Contact Report 323


• This contact report is translated from volume 8 of the Contact Reports.

• Contact Reports volume: 8

• Page number(s): 398 to 399

• Date/time of contact: Thursday, April 4th, 2002, 8:03AM

• Translator(s): Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg

• Date of original translation: July 2006

• Corrections and improvements made: N/A

• Contact person: Ptaah


Billy and Ptaah discuss the origin of animal sacrifice and torture.

This is a small excerpt of the entire contact.


... If you still have time, then I still want to ask something.


39. I am all ears.


It deals with slaughter according to Jewish ritual.

Just a short time ago in public and by the government much has been said about that, indeed in regard to whether the slaughter of animals according to Jewish ritual on religious grounds should be allowed or not.

In my opinion it should not be allowed, because it deals thereby with a quite clear and very evil animal torture.

On this basis I ask myself the following: Why, in ancient times, would it be ordered by an Ischwisch, that the animals, which serve as nourishment for the humans, would not be humanely killed, rather should be cruelly and brutally slaughtered according to Jewish ritual?

What basis exists for this, which, in my opinion, is a disdainful order regarding animals, which I find not only barbaric, but evil and completely degenerate?

How could humans think and behave only in this form if they already were as highly developed as the distant (space) travelers of that time?


40. That slaughter according to Jewish ritual was never and at no time demanded by an Ischwisch, respectively by a god, as it is expressed by Earth humans, because the renegades themselves who carried the title IHWH held to the law that animals of every species and kind should not be exposed to any kind of torture, rather if they are ready to be killed, that it must happen very quickly and completely painlessly.

41. This was an irrevocable law since time immemorial that was always respected and followed by the evilest renegades themselves, and also today has unconditional validity for all of our peoples in the entire federation, and is followed without exception.

42. The extremely agonizing manner of killing animals through slaughter according to Jewish ritual leads back to an Earth-human brutal abuse of the sacrifice, as well as to the lies of sacrifice-priests, that a divine order and demand existed that meat from killed animals is only edible as nourishment for humans (and) may only be used, and therefore eaten, when it is pure and thereby is bled out.

43. But that can only be the case if, as with the brutal sacrifice of the animal, the blood runs completely out of the body, which can only happen through slaughter according to Jewish ritual and therefore, through that, it can happen that the animal has the neck and thereby also the artery cut through.

44. A method unworthy of humans, that is extremely painful for the animals, which also the depraved sacrifice-priests knew, as they joyously gloated in their sadistic torture when they murdered humans and animals in this manner and way on the sacrificial blocks, and rejoiced in their insane belief and fanaticism in the monstrous torture of their sacrifices who would often writhe for many long minutes in their pain.


But it would be asserted, as it was from time immemorial, by today's slaughterers according to Jewish ritual, that the animals, through the slaughter according to Jewish ritual, would feel no pain.


45. That is a conscious monstrous lie since time immemorial from the advocates of slaughter according to Jewish ritual or a an untruth in non-recognition of the actual truth.


And how is it thereby that no pork is permitted to be eaten by the Jews and the Moslems, that this is supposedly unclean and therefore - in the measure of the Jewish concept - should be unkosher, respectively not kosher?


46. That is also a pure Earth-human sham, because actually, in this regard such a nonsensical order was also never demanded by an IHWH, respectively a god.

47. Again, in this regard, it was also autocratic and mendacious priest-fanatics who had fallen to false beliefs, as well as bringers of religion, who invented this nonsense, and indeed because pigs, according to their nature, wallow in filth, whereby the originators of this false teaching assumed that pork is unclean, that through the external dirt, also the meat inside is dirty, and for that reason cannot be eaten by humans and would not be permitted to be eaten.

48. That is all there is to say about this.






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