Origins of Unknown Flying Objects,
Extraterrestrials, and Other Visitors


February 9, 2022
Guest Article by Berk Gümüs

客座文章作者:Berk Gümüs

6. Earth Foreigners (Long Skulled Ones)



Seven Hundred and Forty-third Contact
Tuesday, 16th June 2020, 21:48 hrs



…In truth, they have also discovered very little about the ancient peoples who lived and existed in prehistoric times, of which they have no idea whatsoever about what really happened. Alone, when I think, for example, of the pre-European, pre-Egyptian, pre-Asiatic, pre-Australian, pre-Oriental, pre-Eurasian and pre-South American times in which I travelled with your father Sfath, I could never write enough books about what I saw, experienced and learned everywhere, and how everything was completely different from what our prehistorians etc. falsely make up. And how everything has changed tremendously since those early times until today, how I could see that, when I could visit and see again in the new time with your daughter Semjase and with Asket, with Quetzal and you the places of that time, then I must say that unbelievable changes have taken place. The huge area of Huetap alone and the great city of the same name, Huetap, which existed 3,500 years ago in what is now Honduras, was monstrous as far as I was concerned, whereby the long-skulled also worked there and had a pyramid built, just as the long-skulled did in Egypt, in the Balkans and in Asia, and so on.

... 事實上,他們對生活和存在於史前時代的古老民族也發現得很少,他們對其中的真實情況完全不瞭解。但如果我想到,例如,當我與你父親Sfath一起旅行前歐洲、前埃及、前亞洲、前澳大利亞、前東方、前歐亞和前南美的時代時,我永遠無法用足夠的文字篇幅,來描述我在各地所看到的、經歷的和學到的東西,以及一切是如何與我們的史前學家等虛構的事物完全不同之處。從早期到今天,一切都發生了巨大的變化,當我和你的女兒SemjaseAsketQuetzal和你在近數十年的間再次造訪和看到那個時代的地方,那麼我必須說,發生了令人難以置信的變化。就我而言,僅僅是Huetap的巨大區域和同名的偉大城市Huetap3,500年前就存在於現在的洪都拉斯Honduras)是很可怕的,由此長頭骨族long-skulled也在那裡工作並建造了一座金字塔,就像他們在埃及、巴爾幹半島Balkans和亞洲等地所做的一樣


39. …When then about 13,500 years ago the up to then last Plejaren community of immigrants came to Earth, then this happened in a completely secret form, namely because since the time of 389,000 years earlier other extraterrestrials had come to the Earth in the meantime and had settled down far and wide on all continents, above all the long-skulled ones.

... 當大約13,500年前,當最近一批Plejaren移民來到地球時,那是以一種完全秘密的形式進行的,這是因為自38.9萬年前開始,其他外星人就已經來到了地球,並在各大洲廣泛定居下來,首先就是長頭骨族

40. In ancient Egypt in particular, they rose to positions of power, waged wars and subjugated tribes of peoples, such as those who called themselves‚ ‘Ebraya‘….


45. …However, when I speak of those peoples into which the Plejaren immigrants integrated themselves, I am not referring to large peoples, but to larger tribes of peoples that did not correspond to complex forms of social organisation.

... 然而,當我提到Plejaren移民融入的那些民族時,我指的不是大型民族,而是不符合複雜社會組織形式的更大民族部落。

46. The members of these tribes of peoples, which corresponded to a tribal ethnicity, traced back to a common ancestry, which ensured that a certain mutual cohesion was given as a result of kinship.


47. This, however, did not prevent larger national peoples, who could no longer be called tribes of peoples, but real great peoples or state peoples, from forcibly binding smaller tribes of peoples into servitude.


48. This was also partly the case with the tribes of peoples who had settled around the Mediterranean areas and had mixed with the Plejaren immigrants at an early stage, who were then forced into servitude in the land of the ruling long-skulled ones.


49. But the same thing happened to the ‘Ebraya’ not only by the rulers in ancient Egypt, but also to their distant descendants by the king of the New Babylonian Empire, Nabu-kudurri-usur II, who is also called Nebuchadnezzar II.

但同樣的事情不僅發生在古埃及的統治者身上,也發生在新巴比倫帝國的國王尼努爾塔.庫杜瑞.烏蘇爾二世Nabu-kudurri-usur II;又稱尼布甲尼撒二世)的遙遠後裔身上。

Seven Hundred Tenth Contact
Tuesday, 11th September 2018, 21:14 hrs



…Then I want to end this subject and hear from you what you have to say about the matter of the Giza Intelligences, who were in reality the Earth-foreigners, of whom there has been talk since time immemorial. So I have another question about Fatima, because at that time, on the 12th or 13th of October 1917, tens of thousands of onlookers in central Portugal were able to observe and witness a furious ‘solar phenomenon’.As early as the mid-1950s, Asket told me that the whole thing had been arranged by the Earth-foreigners, whereby Asket also took me back in time to the exact moment when the event took place, which gave me the opportunity to observe the spectacle for myself and to realise that the alleged ‘solar phenomenon’ had been conjured up for the whole crowd of onlookers by an Earth-foreigners’ flying objects. Nevertheless, Asket, your daughter Semjase and I, at the 34th contact conversation, on the 14th of September 1975, foisted a misinformation on the public, because we said something that was only half-truthful, namely the following:

... 那麼我想結束這個話題,聽聽你對吉薩精靈(Giza Intelligences)的事情有什麼看法,他們實際上是地球上的外星人,自古以來就有關於他們的說法。所以我還有一個關於法蒂瑪」(Fatima的問題因為當時在19171012日或13日,葡萄牙中部數萬名圍觀者能夠觀察和見證一個狂暴的太陽現象”(solar phenomenon)。早在1950年代中期,Asket就告訴我,整個事件是由地球上的外星人安排的,因此Asket還把我帶回了事件發生的確切時刻,讓我有機會親自觀察這一奇觀,並意識到所謂的太陽現象其實是由地球上外星人的飛行物向全體圍觀的人群虛構出來的。然而,Asket,你的女兒Semjase和我,在1975914日的《034次接觸報告》中,向公眾散佈了一個錯誤的訊息,因為我們說了一些半真半假的話,也就是以下內容:

201. And you also know very well that, as another example, the Fatima apparition was nothing but the evil machination of the Giza Intelligences, who made one of their ships appear in radiant light and then one of their female life-forms appeared as the Mother of God, but they made the mistake that the woman remained in her space-suit and this was registered by critical observers.


So it was said that the Fatima incident was something arranged by the Giza Intelligences, but this did not correspond to effective correctness, for it was fundamentally only an evasive truth, the meaning of which was explained to me but concealed from the public. The explanation was that the whole truth could only be told when at a certain time in the new millennium all or part of the whole connections could be revealed and would no longer cause any problems. The disclosure could be today, if we can talk about it now, as you recently said and explained that it could be in the month of September. So I think that now with regard to the presence of the Earth-foreigners on Earth, it should be explained that through them really abductions and so on and also other occurrences have taken place. If you yourself would say some clarifying words about this, there would then also be clarity in this respect.



43. I can do that, but there is not much to explain, because for various reasons connected with the Earth-foreigners and the ‘Black Men’, as well as with the US and other secret services, we had to behave in such a way that we pretended to be uninformed and our contacts appeared unreal from the point of view of the Earth-foreigners, the ‘Black Men’, and all the various secret services.


44. This could only be done by distancing ourselves from calling the Earth-foreigners the originators of the Fatima phenomenon, for if we had done so, the insidious efforts of the dark men and secret services against you would have continued.


45. Also assassinations could not have been avoided under certain circumstances by the non-human Earth-foreigners, as it would also have been possible under certain circumstances by certain secret agents and the ‘Black Men’, who had nested in the restaurant Brückenwaage in Dussnang and cooperated with each other.


46. If attacks against your life had also been carried out from these sides, then this would have been done in an absolutely deadly and thus in a completely different way than all those attacks on your life which were carried out unprofessionally by confused people, sect members, misguided people and other antagonists.


47. But the threat of the secret agents and dark figures had to be prevented, which could only be done by deliberate misleading, and this also with regard to the Fatima event, which we misleadingly called the machination of the Giza Intelligences instead of the Earth-foreigners, when it came up in our conversations.


48. In fact, the Giza Intelligences were also Earth-foreigners, whom we actually deported, but who were just as unknown to the Earth-foreigners as we were to them.


49. Like us, the Giza Intelligences also had similar devices for complete shielding, so that they too could not be located by the Earth-foreigners and could also not be perceived in any other way.


50. Consequently, they also knew nothing about their presence on Earth and were therefore simply non-existent for the Earth-foreigners.


51. So, confusing as it all may seem, we had to put the Giza Intelligences in the foreground, which, according to our providential plan and hope, obviously appeared to be a fantasy product of your statements by the Earth-foreigners, the secret services and ‘Black Men’, as well as our contacts and conversations.

因此,雖然看起來很混亂,但我們不得不把吉薩精靈放在前面,根據我們的天命計畫(providential plan)和希望,這顯然是地球的外星人、秘密機構和“黑衣人”的想像,而我們的接觸和談話也是如此。

52. This only furthered the controversy, which, however, helped the fulfillment of our plans, because the interest of the Earth-foreigners, secret services and ‘Black Men’ quickly waned and you were left alone by them, which has since been maintained in your favour.


53. Of course there were many other important factors behind it all, but the logic of all the events and actions can only be seen when all the facts and events etc. can be put together and understood.


54. However, I am not allowed to speak about this, consequently what has been explained must suffice.



[中譯者註:有關「法蒂瑪聖母」神蹟事件,發生於1917年,三個牧童稱其在葡萄牙花地瑪連續六個月於當月的13日目睹瑪利亞顯現,這一事件的真實性被天主教會認可。由於該三名牧童稱她自稱為「玫瑰瑪利亞」,故也稱「玫瑰法蒂瑪聖母」(Nossa Senhora do Rosário de Fátima)等。法蒂瑪聖母之神蹟,知名於三則預言。(資料來自《維基百科》)

此外,這一事件還拍成了電影《法蒂瑪的奇蹟》(Fatima 2020)]


….With this I can say that the Earth-foreigners, who are generally simply called extraterrestrials or aliens by the Earthlings, have in fact been around for a long time. They stayed here and worked in many ways, as did their distant descendants, but they have also been active on Earth for centuries and millennia up to the present day, flying around and in and out of the Earth, and are observed again and again around the world by the Earthlings, whereby the American continent is of particular importance in this respect. Their early ancestors worked in many different ways on Earth, and also in various countries in Asia, North Africa and partly in Europe, but mainly in the early days in the North African country, which in later times was called ‘Kemet’ and then finally in later times Egypt, after which this name has been preserved until today. Your father Sfath taught me during a leap in time into the past to the land there, where the Earth-foreigners ruled at that time, whom he called ‘long-skulls’ and whom I have seen myself, that they had been on Earth for thousands of years. Because, in contrast to the round skulls of the human beings of Earth, they had skulls that were long and thickly protruding towards the back, they stood out unmistakably from the human beings of Earth just as other Earth-foreigners did around the world, such as giants up to about 3 metres tall, half-small people with large and somewhat v-shaped heads and excessively large eyes. Various such long skulls have also been found in modern times by archaeologists, etc., although to this day people still puzzle over what secret is connected with these skulls, which were not from human beings of the Earth, but belonged to Earth aliens. Sfath also explained to me that the name for the land ‘Kemet’, as it was later called, simply meant ‘black’ or ‘blacks’ and that it actually meant the fertile black mud of the Nile that flooded the land every year when the river overflowed its banks, while in contrast the sun-baked red Earth or desert that dominated the land was called ‘Deshret’ …

... 我可以說,地球上的外星人,一般被地球人直接稱為外星人(extraterrestrials)或外星生物(aliens),其實已經存在了很長的時間。他們留在這裡,並以許多方式工作,就像他們遙遠的後代一樣,但他們也在地球上活躍了幾個世紀和幾千年,直到今天,他們在地球上空飛來飛去,進出地球,並被地球人在世界各地一再觀察到,而在這方面,美洲大陸顯得特別重要。他們的早期祖先在地球上以許多不同的方式工作,也在亞洲、北非和部分歐洲的各個國家工作,但主要是在早期的北非國家,在後來被稱為“Kemet”,最後在後來的埃及,這個名字一直被保留到今天。你的父親Sfath在一次穿越過去的旅程中告訴我,在那裡的土地上,當時地球上的外星人統治著那裡,他稱之為“長頭骨族”,我自己也見過他們,他們在地球上已經有幾千年的歷史。因為,與地球人的圓形頭骨相比,他們的頭骨很長,而且厚厚地朝後突出,他們從地球人類中明顯地脫穎而出,就像世界各地其他地球上的外星人一樣,比如身高達3公尺左右的巨人,頭大且有點像V形的頭和超大眼睛的半矮小的人。在現代,考古學家等也發現了各種這樣的長頭骨族,雖然到現在人們還在困惑這些頭骨有什麼秘密,它們不是來自地球人類,而是屬於地球上的外星人。Sfath還向我解釋說,這塊土地的名字“Kemet”,也就是後來的叫法,簡單來說就是“黑色”或“黑色物體”的意思,它實際上是指尼羅河每年氾濫的肥沃的黑色淤泥,當河水漫過河岸時,就會淹沒這片土地,而相比之下,這片被太陽曬得通紅的土地或沙漠則被稱為“Deshret...


….So then the following: Under the direction of the ‘long-skulled’, villages, cities and pyramids were also built in early Egypt, as were also a few areas in Europe, where there were still huge forests at that time, although the northern regions of the Earth were for the ‘long-skulled’ and the other Earth-foreigners, such as the small ‘big-headed’ and ‘big-eyed’ as well as for the ‘normal-headed’, because, on the one hand, they preferred warmer climes and were therefore dependent on fertile land in warmer areas, as well as on many human beings whose help they needed as labourers and whom they could also dominate and rule. This was also observed by the very early Plejaren, who have been coming and going on Earth for more than 26 million years, as you yourselves still do, but you never came into contact with the ‘long-skinned’, nor with the ‘big-headed’ and ‘big-eyed’, the ‘normal-headed’ or otherwise different Earth-foreigners. And you still keep it that way today, because these Earth-foreigners were already judged as ‘primitive’, so to speak, by your early ancestors, which is also the way you Plejaren keep it today, I think, because …

... 於是就有了下文:在“長頭骨族”的指揮下,早期的埃及也建造了村莊、城市和金字塔,就像歐洲的一些地區一樣,當時那裡還有巨大的森林,不過地球的北部地方是為“長頭骨族”和其他地球人服務的。諸如小的“大頭族”和“大眼族”以及“正常頭族”(normal-headed),因為,一方面,他們更喜歡溫暖的氣候,因此依賴於溫暖地區的肥沃土地,以及許多人類,他們需要這些人作為勞工的幫助,他們也可以支配和統治他們。早期的Plejaren人也觀察到了這一點,他們在地球上來來往往已經超過2,600萬年,就像你們自己仍然在做的那樣,但你們從未接觸過“長頭骨族”,也沒有接觸過“大頭族”和“大眼族”、“正常頭族”或其他不同的地球外星人。你們今天仍然保持這種方式,因為這些地球上的外星人已經被你們的早期祖先判定為“原始”(primitive),可以這麼說,這也是你們Plejaren今天的看法,我想,因為...


121. I must also interrupt you here, because we have not judged these Earth-foreigners as primitive since the earliest times, because this does not apply to them, which is also proven by their highly developed technology that has existed for thousands of years.


122. The term primitive would mean, which you yourself know very well, that …



Yes, I know the term primitive is wrong, because you have other names for these Earth-foreigners, which is why I also emphasised it in such a way that it seemed questionable, but you obviously didn’t notice that. This may possibly be due to the fact that I am again conducting a marathon monologue and always fall into a battle heat, because things, facts and values are constantly coming to my mind, which I then probably also have to explain when they come up, so that all that I am talking about in the first place is also understood.



123. I guess I noticed your emphasis, but I obviously misunderstood it.


124. Regarding what you said about the ‘long skulls’, it should be mentioned that Earth-humans have made various efforts to imitate these long skull forms, namely by constricting and shaping the still soft and growing skulls with the open fontanelles of babies and growing children for years shortly after birth.


125. This resulted in relatively the same long-skull effect as in the ‘long-skulled’, although certain differences arose, whereby the artificial long-skull shaping was recognisable…



130. …We call the Earth-foreigners spoken of ‘immature’, ‘primitive’, as well as ‘low-minded’, ‘cruel’, ‘inhuman’ and ‘unapproachable’, calling them ‘unfeeling’, and, in our judgement, as uncompromising creatures and ‘brutes’, because they are of an inhumane disposition and behaviour, consequently dominated by contrary impulses with regard to humanity, compassion, empathy, peace and freedom, etc. are dominated by contrary impulses.

... 我們把地球上的外星人稱為“不成熟”、“原始”,以及心智低下”、“殘忍”、“沒有人性不可接近”,稱他們為沒有感情”,而且根據我們的判斷,他們是不妥協的生物和野蠻人”,因為他們具有不人道的性格和行為,因此在人性、同情心、同理心、和平和自由等方面被相反的衝動所支配著

Seven Hundred Fifteenth Contact
Saturday, 23rd February 2019, 21:51 hrs





Good, then my question regarding the ‘Phantom Airship Wave 1896-1897’, after which I asked you to clarify what it was about.

好吧,那麼關於“1896-1897年的幻影飛艇浪潮”(Phantom Airship Wave 1896-1897)的問題,我請你澄清一下它是怎麼回事。


99. There is not much to say about this, but only a little, namely that these were demonstrative manoeuvres of Earth-foreigners who have been working on Earth since time immemorial and whose present descendants are also still here today and can be observed again and again all over the world.


100. But our ancestors had nothing to do with these Earth-foreigners, just as we Plejaren also have nothing binding to do with them today and maintain no contact with them.


101. Just as our ancestors did not make themselves known to them, we act in the same way and also shield ourselves completely from their entire systems of surveillance technology.


102. For our part, with the help of the Sonaer, we have recently fathomed their technology and many of the possibilities etc. that arise from it, and have come to the realisation that these Earth-foreign entities are in fact still the same in their mentality and in their ways of acting and behaving etc. as they were recognised by our early ancestors as dangerous to us Plejaren.


103. Dangerous precisely in the sense that this danger also exists for us through Earth-humans, that we would lapse into the old forms, such as were still peculiar to our ancestors more than 52,000 years ago – our years are approximately identical with earthly years – with regard to extremely evil degenerations in mentality, action and behaviour.

危險的意思是,這種危險還會通過地球人類而存在於我們身上,我們會陷入舊的形式,就如同52,000多年前我們的祖先所特有的形式 —— 我們的年份與地球上的年份大致相同 —— 在心態、行動和行為方面都有極其嚴重的退化。

104. Even after 52,000 years we are still in danger of relapsing into the old degenerate forms, as a result of which we can fall from the good and positive to the evil and negative in every respect.


105. And in this connection it must be explained that this backsliding is given in the human life-form – as you yourself know and also teach – as long as it still possesses a physical or material body.

對於這方面,必須解釋的是,這種倒退是在人類的生命形態中,這種復發是存在的 —— 正如你自己所知道的和教導的 —— 只要他仍然擁有一個物理或物質的身體。

106. And if …


Phantom Airship Wave 1896–1897
Phantom Airship (1896)


The Phantom Airship Wave 1896–1897 (English: mystery airship or phantom airship wave) was a series of sightings of an unidentified flying object that, according to contemporary newspaper reports, was seen by tens of thousands of human beings in at least nineteen states of the United States between November 1896 and May 1897. Various natural as well as supernatural causes were cited for the observations, without any of these explanations being able to explain the totality of the sightings. Based on the descriptions handed down, however, the observations of real contemporary airships as well as extraterrestrial flying objects have been largely ruled out. For the human-scientific analysis of possible causes, the phenomenon has been investigated in the last decades under mass-psychological, sociological and cultural-historical questions. In the current reception, cultural-scientific explanations are in the foreground…

1896-1897年幻影飛艇浪潮(英語:mystery airship or phantom airship wave)是一系列目擊不明飛行物的事件,根據當代報紙報導,189611月至18975月期間,美國至少有19個州的數萬人看到了這一現象。各種自然和超自然的原因被引用到觀察中,但這些解釋中沒有任何一個能夠解釋全部的目擊事件。然而,根據流傳下來的描述,真正的當代飛艇以及外星飛行物的觀察結果已被基本排除。為了對可能的原因進行人類科學的分析,在過去的幾十年裡,人們在大眾心理學、社會學和文化歷史問題下對該現象進行了調查。在目前的公認說法(reception)中,文化科學的解釋是最重要的

UFO Sighting in Germany, filmed by Berk Gümüs

德國UFO目擊事件,由Berk Gümüs拍攝

On Monday the 15th of June 2020, I went for a walk outside on a dirt road not far from my home, in Germany near Heidelberg. I left the footpath and walked through the middle of a meadow. When I looked in the direction of the south I saw in not too far distance, a large cigar-shaped dark gray object hovering very low in the sky, that moved very slowly in the direction of the east. At that moment I thought that this was a zeppelin, but decided to film it anyway, because the appearance of this object seemed a bit strange to me. So I filmed the flying object as it slowly moved east until it finally disappeared into the clouds.


Later, when I analyzed the video, I found interesting things that I had not seen at that time when I filmed the UFO, because everything happened too fast.


Analysis of the video


The video goes 1:45 min, but exactly from minute 1:44, a dark red spherical object appears out of nowhere under the cigar-shaped UFO, but closer to my direction, but it looks from a distance as if it appears exactly under the cylindrical UFO. Under a second before the video is over, it shoots with a tremendous speed towards the east, but it moves away jumping. In 4 jumps it was at least a few hundred meters away from the large UFO, and remained clearly higher than a red inverted triangle in the air.



I asked the SSSC what the object could be, they told me that Billy said it was probably the Earth-Foreigners.


From the contact reports as one sees above, I take it that the Earth Foreigners are the long skulls.


Also there is a certain similarity to the object I filmed and the Phantom airships of 1896-1897.




Phantom Airship (1896)


What would be interesting to mention is that a man from the USA has filmed over Lake Norman a very similar looking object like mine.

值得一提的是,一個來自美國的人在諾曼湖(Lake Norman)上空拍攝了一個與我的物體非常相似的外觀。

It has the same shape, the same color, and even the same very light white stripe at the end of the object.



McCann Sighting over Chicago
(Illustration April 1897)


From February 1897 onwards, mainly in the American Midwest and some southern states, there were rapidly increasing numbers of new sightings, which clearly exceeded the 1896 observations in scope and reached their zenith on April 17th with 14 sightings in one day. Although no more than one missile was seen at the same time, the media now came to the conclusion that a single airship could not be responsible for all sightings. In April 1897, the unknown airship was sighted several times over Chicago. On April 12, the Chicago Times-Herald reported that newspaper dealer Walter McCann had taken two photos of the phantom airship soaring about 200 meters above the city in the morning of the previous day in urban Rogers Park, in the presence of witnesses. Since most newspapers were unable to print photos due to the state of the art of printing at the time, only a drawing of the missile appeared. McCann’s original recordings are considered lostWiki

18972月起,主要在美國中西部和南部一些州,新的目擊事件迅速增加,其範圍明顯超過了1896年的觀察,並在417日達到頂峰,一天內有14次目擊。儘管在同一時間看到的飛行物不超過一個,但媒體現在得出的結論是,一艘飛艇不可能解釋所有的目擊事件。18974月,人們在芝加哥上空數次看到了這艘未知的飛艇。412日,《芝加哥時報 - 先驅報》(Chicago Times-Herald)報導,報紙經銷商Walter McCann在前一天早上在市區Rogers公園拍攝了兩張幻影飛艇翱翔在城市上空約200公尺的照片,當時有目擊者在場。由於當時的印刷技術水準,大多數報紙都無法印刷照片,所以只出現了飛行物的繪圖。McCann的原始照片被認為已經遺失了。《資料來源


7. Little Ones from Indonesia




Homo floresiensis is a species of small archaic human that inhabited the island of FloresIndonesia, until the arrival of modern humans about 50,000 years ago.

佛羅勒斯人Homo floresiensis)是一種小型的古代人類,在大約五萬年前現代人類到來之前,一直居住在印尼的弗洛勒斯島Flores)。

The remains of an individual who would have stood about 1.1 m (3 ft 7 in) in height were discovered in 2003 at Liang Bua on the island of Flores in Indonesia. Partial skeletons of at least nine individuals have been recovered, including one complete skull, referred to as “LB1”.These remains have been the subject of intense research to determine whether they were diseased modern humans or a separate species; a 2017 study concludes by phylogenetic analysis that H. floresiensis is an early species of Homo, a sister species of Homo habilis.

2003年在印尼弗洛勒斯島Liang Bua洞穴發現了一個身高約1.1公尺3英尺7英寸)的人體遺骸。至少有九個人的部分骨骼被找到,包括一個完整的頭骨,被稱為“LB1”。這些遺骸一直是深入研究的對象,以確定他們是患病的現代人還是一個獨立的物種;2017年的一項研究通過系統發育分析得出結論,佛羅勒斯人是智人的一個早期物種,是能人Homo habilis)的姐妹物種。

Seven Hundred and Sixty-sixth Contact
Saturday, 20th February 2021, 22:58 hrs



…There were also other Earth-foreigners on Earth with whom the Plejaren never had any contact, among them also the long-skinned and the giants, who lived especially in Egypt, South America and Asia. But there were also the small-bodied extraterrestrials, whose distant descendants still live in Asia today, but who hide from the so-called civilised and can only rarely be observed. On the other hand, a small group of small aliens had settled around Lake Sanura, which existed here in the Pirg region about 20 or 30 million years ago before it disappeared…

... 地球上還有其他地球上的外星人,Plejaren人從未與他們有過任何接觸,其中還有長頭骨族和巨人族,他們尤其生活在埃及、南美和亞洲。但也有身體矮小的外星人,他們的遠方後裔今天仍然生活在亞洲,但他們躲避著所謂的文明人,只會極少有機會被人看到。另一方面,有一小群小外星人在Sanura湖周圍定居,Sanura湖大約在兩千或三千萬年前曾存在於Pirg地區,但後來消失了...


Seven Hundred Eleventh Contact
Monday, 8th October 2018, 21:56 hrs



21. …According to his annals, he explored the Earth at many times in the past, and nearly 40,000 years ago he also came across Lake Sanura, where at that time the elevated terrain above the present centre was inhabited by small-bodied human beings who averaged 115 centimetres in height and were the most distant descendants of the first terrestrial hominids.

... 根據他的《大事記要》(annals),他在過去曾多次探索地球,近四萬年前,他還偶然發現了Sanura湖,當時,在現在中心上方的高地上,居住著體型矮小的人類,他們平均身高115公分,是第一批地球原始人(hominids)最遙遠的後裔。

22. In addition to these small human beings – some of whose most distant descendants are still to be found in Africa as pygmies, as well as in Asia – my father Sfath also researched their origins, which took him to many other areas of the Earth, where he came across other various smaller groups of small human beings in Europe, Africa, South and North America, in Australia and Asia…

除了這些小個子人類 —— 他們中的一些最遙遠的後裔仍然可以在非洲的俾格米人pygmies以及亞洲找到 —— 我的父親Sfath還研究了他們的起源,這讓他來到了地球上的許多其他地區,在那裡他遇到了歐洲、非洲、南美洲和北美洲、澳大利亞和亞洲的其他各種小個子人類的群體...

Seven Hundred and Seventy-fourth Contact
Thursday, 26th August 2021, 8:12 hrs



…I understand that completely, but I am always amazed that Sfath was still able to maintain contact with one Earthling or another without the foreigners noticing. This was also the case when we were in the past, as with the giants – it was probably in present-day Georgia and Ecuador and other places – as well as with the small sized in normal time in Indonesia. Semjase also did this with 2 or even 3 earthlings, also with others, so also with Jechieli and I together it happened in the same way, and it was just as unnoticed by the foreigners as they are not able to detect our contacts, at least not so far…

... 我完全能理解,但我一直很驚訝,Sfath仍然能夠在其他外星人沒有注意的情況下與一個或其他另一個地球人保持接觸。當我們在過去的時候也是這樣,就像與巨人族接觸的情況一樣 —— 可能是在目前的喬治亞Georgia;又譯為格魯吉亞)和厄瓜多Ecuador)和其他地方 —— 以及平時在印尼與較矮小的地球人接觸。Semjase也和2個甚至3個地球人以這種方式接觸,也和其他人這樣做過,所以我和Jechieli也是以同樣的方式進行的,而且也沒有被其他外星人注意到,因為他們無法發現我們的接觸,至少到目前為止還沒有...

8. Bioorganic Rods


Four Hundred and Fifty-seventh Contact
Wednesday, 12th December 2007, 14:43 hrs



So: For about 10 or 15 years or so, there’s been footage haunted by what are called rods. At the 250th contact, you and I talked about the so-called bioorganic rods with the following words (Pleiadian-Plejaren contact reports, Conversations, volume 7, page 298/299), saying the following:

那麼。大約十年或十五年左右,一直有被稱為飛棍rods)的東西出沒在影片中。在250次接觸報告中,你和我談到了所謂的生物有機飛棍bioorganic rods),說了以下的話(Pleiadian-Plejaren接觸報告,對話,第7卷,第298299頁):


81. On the other hand, however, it happens more frequently that bio-organic flying objects appear in this space-time structure, not only on Earth, but also on many other inhabited and also uninhabited world bodies.


82. So we can observe such bio-organs, as we call them, also on our worlds, although we do not yet know exactly what kind of life-forms they are.


83. The dimensional changers, as we will continue to call them, are larger and smaller airborne bio-organic life-forms, often fluorescent or with very strong light radiation and located in a parallel space or parallel universe.

我們將繼續稱之為維度改變者dimensional changers,牠們是或大或小的飛行生物有機體,通常是螢光或具有非常強的光輻射(light radiation),位於平行空間parallel space或平行宇宙中。

84. In their kind they are absolutely harmless and even playful.


85. They often appear individually or in smaller groups, and their size can range from a few metres to several hundred metres in diameter.


86. They live in a parallel space which is still closed to us, whose data we know well, but into which we have not yet been able to penetrate in such a way that we can establish communicative contact with these life-forms.


These rods are bio-organic flying objects? In my opinion they should be, because the bio-organic flying objects I have seen on monitors in your ships look very much like the ones I have seen on TV lately.



23. It is known to me that for some time now, Earth humans have been filming rods, as they call them, which are actually bio-organic flying objects.


Four Hundred Second Contact
Saturday, 29th October 2005, 23:59 hrs



Aha – that’s what I’ve heard. Then again a question: Apart from the differently dimensioned bio-organic missiles there are similar species on earth, which show the most different forms. Through your observation devices I have seen some that look like giant strange snakes or insects etc. and are flying through the atmosphere as fast as an arrow. In addition, there are innumerable disk-shaped and disc-shaped energy formations and bio-organisms of various sizes, which overshoot the boundaries of the atmosphere and also gather around space debris of the earthlings and often accompany them for a while. Also rockets are sometimes accompanied by these things and somehow ‘examined’. Now the question whether these things are not seen by the men in the rockets or in the so-called space stations; you do not hear anything about it?

啊哈 —— 這就是我所聽到的。那麼還有另一個問題:由其他維度而來的生物有機飛行物的類似物種存在於地球的上空,牠們以各種各樣的形式出現。透過你們的觀察設備,我看過有些看起來像巨大而奇怪的蛇或昆蟲等等,牠們像箭一樣飛速穿越大氣層。此外,還有無數的碟形與餅形的能量體以及不同大小的生物有機體,牠們在高空飛越大氣層而聚集在地球的太空垃圾周圍,並伴隨它一段時間。有時,火箭也會被伴隨,並被那些物體以某種方式“檢查”。現在的問題是,在火箭或者在所謂的太空站裡的人是否看不到這些東西;怎麼沒有聽說過任何有關這方面的消息?


35. The existence of these bio-organisms and energy entities is well known, but no public explanations are given about them, because the ‘astronauts’ and all those who are involved with them do not know what these forms are, which have a certain energy intelligence, but are completely harmless.

這些生物有機體和能量物體的存在是眾所周知的,但還沒有對這方面作公開的說明,因為對於“太空人”和所有參與他們任務的人而言,都不知道這些形態的生物是什麼,而且對牠們也無能為力。關於這些生命形態,牠們具有某種能量智慧(energy intelligence),不過,牠們都是全然無害的。

36. As I know, these bioorganisms and energy entities are called RODS by observers.


Four Hundred and Seventy-eighth Contact
Sunday, 14th June 2009, 13:09 hrs



…Your explanation is not controversial among the rational mind, but all the wise and foolish will rant and rave against it. But something else – a question: Is the term Orb respectively Orbs familiar to you?

... 你的解釋在理智的頭腦中沒有爭議,但所有的智者和愚者都會對它大聲疾呼起而反對。但還有一個問題:你對球體」(OrbOrbs這個用詞熟悉嗎


81. Yes.


82. Why do you ask?



They are luminous spheres that are seen and photographed all over the world, I have been told.



83. That is true.


84. They are another form of RODS, i.e. bio-organisms of electromagnetic form, which are actual energy formations, possess an energy intelligence and which also react to human consciousness respectively to thoughts and feelings.


85. We already spoke about this at the 402nd official contact conversation on the 29th of October 2005.



Then the matter is settled.



9. Skrills


Excerpt from the book About the fluidal energy resp. fluidic forces and other things by Billy Meier page 201 :


…Skrill-beings, so very strongly hairy strange-dimensioned aggressive beings, appear-if at all-in coarse-material form. Normally skrill-beings come in the way by materializing; then they are also seen and can be physically felt. So they can be touched…..

... Skrill生物,如此強烈的多毛怪異維度的攻擊性生物,出現了 —— 如果是在所有粗略的物質形態。通常Skrill生物通過物質化的方式出現;然後牠們也會被看到,並能被身體感覺到。因此,牠們可以被觸及...

Two Hundred and Thirty-eighth Contact
Saturday, 18th May 1991, 00:55 hrs



That almost sounds like Skrill, but surely there’s no connection to the dimension from which the supposed dimension changers come, those brutal and bestial Skrills that sometimes attack humans in their greed for sex!



620. Your assumption is correct, because skrill means nothing other than ‘desolation’ in the sense of the language evaluation handed down to us.


621. The term Skrill means ‘degeneration’.



Aha, then they are called the ‘degenerate’.



622. This is so.


623. But we also call them dimension changers, as you already mentioned.

但我們也稱牠們為維度轉換者dimension changers),正如你前面提到的。

624. But the term Skrill means ‘degenerate’ only for us, because truthfully the Skrills call themselves Skrill, which means dimension changer in their language.



Without a doubt, these skrills are human beings, even if they are completely vicious, brutal and bestial and incredibly sex-hungry, males as well as females. The horror of these differently dimensioned beings is only that they are completely degenerate and capable of switching from their dimension to other dimensions, whereby they then attack and rape people in the other dimensions. It is a good thing that this does not happen very often and that people of other dimensions, such as our dimension, can only clear and pave the way for these skrills through psychological misconduct. By this I mean that these skrills can only penetrate into other dimensions and work there if other people of this dimension clear the way for them by self-destructively driving their psyche to malfunctions and thus psychically collapsing. I know all this from Quetzal, who also explained to me that you only know about it because some of your scientists once succeeded in connecting with these skrills and experiencing their way of life and all the trimmings.



625. There is no need for further explanations in this regard.


626. You have explained everything necessary.



Three Hundred and Twenty-eighth Contact
Saturday, 20th July 2002, 06:33 hrs



..Aha, this answer also says a lot. But another question: Now and then earth humans from our future come into our dimension and thus into our space-time continuum, as you explained to me on my Great Journey. Also the Skrills and bio-organic flying objects, two special species, penetrate into our dimension from a dimension affiliated to us. Does this also apply to other humans of other dimensions who do not belong to you or to the Earth from the future?…

... 啊哈,這個答案也說明了很多問題。但還有一個問題:正如你在我的「偉大之旅」(Great Journey)中向我說過的那樣,今後來自我們未來的地球人會進入我們的維度,從而進入我們的時空連續體。此外,Skrills和生物有機飛行物,這兩個特殊的物種,也會從一個隸屬於我們的維度滲透到我們的維度中。牠們不屬於你們或來自未來的地球,這是否也適用於其他維度的人類呢?

Five Hundred and Sixty-eighth Contact
Sunday, 14th July 2013, 14:56 hrs

2013714日,星期日, 1456



I work with mentally ill people, i.e. with mentally and emotionally disturbed human beings who are also suffering from depression. I would therefore like to learn more about the Skrill beings, if possible in detail.




Skrill beings have so much to do with mentally disturbed and depressive human beings that the Skrills may brutally attack and harass the human beings as a result of a psychic-conscious-depressive disharmony, which is an absolute rarity and therefore no reason for fear, anxiety and danger. Skrill beings are beings that switch between their foreign dimension and other dimensions, which is why they are called dimension changers. The term ‘Skrill’ means ‘degenerate’ for the Plejaren. The Skrills call themselves ‘Skrill’, which in their language means ‘dimension changer’.Without a doubt, the human beings are human beings, but they are brutal, bestial and extremely sex-crazed, male and female. The only horror about these other-dimensioned beings is that they are completely degenerate and able to change from their dimension into other dimensions, where they attack and rape living beings in the other dimensions. But this does not happen very often, so the human beings of other dimensions, such as our dimension, can only clear and pave the way for these Skrills by a special psychic-depressive misbehaviour. This is to say that these Skrills can only penetrate into other dimensions and work there if other living beings of other dimensions clear the way for them by self-destructively driving their psyche to malfunctions and thus collapsing psychically depressively. This, however, is so rare that with regard to a million psychic depressive human beings, it might just happen to one who can be attacked by a Skrill being. This is all known because some Plejaren scientists have been able to get in touch with these Skrills and learn about their way of life and all the trappings.

Skrills與精神失常和憂鬱症患者有很大關係,Skrills可能會因為一種精神意識壓抑的精神失調而粗暴地攻擊和騷擾人類,這絕對是罕見的,因此沒有理由害怕、焦慮和感到危險Skrill是在其異次元(foreign dimension)和其他維度之間切換的生物,這就是為什麼牠們被稱為維度轉換者。“Skrill”對Plejaren來說意味著“墮落”。Skrills稱自己為“Skrill”,在他們的語言中是“維度轉換者”的意思。毫無疑問,牠們是人類,但牠們是殘暴的、獸性的和極度性貪婪的,無論男女。這些異次元生物唯一恐怖之處在於,牠們完全墮落,能夠從牠們的維度轉換到其他維度,在那裡牠們攻擊和強姦其他維度的生命。但這種情況並不經常發生,所以其他維度的人類,例如我們這個維度的人類,只會在透過特殊的精神壓抑之不當行為來為這些Skrills掃清障礙並鋪平道路。這就是說,只有當其他維度的生命體通過自我毀滅的方式驅動他們的心理功能失常,從而精神憂鬱而崩潰,這些Skrills才能滲透到其他維度並在那裡作惡。然而,這種情況非常罕見,就一百萬個精神憂鬱的人類而言,它可能只會發生在一個可以被Skrill攻擊的人身上。這些都是已知的,因為一些Plejaren科學家已經能夠與這些Skrills接觸,並瞭解牠們的生活方式和所有的花樣

Two hundred and Fiftieth Contact
Wednesday, 26th October 1994, 16:23 hrs



87. It is about the same with the malicious skrills, with which we can hardly communicate, but which are not flying objects like the dimension changers, but which can only move on solid ground and live in a parallel space.


Excerpt Wikipedia


Nachtalb is a late name for a fantasy and legendary creature, originally called “Mahr”, that preys on people at night (cf. nightmare) and instills fear in them.


It is usually a small, black creature that attacks sleeping people and pets, and rarely things. It enters through keyholes or knotholes. The attack is accompanied by anxiety and difficulty breathing.


In some stories, the mahr has a distinctly erotic character. There are reports of sexual intercourse between man and Mahr.


The question remains open whether, the Nachtalb (night-and-a-half) probably has any relation to the Skrillwesen.


10. Intelligent sea creatures?


Two Hundred and Fifty-first Contact
Friday, 3rd February 1995, 00:01 hrs



…By this back manipulation the human being will reach a still much higher age than this is already reached by earlier interventions by the earthly genetic scientists and by what the average age of life of the earth people rises to about 400 years. However, what will be reached now in new form then moves in a life span of the human being which must be set extremely high and calculated with thousands of years. In the following next few years it comes then so far that intelligent sea inhabitants begin to communicate with the people and to take up contact with them, from which the new foundation of a new earth inhabitant race arises. However, this will also be the time when aggressions with the Martians will start, which will actually lead to attacks on the colonies…..

... 透過基因逆向操作的程序,使人類的壽命更得以延長,因為地球上的遺傳科學家早先的干預已經讓地球人的平均壽命提升到了400歲左右。然而,現在將呈現新的面貌,人類的壽命得以達到空前的高壽,那是以數千年來計算的。這使得在接下來的幾年裡,智慧海洋生物將開始與人類交流,並與他們接觸,由此地球上也將產生新的人種。然而,這也將是與火星人的侵略開始的時候,這實際上將導致地球對該殖民地的攻擊



11. Gilgamesh


Two hundred and twenty-second contact
Wednesday, February 3,1988, 4:10 am



Yes, exactly, that was the name. Then still another question: Gilgamesh was descended from a race that came from a galaxy that is still unknown on Earth. Moreover, he was about 3 meters tall. How can it be, that he still lives on Earth today unrecognized? Relatively seen to the Earth person, he also doesn’t age, for he, as you’ve explained, is 50,000 years old or more. And since you know him so well and also have the possibility of taking him back to his world, why don’t you do this?



24. You are mistaken in reference to the fact that the home galaxy of Gilgamesh is unknown on Earth because it was already discovered in the year 1781 by an astronomer named Méchain.


25. This is a somewhat oval spiral galaxy, which is simply called M94 – NGC 4736 by the earthly astro-scientists and which is seen about 20 million light years away from the Earth.

這是一個有點橢圓形的螺旋星系,地球上的天文學家稱之為M94-NGC 4736,它距離地球大約兩千萬光年


In our space-time configuration?



26. That is correct.


27. But listen further:


28. With Gilgamesh’s people, it concerned a race of morphogenetic ones, whose special ability was to change their shape and size.

在吉爾伽美什的人民中,曾涉及到一個變形人morphogenetic ones的種族,其特殊能力曾是改變他們的形狀和大小

29. A process that took several months for each occurrence, however.



First of all: why do you speak of “concerned” and “was?” And secondly: does your explanation with regard to the morphogenetic ones mean that it concerns a morphogenesis, precisely in terms of biological morphology? Morphogenesis, nevertheless, refers to the formation of an organism or life form during his or her development, whereby everything depends on the hereditary predisposition and on the environment. Do you mean this?



30. No, that is not the meaning of my words; rather, I speak of a shapeshifting that can be carried out arbitrarily during normal existence.



Do you mean, for example, when the development of the physical body has already been completed? By this, I mean that a shapeshifting can be accomplished when…



31. That is the meaning of my words, yes.



Shapeshifting – then one could very well call these humans “shapeshifters.” Can they change, then, also their external and internal features, apart from their shapes?

變身—— 那麼人們完全可以稱這些人類為“變形者”(shapeshifters)。那麼,除了形狀之外,他們還能改變自己的外部和內部特徵嗎


32. That is correct.



You have not yet answered my question, however, as to why you said “concerned” and “was.”



33. Gilgamesh’s people no longer exists because a sudden and unpredictable planetary catastrophe caused the whole race to become extinct within a few minutes.


34. There were no survivors because no human beings of this people also stayed outside of the planet.


35. Gilgamesh is, thus, the sole survivor, who has adapted his shape, however, to that of the earthly human and has morphogenetically transformed and found a new home in this world, which he no longer wants to leave.


Sixty-ninth Contact
Friday, 10th December 1976, 00:41 hrs



..You are pedantic, it really does not matter anymore. But now I am surprised how big Gilgamesh was, actually, king and demigod? According to Sumerian tradition, he would have measured more than 7 metres if I used the big old cubit [ancient unit of measure = to length of forearm/ulna]. But according to the small cubit it would have been only a little more than three meters. Which measurement is correct now, can you tell me that?



63. Sure, it is the big ulna with which you have to measure.



Well, then Gilgamesh was about 7.50 metres tall, was that right?

那麼吉爾伽美什大約 7.5 公尺高,對嗎?


64. That is correct – except for a few centimetres.



You are driving me crazy. Why are you so pedantic today?



65. You want exact data.



Well now not that accurate.



66. Then I misunderstood you…


Excerpt from the book The Pink Crystal by Billy Meier page 70:

摘自《粉紅水晶》The Pink Crystal一書,作者:比利.邁爾,第70頁。

He dreamed that he slept in a cave, because in earlier times a very, very wise man had lived as a hermit, who had come to earth from a very distant planet in the infinitely wide universe and was called Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh appeared to the poor farmer for dreams and told: “It was about 25,000 years ago when I left my home planet Arkon in the constellation of the three sun system at the other end of the Milky Way with my star ship and a crew of 52 people. As an expedition we traveled to many stars to do our research and to look for one of our scientists who had been missing for many years. His name was Atlan, and we knew that he had flown to Earth, which is why we eventually came to this planet on our journey. More than 15,000 years we were already on the way, when we came here, into this solar system, in which the blue planet, the earth, pulled her course around the sun. The long time was insignificant for us, however, because we Arkonids had a life of 350,000 years, so time was insignificant to us. Our life elixir, which assured us this large life span, was the heavy water, which we had to drink daily and which assured us this long life. If we lost this for us vital heavy water, however, then that meant that our life expectancy collapsed quite rapidly and only 50,000 more years of life were safe. And exactly this misfortune hit us when we came to earth.

他夢見自己睡在一個山洞裡,因為在早些時候,有一個非常非常聰明的人以隱士的身份在那裡生活,他從無限寬廣的宇宙中一個非常遙遠的星球來到地球,被稱為吉爾伽美什。吉爾伽美什出現在可憐的農夫面前,在夢中向他講述:「大約在兩萬五千年前我帶著我的星際飛船和52名船員離開了位於銀河系另一端的三太陽星系的家鄉Arkon。作為一支探險隊,我們前往許多恒星進行研究,並尋找我們的一位失蹤多年的科學家。他的名字叫Atlan,我們知道他已經飛到了地球,這就是為什麼我們在旅途中最終來到了這個星球。一萬五千多年前我們就已經在航行的路上了,當我們來到這裡,進入這個太陽系,在這個太陽系中,藍色的星球地球,她圍繞著太陽運行。然而,漫長的時間對我們來說是微不足道的,因為我們Arkonids35萬年的壽命,所以這點時間對我們來說是微不足道的。我們的生命靈藥,確保我們有這麼長的壽命,就是我們必須每天喝的重水heavy water),它確保我們有這麼長的壽命。然而,如果我們失去了這種對我們來說至關重要的重水,那麼就意味著我們原本的壽命會迅速縮減而只剩5萬多年的生命。而當我們來到地球時,這種不幸就降臨到我們身上。

I don’t know why, but when we approached the earth from the free space with our star ship, suddenly different important apparatuses of the ship began to fail, and inexorably we crashed down on the earth. Only shortly above the earth’s surface were the ship’s technicians able to catch the starship and bring it into a flat trajectory so that it did not crash into the steep rock walls of the Himalayan Mountains. But the ship went down with a nasty crash landing high in the mountains above, so that all but five crew members were killed. One of these five survivors was me Gilgamesh.My name means the one who is looking for life, and as such a seeker I stayed on earth and settled down here, losing the heavy water, which was vital for me. However, since all the equipment in the starship was destroyed, including the equipment for the production of heavy water, I no longer had it at my disposal in the future, which means that since the time of the crash of the ship I have only 50,000 years to live. Half of this time has already passed, during which I have learned a great deal and from this acquired knowledge I can now appear to you in dreams, although I no longer live here in this cave, which has been a good shelter for me for years, and although I am already in the land of Uruk-Gart, since I am considered the great king of the people living here….


About the other 4 survivors is only so little known that one of them was a woman named Atlanta, and stayed in a cave in the Himalayan mountains with her android, the other 4 went out into the wide world, to find help somewhere, whereby already as mentioned one of the 4 persons was Gilgamesh and who became the king of Uruk-Gart.





Since I do not assume that this story originates from Billy’s imagination alone, and we know from the Contact Notes that Gilgamesh really lives on Earth, some questions arise.


1. What about Atlanta, and the 3 other Arkonids, who went out into the wide world?


2. What is the story with Atlan?


In the science fiction series >Atlan, the Arkonid<, a spin-off of the Perry Rhodan series, it is about a very old Arkonid, who has to stay on Earth, to wait for the millennia, until the Earth people are so far with their technology, that he can go back to his home with their help.

在科幻小說《Atlan, the Arkonid》系列中,作為Perry Rhodan系列的衍生作品,它講述了一個非常古老的Arkonid,他不得不留在地球上,等待千年,直到地球人的技術發展到一定程度,他就可以在他們的幫助下回到自己的家園。

As you can read in the 089 contact report, the writers of the Perry Rhodan series were influenced by extraterrestrial intelligences inspirational-impulsive, which show the existing technology and other developments on many other planets.

正如你可以在089次接觸報告中看到的那樣,Perry Rhodan系列的作者受到了外星人靈感啟發的影響,展示了許多其他星球上的現有技術和其他的發展。

Eighty-ninth Contact
Friday, 28th October 1977, 14:14 hrs



…Then the question is already answered. Another question: Is it true that the famous science fiction writer Perry Rhodan was inspired by extraterrestrial intelligences?

... 那麼這個問題就已經回答了。還有一個問題:著名的科幻作家Perry Rhodan的靈感真的是受到了外星人的啟發嗎


92. This question is very illogical.



Guido wrote it down for me like this.



93. But it is not correct.


94. This series is well known to me, but the name of the author is not Perry Rhodan, but the main character of these writings is occupied with this name.

這個系列我很清楚,但作者的名字不是Perry Rhodan,然而這些著作卻被這個名字佔有。

95. To my knowledge a certain Herr Scher or Scheer and another, whose name is unknown to me, writes this series of writings, which actually has extraterrestrial inspirative origin and corresponds to an already largely existing technology and other development on many world bodies, as they are received and written down by the authors inspiratively-impulsively.

據我所知,一個叫Herr ScherScheer的先生和另一個我不知道名字的人寫了這一系列的作品,這些作品的靈感實際上是有受到外星人的啟發,並與世界上許多已經大量存在的技術和其他的發展方式相同,因為它們都是作者的靈感受到啟發而寫下來的

96. But now please no more questions…



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