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Fourth Density Life


So if I understand you, in fourth density we will experience time in a different way, and then each life span will continue for a much longer period?


T he idea is that as you begin to live more in the now, in the present, not so much living in the past, not so much living in, or worrying about the future – the more you live in the now, the less you experience the idea of time itself. You will simply lose track of when it is. The days – even though they may be observable by the coming and going of daylight – will not necessarily have as much meaning to you in the sense of absolutely having to know what time it is, what day it is. You will move as you feel you need to move, and you will automatically be exactly where you need to be, when you need to be there – whether you know what time you got there or not.

是這樣:當你開始更加活在當下、活在現在,而不那麼活在過去,不那麼活在未來或擔心未來 —— 當你越能夠活在當下的時候,你便越加不會經驗到時間觀念。你將失去時間的蹤跡。日期 —— 儘管可以經由日出日落而被觀察到 —— 將不必具有那麼大的意義,好像你必須知道現在是幾點鐘或今天是那一天一樣。當你感到有所需要的時候,你便移動,而且也會在合乎需要的時候,自動地置身於你確實需要置身其中的地方 —— 無論你是否知道,你將在什麼時間到達那裡。

D ays will blend into days, years into years. Years will pass; hundreds of years will pass. And to you it may still seem like a day, so much in the present are you living – in the now, the eternal now. That is why many of you will find that your life spans are increasing. This, in a sense, is an abstract misnomer. It is not literally that you are having more time; it is that you are creating less time. So you come into your primal now continuous existence and simply span the ages. They become reduced by comparison to you since you are no longer counting.

歲月將會互相溶合。很多年過去了;幾百年過去了。對你而言,那可能就像只有一日,就像你仍活在現在 —— 活在當下,活在永恆的這一刻一樣。那就是為什麼有很多人會發覺自己的壽命正在延長。這在某個意義上只是一個抽象的誤稱。你並沒有真的擁有更多時間;你是在製造較少的時間。於是你便進入原型的、當下的持續存在中,並且增加了自己的歲數。既然你不再計算,所以它們的數目也可以經由比較而加以降低。

N ow, because you will accelerate at that rate, it is our perception that your civilization does not need to remain physically embodied for any more than approximately two to three thousand years more. Then at that time you will go on to other realms, other dimensions.


As we progress through our transformation, and we experience a lightening of our bodies, will we see a difference on our bathroom scales?


I n a sense, you may choose to create that type of a symbol to represent the enlightenment of yourselves, if you wish, yes. Gravity will no longer hold you quite so hard.

就某種意義而言,你可以選擇去創造那一類型的象徵來代表自己的覺醒 —— 可以的,如果你希望這樣。地心引力將不再如此強烈地控制著你。

So, it would mean we will begin to have lighter, more resonating bodies?


Y es. Things will appear to be brighter to you; you will see colors more clearly. You will see energies that are now invisible to you. You will be able to truly see auric fields, the ethereal magnetic field, and any other interactive vibratory field that connects the idea of your total consciousness upon your planet.


Y ou will find that you have no disease; you will sleep and eat less. You will create your dreams upon your planet, and also will interact with many other civilizations. You will rebuild many sections of your world, landscaping them into pleasing forms; you will cease to build on many sections of your world. You will build in space; you will explore space and dimensions of time, and other levels of experience.


Y ou will begin to truly see through the illusion of physical reality as your own projection. You will be able to come and go, in and out of your body at will. You will find you no longer need to reincarnate at all, and any time you wish to have the experience of a physical form for a brief period of time, you will all share a very few bodies.


W h at will be the approximate population size?


W i t hin a thousand of your years, it is likely – not absolute, but likely – that you will be down to 50 million.

在一千年之內,你們很可能 —— 並非絕對 —— 會低於五千萬

W h at about in 60 years?


Y o u may be beginning to reverse the trend down from approximately 6 billion. As we have said, you will find that you really are not overpopulated; you just do not apportion the land you have in equal ways. But again, once you begin to move out of the phase of reincarnation, and once you allow for more longevity of the lives you already have, then you will decrease your numbers. Many individuals will remain to function as non-physical support systems for those others who wish to continue for a time in physical reality – until such time as you no longer need to be physical at all. Some of you may still stay around as non- physical support systems even then, for other beings who might want to use your physical reality as a new experiential reality, and thus, begin their cycle anew.

你們可能正開始從大約六十億的人口往下滑落 。如我們所曾說,你將會發現,你們真的沒有人口過多;你們只是沒有均分土地而已。不過,一旦離開了輪回階段。並且容許擁有長壽之後,你便開始去降低你們的人口。很多個別人士,將會一直為其他希望留在肉身中一段時間的人,發揮非肉身支持體系的作用 —— 直到你根本不再需要肉身的時間來到為止。但即使到了那個時間,有些人可能仍會留在非肉身支持體系之內,這樣做是為了別的生命體,他們可能想利用你的肉身實相,把它視為某種新鮮的經驗性實相,於是便如此重新投入人世。

N ow, you say our present is not the result of our past. So will we be using our imaginations differently?


Y ou will be living in it. You will be experiencing your imagination in as real a way as you have been experiencing physical reality. You will – as we have said many times – be living your dreams. Did you think we were being figurative? When we said you will be living your dreams, we were being quite literal.

你將會活在其中。你將會以同樣真實的方式來經驗想像力,如同你一直經驗肉身實相時一樣。你將會 —— 我們早已說過很多次 —— 活在你的夢中。你認為我們是在使用比喻嗎?當我們說,你將會活在你的夢中的時候,我們是按照事實來說的

I 'm not talking about the night dreams; I'm talking about daydreams.


W hat is the difference? Night dream, day dream… all we are saying is that now the barriers are dissolving – the definitions that allow you to create the idea that night dreams, day dreams, and awake physical states are different. It is all going to be one experience. We do not, in your terms, really ever sleep, because, since we are living in the dream, we never need to wake up into physical reality. We are awake. That is what is meant by living your dreams. Through experiencing your life as if it were the type of reality that you think is only relegated to your night dreams, the impossible is made possible. You will no longer be making a distinction between the dream reality and the physical reality, and feeling that physical reality is more real.


Bashar, you said that nobody is going to go faster than anybody else.


N ot in an overall sense. There is a bubble, let us say, of leeway that you will stay within, in general terms, even though some individuals may be more accelerated than others. But you will stay within the bubble of acceptability, thus allowing you all together as a bubble to move into fourth density at once. You will not get ahead of anyone else, although in a sense you may be ahead of someone else on a personal level.

這並非就整體意義而言。舉例說,有一個落後了的泡沫,你將會留在它的裡面 —— 這是一般性的說法 —— 儘管某些人可能比別人加速得更快。但你將會停留在那個具有接納性的泡沫裡,這樣便容許你們全體 —— 作為一個泡沫 —— 立刻移入第四密度中。你不會走在任何人的前面,雖然,在某個意義上,你在個人層次上可能會走在某個人的前面。


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