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Contact Report 106 (1978/4/10)   第106次接觸報告

接觸時間: 1978 4 10 日,星期一

Synopsis    提要

Billy questions Quetzal about the similarity of an artist's rendering of a future San Francisco earthquake featured in GEO magazine that had very similar features to Billy's photographs of a future earthquake of the same city (see Contact Report 104 for the time travel trip and the GEO magazine scans).

比利向 Quetzal 問到有關在 GEO 雜誌中刊登一位畫家的"舊金山大地震"畫作,與他照的那張"舊金山大地震"照片(請參閱第 104 次接觸報告的時光之旅經過以及相關照片資料)竟然非常相似。

This is an excerpt of the contact report. It is an unauthorised and unofficial translation and may contain errors.



... Let us go on to another theme: Do you perhaps know a magazine by the name of GEO? As I gather here from my notes, it concerns a geographical magazine about culture, which is issued by the Heinrich-Bauer Publishing House in Hamburg.

讓我們談另一件事:你可知道一種名叫 GEO 的雜誌?據我所知,那是由位於德國漢堡市的 Heinrich-Bauer 出版社所發行的雜誌,是一本關於文化方面的地理資訊雜誌。


40. This is not known to me.


41. But why do you ask?



In the autumn of last year, I believe in September, in an issue of this magazine shall have been a picture by a painter, who painted San Francisco in future form after its destruction by the earthquake. Now look once at these photographs here, which I took during our journey to Frisco, when you brought me into the future. These photographs here are now to correspond very exactly to parts of that picture, which this painter has made for the Bauer Publishing House. Such at least was it explained to me yesterday. This means, when this picture exists by this publishing house painter, I am again to be made out a liar and a cheater, when another time it is to be said, that I would only have taken photographs of a picture, in order to want to prove some things.



42. Your question has a certain background.


43. Something must have happened, since you ask me about this.


44. And how have you come to know about this picture just now, which really exists?



Oh, I see, well then, it was mentioned to me yesterday. Kurt had gone to a restaurant in Zurich, where someone was just reading through this magazine, and then he saw the picture, because it was shown in this. Now of course he went and explained to someone behind my back, that I likely would have photographed parts of this picture.

喔,我明白了,我想起來 Kurt 昨天去過一家在蘇黎世的餐館,正好有人正在看那本雜誌,而他接著看到了這張圖,因為正好翻到那一頁。而此時他一定會在別人面前提到,我拍的照片好像是這張圖的其中一部份。


45. This is very unfortunate.


46. I did not know that this picture, which was inspirationally given to this man, had already been published.


47. Here, there must have been a slip-up, because not until the autumn of this year should it reach the public.



Well, this is likely bad luck for me, and quite lousy, because now again I have to go through the same performance, like at the time with the photograph of the universe door. However, who did actually transmit this impression to that painter?



48. These were those of the Baawi-Intelligences, who work together with us here on Earth, and who are responsible for many inspirational transmissions.

這是那些 Baawi 人(與我們一起在地球上工作的外星人,他們負責許多靈感概念的傳送)做的。

49. But there must have been a mistake suffered by them in respect to the publication of the picture, because in connection with certain coming events, the picture was not to reach terrestrial publication until the autumn of this year.


50. On my part, I thought, when you had asked me for this journey that this just very well would connect to your photographs.


51. However, under the circumstances it is likely better, if I take the photographs, as well as also the negatives of the film, in order to protect you from further attacks.



But these I do not have, because I have given them to the photographer, so that he can produce new reprints for me.



52. Then I will destroy them or take them with me.


53. To whom have you given them?



To the Photographer-Radio-TV Man at Wetzikon. But each time he sends them to Wadenswil to a large laboratory.

交給在韋齊孔的 Photographer-Radio-TV Man ,但他每次都會再將它(底片)送到在韋登斯維爾一家大的工作室去處裡。


54. That is enough for me. I will take away the material and store it.



And what shall I say to the people? After all, I have to stay with the truth.



56. You tell the truth.



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