由於我們非常深刻的調查證明,他是一個純粹的地球人,而這可能是成為他對不明飛行物熱情並且事實上他如此容易受騙的某部分原因。


Regarding the falsified photos: There have been many other authentic pictures taken in the past few years by UFO observers. Among them, according to your own information, there are also photos taken by police and military personnel.



This is correct. A number of extraterrestrial intelligences allowed their spaceships to be sighted, filmed and photographed on Earth over the past decades. The UFO movie footage and photographic material produced worldwide, but especially in America, South America, England and other countries, does not always show actual extraterrestrial flying objects. Instead, the photos also depict exotic aircraft that have been produced by terrestrials on Earth over the past several decades, as well as craft that come from the terrestrial future, or those, which are known to us as bio-organic flying devices. They are so-called dimension changers, or life forms, that enter terrestrial air space from another dimension.

這是正確的。在過去的幾十年裡,一些外星智慧生命容許他們的飛船在地球上被看見、錄影和拍攝。不明飛行物影片片段及照相材料在全世產生,不過特別是在美國、南美洲、英國和其他國家, 並不總是真正的外星飛行物 反而,照片也有拍到在過去數十年由地球的人類所生產的奇特飛機,以及來至地球人未來的太空船或者那些我們已知的生物 有機飛行設備 它們是所謂的維度轉變者,或者是從 另一個維度進入地球領空 的生命形式


Carlos Diaz, a purported contactee, what do you think of him?

Carlos Diaz ,一個聲稱被接觸者,你怎麼看他?


You pose an illogical question, for I already explained that no human beings on Earth maintain any contacts with extraterrestrial intelligences. Therefore he is a liar, fraud and cheat.



I would like to ask for additional information about the following: Are you familiar with Area 51; Roswell, the 1947 incident in New Mexico; a UFO crash in Aztec, New Mexico, similar to the one in Roswell, but a year later; a third crash at the Mexican border in '49 or '50; and, in addition, do Americans in Area 51 have some extraterrestrial corpses along with one ET whom they hold captive, and who may now be alive?

我想問更多關於以下內容的信息:你熟悉羅茲威爾 51 區,那 1947 年發生在新墨西哥州的事故;但在一年之後,一架不明飛行物體墜毀在新墨西哥州的阿茲特克,類似羅斯威爾中的那一次;第三次墜毀在墨西哥邊境,在 '49 '50 ;而且,此外,美國人在 51 區有一些外星屍體以及一個他們俘虜的外星人,他現在還可能活著嗎?


I have already stated several times that these matters fall under my pledge of secrecy because they are associated with government, military and national security affairs. I am not permitted, therefore, to speak about these issues officially, but I can speak to you in confidence -- under four eyes -- as you like to refer to it. Needless to say, it would indeed present a danger to you if you officially possessed such information. Let us keep things the way they are now.

我已經說過幾次 這些事項屬於我保密的承諾,因為它們都與政府、軍方和國家安全事 務有關,因此, 我不允許正式地談論這些問題 ,但我可以在保密情況下告訴你 ── 在兩個人的場合 ── 如你所想談到的。不用說,如果你正式擁有 這些訊息 ,這的確會為你帶來危險 。現在就讓我們保持事情的現狀。


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