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The Law of One, Book III, Session 62
July 13, 1981

一的法則:卷三,第 六十二場集會
1981 7 13

Ra: I am Ra. I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator.

RA 我是 Ra 我在太一無限造物者的愛與光中向你們致意

Before we begin may we request that a circle be walked about this instrument and that then each of the supporting group expel breath forcibly, approximately two and one-half feet above the instrument’s head, the circle then again being walked about the instrument.

在我們開始之前 容我們要求 你們 在這個器皿周圍走一圈 並且支援小組的每一位強有力地在器皿頭上大約 2.5 呎上方吐氣 然後於器皿周圍再走一圈

(This was done as directed.)


Ra: I am Ra. We appreciate your kind cooperation. Please recheck the alignment of perpendicularity and we will begin.

RA 我是 Ra 我們感激你們親切的合作 請重新 檢查 垂直性的排列 我們即將開始

(This was done as directed.)


Ra: I am Ra. We communicate now.

RA 我是 Ra 我們現在開始通訊

Questioner: Could you tell me what was wrong or what caused the necessity for the rewalking of the circle and the purpose for the expelling of the breath?

發問者: 你可否告訴我什麼地方出錯了或什麼原因導致需要重走一圈 以及吐氣的目的

Ra: I am Ra. This instrument was under specific psychic attack at the time of the beginning of the working. There was a slight irregularity in the words verbalized by your sound complex vibratory mechanisms in the protective walking of the circle. Into this opening came this entity and began to work upon the instrument now in trance state, as you would call it. This instrument was being quite adversely affected in physical complex distortions.

RA 我是 Ra 這個器皿在此次工作的一開始遭受特定的超心靈攻擊 因為你們在 行走 保護圓圈的過程 念誦真言的發聲複合機制有些不規則 這個 負面 實體透過這個開口進入 並趁著器皿在出神狀態中進行它的工作 於是這個器皿在 各種 肉體複合體的 扭曲 中受到相當不利的影響

Thus the circle was properly walked. The breath of righteousness expelled the thought-form and the circle again was walked.

因此 你們 適當地重走一次圓圈 以公義的氣息 驅趕 * 負面 思想 - 形態 然後再走一圈

* 譯註:在英文中, expel 同時有吐氣,跟驅趕的意義。)

Questioner: What was the nature of the thought-form or its affiliation?

發問者: 這個 思想 - 形態 的本質或它的政治關係為何

Ra: I am Ra. This thought-form was of Orion affiliation.

RA 我是 Ra 這個思想 - 形態隸屬於獵戶集團

Questioner: Was the attack successful in creating any further distortion in the instrument’s physical complex?

發問者: 這個攻擊是否成功地在器皿的肉體複合體創造進一步的扭曲

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

RA 我是 Ra 這是正確的

Questioner: What is the nature of this distortion?

發問者: 這個扭曲的本質為何

Ra: This thought-form sought to put an end to this instrument’s incarnation by working with the renal distortions which, although corrected upon time/space, are vulnerable to one which knows the way to separate time/space molding and space/time distortions which are being unmolded, vulnerable as before the, shall we say, healing.

RA 這個思想 - 形態尋求終結這個器皿的一生藉由運作該 器皿的 腎臟扭曲 雖然先前已經在時間 / 空間中被更正 仍處於容易受傷的狀態 這個思想 - 形態知道如何分離 時間 / 空間 鑄造 已解構的空間 / 時間扭曲 因此使得 該器皿 易受傷 程度恢復到接受治療之前的狀態

Questioner: What detrimental effect has been done?

發問者: 是否產生什麼有害的效應

Ra: I am Ra. There will be some discomfort. However, we were fortunate in that this instrument was very open to us and well-tuned. Had we not been able to reach this instrument and instruct you, the instrument’s physical vehicle would soon be unviable.

RA 我是 Ra 會有些不舒服 然而 我們很幸運因為這個器皿對於我們很敞開 並且調頻良好 如果不是因為我們能 及時 接觸到這個器皿並指示你方才的動作 這個器皿的肉體載具 很快 就會無法 存活

Questioner: Will there be any lasting effect from this attack as far as the instrument’s physical vehicle is concerned?

發問者: 就該器皿的肉體載具而論 這次攻擊是否產生什麼持續的效應

Ra: I am Ra. This is difficult to say. We are of the opinion that no lasting harm or distortion will occur.

RA 我是 Ra 這很難說 但我們的看法是不會發生持續的傷害或扭曲

The healer was strong and the bonds taking effect in the remolding of these renal distortions were effective. It is at this point a question of two forms of the leavings of what you may call a spell or a magic working; the healer’s distortions versus the attempt at Orion distortions; the healer’s distortions full of love; the Orion distortions also pure in separation. It seems that all is well except for some possible discomfort which shall be attended if persistent.

醫者是強壯的 重新打造這些腎臟變貌的合同也仍然生效 問題點在於兩種 們可以稱為 魔咒 或魔法工作之 殘留 形式 醫者的變貌 對決 獵戶變貌的嘗試 醫者的變貌充滿愛 獵戶變貌也 在分離中 保持純粹 看起來一切都好 除了有些可能的不舒適 如果持續存在 則應該被 照料

Questioner: Was the opening that was made in the protective circle planned to be made by the Orion entity? Was it a specific planned attempt to make an opening, or was this just something that happened by accident?

發問者: 剛才保護圈的開口是否由獵戶實體所策劃製造的 那是一個特定的預謀嘗試製造出一個開口 或者只是某個突發事件

Ra: I am Ra. This entity was, as your people put it, looking for a target of opportunity. The missed word was a chance occurrence and not a planned one.

RA 我是 Ra 這個實體尋求一個 機會目標 如你們人群的措辭 ],( 你們 遺漏的字眼是偶然的事件 並非預先策劃好的

We might suggest in the, shall we say, future, as you measure space/time, as you begin a working be aware that this instrument is likely being watched for any opportunity. Thus if the circle is walked with some imperfection it is well to immediately repeat. The expelling of breath is also appropriate, always to the left.

我們建議在你們空間 / 時間的未來 當你們開始一次工作 請覺察到該器皿可能會被密切注意 ,( 獵戶實體 等待著任何 可乘之機
因此如果行走保護圈之後 發現有些不完美 最好立刻重走一次 。( 大口 吐氣也是適當的 方向總是朝左邊

Questioner: Would you expand on what you just said on the expelling of the breath? I’m not quite sure of what you mean.

發問者: 你可否詳述你剛才說的吐氣 我不大確定你的意思

Ra: I am Ra. The repetition of that performed well at this working is advisable if the circle is walked in less than the appropriate configuration.

RA 我是 Ra 如果保護圈的行走方式 並未達到恰當的配置 重複執行 這個步驟是明智的

Questioner: But you mentioned the expelling of the breath to the left, I believe. Would you tell me what you meant by that?

發問者: 但你提到吐氣到左邊 你可否告訴我你的意思

Ra: I am Ra. It is as you have just accomplished, the breath being sent above the instrument’s head from its right side to its left.

RA 我是 Ra 那就是你們剛才完成的事 將氣息從器皿頭部上方從其右邊送到左邊

Questioner: Is there anything that we can do for the instrument after she comes out of the trance to help her recover from this attack?

發問者: 當她脫離出神狀態之後 有沒有什麼我們可以做的 好幫助這器皿從這次攻擊中復原

Ra: I am Ra. There is little to be done. You may watch to see if distortions persist and see that the appropriate healers are brought into contact with this mind/body/spirit complex in the event that difficulty persists. It may not. This battle is even now being accomplished. Each may counsel the instrument to continue its work as outlined previously.

RA 我是 Ra 可以做的事很少 你們可以觀察這些扭曲是否持續 如果困難持續的話 找適當的醫者來看顧這個心 / / 靈複合體 這狀況可能不會發生 這場戰鬥現在已經結束了 每個成員可以建議器皿繼續它的工作 如先前所勾勒的方式

Questioner: Who would the appropriate healers be, and how would we bring them in contact with the instrument?

發問者: 誰是適當的醫者 我們要如何找到他們

Ra: I am Ra. There are four. The difficulty being at all noticed as bodily distortion, the one known as (name of spiritual healer) and the one known as (name of spiritual healer) may work upon the instrument’s bodily complex by means of the practices which are developing in each entity. Given persistence of distortion, the one known as (name of allopathic healer) shall be seen. Given the continued difficulty past the point of one of your cycles called the fortnight, the one known as (name of allopathic healer) shall be seen.

RA 我是 Ra 有四位 如果有任何身體的困難扭曲產生 可以找 Don 以及 Jim 他們可以工作該器皿的身體複合體 你們每一位正在培養(適當的)工作方式 如果扭曲持續存在 應該找 斯圖亞特 對抗療法醫者 Stuart ]。 如果困難超過十四夜 兩週 ), 應該找 道格拉斯 對抗療法醫者 Douglas ]。

Questioner: Does the instrument know who these people are, (name) and (name) ? I don’t know who they are?

發問者: 器皿認識這些人嗎 斯圖亞特 以及 道格拉斯 我不知道他們是誰

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

RA 我是 Ra 這是正確的

Questioner: Is that the sum total of what we can do to aid the instrument?

發問者: 那就是我們能協助器皿的全部了

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. We may note that the harmonies and loving social intercourse which prevails habitually in this group create a favorable environment for each of you to do your work.

RA 我是 Ra 這是正確的 我們注意到和諧與深情的社交可以創造一個有利於工作的環境 這點在這個小組已經很盛行了

Questioner: What priority, shall I say, does the Orion group place on the reduction of effectiveness or elimination of effectiveness of this group with respect to activities on planet Earth at this time? Can you tell me that?

發問者: 以獵戶集團在地球上的活動為基準 他們將降低或消除這個小組的有效性排在何種優先順序 你可以告訴我嗎

Ra: I am Ra. This group, as all positive channels and supporting groups, is a greatly high priority with the Orion group. This instrument’s bodily distortions are its most easily unbound or unloosed distortion dissolving the mind/body/spirit complex if the Orion group is successful; this particular group, having learned to be without serious chinks, may we say, in mind and spirit complex vibratory patterns. In other channels other chinks may be more in evidence.

RA 我是 Ra 這個小組 如同所有正面的管道與支援小組 都是獵戶集團高度優先選擇的目標 這個器皿的身體變貌是它最鬆散的變貌 如果獵戶集團成功地入侵 將分解這個心 / / 靈複合體 這個特殊的小組 我們可以說 已經學習到填補任何心智與靈性複合體振動型態中嚴重的裂縫 在其他的管道中 可能 有更多明顯的裂縫

Questioner: I’ll make this statement and you correct it. The Orion group has an objective of the bringing of the service-to-self polarized entities to harvest, as great a harvest as possible. This harvest will build their potential or their ability to do work in consciousness as given by the distortion of the Law of One called the Law of Squares or Doubling. Is this correct?

發問者: 我將做以下聲明 並由你更正它 獵戶集團有個目標是將服務自我極化的實體帶到收割的境地 盡可能地創造大量的收割 這個收割將增進他們的潛能或能力 以從事意識的工作 增加的比例依照平方法則或稱為倍增法則 為一的法則的變貌 這樣說正確嗎

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

RA 我是 Ra 這是正確的

Questioner: Are there other groups of those who are on the service-to-self path joined with those of the Orion constellation, for instance those of Southern Cross, presently working for the same type of harvest with respect to Earth?

發問者: 是否有其他 服務自我 的群體與 來自 獵戶星座的實體們結合在一起 好比說那些南十字星的實體們 目前在地球上工作著 為了同樣類別的收割

Ra: I am Ra. These you mention of Southern Cross are members of the Orion group. It is not, shall we say, according to understood wording that a group from various galaxies should be named by one. However, those planetary social memory complexes of the so-called Orion constellation have the upper hand and thus rule the other members. You must recall that in negative thinking there is always the pecking order, shall we say, and the power against power in separation.

RA 我是 Ra 你提到這些南十字星的實體們是獵戶集團的成員 並不是說這個集團來自不同的 銀河 galaxies ), 所以應該用一個名字統稱 而是說那些所謂的獵戶星座的社會記憶複合體占上風 因此統治著其他成員 你一定記得在負面思考模式中 一定有個 啄序 容我們說 在分離中權力對抗 權力

Questioner: By creating as large a harvest as possible of negatively oriented entities from Earth, then, the social memory complex of the Orion group gains in strength. Am I correct in assuming that this strength then is in the total strength of the complex, the pecking order remaining approximately the same, and those at the top gaining in strength with respect to the total strength of the social memory complex? Is this correct?

發問者: 藉由在地球上創造最大可能限度的負面導向收割 獵戶集團的社會記憶複合體增進其力量 我假設這股力量進入該複合體的全體力量中 啄序大致維持不變 那些在頂端的實體依照社會記憶複合體的總體力量獲得力量 這樣說正確嗎

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. To the stronger go the greater shares of polarity.

RA 我是 Ra 這是正確的 越強壯的實體獲取更多部分的極性

Questioner: Is this the fourth-density group that we are talking about now?

發問者: 我們現在談論的是第四密度群體嗎

Ra: I am Ra. There are fourth and a few fifth-density members of the Orion group.

RA 我是 Ra 獵戶集團包含第四密度 以及 為數不多 的第五密度成員

Questioner: Then is the top of the pecking order fifth-density?

發問者: 那麼啄序的頂端是第五密度 實體 )?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

RA 我是 Ra 這是正確的

Questioner: What is the objective; what does the leader, the one at the very top of the pecking order in fifth-density of the Orion group, have as an objective? I would like to understand his philosophy with respect to his objectives and plans for what we might call the future or his future?

發問者: 位於獵戶集團的啄序頂端之第五密度實體 即其領袖 他的目的是什麼
我想了解他的哲學 關於他的目的以及他 對於 未來的計劃 我們 稱為 的未來或他的未來

Ra: I am Ra. This thinking will not be so strange to you. Therefore, we may speak through the densities as your planet has some negatively oriented action in sway at this space/time nexus.

RA 我是 Ra 這種想法對於你們而言不會很陌生 因此 我們可以講述穿透密度的事情 因為你們星球在這個空間 / 時間鏈結有一些負面導向的行動正產生影響

The early fifth-density negative entity, if oriented towards maintaining cohesion as a social memory complex, may in its free will determine that the path to wisdom lies in the manipulation in exquisite propriety of all otherselves. It then, by virtue of its abilities in wisdom, is able to be the leader of fourth-density beings which are upon the road to wisdom by exploring the dimensions of love of self and understanding of self. These fifth-density entities see the creation as that which shall be put in order.

早期的第五密度負面實體 如果傾向維持一個社會記憶複合體的凝聚力 可以依它的自由意志決定智慧的路徑仰賴於操控 以精巧的手法操控所有其他 - 自我 於是 憑藉它智慧的能力 能夠成為第四密度存有 的領袖 領導它們走向通往智慧的道路 藉由探索自我之愛 自我之理解的次元 這些第五密度實體認為整個造物必須被放在於有秩序的位置

Dealing with a plane such as this third-density at this harvesting, it will see the mechanism of the call more clearly and have much less distortion towards plunder or manipulation by thoughts which are given to negatively oriented entities although in allowing this to occur and sending less wise entities to do this work, any successes redound to the leaders.

在處理這個 位於收割季節 的第三密度 平面 上頭 它會更清楚地看到呼求的機制 並且 少很多 朝向掠奪或思想操控的變貌 這些變貌 被給予 負面導向實體 雖然允許這種事發生 即遣送較不睿智的實體做這種工作 任何成功 果實 都將回饋給它們的領袖

The fifth-density sees the difficulties posed by the light and in this way directs entities of this vibration to the seeking of targets of opportunity such as this one. If fourth-density temptations, shall we say, towards distortion of ego, etc. are not successful the fifth-density entity then thinks in terms of the removal of light.

第五密度 實體 看到光明所 造成 的困難 因此導引 屬於 其振動的實體尋求機會目標 好比這個 小組 )。 容我們說 如果第四密度 實體 的朝向自大 ego 等誘惑 容我們說 無法成功 那麼第五密度實體便開始思考如何去除這道光

Questioner: When the Orion entity who waits us seeking the opportunity to attack is with us here can you describe his method of coming here, what he looks like, and what his signs are? I know that this isn’t too important, but it might give me a little insight into what we are talking about.

發問者: 當這個等待機會攻擊的獵戶實體與我們在一起 你可否描述他來到這裡的方式 他看起來像什麼 以及他的記號是什麼 我知道這些不是很重要 但或許可以給我一點洞見了解我們討論的東西

Ra: I am Ra. Fifth-density entities are very light beings although they do have the type of physical vehicle which you understand. Fifth-density entities are very fair to look upon in your standard of beauty.

RA 我是 Ra 五密度實體是非常光亮 light 的存有 雖然他們確實擁有你們理解的肉體載具 第五密度實體以你們美貌的標準而言 是十分美麗的

The thought is what is sent for a fifth-density entity is likely to have mastered this technique or discipline. There is little or no means of perceiving such an entity, for unlike fourth-density negative entities the fifth-density entity walks with light feet.

第五密度實體傳送思想 給目標 ), 因為它很可能已經精通這項技術或修練 很少或幾乎沒有方法可以察覺到這類實體 因為它們不像第四負面密度實體 第五密度實體以 的腳步行走

This instrument was aware of extreme coldness in the past diurnal cycle and spent much more time than your normal attitudes would imagine to be appropriate in what seemed to each of you an extremely warm climate. This was not perceived by the instrument, but the drop in subjective temperature is a sign of presence of a negative or nonpositive or draining entity.

在過去的一日週期中 這個器皿覺察到極度的冰冷 並且花了很多時間處在一個極度溫暖的氣候 環境 超過一般人認為的適當時間 器皿並沒有感知到這個現象 但主觀溫度的下降是一個負面 - 正面 吸取 draining 的實體臨在記號

This instrument did mention a feeling of discomfort but was nourished by this group and was able to dismiss it. Had it not been for a random mishap, all would have been well, for you have learned to live in love and light and do not neglect to remember the one infinite Creator.

這個器皿之前確實有提到一種不舒服的感覺 但被這個小組所滋養 並且能夠遣散它 如果不是因為方才隨機的小事故 一切都會很好 因為你們已經學習到在愛與光中生活 並且沒有忽略一件事 記得太一無限造物者

Questioner: Then it was a fifth-density entity that made this particular attack upon the instrument?

發問者: 那麼攻擊器皿的實體是一個第五密度實體

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

RA 我是 Ra 這是正確的

Questioner: Isn’t this unusual that a fifth-density entity then would bother to do this rather than sending a fourth-density servant, shall I say?

發問者: 這是否很不尋常 一個第五密度實體竟不嫌麻煩親自動手 而非派遣第四密度僕人去做這件事 容我這麼說

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. Nearly all positive channels and groups may be lessened in their positivity or rendered quite useless by what we may call the temptations offered by the fourth-density negative thought-forms. They may suggest many distortions towards specific information, towards the aggrandizement of the self, towards the flowering of the organization in some political, social, or fiscal way.

RA 我是 Ra 這是正確的 幾乎所有的正面管道及群體都 可能 被第四負面密度的思想形態提供的誘惑影響 結果是正面性降低或變得無用 它們可能提議許多種扭曲 朝向 需求 特定資訊 朝向自我的膨脹 組織在政治、社會、財政方面蓬勃發展

These distortions remove the focus from the One Infinite Source of love and light of which we are all messengers, humble and knowing that we, of ourselves, are but the tiniest portion of the Creator, a small part of a magnificent entirety of infinite intelligence.

這些扭曲移除 群體 將焦點放在愛與光的太一無限源頭 在這源頭中 我們全都是信差 謙卑並知曉我們自己不過是造物主最微小的部分 無限智能 之宏偉整體的一小部分

Questioner: Is there something that the instrument could do or we could do for the instrument to eliminate the problems that she has, that she continually experiences of the cold feeling of these attacks?

發問者: 有沒有什麼是該器皿可以做的 或我們可以做的 好幫助這器皿消除她現有的問題 即持續體驗這些攻擊帶來的冰冷感覺

Ra: I am Ra. Yes.

RA 我是 Ra 有的

Questioner: Would you tell me what we could do?

發問者: 你可否告訴我我們可以做什麼

Ra: I am Ra. You could cease in your attempts to be channels for the love and the light of the one infinite Creator.

RA 我是 Ra 你可以停止嘗試成為太一無限造物者愛與光的管道

Questioner: Have I missed anything now that we can do at all to aid the instrument during, before, or after a session or at any time?

發問者: 我是否遺漏了任何東西 在集會進行之前 當中 之後 或任何時刻 是否遺漏任何我們可以協助該器皿的事物

Ra: I am Ra. The love and devotion of this group misses nothing. Be at peace. There is some toll for this work. This instrument embraces this or we could not speak. Rest then in that peace and love and do as you will, as you wish, as you feel. Let there be an end to worry when this is accomplished.

RA 我是 Ra 這個小組的愛與奉獻沒有遺漏任何東西 安心吧 從事這個工作要付出一些代價 該器皿擁抱這點否則我們無法說話 那麼在平安與愛中安歇吧 做你想做的 如你所願 如你所感 當這件事完了 讓憂慮到此為止

The great healer of distortions is love.


Questioner: I have a question that I didn’t properly answer last night for (name) . It has to do with the vibrations of the densities. I understand that the first-density is composed of core atomic vibrations that are in the red spectrum, second in the orange, etc. Am I to understand that the core vibrations of our planet are still in the red and that second-density beings are still in the orange at this space/time right now and that each density as it exists on our planet right now has a different core vibration, or is this incorrect?

發問者: 昨晚 Morris 問我一個問題 我並未適當地回答他 這個問題跟密度的振動有關 我理解第一密度是由核心原子振動組成 位於紅色光譜 第二 密度 位於橙色光譜 等等 我的理解是我們星球的核心振動仍然在紅色 第二密度存有仍在橙色 各個密度此刻存在於我們星球上擁有不同的核心振動 這樣說正確嗎

Ra: I am Ra. This is precisely correct.

RA 我是 Ra 精準地正確

Questioner: Then as the fourth-density vibrations come in this means that the planet can support entities of fourth-density core vibration. Will the planet then still be first-density core vibration and will there be seconddensity entities on it with second-density vibrations, and will there be thirddensity entities on it with third-density vibrations?

發問者: 那麼當第四密度振動到達這意味著地球可以支撐第四密度核心振動的實體們 屆時地球是否仍是第一密度核心振動 第二密度實體們處於第二密度振動 以及第三密度實體處於第三密度振動

Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last full query of this working. There is energy but the distortions of the instrument suggest to us it would be well to shorten this working with your permission.

RA 我是 Ra 這將是此次工作的最後一個完整詢問 還有些能量 但該器皿的扭曲提示我們最好縮短這次的工作時間 在你的許可之下

Questioner: Yes.

發問者: 好的

Ra: You must see the Earth, as you call it, as being seven Earths. There is red, orange, yellow, and there will soon be a completed green color vibratory locus for fourth-density entities which they will call Earth. During the fourth-density experience, due to the lack of development of fourthdensity entities, the third-density planetary sphere is not useful for habitation since the early fourth-density entity will not know precisely how to maintain the illusion that fourth-density cannot be seen or determined from any instrumentation available to any third-density.

RA 你必須看待地球 如你所稱 為七個地球 有紅色、橙色、黃色 的地球 很快將有一個完整的綠色振動場所 locus 第四密度實體將稱之為地球 在第四密度經驗期間 由於第四密度實體尚 欠缺 發展 第三密度星球並不適宜居住 因為早期第四密度實體還不知道如何精確地維持一種幻象 好讓第四密度無法被看見 無法被第三密度任何的儀器判別出來

Thus in fourth-density the red, orange, and green energy nexi of your planet will be activated while the yellow is in potentiation along with the blue and the indigo.

因此在第四密度 你們星球的紅色、橙色、綠色能量鏈結中心將是啟動狀態 而黃色連同藍色與靛藍色處於賦能狀態

May we ask at this time if there be any brief queries?

容我們問 此刻有沒有任何簡短的詢問

Questioner: Is there anything that we can do to make the instrument more comfortable or to improve the contact?

發問者: 只想問有沒有什麼我們可以做的 好幫助這器皿更舒適 或改善這個通訊

Ra: All is well. You have been most conscientious.

RA 一切都好 你們十分謹慎認真

I am Ra. I leave you, my friends, in the glory of the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. Go forth, then, rejoicing in the power and the peace of the one infinite Creator. Adonai.

我是 Ra 我的朋友們 我在太一無限造物者的愛與光的榮耀中離開你們 向前去吧 在太一無限造物者的和平與大能中歡欣鼓舞 Adonai


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