Contact Report 443


This contact report was translated from FIGU Special Bulletin 34.

• Page number(s): Unknown

• Date/time of contact: Saturday, 17th February, 2007

• Translator(s): Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg

• Date of original translation: April 2007

• Corrections and improvements made: N/A

• Contact person: Ptaah


Billy and Ptaah discuss the contents conspiracy books of various authors such as Zacharia Sitchin, David Icke, Jan van Holey, alias Jan van Helsing, as well as Andreas von Rètyi and consorts.

This is a small excerpt of the entire contact.


On the February 17th, 2005, Quetzal and I privately spoke about the conspiracy books of various scribblers, as for example, Zacharia Sitchin, David Icke, Jan van Holey, alias Jan van Helsing, as well as Andreas von Rètyi and consorts.

We two also spoke privately about that and indeed over a chess game on March 3rd, 2005.

Since we, however, did not record the private conversation, the result is not included in the contact reports, for which reason I want yet again to speak about the entire matter so that we have something in print in regard to what there is to think of the contents of the books of the named hacks.

In his books "The Greatest Secret - The Book which will Change the World" Icke indeed also writes about supposed connections and blood relationships of the governments on the Earth.

Also the talk is of a clan, respectively, reptoid, race, the supposed Anunnaki, who are supposed to "control" the Earth humans "through the mind".

These "reptilian humans" are also supposed to control the world, politics and humanity, and so forth.

According to Icke, the reptilians are supposed to come from another dimension, and indeed from the "lower fourth dimension" from where they are supposedly controlled.

The nonsense in Icke's and all the other conspiracy theory books is so unbelievable that one's hair stands on end.


Nonsensical scribbles of this kind are entirely commercially directed so that the rouble rolls, as you tend to say, also so that the hacks - if I may use your expression - can fill their pockets with money.

In addition to that, they are imprisoned in sectarian-belief and esotericism and, in their thoughts and feelings as well as in their belief, they move in worlds of illusion and other kinds of unreal imaginations.

The entirety of this matter of faith and fantasies has developed into a delusion in them which already moves in schizophrenic forms, whereby they no longer perceive the truth and reality and consequently also can no longer recognise it.

And in this delusional form they infiltrate the humans with their absurdities which they imagine and also adopt them from other scribblers which you call "abkupfern". [copying?]

Thereby the readers of the entire nonsense are seduced to believingly accept the lies, slanders, the swindle and the fantasies of these irresponsible scribblers as truth while they assess the reality and the real truth as unrealistic, unreal and as untruth.

Belief is just very much simpler that investigating the effective truth through one's own seeking and one's own cognitive work.

Furthermore the fantastic and illusory will sooner be accepted by the Earth humans than even the truth and reality which appears banal compared to the fantastic and illusory.

Therefore it is so that standing on the firm ground of the facts, truth and reality is proscribed while the untruthful, fantastic, and illusory and all the swindling, lies, deceit and slander which is bound with it - which, since time immemorial, have always been booming business - effect the Earth humans like sweet balm which stills the delight and demand for that which is fantastic and illusory.

So lying, swindle, falsehoods, deceit and slander are means through which the human allows himself to be very easily beguiled, because everything is only swallowed and does not have to truthfully be contemplated, while the search for the effective truth and its processing is bound with very much effort and cognitive work as well as with a sense for the recognition of reality.

However the irresponsible scribblers - who invent the crazy and unreal as well as unrealistic conspiracy theories, copy the entire nonsense from each other and throw everything to their believers as fodder, and therewith earn much money - know exactly that.

That is also the case with the books of the hacks named by you who, without conscience, spread their horrendous nonsense of their dim-witted conspiracy theories and thereby lead their faithful readers into error, convey to them a completely wrong picture of the world and hound them into angst and terror.

The books named by you by David Icke, as well as, however, also the books of Zacharias Sitchin, van Helsing and of Rètyi belong just as much in the realm of the nonsense and feeblemindedness of illusory and fantasy-rich conspiracy theories as also do other similar kinds of works which, if I may use your words, must be labelled as sheer idiocy and schizophrenic delusional imaginings.

Truthfully, from the complete contents there are no things at all to name which could be designated facts of truth and reality because basically it deals with nothing other than freely invented fantasies and illusions which are irresponsibly given a coating of truth in order to thereby take those Earth humans into their power who believe the dim-witted nonsense and allow themselves to be taken prisoner by it.

From the entire exposition of all books of such a kind no letter may be considered as true because everything is only built on deception, lies, deceit, slander, fantasies and illusions which also applies to the supposed reptoid beings or reptilian humans.

Such kinds of beings are pure inventions of the scribblers because they thereby connect the evil and want to thereby transmit the impression of the evil and diabolical, whereby the Earth humans are driven to angst and terror which naturally again has its effect on the numbers of sales of the books and brings in great profit.

Reptoid, respectively, reptilian beings, as these are described in the nonsensical books, exist even less in the entire universe than they do in other dimensions of this universe, so however, also not on the Earth - also not in forms of transmuted humans.

It also corresponds to a lie that such extraterrestrial beings, or other kinds, have lived on the Earth since time immemorial or since more recent times and are even active in the governments, because assertions which claim that it is true, indeed, correspond to the crazy fantasies, illusions, angsts or conscious lies and slandering of the book-scribblers.

Yet in every regard believers do not, as a rule, let themselves be impressed by the truth, rather they faithfully remain in the prison which they themselves delusionally imagine because that is simpler than having to grapple with the real truth.

The truth is just simply and somehow banal, as you tend to say, for which reason it only addresses humans who consciously use their reason and understanding, while the others, who depend on the fantastic and illusory as well as that which pertains to belief, are not willing to free themselves from the nonsensical and the unreal as well as from their not making use of reason and understanding.


Those are clear words, just as they already many times were said.

But now, once more, a question regarding micro-fibers.

In regard to that, you once said that these are just as dangerous for humans as the nano-particle, because, through micro-fibers, substances damaging to the health likewise reach the human's lungs.

Which substances are they then?

You have indeed already said something about that in a private conversation, yet it would be important that it is also recorded in writing.

Therefore the official question.


In their dry state, nano-particles separate from the micro-fibers which are breathed in by humans and which burden the respiratory organs, especially the respiratory tract and the lungs, whereby asthma can be caused, as however also cancer of the respiratory tract and lungs.


As that also is the case with the so-called indoor fountain misting systems and with the room water-vaporizers.

Recently that was reported about on television and last Sunday we also spoke about that in the kitchen.


Misting systems with indoor fountains, and so forth, as well as humidifiers in living spaces, are extremely damaging to the health.

No such apparatuses or devices should be utilized for the accumulation of humidity in living spaces, rather only devices that evaporate water in normal ways.





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