Contact Report 329


This contact report is translated from volume 8 of the Contact Reports.

• Contact Reports volume: 8

• Page number(s): 447 to 448

• Date/time of contact: Saturday, August 3rd, 2002, 8:16AM

• Translator(s): Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg

• Date of original translation: June 2006

• Corrections and improvements made: N/A

• Contact person: Ptaah


Billy and Ptaah discuss the fault of the natural disasters we are currently experiencing on Earth and how it will develop into the future.

The wildfires of the USA was also discussed.

This is a small excerpt of the entire contact.


... For years Quetzal's predictions have fulfilled themselves in respect to the natural catastrophes, as in regard to the violent forest fires in America, Europe, Australia and Russia now, but also relating to the monstrous storms with rain, hail, snow and floodwaters, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions.

The prophecies also speak of this, and here I want to know how long that actually will still continue and whether the phrase "50% of all of it is the fault of the humans" is still right?

And whether the rolling fires that presently blaze in America are identical with those named in the prophecies?


72. The percentage rate of fault attributed to the Earth human for all the catastrophes has remained the same since Quetzal's prophecies, however it will still climb somewhat in the future if the destruction of the environment is indeed not yet ordered to stop through effective reason.

73. But the time during which the the catastrophes still keep up, and even increase, runs yet far into the future.

74. The raging rolling fire in the USA in regard to the burning forests you have mentioned, corresponds, as a matter of fact, to the statements of the prophecies, yet they establish only a part of that there, because, in the more distant time, a still much worse fire will rage, that will move there across the United States and leads back to an origin of an act of war.

75. The storms over the entire world will degenerate to such an extent that from now on damage in billions of Swiss Francs will come about in world wide form and also many humans will lose their lives.

76. Naturally, also quiet pauses will also occur between, yet these would only be what you call the calm before the storm.






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