Contact Report 240


• Contact Reports volume: 7

• Page Number(s): 1 to 1

• Date/time of contact: 30th December 1991

• Translator(s): Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg

• Date of original translation: 17th July 2007

• Corrections and improvements made: N/A

• Contact person: Ptaah


Ptaah conveys advice to Billy from the High Council about why the release of the very sensitive hoaxed Apollo 11 "Moon landing" information could endanger him, the group members, the mission and could even cause war-like actions. This clearly demonstrates that such sensitive material of world wide significance must sometimes be withheld and/or talked around - gaiaguys

But this is just a small excerpt of the entire contact.


Contact Report 230 and FIGU Special Bulletin 28 should be read prior to this article as per the layout at the source website in order to understand a greater context. Additionally the source website contains further information which you may find useful.


1. Eduard, I greet you.


It pleases me to see you already again, Ptaah.

I likewise greet you, but what leads you here again already, after ten days?


2. My coming here is somewhat premature because I actually first intended to visit you again in a month.

3. But urgent circumstances require my early appearance under the instructions of the High Council.

4. It deal...


What can be of such importance that you must come here on its instructions?


5. That is what I wanted to explain just now.

6. At our meeting on the 18th of May this year we spoke of certain events which relate to US America.

7. As usual, I informed the High Council about that, as is always the case when it deals with matters which are of worldwide significance on the Earth.

8. But in this case I did that only a few days ago because I simply did not find the possibility to do so earlier because I immediately transferred over into the DAL universe after our meeting on the 18th of May and only briefly returned again.

9. But now the High Council has occupied itself with our dialogue in regard to the mentioned events in the year 1969.

10. In regard to this I must now unfortunately communicate to you and make you attentive to this; that the part of our conversation which concerned these events may under no circumstances be made public and therefore may not be publicised.

11. We received the urgent advice of the High Council to have you remove these passages of conversation from the report or to remove them through our own initiative.

12. The High Council explained that the explanations mentioned through our conversation would lead to very grave and world wide political effects if you were to publish this.

13. Not only that you would thereby unnecessarily risk your life because the murderers of the USA's secret service would be set onto you, rather that the effects of the truth could even lead to grave acts of war.

14. Therefore it is urgently directed, through the advice of the High Council, that the corresponding passage be taken out of the contact and removed, just as further evidence also must be removed in regard to this, about the named unbelievable events.

15. Also all the group members are urged to keep absolutely silent about these matters if they have already been informed by you about the events and have already received the contact notices.

16. This is of urgent necessity, because, according to the statements of the High Council, the Americans have arranged everything so that, worldwide, the enormous deceit excites no doubt at all and is taken as the actual truth.

17. Already, in the meantime, through the very massive pressure of the secret service, truth-uncovering information was also already forced to be contradicted and nipped in the bud.

18. Public organs of publication which uncovered the truth were forced to contradict their public information in this matter and to describe it as pure invention and as fiction, therefore as an invented story, from beginning to end.

(Note from Ptaah from October 7th 2004: Up to today the situation has developed such that the truth can now be published.)


That is indeed quite something. That takes the cake. I would rather that we still publish the story.


19. This would give rise to very much danger with which you would no more be able to cope than would the group members.

20. It would even endanger the mission.


Then there is no question that I will remove the corresponding conversation from the contact report just as I will also take care that no information at all about the events will be conveyed.

You can rely on that.

I thank the High Council for its efforts and for its farsighted advice.

Therefore, however, I also thank you that you have taken the extra effort to come here to warn me, even when I feel it is wretched that one must now be silent about this worldwide criminal behaviour.

But it is past, forgotten.

But as you are now already here, my friend, would you maybe answer two or three questions for me ....

Billy and Ptaah






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