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Contact Report 150 Part 1-2     第150次接觸報告之一(2)

接觸日期: 1981 10 10 日,星期六,凌晨 3 15


這是第一部分第 2 小段,談論的重點包含:

未來(自 1981 10 月後)幾年間的預測事件,其中值得注意的是, Plejaren 有安全使用核能的方式 ,只是目前地球人類還沒有發現這項科技

地球的人口過剩帶來能源與糧食等危機問題,而地球最合適的人口數量應控制在 5 2 9 百萬



65. Exactly, but now, I would like to explain to you the following predictions for the following years.


66. The last predictions were mainly only for one year, so until the month October of 1981, because Semjase had to return early from her contact with you, even though it was intended for her to give you predictions that were calculated for several years.

上次的那些預測基本上只有一年,所以到 1981 10 月而止,因為 Semjase 她在上次與你見面時,原本打算給你那些幾年後的預測資料,但後來因故不得不提前回去。


That is, on the one hand, of interest, but on the other hand, I often wonder whether these predictions have a point at all.



67. Sooner or later, successes will appear from this.



You mean after the arrival of the events?



68. Yes, and actually only at a much later time.


69. But let me now begin:


70. The statements of Semjase ended with the assassination of Sadat, who, by you and with my assistance, was still warned when I brought you to him on July 28th.

Semjase 上次說到沙達特 (譯者註: Sadat ;曾任埃及總統,於 1981 10 6 日遇刺) 的暗殺事件。透過你和我的協助,在今( 1981 )年 7 28 日我把你帶到他那那裡的時候,還警告過他。

71. The next event now, which will already very soon take place, will concern this time, in a less sensational form, the Israeli political murderer Moshe Dayan, who will already in a few days from now die a natural death.

現在會討論下一件事,這已經很快會發生,以一個沒有那麼轟動的方式,以色列的政治兇手摩西·達揚 (譯者註: Moshe Dayan ;死於 1981 10 16 日) ,他將會從現在起幾天內自然死亡。

72. Subsequently, in many places on the Earth, earthquakes will be recorded again on several occasions, those which will eventually lead to the large earthquake disaster, about which it should not be talked about for now.


73. The next spectacular event will take place on October 28 in Sweden.

下一個引人注目的事件將於 10 28 日在瑞典發生。

74. It will be that a submarine of the USSR must be raised by the Swedish navy in Swedish waters because the boat will be operating espionage in their waters.


75. Through the inattention of the navigational forces, the submarine will come into distress, after which it will then be tugged by the Swedish navy.


76. This would be, in and of itself, a political trifle, but the fact that the submarine will carry atomic weapons on board will become known, which will lead to a great deal of political turbulence.


77. Only, the 6th of November will set a preliminary end for this event, when on this day, the USSR submarine is led back out from the waters of the Swedish Highness.

直到 11 6 日,這事件才會有一個初步的結果,在這天,蘇聯潛艇將從瑞典 Highness 水域被遣返。

78. Then, on the 31st of October, Switzerland will run into turmoil because in Kaiseraugst a, for Swiss conditions, large-scale demonstration of 20,000 people will take place.

然後,在 10 31 瑞士將會陷入混亂之中,因為在凱澤勞斯特 (譯者註: Kaiseraugst ;位於瑞士北部的城鎮) 將會發生一場 2 萬人的大規模示威。

79. This demonstration will be directed against the construction of the nuclear power plant, which will be approved for construction by the Swiss Federal Council in spite of all of the citizen protests against the building, which represents a crime against people, country, culture, fauna, and flora, just like any other construction of such plants, which never find arguments for justifiability.



In regards to this, I would like to set a question: Is there actually no possible way to use atomic energy without having big dangers thereby arise for humans, animals, and plants, etc.?



80. This possibility exists, and it is also used by us.

這個可能性是存在的 ,並且我們也正在使用

81. The Earth human, however, is not yet in a position to do this.


82. Nevertheless, he still works negligently and completely irresponsibly with atomic energy, whereby through this, he consciously produces deadly dangers for all life forms.


83. In every respect, nuclear energy may only be used by humans then, when all occurring substances and waste can completely riskless be utilized and processed as far, as to ensure that absolutely radiation-free matter emerges from it.


84. But this is only possible through a process of change, that changes the radioactive radiation back into the original mass, through which means the feedstock again emerges.

這只能夠透過一個轉變的過程來達成 那就是改變放射性輻射回到原本的物質,透過這種方式使原料再次出現

85. Now, if the human works with or uses radioactive materials before he is capable of the process of changing back into original matter, then he acts in ways that are criminal and that violate the laws of nature.



But how are then the energy problems supposed to be solved?



86. Each planet always provides its life forms with enough natural energy sources that don't entail risks.


87. A stipulation for this, however, is that the planet disposes the normal population-size and does not become subject to overpopulation.


88. The Earth is now, with approximately 4 billion humans (1981), overpopulated and has gotten completely into disorder by the greed for power, greed for profit, and greed for luxury of the Earth human.

地球目前( 1981 年)大約有 40 億人,人口過剩的結果導致人類對權力的貪婪、利益的貪婪以及對奢侈品的貪婪,而變得徹底混亂。

89. If the Earth human would be reasonable and would introduce an appropriate birth stop, then within a short period of time, a reduction of earthly humanity, back to the normal level of 529 million, could be accomplished.

如果地球人類回歸理性,採取適當的節育措施,那麼在很短的時間內,地球的人類就會減少,達到 5.29 億的正常規模

90. The energy problem would therewith be resolved in a natural way as well as the problem of the procurement of food.


91. But the stupidity of the Earth human is boundless in this respect, because without any responsibility he violates all laws of nature, whereby he is also not responsive to the termination of this problem, whereupon yet the false humaneness comes, which still protects and promotes this crime of overpopulation, as also the problem of famine, etc.


92. Alone the return to the normal population of earthly humanity would be the correct and only solution to solving the energy and food problems.


93. Everything else are always only illogical partial solutions, which show illogical effects from illogical origins.



But even from the way things are today, there ought to be a solution in order to solve these problems.



94. That is correct, but these solutions can only be time-conditioned because problems continue to grow by the further increasing overpopulation and, thus, by the greed and unreasonableness of the Earth human.


95. Therefore, it would be totally wrong if I would mention and explain those possibilities, which actually exist, in order to solve these problems with the energy and the food thoroughly.


96. We can only then involve ourselves with mentioning of such possibilities, when the Earth human strives for a drastic reduction and a natural decimation of the planetary humanity to the normal state.


97. Only then could we show possible solutions to the problems, so that these problems would be actually resolved during the reduction.



With the irrational insanity of the people of Earth, this will not be able to be the case because they will not let themselves be taught.



98. Earth humanity drives itself thereby into a helpless abyss.


99. But the Earth human should not die out and be destroyed, which is why appropriate measures must be taken.



And how should these look, then?



100. As crazy as it sounds, with the knowledge about the earthly overpopulation:


101. A new people must be established.


102. But it must be a people that lives in accordance with the natural-creational laws, making it the role model for the large mass of stupefied Earth humanity and affects them instructively.


103. I will give you more specific information about this at a later date, in connection with other matters that refer to your group.



Ah, this is already clear: you think that our group will be the basic core of this new people, through the constantly new group members and their descendants.



104. That is correct, and with the approval of the High Council, we are at it already, for quite some time, allowing the emergence of this new people as a basic core.



This is known to me. Some things have already been done, while the rest is still to follow, whereby already the next year brings again another increase in growth, in a manifold form, if I am not mistaken. But the planned process will still take many centuries, if it lets itself be fulfilled at all, because the inflow to the group will be slight for a long time, so the group will only grow slowly.



105. It is foreseen and intended as such, but we indeed have some trouble in keeping the explanations in a good framework, because the group members themselves still think irrationally about these things.


106. Their mental attitude, their false views and the like, make everything more difficult for us, even though everything would be fairly easy if we could act after that which corresponds to rightness.


107. But for the time being, we are still dependent on manipulations, which don’t bring the desired full success, which means that we often have to accept actions, for which we have to expend all kinds of efforts, but we can’t guarantee that a full success can be achieved.



I understand, and I know where the problem is.



108. Yes, the problem is well known to you, but we should now speak again of other things because I still have much to explain:


109. Until the 29th of November, nothing of major importance will report itself world-wide, barring the unnecessary noise around Poland.

直到 11 29 日,除了波蘭四周不必要的吵雜之外,世界上沒有什麼重大的事要報告。

110. The 29th of November, however, will then again bring an event that will be broadcasted by the publication sectors of the people, even though it deals with an entirely natural incident.

但在 11 29 日將會發生一件事,那將會被出版界廣為傳播,儘管它是一件完全自然的意外。

111. On this day in America, the actress Natalie Wood will be pulled dead from the sea, in which she will drown after being in a marriage dispute and in a drunken state.

在這一天,美國的女演員娜妲麗·華 (譯者註: Natalie Wood ;美國知名電視、電影演員;曾榮獲金球獎最佳女主角及兩次奧斯卡最佳女主角獎,著名代表作是歌舞片《西城故事》) 將會被發現死於海中,她會在發生婚姻糾紛後,在醉酒狀態下淹死。

112. Again, after that, not much will arise of significance, until finally a point is reached in Poland which intensifies things.


113. General Jaruzelski will impose martial law on the country in order to prepare the end for the, several years long, destructive bustle of large masses of the population and for the politically-subversive trade union [2], whose head is Lech Walesaist.

雅魯澤爾斯基將軍 (譯者註: General Jaruzelski ;波蘭政治和軍事人物,曾擔任波蘭國家元首) 將會對國家實施戒嚴法,以便準備結束多年大量人口長期破壞性的喧鬧以及政治上顛覆性的工會,他們的領袖是華勒沙 (譯者註: Lech Wałęsa ;波蘭政治家、人權運動家、前團結工會領導人,曾任波蘭總統)

114. As usual, the Earth people don't see the truth here also, which is why they cling to the trade union party and cry according to a false humanitarianism.


115. That these rebels truly want to seize power in the country, that they are work-shy, and that they have, for many years, forced the entire country and the entire population into distress and misery and into hunger and financial ruin through evil compulsions, are things which nobody wants to see or recognize.


116. It will come so, as it must come, which will unfortunately cost many human lives.


117. Indeed, in Poland, the prevailing force of a large part of the people and of the trade union Solidarity can only, in turn, be broken by force.

事實上,在波蘭很大一部分人和團結工聯 (譯者註: the trade union Solidarity ;由華勒沙所領導, 1980 年代,它將波蘭國內的天主教徒及反共左翼人士組織結合,成為了一股強大的反共主義社會運動) 的優勢力量只能夠輪流以武力打破。

118. Unfortunately, through the mania of the false humaneness of the western world, also for Poland, an unjustified party will be embraced, thorough which especially the leadership of the Polish army and the leadership of the USSR are once again sanctioned unrightfully.


119. With the Earth humans, the sense of true humanity has already been lost for a long time unfortunately, which is why, once again, completely wrong politics will operate here also, whereby the truth is completely unrecognized and the fallible are placed into a unwarranted and false good light, so namely the trade union Solidarity and its attached work-shy group which know no boundaries in their greed for money and power.


120. The western countries and people, however, do not want to see this truth, which is why they will, through the falsely understood humaneness, seek to put the blame on the leaders of Poland and Russia, but who in this case, really do not bear guilt at all.


121. Not lastly but rather in the first place, the American President Reagan will bear the guilt for this false humanity and anti-propaganda against the governments of Poland and Russia, who behaves in his office like a little rascal and will impose dangerous sanctions against Russia and Poland.



But there is nothing else to be expected because you once explained that Reagan will be the real fundamental reason for the next world arms race.



122. That is correct because he will be the presently biggest warmonger and power-greedy man since the time of the last World War.


123. This will, however, effect him dearly malign, about which I will give you the necessary information, but at a later date.


124. His last departure will be so inglorious, as also the abolition of sanctions imposed by him and the regulation of the crisis in Poland.



That will indeed be inevitable. But please say, how it will look for the whole world this winter, which would be something of greater interest than stupid and primitive politics.



125. All kinds of things brew themselves together:


126. The whole of Europe and very large parts of America will get flooded by enormous masses of water that will cause material damage in billion-fold dollar amounts, as well as demand very many human lives.


127. Especially Switzerland, Germany, England, France, and America will have to suffer under massive floods, which will bury and destroy very much, but which constitutes only a small part of everything that this winter brings with itself.


128. Besides tremendously large snowfalls, the clouds will open their sluices for very large amounts of hail [3], which also points that unusual cold spells are to be anticipated, like the people of these affected areas only very rarely experience, when nature calls forth for natural changes.


129. But all the events of this winter, as the preceding and the ones still to follow, are not just attributable to natural events alone, but also to the outrageous unreasonableness of the Earth human against nature, etc.


130. In certain areas, the temperatures will drop down to 60 degrees (Celsius) below zero and further, and will freeze everything.

在某些地區,溫度將下降到零下 60 度(攝氏)甚至更低,並會凍結一切。

131. The average degree of coldness, however, will be from 30 to 40 degrees below zero in various areas in Europe and America, which means the death and destruction of many human lives and animals, as well as crops, etc.

但是,在歐洲和美洲各地區,寒冷的平均程度將會是零下 30 40 度以下,這意味著許多人命與動物還有農作物等等的死亡和破壞。

132. And these cold spells won’t stop before reaching the more southern regions, whereby, in particular, the American vacation paradise of Florida, etc. will be drawn heavily into the detrimental effects of the destruction and the cold weather.


133. However, Australia will also have to suffer, particularly from a large drought, but also from major water ingresses.


134. All of this, though, won't yet mean the end or the contentment of this winter because partly quite vicious earthquakes will also occur around the world at this time, whereby especially America will be the land where most quakes will appear, next to North Africa, Italy, Oceania, and Japan, as well as China and Russia.


135. But virtually all countries of the world will be shaken by lesser and greater quakes, whereby in different places, also volcanic eruptions will thereby come to light, which are, as well, partly due to the crazy human effort of destroying the Earth, but especially in recent years, the atomic bomb tests, etc. have contributed a large part to the release of these events.


136. The end of the winter, then, which still entails many other bad events, will also demand many human lives and material values again because the snowmelt will not only cause massive avalanches to descend and to destroy very much, but also floods will appear through massive snowmelts, as well as landslides that will destroy much, from which even Switzerland won't remain spared.


137. However, such events already set themselves in even before the middle of winter is reached, and they will continue well into the third millennium and will bring death, destruction, and annihilation.



The prospects are so beautiful, man oh man. Apparently, we can prepare ourselves for some "great" things in the next year, and in the coming decades, as well as in the new millennium.

前景是如此美麗,老天呀老天。顯然,我們可以為了明年、還有在未來幾十年、以及新的千年一些 精彩 的事作好準備。


138. The center will not be drawn very hard into these detrimental effects.


139. As you know, it is located very safely, which is also the case in terms of weather influences.


140. Even though you are located over 800 meters high in elevation, nevertheless, the cold weather will not attack you as much as will be the case in the lower situated and other regions.

雖然你位處高於海拔 800 多米,不過,寒冷的天氣不會襲擊你,最多在較低的位置和其他地區。

141. Your seat is on the hill of a cirque, which not only diverts storms, snow, and rain to very large parts around you, but also protects you against too large break-ins of coldness, which are driven off in large part around the ridge of hills.


142. I estimate that at your location, the average minimum temperatures will be about 18 degrees below zero, but in very extreme cases, they will drop to about 29 degrees below zero, yet this is hardly to be expected due to the protective ridge of hills all around.

我估計你的位置,平均最低溫度將會大約零下 18 度,但在非常極端的情況下,它們會下降到大約零下 29 度,但這很難預料,原因是山丘的保護性山脊環繞著。

143. However, a direct polar cold air wedge from the north would have to penetrate here if it should become colder than negative 18 degrees or if the minimum mark should actually be exceeded.

然而,從北方而來一道直接的冷空氣楔將要在這裡穿過,如果它應該變得比負 18 度更冷的話,或許最低刻度實際上應該更低。

144. Everywhere outside of your cirque, it will normally be very much colder than it will be with you, which can be a comfort to you.


145. You really have a good seat in many relations.



We have already noticed that, especially during storms and hurricanes, for they have almost always deviated around the hill crests – also the hail weather.

我們已經注意到了,尤其是在風暴和颶風期間,因為它們幾乎總是在山峰周圍偏離開 —— 在冰雹天氣也一樣。


146. As I said, you live in a good place, even if it can’t be excluded with certainty that one kind of weather or another cannot fall into your cirque, but this will be a rarity.



I also said that we know that. We repeat ourselves.



147. That is correct.


148. So once again, let’s speak of other things.



That should be the right way. But if you allow it, then I would have another question.



149. Of course, then ask.



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