Contact Report 357


• Contact Reports volume: 9

• Page number(s): 131 to 133

• Date/time of contact: Monday, April 26th, 2004, 12:23AM

• Translator(s): Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg

• Date of original translation: Unknown

• Corrections and improvements made: NA

• Contact person: Quetzal


Billy and Quetzal discuss the public discussions regarding President Eisenhower's alleged secret meetings and deals with extraterrestrials.

This is just a small excerpt of the entire contact.


Hans-Georg Lanzendorfer, through the Internet or some such, toyed with the question, whether the entire thing is based upon the truth.


51. That is actually not the case, because everything corresponds to an untruth, because a contact between USA President Dwight David Eisenhower and any kind of being of extraterrestrial origin never took place.

52. These stupid fantasy stories have already circulated for a considerable time in circles which see extraterrestrial flying devices and beings as being behind everything and everyone, and which moreover are very gullible and criminally uncritical.

53. Such stories, which are invented from beginning to end and make reality ridiculous, unfortunately circulate very much in the so-called UFO-circles, in which all nonsense is taken as ready cash, if I may speak with your words.

54. An unbelievable number of deceivers, swindlers as well as liars assert that they are in telepathic, personal, or perceptible or some other kind of contact with extraterrestrial intelligences, whereby, however, as a rule, everything is only pure invention, corresponding to profit-making, a delusion or effective schizophrenia.

55. Quite especially in regard to us Plejaren, respectively Pleiadians, as we called ourselves in the terrestrial German language at the beginning of our contacts, very many lies, swindles, deceptions and frauds are put into operation on the Earth, and indeed through male as well as female Earth humans.

56. Actually, however, with the exception of yourself, from all our peoples of our great federation, which encompasses a measure of distance of 48,000,000 light-years, no personal, telepathic, perceptional or other contact at all with Earth humans exists in the form that they could be perceived, whether consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously.

57. In our entire federation, impulse contacts only exist coming from we Plejaren, in the form of help with the evolution of Earth humans, who, however, have not the slightest notion of them, and they exclusively pertain to people who are active in developmental research.

58. Firstly, all those who assert that they would be in any kind of connection, respectively, would maintain contact, with us or with any kind of being, do not belong to that, and secondly they would also be incapable of maintaining any kind of contact with us because all prerequisites for that are lacking in them.

59. And thirdly is to say, that all who claim to be in any kind of form of contact or other connection with us, are either pathologically delusional, pathologically imaginative or schizophrenic, if they have not quite knowingly fallen to lying, fraud, deception and swindling.

60. We have already often explained that to you, thus, also, that you are the only one who possesses the necessary prerequisites to maintain various forms of contact with us.

61. Among all humans on the Earth, you are the only one who, for quite certain reasons, is capable of that.

62. They are capabilities which all other Earth humans lack and will still not have been able to achieve in even a thousand years.

61. Yet you know that, indeed, better than I.


You talk too much, Quetzal, my friend.

Let us, from there, talk once again about the American Moon landings, even if we have already often done that.

I have here a book with the title "Die dunkle Seite von Apollo" [The Dark Side of Apollo] by Gernot L. Geise, which was published by Michaels-Verlag in the year 2002.

It has the ISB-Number 3-89539-607-9.

The research which the author undertook is astonishing and likewise expresses that the US Americans, respectively, NASA, undertook the greatest swindle of all time and has deceived the entire world in order to win the Cold War and the race to the Moon, and so forth, against the Soviet Union.

In addition to that, I am able to recall that earlier, once the talk was that NASA, subsequently, under certain circumstances, after the alleged first conjured up Moon race landing on July 20th, 1969, carried out manned or unmanned Moon landings, whereby all objects and so forth were then set out on the Moon which were supposed to have been left behind by the alleged first landing on the Moon.

The reason for that was supposed to have been, as I remember it, that it could later be "proven" that the first Moon landing, and also further ones, was actually supposed to have come about on July 20th, 1969.

You have further explained that the Moon landing lie will also be vehemently contested in the new millennium and everything will be undertaken to create "proof" and indeed again in the form that new fraudulent pictures are to be manufactured, in which allegedly, the first Moon landing's "left-behind" objects and so forth, will be able to be "sighted" on the Moon through a new telescope and will be broadcast worldwide through television as a new fraud.

The whole thing can eventually actually come about through a new type of telescope, always with the prerequisite that real materials were set out on the Moon, yet it could also be that then everything is only a studio set-up, as with the alleged first Moon landing.

For this, indeed in suitable areas, hundreds of craters were created by means of underground explosions of blasting agents, and, with construction equipment, heaved-up hills would were created, which finally looked like a Moon landscape.

These areas, alongside special film studios, were then indeed also used for the lavish so-called training of astronauts.

The decisive machinations for the entire Moon landing swindle lead back fundamentally to Werner Freiherr von Braun and Walt Disney, who, together as good friends, already established everything earlier.

Walt Disney, as movie special effects specialist, suited NASA perfectly.

But, unfortunately, he died two and a half years before the execution of the swindle, on December 12th, 1966, if I remember correctly.

His ideas and those of Werner von Braun, who indeed died in 1977, I think that it was on June 16th, were then however still realised.

Besides, there was still Werner von Braun's co-worker, with whom I was permitted to have a short conversation in Semjase's beamship, as she flew with me to America and she beamed the man into her ship.

Naturally, he was completely perplexed and could initially not understand what had happened to him and he was suddenly in our ship.

His name was Ernst Stuhlinger (Note from Billy of September 24th, 2005: E Stuhlinger was Werner von Braun's right hand man and he said, among other things, "It was the lie of the millennium, a fraud of the millennium without equal, NASA's and the USA's best specialised deceit spectacle ever"), and he came from Germany like Werner von Braun.

First he wanted to dispute the Moon swindle, but Semjase's irrefutable presence with her ship and her explanation led to him confessing to the incredible swindle.

But he then therefore begged that we should not publish his name and the conversation we had with him for the time being, rather first then when he is dead.

Today the man would have to be over 90 years old.

If he is dead, I do not know - if he still lives, then I want to openly speak of the short conversation I had with him, and his name.

Is it then possible that I can keep the notes that I have received from you?


64. Naturally.

65. And indeed no further word must be spoken about all that which you have explained.


If you still have time, then I would still like to bring forward a question in regard to the Third Word Fire.


66. You can ask, then thereafter I want to converse with you privately.



Now, when the talk is about the Third World Fire, then the humans of the Earth always mean, that thereby the Third World War is meant, and indeed a Third World War that is like the First and Second World Wars.

But as I know from you, you also then talk - as also do the ancient prophets - of a world fire or world war in a quite different form.

The Third World Fire or the Third World War, as I understand your exposition anyway, can very probably be the unbelievable chaos that exists on the Earth at the present time.

I mean, thereby, the terrorism organised through religious and political extremism, as well as governmental and militaristic terrorism, for example by Osama bin Laden, Ariel Sharon and Yassir Arafat, as well as George W. Bush and Tony Blair and their military and allies and so forth.

I further take into account, additionally, the worldwide sexual degeneration among humans, the pornography that evermore takes the upper hand, the outgrowth of child sex abuse, the mistreatment of women and children, discrimination against women, sexual rape, the climbing criminality, and violent crime.

But in the same way I also add to that the entire commercial criminality, the destruction of companies and businesses as well as the exploitation of companies and businesses through administrative advisors and managers.

Further to name is the worldwide unemployment, the ceaselessly growing overpopulation and the apathy of the humans to one another, the ever faster disappearing of good interpersonal relationships and the mistreatment of children.

Also the defencelessness of children, the addiction of the humans to drugs and alcohol belong to that, I think, as also marriage, which is thoughtlessly and senselessly entered into and, from the start, is doomed to divorce.

There is also the greed for power, avarice, imperiousness, as well as the lying which has become habitual to the humans, their underhandedness, falseness and swindling, along side jealousy, the addiction to retribution and hate.

Dishonesty is likewise everywhere, as also mistrust, envy, jealousy, evil, intolerance, all badness and an absence of virtue.

Also to note are thereby, right around the world, the very many sites of war in the different countries, where thousands upon thousands of humans are miserably slaughtered and bestially murdered, along side those who wretchedly starve, die of thirst or from plagues, the origins of which often lie in the fault of the humans themselves.

All that, as well as many other evil things which are still to be named, which, however, would take too long to list.

And when I take, together, all the goodness, love, and positive, in opposition to all the preponderating evil and all wretchedness of the Earthlings, as it has already predominated for quite a while with practically the entire humanity and gets worst every day, then I think, that quite probably it can be a Third World Fire, respectively a Third World War.

The many wars of all kinds all around the world alone already reinforces that.

But I do not thereby say that indeed a collective world-enveloping Great War will not still develop from all that, and then can be described as an effective Third World War.

What is your opinion about that?


67. You are perfectly correct and you have listed a large part of the terrifying scenarios which already have existed for quite some time, which actually still spread out ever further and intensify, whereby the World Fire finally can get completely out of control, which is unfortunately to fear.

68. The path to avoidance has often been explained, yet the humans of Earth are like stubborn cattle, who, with seeing eyes and open senses, run to their own ruin.

69. In this regard an effective stupidity of the humans must be spoken of.






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