Origins of Unknown Flying Objects,
Extraterrestrials, and Other Visitors


February 9, 2022
Guest Article by Berk Gümüs

客座文章作者:Berk Gümüs

1. Chang Shamballah




Four Hundred and Seventy-ninth Contact
Saturday, 5th September 2009, 12:11 hrs



If you think, then OK. Then I would like to ask you about my promise today, which I made to your father Sfath, that until the appropriate time I will keep silent about my journey with him to the secret Himalayan place of Chang Shambhala, and the purpose of the Jade Tower at its centre, and the Dorge, the Golden Sceptre, and the human beings there, etc.? Has the time come for me now to report openly on this?

如果你這麼認為,那麼好吧。而我今天想問問你,我曾對你父親Sfath許下諾言,那就是在適當的時機之前,我將對我和他一起前往喜馬拉雅山脈的秘密之地香巴拉Chang Shambhala),以及位於其中心的玉塔Jade Tower)、金剛Dorge)、金杖Golden Sceptre)和那裡的人類等等事情會保持沉默。而現在是我可以公開這件事的時候了嗎?


7. No, the time is still far away, far beyond your lifetime, so the secret will be kept for a very long time, and that is good.



Understood. Then something else…


Seventy-second Contact
Thursday, 3rd February 1977, 00:07 hrs



Ah, so that’s it. Is it that, in departing from life in the Centre, it is then necessary for certain things?



56. Surely, because in order to be able to incarnate in the centre there is needed a certain help of each individual.


57. This is connected to the Sohar-Centre, which requires, that each determined day a certain action and a certain thought process must be carried out by each individual group member, as a result of which first the aim directed incarnation with the destination of the rebirth in the centre location or in the nearby surrounds can be successful.

這是連接到 Sohar-Centre(意思是「能量中心」),這就必須由每個小組成員於每個確定日作某些動作並進行一定的思維程序,而結果是第一個目標的轉世地點就在「中心」的位置或在周圍附近則算是成功。


Oh, now I understand. The intended Sohar-Centre is then probably a swinging wave and radiation centre with some energies and crystals, etc., yes?

哦,現在我明白了。意思是 Sohar-Centre 實際是一個振動與輻射中心,就如同一些能源和水晶之類的功能場,是嗎?


58. Surely, it is so.



Then, I know about it. Something similar I know already from a Himalayan monastery, where certain gurus, true masters, determine their birthplace as new personalities. It is an incarnations…



59. Stop, for you know, that you are officially not allowed to mention this.



Excuse me, it was not intended.



60. This should be enough for today, as well.



Okay. I am quite tired. Some sleep would truly do me good. Live well and receive still quite dear greetings from all to you.


Two hundred and Fiftieth Contact
Wednesday, 26th October 1994, 16:23 hrs



181. A true word.



Do you know Phobol Cheng?

你認識Phobol Cheng嗎?


182. ? ?

? ?

183. No.


184. Who is that?



In 1964 I was in India, in Mahrauli.



185. Yes, you lived in the Buddhist Ashoka Ashram on the Gurgaon Road at that time, at the Swami Dharmawara.

是的,那時候你和Swami Dharmawara一起住在古爾岡路(Gurgaon Road)的佛教阿育王修行院(Buddhist Ashoka Ashram)。

186. Of course I know that and we talked about it only recently.



Right. The monk now, Swami Dharmawara, is the grandfather of Phobol Cheng. Phobol Cheng is the little girl who was 10 years old at that time and also lived in the Ashoka Ashram with a brother who was two years younger. Of course we knew each other very well, but then we lost sight of each other when I was there again with my wife in 1967, only not to return there afterwards. Last year now, you will not believe it, a 40-year-old Cambodian woman suddenly appeared at the UFO fair in New York with Wendelle Stevens and explained to him that she knew me from Mahrauli/India and that she had also seen Asket when she visited me. She also explained that she often, like many others, saw Asket flying around with her beamship and so forth. Recently now this Phobol Cheng came here to visit, and it turned out that it was indeed the little girl from then – of course now 30 years older. Her grandfather, monk Dharmawara, is now 108 years old and lives, like Phobol Cheng and her brother, in America. Swami Dharmawara, so I know, is one of those Earth humans who had contact with two mysterious people, Phobol Cheng confirmed that to me again, who just appeared out of nowhere with him and disappeared again in the same way. So it was the same kind of disappearing and coming back as if you ‘beamed’me into the ship or back to Earth. The appearance of these two mysterious men who visited the Swami was the same like his, therefore Asian. Can you explain something about it to me?

沒錯。這位Swami Dharmawara和尚是Phobol Cheng的祖父。當時Phobol Cheng才是個10歲的小女孩,和小她兩歲的弟弟一同住在阿育王修行院。當然,我們彼此非常熟悉,但後來在1967年我和妻子再回到那裡時,我們卻和她失去了聯絡,而後來也沒有再回到那裡。但在去年,你一定不會相信,一個40歲的柬埔寨女人突然和Wendelle Stevens一起出現在紐約的UFO展覽會上,並跟Stevens說,她在印度的Mahrauli就認識我,她看到我時也看到了Asket。她還說,她經常和其他很多人一起看到Asket乘著她的飛船來來去去等等。最近這位Phobol Cheng來我這裡參訪,結果證實她就是當時那個小女孩 —— 當然現在年紀已經大了30歲。而她的祖父Dharmawara和尚,現在已經高齡108歲了,並和Phobol Cheng與她弟弟一起住在美國。所以我知道,Swami Dharmawara是那些與兩個神秘人接觸過的地球人類之一,Phobol Cheng也再次向我證實了這件事,他們和他一起突然出現,又以同樣的方式消失了。就像你把我“傳送”(beamed)到飛船上或回到地球的方式一樣。這兩個會見Swami神秘人物的外表和他一樣,因此是亞洲人。你能向我解釋一下這件事嗎?


187. Officially I can only confirm that this is true.


188. But these are not intelligences who were located beyond Earth, if that’s what you think.


189. They were probably distant descendants of extraterrestrial humans, but they were earthbound, even if they mastered the ability of the craftless journey, which was handled by technical means.

他們可能是地外人類的遙遠後裔,但他們住在地球上,即使他們掌握了無載具穿梭craftless journey的能力,但這是由科技方式操控的

190. The how, what, where and why etc. I unfortunately cannot and must not officially explain, which is why I can only explain this to you in confidence.



I would really like to know, because I could not find out where they came from at that time. I never had the opportunity to talk to them, so I had to be content with observing them.



191. Then I want to explain some things about them to you after our official conversation.


Phobol Cheng said the following in an interview:

Phobol Cheng在接受採訪時說了以下的話:

He has spoken to two people (Swami Dharmawara) who have come to discuss spiritual matters with him, and they were very grateful to him for teaching certain meditation methods to people. At one point I walked into a room when he was with two people, I looked away for a moment, when I looked again they had suddenly disappeared.

他(Swami Dharmawara)曾和兩個來和他討論靈性問題spiritual matters的人談過,他們非常感謝他向人們傳授某些冥想meditation)的方法。有一次我走進一個房間,當時他和那兩個人在一起我只是一會兒沒注意,當我再注意的時候,他們已經在瞬間憑空消失了

The appearance of the two men she described as male, tall, slim, Asian, dressed in white robes and had a dark golden skin color.


Excerpt from pravda-tv.com, January 15, 2018.
Shambhala: The Legendary Valley of the Immortals


Legends have surrounded the enigmatic realm of Shambhala in the Himalayas for centuries, and the magic surrounding this exotic realm is further fueled by some extraordinary incidents.


In many Tibetan scriptures and Far Eastern traditions, there is a belief, dating back to ancient times, in a secret realm of sages who live in complete seclusion in an inaccessible part of the Asian mountains.


Orientalists call this mysterious place Chang Shambhala or Northern Shambhala (sometimes spelled Shamballa). Tibetan monks are convinced of the existence of a mysterious, beautiful valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains that stretches from northern Tibet to Mongolia.


This valley, it is said, can only be entered by travelers who have experience or mystical guidance.


In traditions, it is said that this secret stretch of land can only be found by initiates or persons dedicated to the spiritual awakening of humanity. The center of Shambhala is the famous Jade Tower. This stands in an ancient city which, according to Tibetan monks, is heated by underground springs. The hot steam rises into the atmosphere and causes a natural inversion, which is reflected in a fine fog cover. This hides the landscape below, so that the valley cannot be seen from the air.

在傳統中,據說這塊秘密的土地只有入門者或致力於人類靈性覺醒(spiritual awakening)的人才能找到。香巴拉的中心是著名的玉塔Jade Tower)。這座塔矗立在一座古老的城市裡,據藏族僧人說,這座城市是由地下泉水加熱的。熱蒸汽上升到大氣中,造成氣流反轉,形成一層薄薄的霧氣覆蓋在上。這就掩蓋了下面的景觀,因此從空中無法看到山谷。

Several teams of explorers who have traveled the Himalayas have reported camped at hot springs that have produced abundant vegetation in an otherwise barren, rocky, ice-covered landscape. Like the Tibetans, Russians and Chinese, Indians believe in a place where perfect people live. They call these people Kalapa (or Katapa) of Shambhala, and supposedly they live permanently in an environment of supernatural energies.


The famous Russian author, painter and explorer Professor Nicholas Roerich (1874 – 1947) traveled for five years, from 1923 to 1928, through all seven administrative districts of Tibet. In his book “Himalaya – Abode of Light” (1) he wrote that this secret valley lay beyond great lakes and snow-capped peaks in the highest mountains of the world. Professor Roerich seems to have finally found Shambhala, and therefore his books and pictures have been carefully analyzed for the present article; as well as the works of his son, Dr. George Roerich (1902 – 1960), an outstanding orientalist, philologist, art critic and ethnographer with degrees from Harvard and the Sorbonne.

著名的俄羅斯作家、畫家和探險家尼古拉斯.洛里奇Nicholas Roerich)教授(1874-1947)從1923年到1928年,用五年時間走遍了西藏的所有七個行政區。他在《喜馬拉雅——光的居所》(Himalaya – Abode of Light)一書中寫道,這個秘密的山谷遠在世界最高山脈的大湖和白雪皚皚的山峰之中。洛里奇教授似乎最終找到了香巴拉,因此他的書籍和圖片已經為本文進行了仔細的分析;還有他兒子George Roerich博士(1902 - 1960)的作品,他是一位傑出的東方學家、語言學家、藝術評論家和民族學家,擁有哈佛大學和索邦神學院Sorbonne)的學位。

The Roerich family lived in the Kulu Valley in northern India, near the border with western Tibet. From there, they organized several large-scale expeditions to unexplored areas of the Tibet Plateau, the highest land on earth. Dozens of Sherpas as well as Norwegian, Tibetan, Mongolian and Chinese porters accompanied these expeditions, sometimes lasting months.

洛里奇(Roerich)一家住在印度北部的古盧Kulu)山谷,靠近西藏西部的邊界。從那裡,他們組織了幾次大規模的探險活動,前往地球上最高的土地 —— 西藏高原的未開發地區。數十名雪巴人Sherpas;中國大陸稱夏爾巴人)以及挪威人、西藏人、蒙古人和中國的搬運工伴隨著這些探險活動,有時持續數月。

Another well-known explorer, Andrew Tomas, author of the book “Shambhala – Oasis of Light“, (2) spent many years in Tibet, where he learned that the realm of Shambhala lay in a valley enclosed by high, snow-capped mountain ranges, whose inhabitants could retreat into underground catacombs. These and other explorers of Asia describe undiscovered valleys amidst the snowy Tibetan mountains, hidden deep in the vastness of the Himalayas.

另一位著名的探險家Andrew Tomas是《香巴拉 —— 光之綠洲》(Shambhala – Oasis of Light)一書的作者,在西藏度過了很多年,他瞭解到香巴拉王國位於一個被高大的雪山山脈包圍的山谷中,那裡的居民可以退居到地下墓穴內。這些人和其他亞洲的探險家描述了西藏雪山中未被發現的山谷,隱藏在喜馬拉雅山脈的浩瀚深處。

The “Bhagavata Purana” and the Sanskrit encyclopedia “Vachapattya” locate Shambhala in the northern Himalayas at the foot of mythological Mount Meru. There, many believe, mortality and immortality meet. A map from the 17th century shows the place in more detail. This map was published in Antwerp in 1830 by Csoma de Körös, a Hungarian philologist who spent four years in a Buddhist monastery in Tibet.

薄伽梵歌》(Bhagavata Purana)和梵文百科全書《Vachapattya》將香巴拉定位於喜馬拉雅山北部,一座神話中的須彌山Mount Meru)的山腳下。許多人認為,在那裡,死亡和不朽交會。一張17世紀的地圖更詳細描繪出了這個地方。這幅地圖是由喬瑪Csoma de Körös)於1830年在安特衛普Antwerp)出版,喬瑪是一位匈牙利語言學家,他在西藏的一個佛教寺院裡待了四年。

He gives the geographical location of Shambhala as 45 to 50 degrees north latitude, situated beyond Lake Manus Hu, about 100 kilometers east of the village of Karamay. It is noteworthy that an old monastic document found by the Russian explorer Nikolai M. Prjevalsky (1839 – 1888) gives 88 degrees east longitude for Shambhala’s location. (3) According to these two coordinates, Shambhala would be located a little east of the Altai Mountains, a large mountain range reaching up to 4,506-meter-high mountain system in Central Asia – and that is precisely where several of Roerich’s expeditions took them.

他顯示出香巴拉的地理位置是在北緯4550度,位於Manus湖之外,在克拉瑪依市Karamay)村落以東約100公里處。值得注意的是,俄國探險家尼古拉.米哈伊洛維奇.普熱瓦利斯基Nikolai M. Prjevalsky 1839-1888)發現的一份古老的寺院文件,顯示出了香巴拉的位置為東經88度。根據這兩個座標,香巴拉將位於阿爾泰山脈Altai Mountains)以東一點,阿爾泰山脈是中亞一個高達4506公尺高的大山脈 —— 而這正是洛里奇幾次探險帶他們去的目的地。

The inhabitants of several villages in Tibet claim that certain areas can only be entered with special permission. Mahatma Morya commented:

西藏幾個村莊的居民聲稱,某些地區只有經過特別許可才能進入。聖雄莫里亞(Mahatma Morya)評論說:

“You have already heard from reliable travelers that the guides refuse to take them to certain areas. They would rather be killed than accompany the travelers there. If a reckless traveler nevertheless continues, a landslide cuts off his path. If the traveler climbs over it, a rockslide will hit him, for he who is not welcome here will not reach his destination.” (9)


There have been reports of people and animals who began to tremble involuntarily as soon as they approached certain places in such an area, as if they were being bombarded with invisible radiation. An anonymous Dalai Lama from the 19th century “once embarked on the long journey from Lhasa to Mongolia, and on one section of the route, people like animals in the caravan began to tremble for no apparent reason. The Dalai Lama explained the phenomenon by saying that the group was passing through a forbidden zone of Shambhala, whose spiritual vibrations were unbearably high for the travelers.” (10)

有報告說,人和動物一接近這種地區的某些地方,就開始不由自主地顫抖,好像被無形的輻射轟擊。19世紀的一位匿名達賴喇嘛Dalai Lama)“有一次踏上了從拉薩到蒙古的漫長旅程,在其中一段路上,大篷車裡的人和動物都開始莫名其妙地顫抖起來。達賴喇嘛對這一現象的解釋是,這支隊伍正經過香巴拉的禁區,其靈性振動(spiritual vibrations)頻率對旅行者來說高得令人無法忍受。”

The Russian explorer N. M. Prjevalsky and the German linguist and historian A. H. Francke both reported in their books the strange behavior of the locals, who could not be persuaded by anything to enter certain areas in northern Tibet. (11) A Russian participant in one of Roerich’s expeditions personally reported to Andrew Tomas that their group had had the same experience – there, too, some of the porters refused to go on at one point in northern Tibet. The Russian stated that he himself had felt a reluctance to go on, and did not quite understand why. It had been an “eerie and inexplicable” feeling that he did not want to feel again.(12)

俄羅斯探險家普熱瓦利斯基N.M.Prjevalsky)和德國語言學家和歷史學家富朗開A.H.Francke)都在他們的書中報告了當地人的奇怪行為,他們不能被任何東西說服進入西藏北部的某些地區。一位參加洛里奇探險隊的俄國人親自向Andrew Tomas報告說,他們的隊伍也有同樣的經歷 —— 在那裡,一些搬運工人也在西藏北部的某個地方拒絕繼續前進。這位俄羅斯人說,他自己也感到不願意繼續前進,但不太明白為什麼。那是一種“詭異而莫名其妙”的感覺,他不想再有這種感覺。

Professor Roerich describes the “glorious valley of the immortals” in more detail. Early in his journey, he met pilgrims who told him:

洛里奇教授更詳細地描述了“輝煌的仙人谷”(glorious valley of the immortals)。在他旅行的早期,他遇到了朝聖者,他們告訴他:

“Beyond these mountains live holy men and women who save humanity by their wisdom; many already have tried to find these saints but have failed […] As soon as they come over the crest, they lose their way.”


“Nevertheless, Nicholas Roerich reached this area on a horse. He remained lost for several days, and when he returned, the Asiatics threw themselves at his feet, shouting that he was a ‘god,’ for no man would have been able to cross the border into Shambhala without divine assurance.”


Perhaps there was a reason why Roerich entered the forbidden enclave unhindered, for the Mahatmas had assured Sinnett:


“Whom we wish to meet will find us right on the border.”


Roerich’s remark to a lama, a religious teacher, in Tibet suggests that he actually reached Shambhala:


“With our own eyes we saw one of the three white-clad border posts of Shambhala.”


Apart from the fact that Roerich wanted to visit the homeland of the Mahatmas, the purpose of one of his expeditions is not entirely clear. This one took him to the Altai via Tibet and Xinjiang in 1928. In his diary, at any rate, he does not go into more detail about the destination. However, the expedition seems to have had something to do with the fragment of a sacred Cosmic Stone that was to be returned to its rightful place in the Jade Tower in the heart of Shambhala.

除了洛里奇想去聖雄的故鄉之外,他的一次探險的目的也不完全清楚。這一次,他在1928年經西藏和新疆前往阿爾泰(Altai)。在他的日記中,無論如何,他沒有對目的地進行更詳細的說明。然而,這次探險似乎與一塊神聖的宇宙石(Cosmic Stone)碎片有關,該碎片將被送回香巴拉中心的玉塔中的正確位置。

This fragment had been sent to Europe to use its power to support the establishment of the League of Nations, which, although it failed, was sought after World War I.


This fragment was supposedly part of a much larger Cosmic Stone, and it seems that Roerich was destined to bring the fragment back to Shambhala.


Stonehenge in the Himalayas


When Roerich was traveling through the Himalayas in 1928, he came across three long, dead-straight rows of large, upright stones at an altitude of 4,572 meters, inscribed with inscriptions and standing out from their surroundings because of their peculiar shape. The three rows ended in a large stone circle, in the center of which stood three menhirs. According to Roerich, the site looked like a mixture of the British Stonehenge and the Celtic Carnac in Brittany – sites that Roerich had visited before.

1928年,洛里奇在喜馬拉雅山旅行時,在海拔4572公尺的地方發現了三排長長的、筆直的、直立的大石頭,上面刻有銘文,因其形狀奇特而與周圍環境格格不入。這三排石頭的終點是一個大石圈,在石圈的中心矗立著三座石柱。據洛里奇說,這個地方看起來像英國巨石陣Stonehenge)和布列塔尼Brittany)的凱爾特人Celtic卡納克巨石林Carnac)的混合體 —— 洛里奇以前曾訪問過這些地方。

His caravan was supposed to set up camp only overnight near this stone enigma, but Roerich stayed three more days and discovered four more formations of upright stones in the area. Roerich was fascinated by his find and asked his Tibetan guides who had placed these stones. To the answer he got:


No one knows […] But this site from ancient times is called Doring […], the place of sacred stones. The ancients of our people say that long ago an unknown people passed through this area and settled here for a few generations, but not permanently.



Roerich puzzled much over why, in the middle of the Himalayas at this altitude, “a replica of Stonehenge and Carnac” could be found.


Shang Doring fell victim to the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Only one stele survived. Source: tibetarchaeology.com

在中國文化大革命中,Shang Doring成為受害者。只有一塊石碑倖存下來。資料來源:Tibetarchaeology.com

Other Strange Phenomena in Tibet


Strange occurrences have often happened in this immense area, and some of them suggest the presence of higher spiritual beings. Alexandra David-Néel, in her book “The Superhuman Life of Gesar of Ling,” tells of a strange experience she herself had in the small town of Jyekundo in a remote part of northwestern Tibet. There she met a Tibetan lama who had a reputation for occasionally disappearing into a snowy mountainous region where there were no settlements and a person was in danger of starving or freezing to death. So the Lama inevitably returned after some time, and in response to curious questions he always said only that he had lived “with the gods in the mountains.”

在這個巨大的地區經常發生一些奇怪的事情,其中一些事情表明存在著更高靈性的生命體(higher spiritual beings)。亞歷山德拉.大衛.尼爾Alexandra David-Néel)在她的《格薩爾王的超人生活》(The Superhuman Life of Gesar of Ling)一書中講述了她自己在西藏西北部偏遠地區的結古街道Jyekundo)小鎮上的一次奇怪經歷。在那裡,她遇到了一位藏族喇嘛,這位喇嘛因偶爾消失在沒有定居點的雪山中而聞名,一個人在那裡有餓死或凍死的危險。因此,喇嘛在一段時間後不出所料地返回後,在回答好奇的問題時,他總是只說他“與山中的神靈一起生活”。

One day, Madame David-Néel asked him, half in jest, half in earnest, to present a small bouquet of Chinese paper flowers as a gift from her to the “ruler over the mountains” on his next trip. A few months later, the Lama returned from another trip to the mysterious realm and presented the French scholar with a souvenir from the “ruler”: a beautiful blue flower that blooms in July in southern Tibet. Alexandra David-Néel was amazed, because in Jyekundo at that time the temperature was 20 degrees below zero, the river was covered by a two-meter thick layer of ice and the ground was frozen as hard as a rock. “Where did this flower come from?” she asked in amazement, and the lama replied:


“Well, perhaps from a warm valley in the north.”


In the darkness of numerous nights, Roerich observed a brightly shining white light rising like a pillar to the sky. “What is happening here?” he asked his lama guides, and they replied, “The light is coming from the tower of Shambhala.” The light, they explained, was emitted from a large, triangular, luminous stone at the top of the Jade Tower, called the Chintamani Stone. They said the stone possessed occult properties, telepathically imparted inner guidance, and caused a change of consciousness in those who came in contact with it. The Chintamani stone was said to have been “brought to earth by a winged horse [a lung-ta], messengers of the gods from a solar system in the constellation of Orion. (45)

在無數個夜晚的黑暗中,洛里奇觀察到一束明亮的白光像柱子一樣升到天空。「這裡發生了什麼?」他問他的喇嘛嚮導,他們回答說:「光是從香巴拉塔上發出來的。」他們解釋說,這些光是從玉塔頂部的一塊巨大的三角形發光石頭發出的,這塊石頭被稱為「如意寶珠」(Chintamani Stone)。他們說,這塊石頭具有神秘的屬性,可以透過心靈感應的方式(telepathically)傳授內在的指導,並使接觸它的人的意識發生變化。據說「如意寶珠」是“由一匹長著翅膀的馬[a lung-ta]帶到地球上的,它是眾神的使者,來自獵戶座Orion)的一個恆星系。”

The mystery of the magic scepter


Tibetan tradition states that in the year 331 A.D. a box “came out of heaven” containing four sacred objects. Among them was a golden staff called a dorge, which was said to have supernatural powers. For centuries, the most fantastic stories have been told about this staff in Tibet, and replicas made of silver, brass or iron can be found in most Tibetan lama monasteries today. It is said that this staff emitted a bright light during certain religious ceremonies and that in the hand of the respective king of Shambhala it could bundle powerful cosmic forces and direct them in a targeted manner. It is also said to have hurled lightning and burned holes in the clouds.

西藏的傳統說,在西元331年,一個盒子“從天而降”,裡面裝著四個聖物。其中有一根被稱為「金剛」(dorge)的金棍(golden staff),據說它具有超自然的力量。幾個世紀以來,關於這根金棍的最神奇的故事在西藏流傳,今天在大多數西藏喇嘛寺廟裡都能找到銀、銅或鐵製成的複製品。據說這根金棍在某些宗教儀式上會發出耀眼的光芒,在香巴拉各自的國王手中,它可以聚集強大的宇宙力量並有目標性地指引他們。據說它還能發射出閃電,在雲層上燒出洞來。

Strange flying object over the Himalayas


On his travels through Tibet, Roerich had insight into ancient Lama texts that speak of “iron serpents” that “devour space while spewing fire and smoke.” There is also talk of “dwellers of distant stars.” Moreover, flying objects have often been sighted over the territory of Shambhala, moving exceedingly fast. The following report comes from Roerich’s diary and describes an experience the expedition had near the Karakorum Mountains:

在穿越西藏的旅行中,洛里奇洞察到古老的喇嘛文獻,其中談到一些“鐵蛇”iron serpents),“吞噬空間,同時噴出火焰和煙霧”。也有關於“居住在遙遠的星星上”的說法。此外,人們經常在香巴拉的領土上看到飛行物,移動速度極快。下面的報告來自洛里奇的日記,描述了探險隊在喀喇崑崙山脈Karakorum Mountains)附近的一次經歷:

“On August 5, something remarkable! We were in our camp in the Kukunor area near the Humboldt Range. In the morning, about half past nine, our porters noticed a particularly large black eagle in the sky above us. Seven of us watched this unusual bird.

85日,發生了一件了不起的事!我們在Humboldt Range附近的青海湖Kukunor)地區的營地裡。早上,大約九點半,我們的搬運工注意到在我們上方的天空中有一隻特別大的黑鷹。我們七個人看著這隻不尋常的鳥。

Then another porter said: ‘There, far above the bird, is something else.’ And then he cried out in amazement. We all saw something moving from north to south, something large, shimmering, and reflecting the light of the sun, a large oval object moving at high speed. When it was over our camp, the object abruptly changed direction, no longer moving south, but southwest. And then it disappeared into the deep blue of the sky. We even had time to get our binoculars, so we could clearly make out an oval shape with a shimmering surface in which the sunlight was breaking.”


Roerich’s sighting occurred a good two decades before Kenneth Arnold’s famous observation – of a group of round, metallic silver flying objects near Mount Rainier in the U.S. state of Washington that would coin the term “flying saucer.” Only an aircraft of unknown type could have performed the abrupt flight maneuver described by Roerich in his diary. On seeing the disc, one of the lamas accompanying the expedition said to Roerich:

洛里奇的目擊發生在肯尼士.阿諾德Kenneth Arnold)的著名觀察之前20 —— 在美國華盛頓州雷尼爾山Mount Rainier)附近有一群圓形的金屬銀色飛行物,創造了「飛碟」(flying saucer)一詞。只有未知類型的飛行器才能完成洛里奇在日記中描述的突然飛行的動作。在看到這個圓盤時,隨行的一位喇嘛對洛里奇說:

“This is the sign of Shambhala. […] The immortals of Shambhala are watching over you. […] Have you noticed in which direction the circular object has moved? […] In this direction you must go.”


(These flying objects over the Himalayas can come from Shamballah or from Agharta, because we know from the contact reports that Agharta and Shamballah are two different places, and are inhabited by two different races, first the Asian-looking people with dark golden skin color who are distant descendants of extraterrestrial humans, and then the inhabitants of Agharta who are also distant descendants of extraterrestrial humans, and have a slightly bluish skin color).


2. Agharta (Sons of the Sun)


Seventh Contact
Tuesday, 25th February 1975, 18:02 hrs



My next question deals with the earthly human races. We have here yellow, red, white, brown, and black human beings; how does that come? Why is there this colour differentiation?



109. This actually belongs in the history of Earth humanity, which I wanted to continue to tell you.


110. But I want to answer the question already now for you, and I can spare myself these remarks later.


111. On Earth there are not only the five colour races mentioned by you, it’s just that the others are completely unknown to you.


112. In part, they live in places where no human being has been able to find them yet, partly…



Do you mean that they might perhaps live underground, as for example the claim goes that this would be the case in Mexico or that they live under domes in inaccessible mountains or inside of hills, about which also mythological things are told?



113. Certainly, and here and there these races also step into the world of the Sun and mingle with the inhabitants of the surface.


114. Particularly in countries with many different races they do not attract attention and can move around unencumbered, especially if they veil their faces in the way customary in the country.


115. It gets already more difficult, if the colour of their face is very noticeable, so for example bluish, who …



… live in the Indian area, yes?

... 生活在印度地區,是嗎


116. You know this?



I have eyes in my head.



117. Of course – but you have overrun me once again.


118. But further, I wanted to say that some differently coloured races already became extinct a long time ago.


119. But in the same way they are all the product of the celestial sons, i.e. they were begotten of them, just like the Earth races still existing today.

但他們同樣都是外星之子celestial sons的後裔,也就是說,由他們所生的,就跟現存的地球人種一樣。

120. The celestial sons or starfarers, as we want to call our forebears, were at home on many different planets of stars, in a different space-time configuration or far away from the SOL-system, whereby the planets were fundamentally different in climatic terms, hence they also produced other races which were able to adapt to the climate from the ur-beginning.


121. Due to the climate conditions, also a corresponding skin colour developed, of which there are innumerable in the universe.


122. Their body sizes were also different because, depending on the gravity of the planet in question, they ranged from only 50 centimetres tall up to several metres.


123. There were and are even beings, which you call gigantic ones, giants or titans, and such beings too once imbued the Earth with life.


124. They too produced offspring here, but they were gradually exterminated because they were usually very malicious and exercised tyranny.


125. The different colour races of today are, thus, descendants of our variously coloured forebears, who came from different planets of foreign stars.


Thirty-ninth Contact
Wednesday, 3rd December 1975, 01:37 hrs



Ah, of course, he did not live until much later. But in connection with the Hyperboreans, I still come to another question, namely about the legendary Agharta. Are you also oriented about this and can you give me more details about it?



204. You surprise me again and again.


205. How is the right name familiar to you?


206. To my knowledge, the humanity of Earth still lives in error regarding the name of Agharta.

據我所知,地球人一直把 Agharta 的名字念錯。

207. In general, it is still erroneously called Agharti.

通常,一直被稱作 Agharti


You forget that I was in India and in the Himalayas for a long time and also encountered the blue human beings.

你忘了我曾經在印度和喜馬拉雅山脈the Himalayas)待過很長的時間,同樣也遇到了藍色的人類


208. That’s why.


209. I should know that.


210. Unfortunately, I cannot give you exhaustive information in an open form because certain things still have to remain confidential.


211. However, this much may be said, that in the vicinity of Shigatse and Shampulla is the underground realm of Agharta, the capital and center of distant descendants of extraterrestrials on the Earth.


212. This is the center of the actual secrets that hold a gigantic power in themselves.


213. This city is controlled by the race of the Sons of the Sun.

這個城市由稱作“太陽之子”(the Sons of the Sun)的種族所控制。

214. But unfortunately, a tendency toward earthly world domination also prevails with this race, just like with certain earthly religions and secret societies.


215. I may not explain anything else about it openly.


(Just as Ptaah speaks his last words, an android approaches and says something in a language that is incomprehensible to me.)

(就在 Ptaah 說出最後一句話的時候,一個機器人走近並說了一些什麼我完全聽不懂的話。)

Fifty-seventh Contact
Wednesday, 23th June 1976, 20:54 hrs



Of course, you have to eat. But now I want to ask a question about Agarta again: Can you tell me how big this underground city actually is?



116. Certainly.


117. Agarta is built very deep in the Earth in two parts, each in a size of the city you call Zurich, i.e., the Agarta under the Gobi desert is about 1/6 smaller than Zurich, while its satellite city is about 1/4 smaller.

雅戈泰在地球深處建了兩個部分,每個部分都有蘇黎世Zurich城市的大小,也就是戈壁沙漠Gobi desert下的雅戈泰比蘇黎世小約 1/6,而它的衛星城約小 1/4

118. Both cities are called Agarta, but have the additional names Alpha and Beta.

這兩個城市都叫雅戈泰(Agharta),但分別附加代號 AAlpha BBeta


You are not telling me where the satellite town of Agarta Beta is.

妳還沒有告訴我雅戈泰 B 城這個衛星城在哪裡。


119. With your question you explain that you are informed about it, because otherwise you would not know that the second city carries this name.



Of course, Asket explained it to me back then. But we have nothing about it in written form. So can you explain it again?

當然,Asket 當時向我解釋過。但是,我們沒有保留任何書面形式。妳能再解釋一次嗎?


120. Sure, if that is so:


121. Agarta Alpha is located several thousand metres below the surface of the Gobi Desert, but I am not allowed to give the exact location.

雅戈泰 A 城位於戈壁沙漠地表以下幾千公尺處,但我不能透漏確切的地點。

122. Agarta Beta is also underground, but is located below the Himalayas.

雅戈泰 B 城也在地下,但位於喜馬拉雅山脈Himalayas的下方

123. Agarta Beta includes, besides the city itself, a huge area of cave systems, which are almost uninhabited today, but were inhabited by subordinate human beings at that time.

雅戈泰 B 城除了城市本身之外,還包括一個巨大的洞穴系統,這些洞穴系統今天幾乎無人居住,但當時居住著他們的人。

124. The cave systems were the actual dwelling places of the people, while Agarta Beta was the administrative centre, which in turn was under the higher command of Agarta Alpha, which stood as the absolute centre of the two Agartas.

洞穴系統是人民的實際居住地,而雅戈泰 B 城是行政中心,而後者又由雅戈泰 A 城的上級所指揮,而雅戈泰 A 城是兩個雅戈泰的絕對(權力)中心

125. Both cities were connected by a 200-foot wide and 130-foot high underground tunnel, which corresponds to a size of 65 x 40 metres, which is not very exactly expressed by me.

兩個城市都是由一條 200 英尺寬、130 英尺高的地下隧道相連,相當於 65 × 40 公尺,這部分我並不十分確定。

126. However, the connecting tunnel was almost completely destroyed and not repaired during the great catastrophe of Gobi.


127. Today, for example, there is only a narrow connecting corridor, which makes weak traffic possible.



So Asket told me. But now there is a man regarding Agarta whose name I have unfortunately forgotten, who has been appearing here and there for about 10 or 15 years, claiming that he is the Lord of the world and the supreme boss of Agarta. What do you think of that?

Asket 就是這麼跟我說的。但現在有一個關於雅戈泰的人,可惜我忘記了他的名字,他已經出現在這附近區域約有 10 15 年了,他聲稱是“世界之王”(Lord of the world)以及雅戈泰的最高領袖。妳對這件事有甚麼看法?


128. The existence of this man is unknown to me, but it is clear that he is a fraud.


129. The residents of Agarta would never go out to the world in public, because there are neither reasons nor interests.


130. On the other hand, this would be far too dangerous for him, but also for Agarta itself and its inhabitants.


Excerpt from pravda-tv.com, January 15, 2018.
Shambhala:The Legendary Valley of the Immortals


Numerous caves are found in the foothills of the Himalayas, and it is said that underground passages lead from these caves far below Kanchenjunga. Some people have even reached the stone gate, which has never opened because the time has not yet come. The underground passages lead all the way to the glorious valley.

在喜馬拉雅山脈的山腳下有許多洞穴,據說地下通道從這些洞穴通向遠處的干城章嘉峰Kanchenjunga;海拔8,586公尺,為僅次於珠穆朗瑪峰與喬戈里峰的世界第三高峰)。有些人甚至到達了石門(stone gate),但石門一直沒有打開,因為時間還沒有到。地下通道一直通向輝煌谷(glorious valley)。

Mahatma Morya referred to Shambhala as “the city of science”, and this statement justifies investigating whether this community (or communities) of a superior culture may have sophisticated technology.

Mahatma Morya將香巴拉稱為“科學之城”,這一說法證明了調查這個擁有優越文化的社區(或多個社區),是否發現可能擁有複雜的科技。

(In most texts Shamballah and Agharta are presented as the same place, but we know from the contact reports that this is not the case.)


That the inhabitants of this enigmatic settlement are concerned with science can be seen in a story Roerich told about a lama. This lama returned to his own monastery after a long journey to a remote one. In a secret underground passage, he met two men carrying a valuable breeding sheep, and the men told the lama they were taking the sheep to the Valley of the Immortals, where it would be used for scientific breeding.

這個神秘的定居點的居民關心科學,這一點可以從洛里奇講述的一個關於喇嘛的故事中看出。這位喇嘛在長途跋涉到一個偏遠的寺院後回到了自己的寺院。在一個秘密的地下通道裡,他遇到了兩個人,他們抬著一隻珍貴的種羊breeding sheep),那兩個人告訴喇嘛,他們要把這隻羊帶到仙人谷去,在那裡它將被用於科學育種scientific breeding)。

In another account of Central Asia entitled “Beasts, Men and Gods,” researcher and author Dr. Ferdinand Ossendowski describes fascinating things, and his documentation reads as compellingly as those of Nicholas Roerich, Alexandra David-Néel and Andrew Tomas. A Mongolian lama told Ossendowski not only about an extensive tunnel system under the Himalayas, but also about “strange vehicles that roared through the passages at great speed.”

在另一篇題為《野獸、人和神》(Beasts, Men and Gods)的中亞Central Asia)報導中,研究員兼作家Ferdinand Ossendowski博士描述了令人著迷的事情,他的文獻讀起來像尼古拉斯.洛里奇、亞歷山德拉.大衛.尼爾和Andrew Tomas的文獻一樣令人信服。一位蒙古喇嘛告訴Ossendowski不僅喜馬拉雅山下有一個龐大的隧道系統,而且還告訴他一些奇怪的載具以極快的速度呼嘯而過穿過通道”。

Machines moving at high speed through underground passages suggest technical achievements of a high level, hundreds of years before our knowledge of complex technical relationships. This lore comes from a time long before the advent of similar technologies in the Western world.


(Worth knowing: A similar story comes from 10th century Arabia and reports underground vehicles under the Giza plateau, this could perhaps point to the Giza intelligences that no longer exist today).


In an interview by Michael Horn with Billy Meier published on his YouTube channel TheyFly on 02.02.2022, Billy reported that he has seen two of the blue people in the Ashoka Ashram walking around with Swami Dharmawara and they have or had contact with only a few people from the surface, such as Swami Dharmwara. The skin color he describes as a light blue.

202222日,Michael Horn在他的YouTube頻道TheyFly上發表的對Billy Meier的採訪中,Billy報告說他在阿育王修行院看到兩個藍皮膚人和Swami Dharmawara一起四處走動,他們只和地表上的少數人有過或接觸,比如Swami Dharmwara。他描述的皮膚顏色是淺藍色。










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