Origins of Unknown Flying Objects,
Extraterrestrials, and Other Visitors


February 9, 2022
Guest Article by Berk Gümüs

客座文章作者:Berk Gümüs

3. Earth Future Ones





(Pictures from the Series Raumpatrouille Orion)

(圖片來自《Raumpatrouille Orion》系列)

Thirty-ninth Contact
Wednesday, 3rd December 1975, 01:37 hrs



354. Surely, because we are foreigners here; that is why I also had to put the protective screen into effect around my beamship.


355. The human beings of this dimension and time have, indeed, become much more peaceful than those on your world in your time, but they are still barbaric and quite aggressive, so they would force us to land, which would be very unpleasant for us.



Aha, so they actually are still like the Earth-humans. But then, do they still rush around with their primitive rockets?



356. What are you thinking? They do live here approximately 500 years in the future.


357. Look over there; that is one of their beamships.



Beamships? Girl, then these elves already master space travel!



358. Sure, they also have about 500 years more development behind themselves than the Earth-humans of your time, which I already said.



Of course, yes, but – I am going crazy; look there…



359. I do not understand you…



But still, look – the beamships that they have. I know those from somewhere. I have seen those before. Wait, ah yes – you, they look remarkably similar to the fantasy products of spaceships, which I recently saw on television. It was the broadcast of a futuristic story by the name of Orion.The ship over there looks deceptively like that thing on TV. Now I do think that I am dreaming.



360. That is, however, not the case.


361. Consider what I already explained to you once before, namely that certain Earth-humans receive data and information from external telepathic impulses and unconsciously, so also authors and such people.


362. Thus, they describe things and possibilities of the future and also make drawings and models.


363. Through this, they slowly prepare the Earth-humans and, in particular, the scientists for the coming events, cognitions, and forms and give them the drive for development.


364. Hence, if you now see the beamship out there, which corresponds to the form known to you, then for this, you can also find the reason for it in my explanation.



I understand; I did not think of that.



Six Hundred and Fifty-first Contact
Tuesday, 3rd May 2016, 21:15 hrs



47. There is no real secrecy about this, because we have cautiously only vaguely talked about it because we lacked certain evidence, which we now have and which has provided us with good knowledge and caused us not to seek contact with either group in the future.


48. And we call these groupings ‘Earth-future ones’ because the one grouping is effectively Earth-future or exists in the distant future on Earth and comes through time bridges into the present time.

而我們稱這些集團為「未來的地球人」(Earth-future ones),因為這些人確實是地球上未來的人或存在於地球上遙遠的未來,而是透過時間的橋接time bridges來到現在


Excuse me, by time bridges you mean time-travel, as we say? In this case, the future Earth humans are those Earthlings of the distant Earthly time who already live on Earth in the distant future and who, through the possibility of their time travel technique with their various small and large futuristic flying machines, have been coming into Earthly present since time immemorial and also into our present today. However, this is also done by the other group ‘Earth-future ones’, which has its state in a certain underground area of Earth, has a general futuristic technology and therefore also very highly developed aircraft. These aircrafts, which I call so in your sense, are an Earthly-technical development for today, which is completely futuristic resp. progressive, innovative, progressive, trend-setting, ahead of the present time and therefore trend-setting etc.. With regard to this second grouping, which you also call ‘future Earth humans’, it must be said that these are not, however, descendants of extraterrestrials from the distant future of Earth, nor are they direct, but indirect, very distant descendants of extraterrestrials. These people live deep underground under Earth’s surface, and with their futuristic flying machines they also turn around in Earth’s airspace, as I already knew from Asket, because she had already initiated me in this regard in the 1950s, but she was … spoke. Also your daughter Semjase, Quetzal and you explained a lot to me, but you always said that I shouldn’t talk about it officially because it’s not the time yet. It is mainly this group of the future that makes a name for itself again and again, especially in the western world. And this happens very often, and interestingly enough most often in the western hemisphere, which we call the geographically conceived western hemisphere with this term, as a counterpart to the eastern hemisphere or hemisphere. If I remember correctly, the two imaginary hemispheres are separated by the 0° reference meridian at Greenwich and the so-called anti-meridian at 180°. Accordingly, the areas west of London, West Africa and the entire regions of North and South America, Patagonia, Greenland and Canada belong to the western hemisphere, where most sightings of various small and large and even gigantic UFOs or futuristic flying objects of the ‘inner terrestrials’ appear. Especially the UFO appearances in Arizona, in Belgium and in England, which were probably traced back to these ‘Earth-future ones’, caused a huge sensation in the worldwide media. I would be interested to know why these ‘Earth-future ones’ are so frequent in the western hemisphere and still are today, because in the eastern hemisphere such futuristic aircraft or UFOs are observed less often, i.e. in the majority of Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Oceania, which are counted to the eastern hemisphere. It should also be said that, according to the so-called Monroe Doctrine of 1823, the western hemisphere is often equated with the ‘New World’ or with America and the neighbouring island states or politically delimited by the member states of NATO.

打擾一下,你說的「時間橋接」就是我們所稱的「時間穿梭」(time-travel)嗎?在這種情況下,未來的地球人就是那些遙遠未來的地球人他們已經在遙遠的未來生活在地球上了,並運用他們的時間穿梭技術與各種小型和大型的未來飛行器,他們已經從遠古時代就來到了地球,而如今也來到了我們的現在。然而,這也是由另一個未來的地球人”(Earth-future ones)集團所為,他們的國度state在地球的某個地下區域,擁有普遍的未來科技,因此也有非常先進的飛行器。根據你的說法,這些飛行器就當今的地球技術而言,是完全具有未來概念的,是先進的、創新的、領先於現代的,因此是有前瞻性的等等。關於這第二類人,你也稱之為“未來的地球人”,但必須說,這些人不是來自地球遙遠的未來,也不是外星人的直接後代,而是間接而非常遙遠的後代。這些人生活在地表的地下深處,他們用未來的飛行器在地球的上空盤旋,我已經從Asket那裡知道了,因為她在1950年代已經向我說明了這方面的情況,儘管她談到了...。還有你的女兒SemjaseQuetzal和你向我說明了很多,但你總是說我不應該正式談論這些事,因為現在還不是時候。主要是這個未來集團不斷被議論紛紛,特別是在西方世界的人。而且有趣的是,這種情況經常在西半球發生,我們用這個名詞來稱呼地理概念上的西半球,作為東半球的對照。如果我沒記錯的話,這兩個假想的半球被格林威治的參考子午線和180°的所謂反子午線分開。因此,倫敦以西的地區、西非和整個南北美洲、巴塔哥尼亞Patagonia)、格陵蘭島和加拿大都屬於西半球,在那裡出現的各種大大小小的UFO地球內部”(inner terrestrials的未來飛行物體的目擊事件居多特別是在亞利桑那州、比利時和英國出現的UFO,很可能被追溯到這些未來的地球人”,在全球媒體上引起了巨大的轟動。我很想知道為什麼這些“未來的地球人”在西半球如此頻繁,而且至今仍然如此,因為在東半球,也就是在大部分的歐洲、亞洲、澳大利亞、紐西蘭和大洋洲地區,這種未來的飛行器或UFO較少被觀察到,而這些地區被算作東半球。還應該說,根據1823年所謂的門羅主義Monroe Doctrine),西半球往往被等同於“新世界”或美國和鄰近的島國,或由北約成員國在政治上所劃定。


49. What you say is correct, and the reason why the inner terrestrial and also Earthly future ‘Earth-future ones’ operate especially in the western hemisphere is to be justified with this …, about which, however, silence is required.

你所說的是正確的,而來自地球內部以及地球未來的“未來地球人”之所以特別在西半球活動的原因,是要用這個 ... 來證明,然而,關於這個問題,需要保持沉默。


But why, this is the question, do you call these inhabitants of Earth also ‘Earth-future ones’, of whom we have already spoken before and whom, with a few exceptions, you have always named only in this way, without giving an explanation? That is simply not clear to me, nor is it clear to me why you have never said anything more specific about it or defined the term exactly.



50. The reason for our name ‘Earth-future ones’ is based on the fact that the entire technology of the inhabitants of Earth’s interior state corresponds to a future Earthly technology, which will only find its beginning in the near future and also will only become reality in the distant future.


51. And the fact that we never talked about it in detail and made no statements was because you never asked about it in your restraint and always kept to observe and keep silent about our directives.


52. We greatly appreciated that, and besides, you have never been driven by curiosity in a way that could have embarrassed us about our directives.


53. And what we ever explained to you, including secret things, was always out of necessity, but we could always rely on you keeping the word to keep silent under all circumstances.



All right, we don’t have to talk about that, because you answered my question, so you don’t need it anymore. Then again a question: Are the three that I have in … I met, as well as the two in …, so relatives of this … what you call her by her real name? If so, then they live in the subterranean state structure in the area of …, but they also go under the people on Earth’s surface, but despite … remain unrecognized or are replaced by the surface Earth objects in … because they may know a lot about you.

好了,我們不必再談這個了,因為你已經回答了我的問題,所以你不需要再談了。那麼再問一個問題:我在 ... 遇到的三個人,以及在 ... 遇到的兩個人,是不是你稱呼她真名的這個 ... 的親屬嗎?如果是的話,那麼他們就生活在 ... 地區的地下國度中,但他們也會到地表上的人群中,儘管 ... 仍然未被發現,或者沒被 ... 地表上的人注意,因為他們可能知道很多關於你們的事情


54. That is also true, but there is a duty of secrecy about it, because our directives do not allow us to officially divulge our findings, because it would inevitably result in warlike and conquering actions.


55. This would be the case if predictably and inevitably certain power-hungry statesmen of certain countries, with their military forces and secret services etc., were to break into the underground state structure in order to protect the far-reaching futuristic technology of the … to get their hands on it.

如果某些國家某些渴望權力的政治勢力,為了掌握影響深遠的未來技術,可預見且不可避免的會帶著他們的軍隊和情報機構等闖入地下國度,就會出現 ... 這種情況。




70. With all these things, which appear very frequently, it should be absolutely clear that they are not interplanetary flying objects and thus not unidentified flying objects of extraterrestrial human life forms.


71. If we consider a further form of terrestrial flying objects, which are considered UFOs and which are not of extraterrestrial origin, then we have to speak of those flying machines which originate from the terrestrial future in terms of their dimensions to the space-time continuum prevailing here.

如果我們考慮另一種形式的地球上之飛行物,它們被認為是UFOs,而不是來自地外的飛行物,那麼我們就必須談論那些源自地球未來的飛行器,就其維度dimensions而言它們與這裡普遍存在的時空連續體space-time continuum一致

72. So we are dealing here with flying bodies of earthly origin, but built in a dimension of the future on earth, whereby Earth people living there in the future have found the ways of time travel, whereby it becomes possible for them to travel back into their own past and thus also into the present time on Earth.


73. So these visitors are not extraterrestrial intelligences either, but also inhabitants of Earth, whose technology is many centuries and sometimes even thousands of years ahead of the present time of Earth people and in the future…

因此,這些訪客也不是外星人,而是地球上的居民,他們的科技比地球人現在和未來的時間領先許多世紀,有時甚至數千年 ...

74. Further forms of unidentified flying bodies concern life-forms that are actually extraterrestrial and that also belong to this space-time structure prevailing here.


75. Such life-forms with their flying objects visit Earth only very rarely, except for three different races, which have been flying to Earth for a long time, apart from us Plejaren of course.


76. Furthermore, Earth is also approached here and there by extraterrestrial human life-forms, which happens however extremely rarely and is to be counted often in decades or in centuries, who come with their flying objects from parallel spaces and/or from parallel planes to the space-time continuum predominant here, like e.g. we ourselves, who live in a parallel space, which is shifted, fractions of a second, attached to this space-time continuum predominant here.


77. It …



Sorry to interrupt. On the one hand, you talked about earthlings who live in the future and visit Earth from there. That’s what you call time-travelers!



78. Of course.


Two Hundred Fifteenth Contact
Saturday, 28th February 1987, 02:09 hrs


Excerpt from the Henoch Prophecies


213. However, a certain maelstrom of destruction will also originate from the undersea facilities; because in the cities at the bottom of the ocean, groups of submarine pirates will be formed which will burst upwards from the depths of the ocean and will become involved in destructive actions of combat with naval units on the surface.


214. And at this time, the possibility could become reality that extraterrestrial forces intervene against the Western industrialised countries,because these will be responsible for the extreme and enormous disaster of the coming evil times.


215. These extraterrestrial forces will give up their anonymity and their state of secrecy and will assist those who are being terrorised by the irresponsibly acting Western countries, should this possibility become reality.


4. Secret Earth Group in South America


Five Hundred and Thirty-third Contact
Thursday, 5th January 2012, 23:04 hrs



Then let us forget about it; what about the fact that the earthlings have also been watching me, the various military and secret services, as well as that group in South America, which emerged from fugitive NAZI engineers, which built flying discs in Germany and then later in the USA and in South Africa? I knew about that, but is there anything special about it, in particular whether such flying discs are still being produced today and whether they still fly around the world?



47. None of this has changed, not even the fact that certain states continue to work within the same framework and that the NAZI flying apparatus technology captured by the war victors continues to be worked on, as do many descendants of NAZI engineers who have been trained as engineers and who can also work on NAZI techniques relating to flying discs, etc. and show good results.



Mainly in South America, but probably not only in one country, right?



48. That is correct.



Seven Hundred Tenth Contact
Tuesday, 11th September 2018, 21:14 hrs



138. There is no problem in this respect, for our technology is such that such sightings can only take place if the Earth-foreigners or Earth-future, as well as the secretive Earth grouping with the progressive flying apparatuses in South America, have no possibility whatsoever of locating or otherwise perceiving our flying apparatuses on a technical basis.



…But that you have just mentioned the earthly grouping in South America etc., that irritates me a little, because up to now this was not allowed to be mentioned openly….

... 但你剛才提到了南美洲的地球組織等,這讓我有點惱火,因為到目前為止,這是不允許被公開提及的...


144. You can call it that, as you have explained it.


145. But as far as my statement is concerned concerning the grouping keeping itself secret, it is now no longer necessary not to mention this, to which, however, I will give you a personal explanation later, which will be only for you.



Good, then so be it.


(We are not talking about the Brazilian group or South American group, who were associated with the Giza intelligences, who stole German and Canadian plans for the construction of flying discs at the end of World War II, who fled with their flying discs to South America, because they have long since died out, but I assume that as mentioned above, the descendants of the Nazi engineers, probably represent the secret earthly grouping with the progressive flying machines in South America?)


Two Hundred and Sixty-fifth Contact
Thursday, 11th June 1998, 01:30 hrs


Reader’s Question


What happens to the knowledge from the research and construction of the successor flight discs of the German South American group, which consists only of men, if one day the group no longer exists due to the death of its members? If these men live so far back and have no contact with other people outside their area, then they have no successors who could continue or end their experiments (technical in nature). Will the Plejaren later eliminate these machines, or what happens to this legacy? (One can only hope that this technology will not fall into the wrong hands.) Can you make a statement about the technological lead compared to today’s conventional drives? How great are the successes of this group in researching these alternative drives?


Catalin Morarescu/Germany

Catalin Morarescu/德國



Today, the South American group exists only as a small and closed community of old men who are decimated from year to year by their death and do not pose any danger to the world – not even with regard to their technology. The leading technical minds died a long time ago – the last of them about 15 years ago. The rest of the workforce was made up of auxiliaries and fanatical leaders who, in terms of technical developments, must be called zero forces. Even workers who were responsible for the maintenance of the technical equipment and aircraft etc. have not existed for quite some time, which of course means that most of the equipment and aircraft have already been destroyed, so that in 1996 there were only two operational aircraft left, which at that time also had serious defects.
Regarding the plans for the flying discs, it has to be said that these were already destroyed in the sixties by certain circumstances, about which I can give no information at all. As far as discarded aircraft are concerned, the following factors must be taken into account: Various flying discs were completely destroyed in crashes, to such an extent that no technical knowledge can be gained from them, should they ever be found. The reason for this total destruction was a self-destruct mechanism that is built into every flying disc – even the two that existed at least in 1996. The self-destruction was so effective that it completely shredded the flying disc and practically tore it apart when the self-ignition was triggered. The self-destruct mechanism has been an integral part of the flying disc since the beginning of its existence, very cleverly constructed and deadly safe. A flying disc could never and should never be left unattended, because otherwise it would automatically destroy itself. In this consequence, a guard always had to remain on board the aircraft in order to prevent the self-destruction of the flying screen, because the self-destruction mechanism was constructed in such a way that no treason could be practiced and no escape could be made. Once the self-destruct mechanism had been activated, it could not and cannot be deactivated in such a way that the self-destruction of the flying disc could have been prevented. A prevention of the self-destruction was and is only possible for 60 minutes at a time, after which the self-destruction automatically starts, if not caused by a complicated sensor, which could only be or can only be influenced in a certain way, another 60 minutes delay. However, this meant and still means today, when the remaining two flying discs still exist, that day and night a guard person remains in the aircraft and has to ‘calm down’ the self-destruct mechanism every hour and thus influence it. If this does not happen, the mechanism becomes active and can no longer be stopped, completely destroying and tearing apart the aircraft. This also eliminates the danger that is mentioned in the question of what happens to all technology, as a legacy, so to speak, when the last of the South American group blesses the temporal. The technique of self-destruction is certainly not new, but its nature and function are based on a high level of technical and electronic development. And the facilities of the South American Group base are also equipped with such self-destruct mechanisms, so that all facilities are completely destroyed if the delay mechanism is no longer activated. However, hardly anyone will notice this when the time comes, because the group’s facilities are well camouflaged in previously unexplored areas of the jungle/rainforest. So there is no reason to fear that the technology of the group will fall into other hands.


如今,南美組織只是一個由老年人組成且小而封閉的組織,他們的人數每年都因死亡而大量減少,對世界不構成任何威脅 —— 甚至在他們的技術方面也是如此。領先的技術人才在很久以前就去世了 —— 最後一個人大約在十五年前。其餘的勞動力是由輔助人員和狂熱的領導者組成,就技術發展而言,他們必須被稱為毫無作用(zero forces)。即使是負責維護技術設備和飛行器等的工人也已經很久沒有出現了,這當然意味著大部分設備和飛行器已經被毀,所以在1996年只剩下兩架可以使用的飛行器,當時也有嚴重的缺陷。
關於飛碟(flying discs)的計畫,不得不說,這些計畫在1960年代就已經在某些情況下被銷毀了,對此我完全無法提供任何資訊。就廢棄的飛碟而言,必須考慮到以下因素:各種飛碟在墜毀中就會被完全摧毀,以至於如果找到它們,也無法從中獲得技術知識。造成這種徹底銷毀的原因是每個飛碟都內置了自毀機制 —— 甚至包括至少在1996年存在的兩個飛碟。自毀裝置是如此有效,以至於當自燃被觸發時,它完全銷毀了飛碟,幾乎將其撕成碎片。自毀裝置從一開始就是飛碟的一個組成部分,構造非常巧妙,而且是絕對的安全。飛碟永遠不可能也不應該無人看管,因為否則它就會自動自我銷毀。在這種情況下,為了防止飛行螢幕(flying screen)的自毀,飛碟上必須始終留有一名警衛,因為自毀裝置的構造方式使人無法叛國,也無法逃脫。自毀裝置一旦啟動,就不能也不可能以防止飛碟自毀的方式解除。對自毀的預防過去和現在都只可能在60分鐘內進行,之後自毀就會自動開始,如果不是由複雜的感測器引起,可能或只能以某種方式影響,就會再延遲60分鐘。然而,這意味著,而且迄今天仍然如此,當剩餘的兩個飛碟仍然存在時,日夜都得有一個警衛人員留在飛碟上,從而必須讓其中每小時內的自毀裝置“平靜下來”。如果不這樣做,該機制就會啟動,無法再停止,直到完全摧毀和撕裂飛碟。這也消除了在問題中提到的所有技術會發生什麼的危險,可以說,當南美組織的最後一個人離世的時候,所有技術都成為了遺產。自毀技術當然不是新技術,但其性質和功能是基於高水準的技術和電子發展。而且南美組織基地的設施也配備了這種自毀裝置,如果不再啟動延遲機制,所有設施都會被徹底摧毀。不過,到時候幾乎沒有人會注意到這些,因為該組織的設施都很好地偽裝在叢林/雨林中以前未開發的區域。所以沒有理由擔心該組織的技術會落入其他人手中。


5. Earthly Secret Futuristic flying machines from different states.



Four Hundred and Forty-first Contact
Saturday, 3rd February 2007, 00:02 hrs



24. …The group, which is split into many small groups, has many kinds of technical possibilities at their disposal, which they employ for their evil and human-misleading purposes.


25. That started with technologies of electromagnetism to do with precision electronics and computer engineering, up to and including apparatuses through which brainwashing and the programming and altering of consciousness is evoked in humans.


26. They even have back-engineered beamships at their disposal, whereby, in certain contexts, even antigravity finds application….


Four Hundred and Fifty-first Contact
Wednesday, 13th June 2007, 15:13 hrs



22. I can now answer this with absolute certainty, because our latest devices, which we received from the Sonaern, are absolutely infallible.


23. With regard to earthly secret flying apparatus used for flight testing, we continue to see the same kind of secret aircraft that have been used for a long time, dating back to well before the mid-twentieth century.


24. Since then, these have been the most diverse and sometimes quite futuristic and even strange forms of flying apparatus, which can be secretly created and tested and often observed.


25. But these flying apparatus I am talking about now are exclusively flying objects of purely earthly origin and that was also in the twentieth century…


Seven Hundred and Twenty-eighth Contact
Saturday, 30th November 2019, 20:39 hrs



….What it means that there are three different groups whizzing around in the earthly airspace, I can say that on the one hand the traditional Earth-foreigners, on the other hand the Earth-future are meant, while the third group are Earthlings with their futuristic vehicles, but I am not allowed to say more about that – or what do you think?

....,這意味著有三個不同的群體在地球的空域中呼嘯而過,我可以說,第一組是傳統的地球外星人(Earth-foreigners),另一組是指未來的地球人(Earth-future),而第三組是地球人和他們的未來飛行器,但我不允許對此多說 —— 或者你認為呢?


22. You can if you say no more about the last grouping…..


(The third grouping earthlings with their futuristic vehicles, can also describe the secret earth group in South America)


Seven Hundred and Twenty-third Contact
Thursday, 3rd October 2019, 21:46 hrs



26. And we did not let ourselves be recognised by them all because already at the beginning of my father’s annals it was clearly warned against ever coming into contact with the Earth-foreigners and the future ones, just as we should also never penetrate into the direct range of their flying apparatus.


27. Likewise, he warned in his annals not to come into contact with the earthlings and with their equally futuristic flying apparatus, just as we are also to keep away from all their underground bases and underwater stations.


Seven Hundred and Twenty-fourth Contact
Friday, 11th October 2019, 21:49 hrs



…I am not allowed to give any information about the ‘Men in Black’ and ‘Underwater UFO Stations’,…

... 我不允許提供任何關於“黑衣人”(Men in Black)和“水下UFO基地”的資訊,...

Two Hundred and Sixty-fifth Contact
Thursday, 11th June 1998, 01:30 hrs



..But to my knowledge, Ptaah told me, there is also a group of men who are controlled by the earth authorities, who only dress in black and drive around with black bodies to put pressure on so-called UFO observers and so on…

... 但據我所知,Ptaah告訴我,還有一群人被地球當局控制,他們只穿黑色衣服,開著黑色車輛身到處跑,對所謂的UFO觀察者施加壓力等等...


31. That is right, but they have not played a role in your case yet.



Did they have anything to do with the secret service agents who were on me?



32. No, in no way.


Excerpt from the book Secret Operations by Marion and Helmut Lammer:

摘自MarionHelmut Lammer的《秘密行動》Secret Operations一書:

In Southern California there are other top secret underground research laboratories, of the major military aerospace companies such as Lockheed Martin, McDonnell Douglas or Northrop Grumman. Bordering the north side of the Antelope Valley is Edwards AIR FORCE Base. At the eastern end of the Antelope Valley, McDonnell Douglas operates an electromagnetic research facility. On the west side of the valley is a similar facility operated by Northrop. These facilities are planned to be 42 stories in depth. Tunnels are to connect these stations to three other underground bases located nearby. In addition to black helicopter sightings, there have been many sightings of unidentified flying objects near these facilities, described as spherical, triangular, cylindrical, boomerang-shaped and discus-shaped, because novel propulsion systems based on magnetic hydrodynamics are being developed in these underground military facilities. The propulsion systems of these missiles are based on AIR SPIKES technology. Here microwaves are emitted from a satellite, so that a shock wave is formed in front of the flying objects, ionizing the surrounding air. The microwave energy, in conjunction with electrodes and superconductor magnets, can be used to power these futuristic flying machines. These flying objects are supposed to reach speeds of up to 25 times the speed of sound, and thus they would be indistinguishable from a real alien UFO for the normal citizen. That the military scientists brought superconductors and magnet hydrodynamics with UFO drives in connection, proves a 1989 of the CIA released strongly censored document from the 70s. The uncensored sentences read:

在南加州還有其他絕密的地下研究實驗室,屬於洛克希德.馬丁Lockheed Martin公司麥道McDonnell Douglas公司或諾斯洛普.格魯曼Northrop Grumman公司等主要軍事航太公司。毗鄰Antelope Valley北側的是愛德華空軍基地Edwards AIR FORCE Base)。在Antelope Valley的東端,麥道公司經營著一個電磁研究設施。在山谷的西側是諾斯洛普公司經營的一個類似的設施。這些設施規畫有42層樓的深度。隧道將連接這些基地和位於附近的其他三個地下基地。除了看到黑色直升機外,在這些設施附近還多次看到不明飛行物,被描述為球形、三角形、圓柱形、迴旋鏢形和鐵餅形,因為這些地下軍事設施中正在開發基於磁流體力學magnetic hydrodynamics)的新型推進系統。這些導彈的推進系統是基於AIR SPIKES技術的。在這裡,微波從一個衛星上發射出來,從而在飛行物前面形成衝擊波,使周圍的空氣電離ionizing)。微波能量與電極和超導磁鐵superconductor magnets)相結合,可用於驅動這些未來的飛行器。這些飛行物的速度應該可以達到音速的25倍,因此,對於普通市民來說,它們與真正的外星飛碟沒有區別。軍方科學家將超導體和磁流體力學與UFO驅動聯繫起來,證明了中情局1989年發佈的70年代的一份經過嚴格審查的檔。未經審查的句子如下:

(American scientists believe that low magnetic fields have no serious effect on astronauts, but high magnetic fields can produce considerable effects. There is a theory that such fields are associated with superconductivity at very low temperatures…..as in space. This in turn is related to the possible propulsion systems of UFOs. There is a rumor that parts of a UFO found in Brazil are related to superconductors and magnetic hydrodynamics.)…


…Released JIOA documents reveal that in 1957, more than sixty companies working for the U.S. military had Paperclip scientists under contract. Among those companies were the now merged aerospace giants Lockheed and Martin Marietta. These same companies are still involved in black projects and are developing UFO-like missiles. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the major American aerospace companies such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, McDonnell Douglas, etc. are developing UFO-like missiles.

...公佈的JIOA檔案顯示,在1957年,有六十多家為美國軍方工作的公司與迴紋針科學家Paperclip scientists)簽訂了合約。這些公司中包括現已合併的航空航太巨頭洛克希德和Martin Marietta公司。這些公司仍在參與黑色專案,並在開發類似UFO的導彈。因此,洛克希德.馬丁公司、諾斯洛普.格魯曼公司、麥道公司等美國主要航空航太公司正在開發類似UFO的導彈,這並不是巧合。

(Like the TR-3B. Against these futuristic flying machines, the F-35 stealth fighter or the B-21 bomber seems to be old timers. Of course, it is not only the USA that is working on futuristic aircraft, because Canada, England and Russia are also working in the same way.)


FIGU Information:


And they do exist – the “flying saucer” of the Russians. So a product that was constructed on our earth. And the interesting thing about it is that the aircraft has a lot of similarity with the objects designed by the Nazis, but never finished and never flown and never used, the unfinished plans of which disappeared at the end of the war. The Russian <flying saucer>, which was already tested at the beginning of 1994 (according to English journalists), is a 15 meter wide <small version> of the so-called “Ekip”, as the Russians call this aircraft. It is said that it can take off and land anywhere, even on water. At present, a larger “Ekip” is said to be under construction, but the Russians are said to be toying with the idea of constructing even larger objects of this kind, a “UFO” as large as a jumbo jet, capable of carrying 40 tons of cargo or 400 passengers through the air.

而且它們確實存在 —— 俄羅斯人的“飛碟”(flying saucer)。所以是在我們地球上建造的產品。而有趣的是,這架飛機與納粹設計的物體有很多相似之處,但從未完成,也從未飛行過,從未使用過,其未完成的計畫在戰爭結束後消失了。俄羅斯的“飛碟”在1994年初已經進行了測試(根據英國記者的報導),它是所謂的“Ekip”的15公尺寬的“小版本”,俄羅斯人稱這種飛行器為“飛碟”。據說它可以在任何地方起飛和降落,甚至在水上。目前,一個更大的“Ekip”據說正在建造中,但據說俄羅斯人正在玩弄建造這種更大的物體的想法,一個像巨型噴氣機一樣大的UFO”,能夠在空中運載40噸貨物或400名乘客







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