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Contact Report 475 (2008/11/26)   第475次接觸報告

接觸時間: 2008 11 26 日,星期三,下午 2 16

Contact Report 475 Part 1   第475次接觸報告 第1部分

Synopsis     摘要

Ptaah talks about why Plejaren names and terms must be pronounced the same as they are in the Plejaren language even when translated into the earthly languages.

Ptaah 談到為什麼 Plejaren 這個名字和用詞,在翻譯成地球各國語言時,也必須與它們在 Plejaren 星所用的語言中發音一致。

(譯註:經過本次接觸報告中的說明,自此在本系列的中譯文內, 所有涉及原文的名詞,一律暫不翻譯而採用原文呈現 ,望請讀者諒察!

This part is an unofficial and unauthorised translation and may contain errors.



FIGU 特別公告 48

Importance to observe in relation to Plejaren names and terms

遵守與 Plejaren 星有關的名字和用詞的重要性


... But one thing of which I already addressed twice in the recent past: How should it really be kept in relation to names of Plejaren persons and general Plejaren terms and names, etc.; you've once said that they are to be maintained and should not be changed if, for example, Contact Reports are translated into other languages?

有一件事我最近已經提出過兩次,是關於 Plejaren 人的名字以及一般的 Plejaren 用詞和名字方面應該如何保持原來用法;你也曾經說過,它們不應該被改變,例如在接觸報告中被翻譯成其他語言的時候,應該要留意對嗎?


I indeed said that, because due to the importance of names and terms, it is imperative that they are written and pronounced in the same form as the Plejaren language.

我確實這麼說過,因為鑑於名字和用詞的重要性,它們的用法與 Plejaren 語言要有相同的書寫形式和發音,是絕對必要的。

If this is not done, then completely false meanings form, that don't harmonize anymore with the proper meaning of the name or term.



So the names and terms should, respectively must sound the same as they are in your language in all earthly languages, as it is already the case with German and Swiss German, and the same applies if the names and terms are used in other languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, etc.


If this is not done, then name and term distortions will arise.



This corresponds to the meaning of my words. Only a single alteration of a single syllable respectively of a single letter creates an entirely different and as a rule, negative sense and unworth, for example the name of my daughter Semjase when the E at the end of her name in English is pronounced I.

我就是這個意思。往往只有一個音節的變更,也就是一個字母的差異,就會創造一個完全不同甚至負面的涵義。例如我的女兒 Semjase 的名字,當她名字中最尾那個 “e” 以英文發音則成為 “i” 音的情況。

Semjase is a very old name that we Plejaren adopted from the Ancient Lyrian dialect, it means “The Demigoddess”. If the E at the end of her name, as I spoke of in the English language example is pronounced I, then there is a very bad misnomer. “Sem”, from Semjase means in the Ancient Lyrian dialect “Half” while “Jase” means goddess, but “Jasi” means “Bane Goddess”.

本段附上德語原文: Semjase ist ein sehr alter Name, den wir Plejaren aus einem altlyranischen Dialekt übernommen haben; er bedeutet ‹Die Halbgöttin›. Wird das E am Ende des Namens jedoch als I gesprochen, wie das z.B. in der englischen Sprache getan wird, dann ergibt sich daraus ein sehr böser Unwert. ‹Sem›, gemäss Semjase, bedeutet im genannten altlyranischen Dialekt ‹Halb›, während ‹Jase› Göttin, ‹Jasi› jedoch ‹Fluchgöttin› bedeutet.

Semjase 是一個非常古老的名字,我們 Plejaren 人從古天琴座的方言採用而來,它的意思是「 The Demigoddess (半女神)」。如果她名字中最尾那個 e ,在英文中是發 i 音,那麼這是非常糟糕的用詞。因為 Semjase 中的「 Sem 」,意味著古天琴座方言中的「半」,而「 Jase 」是指女神,但「 Jasi 」的意思則是「災禍女神」。

Hence, if in the English language the E at the end of Semjase is spoken as I, so therefore Semjasi, the name means “Demigoddess of Bane”. Such false names and unworthy concepts respectively are unworthy of our languages and dialects, even if only a single letter in the word itself is wrong and is pronounced differently than the written form.

因此,如果在英語中 Semjase 最尾的 e 發成 i 音,等於是 Semjasi ,意思就是「 Demigoddess of Bane (災禍的半女神)」。這種錯誤的名字與負面的概念,在我們的語言中是不足取的,即使只有一個字母發音與書寫的錯誤,就會造成這種結果。


Then it is the same in the German language, that every name and every term only is in rightness and has its real value when it is read and spoken as it is written. Even with name abbreviations the meanings can sometimes change into the negatives, such as in the worst case the name Andres or Andreas, if these are abbreviated as “Andi” which then means “Dirt Dog” respectively “Dirty Dog”. Regarding the term “Plejaren” it is therefore my opinion that they must not be called anything other than just Plejaren.

這在德語中也一樣,只有當它照所寫的來讀和說,每一個名字和每一個用詞才正確並具有其真正的價值。甚至名稱的縮寫,其含義有時也可以變成負面的,例如最壞的情況下,名字 Andres Andreas 被簡稱為「 Andi 」,那麼這就意味著「 Dirt Dog 」,也就是「 Dirty Dog (骯髒的狗)」。至於名詞「 Plejaren 」,我認為他們除了 Plejaren 外,一定不能被稱為別的名詞。


What you say corresponds to rightness, and about the term Plejaren, it is the name of our system according to the very old dialect of the Ancient Lyrian language. “Ple” means “Sevenfold“ and “Jaren” is equated with “Law”. As inhabitants of this system, we are called Plejaren; however in relation to the individual the N at the end of the term changes or is omitted, so therefore a woman is a Plejara and a man is a Plejare.

你說的相當正確,至於有關名詞 Plejaren ,這是我們星系取自於古天琴座語言中非常古老的名字。「 Ple 」的意思是「 Sevenfold (註:七重)」而「 Jaren 」就等同於「法則」。作為這個星系的居民,我們被稱為 Plejaren ;然而對於這個名詞最尾的那個 n 被改變或省略,則 Plejara 是指一個女人,而 Plejare 則是指一個男人。

The term Plejaren has the value “Law of the Sevenfold”, whereas “Jara” in the term “Plejara” means “Denzien” and thus “Denzien in the Sevenfold” and “Jare”, the second word in “Plejare” means “Dweller” and thus “Dweller in the Sevenfold”. If the end of the term Plejare is pronounced as I, an unworthy meaning arises: “Destruction”. Changes in the pronounciation of Plejaren and Plejare bring negative respectively unworthy results. If the term is pronounced wrongly with I at the end, thus as “Plejari”, the part of the word “Jari” means “Destruction”, consequently the term becomes unworthy and means “Destruction of the Sevenfold”. …

名詞 Plejaren 具有「 Law of the Sevenfold (七重的法則)」的確切涵意,而名詞「 Plejara 」中的「 Jara 」是指「 Denzien (註:居民)」,而因此「 Denzien in the Sevenfold (七重中的居民)」以及「 Jare 」,那「 Plejare 」中的第二個字是指「 Dweller (註:居住者)」,所以「 Dweller in the Sevenfold (在七重中的居民)」。如果用詞 Plejare 的結尾發 “i” 的音,則負面的意思會出現,那就是:「毀滅」。 Plejaren Plejare 的發音改變會帶來負面也就是不相稱的結果。 ... 如果該名詞的最尾被錯誤地發 I 音,就像「 Plejari 」,字的這部分「 Jari 」意思是「毀滅」,因此用詞變得負面而意味著「七重的毀滅」。

Contact Report 475 Part 2   第475接觸報告 第2部分

Synopsis     摘要

The danger of the Red Meteor.


This part is an unofficial but authorised translation.



Regarding the Red Meteor that endangers Earth on the 13th of April, 2029 and of which we have already spoken on the 16th of September, I have been asked about certain things and, therefore, would like to know how big that bloke is. To my knowledge the terrestrial astronomers have already detected it for quite some time and are calling it Apophis or something.It shall either hit Earth in the year 2029, or only whizzing by very closely. Should it be the latter case, it (the meteor) would reappear in the year 2036 and its close approach to Earth could really lead to a catastrophe if the scientists undertake nothing against it.

我們在 9 16 日曾經談過關於將在 2029 4 13 日危及地球的那顆「紅色流星」,我近來被問到這方面的事情,所以想知道那傢伙有多大。據我所知,地球天文學家已經發現它很長一段時間了,並稱呼它為 Apophis (註:即 小行星 99942 ,或譯作毀神星或阿波菲斯)什麼的。它有可能在 2029 年撞擊地球,或者以非常接近地球的距離呼嘯而過,目前研判應該是後者的情況。它(該流星)會在 2036 年重新出現,如果科學家不針對它採取任何行動的話,它可能因近距離的接近對地球造成一場災難。


Its size is about 350 metres. What you are saying regarding the great danger that the Red Meteor represents to Earth: the scientists know about it. And if there will be no special influence by the outer SOL “trabants” (note by the translator: objects circling around and at great distance from our sun), a catastrophe really threatens the Earth. In order to avoid it the terrestrial scientists are also urged to undertake every conceivable possibility to ultimately push the meteor from its orbit.

它的尺寸約為 350 公尺。你所說有關紅色流星對地球存在的巨大危機:科學家們都知道這件事。而且,如果沒有外太陽「 trabants (衛星體)」(英譯者註:圍繞我們的太陽且相隔極遠距離的物體)的特別影響,一場災難真的威脅著地球。為了避開它,地球的科學家正致力於探尋各種可行方式,好把那顆流星從它的軌道推開。


To my knowledge various models exist for this purpose, but the scientists cannot come to a mutual agreement on this. You are saying that the fellow shall be pushed from its orbit, and I gather from it that blowing it up is out of question. Therefore, only a reaction principle could be applied, like e.g. an extremely strong nuclear reaction unit, sun sail principles, or atomic explosions near the meteor.



Whereby atomic explosions near the meteor should be considered, because they are very efficient and produce a strong drift(ing) effect. However, the explosions may not occur too close to the meteor in order to avoid breaking it up, from which an even greater danger would result. Such a project must be executed early and not at that time when the real danger is starting to threaten, because otherwise it would be too late for a success. Therefore working towards it must be started today.

其中接近流星的核彈爆炸應該加以考慮,因為它們非常有效,可以產生一個強烈的偏移效應 (譯者註:記得 2009 年的電影《隕石浩劫( Meteor )》就是運用這個方式在最後關頭將隕石推離地球) 。然而,爆炸點不要太靠近該流星,以避免將它炸碎,因此而導致一個更大的危險。這樣的計劃必須盡早,而不是在真正的危險已經開始威脅時才執行,否則會太遲。因此,以此該項任務必須今天就開始著手。


And what about big reaction units and sun sail principles?

那麼關於大型核反應裝置和太陽帆(註:又稱 Solar sail )原理怎樣?


Those are also possibilities, but they are much more difficult to carry out, and the necessary effectiveness is questionable; besides, with regard to their efficiency they are not to be recommended because meteors are unstable with regard to a regular self-position which makes the application of any effective reaction units and sun sails etc. nearly impossible.



Those things have to be profoundly thought about by the scientists.



That’s really so, but time presses.



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