The Law of One, Book I, Session 19
February 8, 1981

1981 2 8

Ra: I am Ra. I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. We communicate now.

RA我是 Ra,我在無限造物者的愛與光中向你們致意我們現在開始通訊

Questioner: We are concerned in this communication with the evolution of mind, body, and spirit. It seems to me that a good place to start would be the transition from the second to the third density, then to investigate in detail the evolution of third-density entities of Earth, paying particular attention to the mechanisms which help or hinder that evolution.


Do all entities make a transition from second to third density, or are there some entities who have never gone through this transition?


Ra: I am Ra. Your question presumes the space/time continuum understandings of the intelligent energy which animates your illusion. Within the context of this illusion we may say that there are some that do not transfer from one particular density to another, for the continuum is finite.

RA我是 Ra,你的問題假設以空間/時間連續體的角度來認知,那賦予你們幻象生命的智能能量在這個幻象的脈絡中我們可以說有些生命體不會從一個特定密度轉移到另一個因為連續體是有限的

In the understanding which we have of the universe or creation as one infinite being, its heart beating as alive in its own intelligent energy, it merely is one beat of the heart of this intelligence from creation to creation. In this context each and every entity of consciousness has/is/will experienced/experiencing/experience each and every density.


Questioner: Let’s take the point at which an individualized entity of second density is ready for transition to third. Is this second-density being what we would call animal?


Ra: I am Ra. There are three types of second-density entities which become, shall we say, enspirited. The first is the animal. This is the most predominant. The second is the vegetable, most especially that which you call, sound vibration complex, “tree.” These entities are capable of giving and receiving enough love to become individualized. The third is mineral. Occasionally a certain location/place, as you may call it, becomes energized to individuality through the love it receives and gives in relationship to a third-density entity which is in relationship to it. This is the least common transition.

RA我是 Ra有三種第二密度實體變得容我們說有靈性enspirited第一種是動物這是最普遍其次是植物特別是你們所稱的聲音振動複合體""

Questioner: When this transition from second to third density takes place, how does the entity, whether it be animal, [vegetable] tree, or mineral, become enspirited?


Ra: I am Ra. Entities do not become enspirited. They become aware of the intelligent energy within each portion, cell, or atom, as you may call it, of its beingness.

RA我是 Ra實體並不會變得有靈性,(而是他們逐漸覺察到智能能量在每個部分、細胞、或原子內如你所稱覺察其存在性

This awareness is that which is awareness of that already given. From the infinite come all densities. The self-awareness comes from within given the catalyst of certain experiences understanding, as we may call this particular energy, the upward spiraling of the cell or atom or consciousness.


You may then see that there is an inevitable pull toward the, what you may call, eventual realization of self.


Questioner: Then after the transition into the third density, am I correct in assuming—we’ll take Earth as an example—the entities would then look like us? They would be in human form? Is this correct?


Ra: I am Ra. This is correct, taking your planetary sphere as an example.

RA我是 Ra,以你們星球為例這是正確的

Questioner: When the first second-density entities became third-density on this planet, was this with the help of the transfer of beings from Mars, or were there second-density beings who transferred into third density with no outside influence?


Ra: I am Ra. There were some second-density entities which made the graduation into third density with no outside stimulus but only the efficient use of experience.

RA我是 Ra有些第二密度實體不靠外界刺激僅有效運用其經驗,畢業到第三密度

Others of your planetary second density joined the third-density cycle due to harvesting efforts by the same sort of sending of vibratory aid as those of the Confederation send you now. This communication was, however, telepathic rather than telepathic/vocal or telepathic/written due to the nature of second-density beings.


Questioner: Who sent the aid to the second-density beings?


Ra: I am Ra. We call ourselves the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. This is a simplification in order to ease the difficulty of understanding among your people. We hesitate to use the term, sound vibration, understanding, but it is closest to our meaning.

RA我是 Ra我們稱呼自己為服務無限造物者之星球聯邦這是個簡化的說法,用意是減輕你們人類理解上的困難我們有些猶豫是否要用這個名詞聲音振動"理解"但它目前最接近我們的意思

Questioner: Then did this second-density to third-density transition take place 75,000 years ago? Approximately?

問:好的這個第二密度到第三密度的過渡過程發生在 7 5 千年前大約而言

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

RA我是 Ra,這是正確的

Questioner: Where did the second-density beings get physical vehicles of third-density type to incarnate into?


Ra: I am Ra. There were among those upon this second-density plane those forms which when exposed to third-density vibrations became the thirddensity, as you would call the sound vibration, human entities.

RA我是 Ra,這些處於第二密度平面的實體當他們的形體暴露於第三密度的振動中如你所稱就成為第三密度的人類實體

That is, there was loss of body hair, as you would call it, the clothing of the body to protect it, the changing of the structure of the neck, jaw, and forehead in order to allow the easier vocalization, and the larger cranial development characteristic of third-density needs. This was a normal transfiguration.


Questioner: Over how long a period of time was this transfiguration? It must have been very short.


Ra: I am Ra. The assumption is correct, in our terms at least—within a generation and one-half, as you know these things. Those who had been harvested of this planet were able to use the newly created physical complex of chemical elements suitable for third-density lessons.

RA我是 Ra,這假設是正確的至少以我們的期限—— 如你所知,(這過程大約在一個半世代時間內完成那些已經被收割到這個星球的實體們能夠使用這新創造的由化學元素組成的肉體複合體適合於第三密度的課程

Questioner: Can you tell me how this newly created physical complex was suited to third-density lessons and what those lessons were?


Ra: I am Ra. There is one necessity for third density. That necessity is elfawareness, or self-consciousness. In order to be capable of such, this chemical complex of body must be capable of abstract thought. Thus, the fundamental necessity is the combination of rational and intuitive thinking. This was transitory in the second-density forms operating largely upon intuition which proved through practice to yield results.

RA我是 Ra第三密度有一個需要那需要是自我-覺察或自我-意識為了能夠如此肉體的化學複合體必須能夠抽象思考因此根本的需求是結合理性與直覺思考第二密度形體的理性思考很短暫大部分仰賴直覺運作,透過練習獲得結果

The third-density mind was capable of processing information in such a way as to think abstractly and in what could be termed “useless” ways, in the sense of survival. This is the primary requisite.


There are other important ingredients: the necessity for a weaker physical vehicle to encourage the use of the mind, the development of the already present awareness of the social complex. These also being necessary: the further development of physical dexterity in the sense of the hand, as you call this portion of your body complex.


Questioner: This seems to be a carefully planned or engineered stage of development. Can you tell me anything of the origin of this plan or its development?


Ra: I am Ra. We go back to previous information. Consider and remember the discussion of the Logos. With the primal distortion of free will, each galaxy developed its own Logos. This Logos has complete free will in determining the paths of intelligent energy which promote the lessons of each of the densities given the conditions of the planetary spheres and the sun bodies.

RA我是 Ra,我們回到先前的資訊考慮並回想關於理則Logos的討論協同自由意志之原初變貌每一個銀河發展出它自己的理則這個理則有完整的自由意志決定智能能量的途徑考量星球與恆星的條件以促進每一個密度的課程

Questioner: I will make a statement then of my understanding and ask you if I am correct. There is a, what I would call, physical catalyst operating at all times upon the entities in third density. I assume this operates approximately the same way in second density. It is a catalyst which acts through what we call pain and emotion. Is the primary reason for the weakening of the physical body and the elimination of body hair, etc. so that this catalyst would act more strongly upon the mind and therefore create the evolutionary process?


Ra: I am Ra. This is not entirely correct, although closely associated with the distortions of our understanding.

RA我是 Ra,這並不完全正確雖然與我們理解的變貌密切地相關

Consider, if you will, the tree for instance. It is self-sufficient. Consider, if you will, the third-density entity. It is self-sufficient only through difficulty and deprivation. It is difficult to learn alone for there is a built-in handicap, at once the great virtue and the great handicap of third density. That is the rational/intuitive mind.

*譯註有些人或許以為自給自足並不難但看過魯賓遜漂流記的人,就知道一個人完全地靠自己生活食衣住行樣樣自己動手是很艱難的一件事thanks to Carla's teaching.

Thus, the weakening of the physical vehicle, as you call it, was designed to distort entities towards a predisposition to deal with each other. Thus, the lessons which approach a knowing of love can be begun.


This catalyst then is shared between peoples as an important part of each self’s development as well as the experiences of the self in solitude and the synthesis of all experience through meditation. The quickest way to learn is to deal with other-selves. This is a much greater catalyst than dealing with the self. Dealing with the self without other-selves is akin to living without what you would call mirrors. Thus, the self cannot see the fruits of its being-ness. Thus, each may aid each by reflection. This is also a primary reason for the weakening of the physical vehicle, as you call the physical complex.


Questioner: Then we have second-density beings who have primarily motivation towards self and possibly a little motivation towards service to others with respect to their immediate family going into third density and carrying this bias with them but being in a position now where this bias will slowly be modified to one which is aimed toward a social complex and ultimately towards union with the all. Am I correct?


Ra: I am Ra. You are correct.

RA我是 Ra,你是正確的

Questioner: Then the newest third-density beings who have just made the transition from second are still strongly biased towards self-service. There must be many other mechanisms to create an awareness of the possibility of service to others.


I am wondering, first about the mechanism and I am wondering when the split takes place where the entity is able to continue on the road to service to self that will eventually take him on to fourth density.


I’m assuming that an entity can start, say, in second density with service to self and continue right on through and just stay on what we would call the path of service to self and never be pulled over. Is this correct?


Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. The second-density concept of serving self includes the serving of those associated with tribe or pack. This is not seen in second density as separation of self and other-self. All is seen as self since in some forms of second-density entities, if the tribe or pack becomes weakened, so does the entity within the tribe or pack.

RA我是 Ra,這並不正確第二密度對於服務自我的概念包括服務同一族群

The new or initial third density has this innocent, shall we say, bias or distortion towards viewing those in the family, the society, as you would call, perhaps, country, as self. Thus though a distortion not helpful for progress in third density, it is without polarity.


The break becomes apparent when the entity perceives otherselves as otherselves and consciously determines to manipulate other-selves for the benefit of the self. This is the beginning of the road of which you speak.


Questioner: Then, through free will, some time within the third density experience, the path splits and the entity consciously chooses—or he probably doesn’t consciously choose. Does the entity consciously choose this path of the initial splitting point?

問:那麼透過自由意志在第三密度經驗的某個時間點途徑分開實體有意識地選—— 或者他很可能並非有意識地選擇

Ra: I am Ra. We speak in generalities which is dangerous for always inaccurate. However, we realize you look for the overview; so we will eliminate anomalies and speak of majorities.

RA我是 Ra,我們以一般通則來說這是危險且總是不精確的然而我們理解你追求一個概論所以我們消除例外只說大多數的情況

The majority of third density beings is far along the chosen path before realization of that path is conscious.


Questioner: Can you tell me what bias creates the momentum towards the chosen path of service to self?


Ra: I am Ra. We can speak only in metaphor. Some love the light. Some love the darkness. It is a matter of the unique and infinitely various Creator choosing and playing among its experiences as a child upon a picnic. Some enjoy the picnic and find the sun beautiful, the food delicious, the games refreshing, and glow with the joy of creation. Some find the night delicious, their picnic being pain, difficulty, sufferings of others, and the examination of the perversities of nature. These enjoy a different picnic.

RA我是 Ra,我們只能以暗喻方式來說

All these experiences are available. It is the free will of each entity which chooses the form of play, the form of pleasure.


Questioner: I assume that an entity on either path can decide to change paths at any time and possibly retrace steps, the path changing being more difficult the farther along the path the change is made. Is this correct?


Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. The further an entity has, what you would call, polarized, the more easily this entity may change polarity, for the more power and awareness the entity will have.

RA我是 Ra,這是不正確的如你所言一個實體極化如你所稱越深這個實體就越容易改變極性因為這個實體具有更多的力量與覺知性

Those truly helpless are those who have not consciously chosen but who repeat patterns without knowledge of the repetition or the meaning of the pattern.


Questioner: I believe we have a very important point here. It then seems that there is an extreme potential in this polarization the same as there is in electricity. We have a positive and negative pole. The more you build the charge on either of these, the more the potential difference and the greater the ability to do work, as we call it in the physical.


This would seem to me to be the same analogy that we have in consciousness. Is this correct?


Ra: I am Ra. This is precisely correct.

RA我是 Ra精準地正確

Questioner: Then it would seem that there is a relationship between what we perceive as a physical phenomenon, say the electrical phenomenon, and the phenomenon of consciousness in that they, having stemmed from the one Creator, are practically identical but have different actions. Is this correct?


Ra: I am Ra. Again we oversimplify to answer your query.

RA我是 Ra,再次,我們得過度簡化來回答你的詢問

The physical complex alone is created of many, many energy or electromagnetic fields interacting due to intelligent energy, the mental configurations or distortions of each complex further adding fields of electromagnetic energy and distorting the physical complex patterns of energy, the spiritual aspect serving as a further complexity of fields which is of itself perfect but which can be realized in many distorted and unintegrated ways by the mind and body complexes of energy fields.


Thus, instead of one, shall we say, magnet with one polarity you have in the body/mind/spirit complex one basic polarity expressed in what you would call violet-ray energy, the sum of the energy fields, but which is affected by thought of all kinds generated by the mind complex, by distortions of the body complex, and by the numerous relationships between the microcosm which is the entity and the macrocosm in many forms which you may represent by viewing the stars, as you call them, each with a contributing energy ray which enters the electromagnetic web of the entity due to its individual distortions.

好比磁鐵具有一個極性容我們說你們的//複合體也有一個極性在紫羅蘭光芒能量 —— (各個能量場的總合 —— 中表達一個基本極性但它受到許多因素影心智複合體產生的所有思想肉體複合體的變貌以及小宇宙該實體與大宇宙的眾多關係你們可以透過觀察如你稱呼的星星,了解大宇宙與小宇宙的代表性關係每一個星星貢獻的能量光芒因著個別的變貌進入該實體的電磁網絡

Questioner: Is this then the root of what we call astrology?


Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last full question of this session.

RA我是 Ra,這將是此次集會的最後一個完整的問題

The root of astrology, as you speak it, is one way of perceiving the primal distortions which may be predicted along probability/possibility lines given, shall we say, cosmic orientations and configurations at the time of the entrance into the physical/mental complex of the spirit and at the time of the physical/mental/spiritual complex into the illusion.


This then has the possibility of suggesting basic areas of distortion. There is no more than this. The part astrology plays is likened unto that of one root among many.


Questioner: Is there anything that we can do to make the instrument more comfortable?


Ra: I am Ra. This instrument is well aligned. You are being very conscientious. We request you take more care in being assured that this instrument is wearing footwear of what you would call, vibratory sound complex, shoes.


I am Ra. I leave you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. Go forth, therefore, rejoicing in the power and the peace of the one Creator. Adonai.

我是 Ra,我在太一無限造物者的愛與光中離開你們那麼向前去吧,在太一造物者的大能與和平中歡欣鼓舞Adonai







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