Contact Report 452


• Contact Reports volume: 11 (Plejadisch-plejarische Kontakberichte, Gespräche, Block 11)

• Page number(s): 214 only

• Date/time of contact: Saturday, 7th July, 2007, 3:11p.m.

• Translator(s): Charles Page, Masterton, New Zealand

• Date of original translation: Wednesday 18th July, 2012

• Corrections and improvements made: N/A

• Contact person(s): Ptaah and Quetzal


Discussions about the Gizeh-Intelligences, Ashtar Sheran, the Pegasus-refugees, and the Sirians, including the Men in Black. Billy refers to Contact 81 which was with Quetzal and Contact 65 with Ptaah. Also in 1977 a nazi group in Brazil takes over the beamship of the Pegasus-refugees. Ptaah reads an article about the Mahdi, but keeps the writers name secret. The Iranian president Ahmadinejad and Iran's nuclear facilities. An unusual situation in China.

This is the entire contact. It is an unauthorised and unofficial translation and may contain errors.


Hello, dear friend, there you are already. I have just conversed with Mariann and said to her that I expect you, whereupon I then came here immediately. Nice to see you.


1. Eduard, my friend, with pleasure I also bid you my greeting.

2. Also, I shall give you greetings from my daughters as well as from Aikarina and all others.


I thank you for this honour and reply to all my dear greeters with best wishes.


3. It is also an honour for me to deliver your words.


May I start at once with matters which occupy me?


4. That really is unquestionable.


Thanks. - Firstly I would like to question you regarding the deportees, the Gizeh-twerps and the Pegasus-refugees. In the 81st Contact on the 4th September 1977 Quetzal said the following:


7. It is a work of the Gizeh-Intelligences in cooperation with the refugees from the Pegasus area.

8. Namely these were located by the group in Brazil about six weeks ago and drew attention to these, whereupon a communication took place between them.

9. The merger with the Gizeh-Intelligences was then only a question of time.

10. Very well orientated about the events in your centre and in detail about the group members, they also knew of the growing existence of the actual value of the Sohar-Centre.

11. This, however, the actual value, means ultimate danger for them, because if it is perfected and if it is in operation, then they have finally lost.

12. Exactly this they want to prevent, which is why every unobtrusive way to destruction will suit them.

13. So they made the knowledge of the Pegasus-refugees usable for themselves and so also their equipment.

14. An oscillation-vibrator, working on a microwave basis, suited them very much, to cause damage to the real value of the arising Sohar-Centre and possibly destroy it.

Thereto now the question: At that time it happened, that the Pegasus-refugees attempted to cause severe damage to us in the centre. How does it now make sense, however, their appearance on the earth thus, since you have recently said anyway, that through your clarifications you have determined that during the last 300 years there have been no other Earth-foreigners other than those which you mentioned to me. However, what was it then with the Sirians and Ashtar Sheran and gangs?


5. We were only later able to clarify the facts about the Pegasus-refugees, when the whole story about the Gizeh-Intelligences clarified.

6. The refugees belonged to a splinter-group of the Gizeh-Intelligences, who lived in the space-time-displaced region of the Pegasus-constellation and who had entered an alliance with the faction living on the earth, therefore they were counted as one of the Gizeh-Intelligences and consequently were not described as special foreigners.

7. Therefore, also today we don't refer to these as special foreigners, which also applies to the sirian fanatics and the faction of Ashtar Sheran, who for a very long time on the earth tried to cause mischief again and again and also were in alliance with the Gizeh-Intelligences.

8. All factions of the Gizeh-Intelligences consisted of escaped criminals, delinquents and power-addicts, who practically in every connection with the Gizeh-Intelligences were willing with reference to their machinations and acted according to their plans.

9. Definite knowledge with respect to all of these connections of the Gizeh-Intelligences and all of their factions, however, we first received, when we could establish contact with the scientists of the Sirians, whereby also the fanatical small group, who were fundamentally responsible for the murder-attempts on you, could then be eliminated by sirian forces.

10. Then it was also this small fanatical-group with few members, who reported in detail about all of the connections, before they were sent into exile.


Oh so, then the Sirians therefore were active on the earth for a long time. It is to be probably assumed, however, that they were not from the beginning allies of the Gizeh-Intelligences, while however the Gizeh-twerps and the Pegasus-refugees apparently already from the beginning belonged together. But why were they then refugees?


11. They had to escape, because they also caused mischief on the world where they lived and were pursued by security forces of their home-world.

12. Yet it was, however, some other earth-foreign fraternised factions, who were part of the Gizeh-Intelligences, who were in contact with these and had their bases with them.

13. We don't consider these also one of the Earth-foreigners of course, that I mentioned to you.

14. Still you are mistaken respecting the sirian Men in Black, because these also formed links with the Gizeh-Intelligences from the beginning, also like the faction of Ashtar Sheran.

15. The Gizeh-Intelligences controlled all approaches to the earthly airspace for millennia and forced all those, who they could use for themselves, into the alliance through despotism and a forcible change of power of judgment and attitude.

16. Since, however, you have never asked and apparently were also not therein interested regarding these connections, we also have never spoken about it.


I understand a brainwashing, that comes about by a forcible change of the power of judgment and attitude of the human being, through strong psychic and physical pressure, in which also drugs and electromagnetic, electric and mechanical torture are often applied.


17. This corresponds to the meaning of my words.


Then, that now is finally clear. The connections with the Gizeh-honchos and other extraterrestrials are therefore much trickier and more extensive, as you told me. But even so, I also have never asked about it, consequently you also have told me nothing about the details. Then, however, I have a problem again, and in fact with the extraterrestrial aircraft, that the Brazilian-group had, from which I was set about in the year 1976 in Winkelriet near Wetzikon. You told me at that time - which unfortunately was not recorded in any contact-report - that it concerned a beamship, which indeed was piloted by people from a distant galaxy, and in fact with poison gas breathers or such, that they, however, were members of your federation, if I am not mistaken. With the 65th Contact on the 23rd October 1976 you said the following:


52. Further also, I was able to clarify the events in the Winkelriet near Wetzikon near your domicile, so in addition also the existence of that track of a beamship, which was not from one of our beamships.

53. With the track discovered by you, it concerns a ship of the Brazilian private interest group, who had sent out a command for the most exact probe of your circumstances.

54. In accordance with my investigations, it was about five people, who checked everything very accurately.

55. The ship doesn't even represent a product of the power-group itself, but loot.

56. It was stolen from a crew from a distant galaxy who landed in Brazil years ago, who had to make a forced landing because of some damage.

57. The interstellar drive of the ship was completely destroyed and cannot be repaired again, at least not by the technicians of this power-group.

58. Only the planetary anti-gravity-drive is fully functional, which is suffice for planetary flights.

59. However, you saw the same ship weeks later in the Winkelriet, where you on your very irrational search for this, for you, mysterious object, also discovered this, which put you very much in danger.

60. Two men were in the terrain out there and observed your arrival, which was an easy game for them, because at the time they observed you constantly.

61. In the desire to kill you, they prepared everything and steered you to the place of the planned event.

62. It was your luck, that you drove in your vehicle with caution and without lights on that dark night, because it was only through this, that you were not exactly recognisable in the darkness, that the shot from the gun missed you.


18. Unfortunately you are mistaken, dear friend, because the strangers were not members of our federation, but they belonged to another group of the Gizeh-Intelligences and were stationed also with these, whereby they had to make an emergency landing in Brazil at that time and were captured by the Brazilian-group.

19. Actually they were poison gas breathers, who all died, when their respiration-equipment failed.

20. They could not leave the earth anymore, because their interstellar drive was completely destroyed, which was a work of the Gizeh-Intelligences, as we found by experience through the members of the Sirian group.

21. The reason for the destruction of the drive was so that they could not flee, because the Gizeh-Intelligences had a `change` in fundamental attitude.


And the Gizeh-twerps didn't undertake anything, as the ship had to make an emergency landing in Brazil, and the respiration-equipment failed, so also nothing, since the old Nazis of the Brazilian-group captured the ship?


22. Their nature and behaviour was, that they simply gave up lost aircraft, as also they were not concerned about missing people etc. either.

23. Furthermore they were on close terms with the Brazilian group, which, however, that already for a long time does not exist anymore, because everyone of the faction has died by now because of ageing and illness.


All members of this group were former officers of the German empire who escaped from Germany to Brazil, they were mainly leading lights and henchmen of the Nazi-empire and therefore escaped war-criminals.


24. This was actually the case.


Good, then, I have this article here, that you necessarily should read. It is from B. in..., whereby I don't want to give his name officially, in fact for security-reasons for him. You know, there in Arabia, where he lives, it could become very dangerous for him, if somebody found out that he is the originator of the discovery and the writer of the article, because the whole thing could create enormous disorder in the Islamic world.


25. You make me surprised, therefore I will immediately read the article. -

26. Thanks

(Ptaah reads, whereat his facial expression changes in astonishment.

- annotation Billy: B. speaks both Arabian and English and also German.)


27. That really is very interesting, because it should be encountered only in about three years.

28. I did not know either that it would be B.

29. But since he has now found out the facts, it is also urgently necessary that his discovered knowledge is spread as fast as possible worldwide.

30. As you know, finding the truth regarding this point in time, means that this must be spread fast.


That B. has discovered it, I myself can only explain in such a way, that the mission has already further thrived in its consequences, as we assumed until now, whereby the corresponding divine providence emerged.


31. That must be so, because otherwise the whole thing can not be explained.

32. If the right point in time were not reached, then he would not have found the truth.

33. This only would have to have been the case in little more than three years in accordance with our knowledge.


Better earlier than too late. This contrasts with the words "better late than never".


34. That is a word of truth.


Good, then a question of predictions. Does something especially important still emerge as exceptional there?


35. At the last visit, I spoke of the droughts, about the heat and about great thunderstorms as well as of high waters and floods, that have arisen world-wide or in the meantime have already arisen, while overall, however, there is nothing more exceptional with reference to the powerful climatic radical changes.

36. And until the 14th July, therefore my next visit, nothing else also arises regarding this and also nothing unusual in this respect.

37. An exceptional situation can probably only be spoken of regarding the fundamental attitude of the Iranian president Ahmadinejad, who toys with the idea in the near future, to again admit international inspectors regarding the nuclear facilities.

38. An unusualness emerges in China, where because of the high waters, several billions rats overrun the country and will cause a huge plague.


At the moment, I have nothing further.


42. Then I would like to express another wish, which refers to Guido's book, which you have in correction:

43. It would be good, if after the last chapter there was still another one, perhaps under a title like 'Letters from various people with respect to the mission and BEAMs teachings'.

44. Thereto I imagine that you use letters which are addressed to you.

45. Some are found published in bulletins.


We can do this. I will express your wish at one of the next correction evenings. Of course I must then also ask Guido whether he approves of that, because it is his book which we review.


46. It would be very desirable and of usefulness, if such a chapter was added.

47. Then I now want to turn again to my tasks which I have to finish.

48. Goodbye, dear friend - until the afternoon of 14th July.


Salome, Ptaah. Please convey my kind greetings to everyone to whom I am personally connected. Bye, my friend.






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