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【地球盟友】【柯博拉 Cobra 2016 5 13 日訊息
Rob Potter 主持的柯博拉 / 科里古德聯合訪談 第一部分】

資料轉載自: 準備轉變 Prepare for Change


Rob - Corey do you have any comments on Cobra’s questions, answers I mean.

Rob – 科里,你對柯博拉的回答有甚麼看法 ?

Corey - It’s going to be part of the ___that we’re releasing. ___ had requested a after she had had the meeting out in the Kuiper belt she had requested a meeting with the secret federation and the purpose of this meeting was all of the groups that are similar just not long after the time of Mohammad had signed this accord or agreement about open contact or appearing openly with humanity. It was to allow us to develop on our own __ and do things from the back-ground, you know, and contact people and kind of secretly. I don’t know all the details of this accord but it’s pretty binding ___ skirmished they had. This is something that they want to re-visit and make some amendments to because some of these inner earth groups want to start making more appearances on the surface and this is a meeting that has been granted and they’re going to be coming up very soon.

Corey – 我們將來要公開的情報裡面包括星際交流。卡莉在她到古柏帶與秘密聯邦開會之後又要求在舉行一次會面。這場會議的主旨是所有的團體簽署公開接觸或向人類公開現身的條約或同意書。這些團體允許我們自行發展;他們在幕後活動並且用隱密的方式與人類交流。我不知道這份條約的所有細節,不過他們也經過一番協調和論戰。關於這份條約,他們還想重新商討和修正。因為有些地底團體想要開始更經常到地表世界活動。他們在這場會議中決定他們在不久之後就會常到地表世界出沒。

Rob - Cobra, do you have any comments on Corey’s intel there.

Rob – 柯博拉,你對科里的情報有沒有甚麼看法 ?

COBRA - Yes, there has been agreements made but the purpose of those agreements was the real reason why surface population was not contacted is because of the dark ones have controlled and isolated the surface population. There were many positive groups that wanted and would like to contact the surface population but they couldn’t because it was simply too dangerous because the Cabal would retaliate. There was some instances when the surface population was contacted and there were consequences.

COBRA – 這些團體確實達成了許多協議。但是這些協議的主旨正是地表民眾無法和他們交流的真正原因。由於地表民眾仍遭受黑暗勢力的控制和隔離。許多正面團體願意也想要和地表民眾互動,不過目前星際交流還是過於危險。因為陰謀集團會挾怨報復。過去已經有好多他們接觸地表民眾,然後地表民眾遭受迫害的例子。

Corey - The Dracos and other negative groups have signed this accord as well. This will be one of the thickest parts. This next meeting will not only have representatives from the secret federation but it will have representatives from some of the negative groups there as well which is going to be a type of meeting that has not happened since the accords were set up and signed.

Corey – 龍人和其他負面團體也簽署了這份協議。這會是協議中牽涉最多條文的部分。下一場會議的與會人士不僅有來自秘密聯邦的代表,有些負面團體也會派代表出席。這場會議將會是自從協議簽訂以來第一場正反派都出席的會議。

COBRA - Yes, but the Dracos never negotiated. They just want to have their own ways.

COBRA – 龍人的確會出席,但是它們從來就不和其他團體談判。他們只會按照自己的想法做事。

Corey - Yes, I’ve seen them negotiate quite a bit, but they negotiate out of the side of their mouth.

Corey – 我看過龍人參與一些談判,但是它們只會堅持自身的想法。

Rob - So this is a question for Corey and this has been something that I’ve had questions about. You mentioned the Anchara Alliance as if they are the only Agarthan network and they seem to be, have been negative and you have indicated in one of your later, not the last, but one of your later posts that they were taken to the Kuiper belt and scolded by the triangle head and you have stated that 4 of them have agreed that they that their chiding was deserved and they have agreed to go into a more positive relationship with humanity and that 3 of them reversed. You have told me that the Omegans were one of them. Are these the only . . . .

Rob – 我有一個一直很想問科里的問題。你曾經提過安查拉聯盟。他們似乎是阿加森網路裡唯一的負面派系。你在先前的文章中提到他們被帶到古柏帶然後被三角頭存有責備。你在文章中提到他們其中有四位代表認為他們被責罵是應該的,而且同意和人類有用更正面的互動關係。另外三位代表則抱持相反的意見。你告訴我說 Omegans( 配戴 Omega 護身符的派系 ) 是其中一個。這些代表是否

Corey - We need to get this straight. You keep putting the negative stamp where it doesn’t belong. It’s a point of view thing. (OK) These groups aren’t negative, they are in a hostile land trying to survive but at the same time they’re delivering positive information that could go up albeit in a deceptive way.

Corey – 我們必須釐清一件事情。你不能老是把負面派系的標籤貼在他們的身上。正派或反派是觀點的問題。 ( 好的 ) 這些團體並不是負面。他們生活在敵方的土地,而他們得想辦法活下去。為了生存,他們得用善意的謊言傳遞正面的訊息。

From their point of view you have to understand they are trying to protect themselves from people from the surface that have the ability to attack them and kill them, so they’re living in a very, . . .things are not as cut and dry as a lot of people would like to say in the Ufology community. It’s a very wild paradigm that they are living in that all these groups are living in. They have a very strange political environment that they are trying to survive in especially the ones who have their embassies here or spend all of their time in the solar system. Because as Cobra said, this solar system is a very dangerous place. (Right) Not only are these dark entities very dangerous but us as a people are in the same ___we’re very dangerous as well.

你得了解一件事情 : 從他們的觀點來看,他們要想辦法保護自己不被有能力追殺他們的地表勢力迫害。他們的生活環境非常地艱困。現實的情況真的不像幽浮研究社群所說的輕鬆愜意。他們和其他的團體共同生活在一個危機四伏的社會。他們的政治環境相當詭譎多變,因而他們得想盡辦法活下去;由其是在太陽系長期活動或設有大使館的團體。誠如柯博拉所說的,太陽系是一個非常危險的區域。 ( 是的 ) 不光是黑暗勢力非常地危險,我們人類也是很危險的。


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