Contact Report 241


• Contact Reports volume: 7

• Date/time of contact: Monday, February 3rd, 1992, 11:33PM

• Contact person: Ptaah


Ptaah explains why German is the only suitable language to use for producing Billy's written works. The dangers of getting a tan (tanning of the skin) and of smoking is discussed.

But this is just a small excerpt of the entire contact.


125. On the Earth however there are unfortunately many kinds of things which are very regrettable and of negative value.

126. This is also the case with the most varied languages, which are often so poor in their possibilities for terms and word combinations, that they fall into the realm of inadequacy for a good understanding.

127. Also the English language belongs to this because, even though it is valued as the most important world wide language, it is one of the poorest and most inadequate.

128. You have given to us the English and the German version of the text "Torture, Death Penalty and Overpopulation", whereby you have encoded the German language version.

129. With help of the High Council our authoritative linguists have now received a very lengthy instruction in the coding of your writings for all of the languages common to Earth.

130. Regarding this a computer, especially programmed for this purpose, was drawn on for help, in order to code your writings into the most varied Earthly languages, as you have done and will further do with your work in the German language.

131. The disappointment of our scientists was unspeakably great, as they had to determine that it is impossible to code your writings also in Earthly languages other than German.

132. Several computers finally simply refused the service, while various highly specialised linguists, in complete exhaustion, had to give up the attempts of a coding of the writings in languages other than German.

133. A really equal and correct result was provided only by our languages, back to the languages of their origin.

134. Altogether, almost 18,000 linguists occupied themselves with the problem, however entirely without success.

135. Astonishingly the English language is such that the normal terms for the language common to the land for England and America are so primitive and falseness-expressing, and the essential values are of such false meaning, that a coding can in no way succeed.

136. The single possibility of a half worthy coding, which strikes the mark in some measure, came only from the creation of new words and terms or out of various words put together, or from German words and terms simply transformed into English.

137. But English speaking people are, through this poor language, not capable of understanding such innovations of words or terms or word transformations out of another language, as they are also not capable of grasping and understanding the simple joining together of words, and therefore word combinations.

138. This is only possible in the required form with the German or Swiss German language, and therefore this can also only be understood by people who have a command of both these languages or one of the two.


We have known that already for a long time, my friend, yet in spite of this we are continually annoyed by this, if we must translate our writings into English.

English speakers simply interpret quite clear concepts differently to what the term actually states.

They despise normal, proper words and concepts as aggressive or contemptible.

For very many words and concepts in the German language there exist no kind of words or concepts of equal value in the entire English language, as well as in many other Earthly languages, neither in the form that they are the same value as would be expressed in German, or that they could describe the German word-idea even slightly, even only in the most distant form.

I thereby occupy myself with the thoughts that we allow our texts simply to be translated according to the more-bad-than-correct use of any foreign language, as the primitive Earthly languages permit, with which there is the incalculable danger that the writings could never be correctly translated and exhibit mistakes and falsifications, which must inevitably call forth misunderstandings.

We would thereby simply follow the order and the determination that nothing is allowed to be published in a foreign language if it is not published side by side with the original text written in German.

It is this German text which is alone also coded and is therefore useful, no matter whether it is now read by the person or read out aloud and so would be heard, whereby it plays, indeed, no role whether the text would then be understood or not.

The read or heard coded words are indeed important because thereby, even through the reading or hearing of the texts of the writing, the required impulses would be released in the addressed human, whereby it then automatically frees the purpose-directed impulses out of the storage banks and makes them begin to work in the concerned human.


139. You therewith tell me nothing new.


I have indeed not assumed that.

But listen: If I search for the English word for "Volk" then it does not allow itself to be found in the entire English language use, even less the effective word, Mensch.

For Volk the English-speakers use the word "people", or for Menschen, "peoples", and so forth.

However in both cases the code values give data which describe something completely different, and indeed very negative things.

Roughly speaking one can say that the English word "people" provides the value of "carrion feeder" while in the German language the code value of the word and concepts "Volk" again gives the value of Volk.


140. Our language scientists have explained this to us in similar form.

141. Your word-concept was, at any rate, not "carrion feeder", but rather "carrion feeding".


But which concept comes out the same in the end, because the German language allows itself to be arranged such that the word use has more forms which can be utilised for one and the same situation; so you can say for example: hyenas are carrion feeders, or: birds are grain-feeding, Hyenas are not only raw-flesh-feeders, they are also carrion-feeding.

But this only entirely allows itself indeed to be so formed with the German language, and with the Swiss German, if I thereby only bear in mind the Earthly languages.

In old Lyran it also allows itself to be done, and also in Baavi.


142. Certainly.

143. The same goes indeed also for our languages, as I already explained to you.

144. Because, already from the earliest time, it was recognised that the languages of the New Age would no longer allow themselves to be coded in the required form, it was therefore determined, at that time, that the mission of the New Age would be fulfilled through the German language and must be carried forth worldwide, whereby also your mother language, Swiss German, must play a noteworthy role.

145. A language that Sfath also perfectly mastered, as you know, and which he happily made use of if he was together with you.

146. Often he also spoke Swiss German with us, only half in fun, because none of us could understand this language.

147. Before the setting of the determination 13,500 years ago, it was already recognised that one day the High German language of the New Age must exist on the Earth, which alone would offer all possibilities of a perfect and all-expressive and all-explaining language.

148. And so it has also come about:

149. The German language is the only one of the Earth peoples that can fully extensively clarify and explain the comprehensive teachings of the spirit to the full extent with all required words and terms and word-combinations, as is possible in no other language of the Earth peoples.

150. The High German language is also the only language of the Earth peoples that can be coded according to the determination, as is applicable to your texts and books and other works written by you which stand in direct or indirect connection with the fulfilment of the mission.


I think that from your words it can be heard that I am correct with what I previously said regarding the translations into other languages, namely that the texts simply can only be translated according to the inadequate possibilities of the individual languages.


151. Yes, that is what I likewise want to say with my words.

152. Also the statement of the High Council is clear in the same way, and therefore also the advice of the Arahat Athersata plane.



Then I am really happy, and certainly Heidi and Christian would also be happy, because indeed we can all be spared very much work.

I was always very grieved to have to wade through the English translations and determine that many words and terms simply were always false and would not actually correspond to what was expressed in the original German text.


153. Many of our linguists also say the same or similar.

154 There are indeed those among them who express themselves in strong language like, "this English language has primitive means of understanding" and so forth.


Strong language means something else to us, dear friend Ptaah. We name that curses amongst other things,


...Instead maybe you could explain to me why the human body turns brown from the sun's rays. My question refers to the tanning of fair people's skin.


Tanning of the skin is the body's defense reaction.


Are you saying that the body's tanning process is a defense reaction against the UV rays?




Interesting. This means that tanning in the sun, i.e. through the UV rays, is therefore more dangerous than is generally assumed.


You are quite right. The tanning process holds tremendous danger even when the ozone layer is intact. The danger of becoming afflicted with melanoma or other ailments inflicted by UV rays exists even at times when the ozone is intact, that is, fully effective. Unfortunately, people of Earth believe that the sun's rays are harmless for the human body when the ozone layer is intact. Their reasoning capacity is not sufficient to comprehend the actual truth, I am sorry to say.


Belief and reasoning do exclude each other, even though some philosophers erroneously claim they do not.


These are more or less empty words from individuals who do not reason very far ahead, and are intended to deny the truth in form of false teachings - even though such individuals call themselves theologians, ministers, priests, philosophers or the like.



Well said. Actually, on May 18th of last year you still wanted to explain a lot regarding future events. Among other things we were talking about some explanations you wanted to give me on smoking. But you didn't get around to it because you ran out of time.


That is correct. Let me explain then a few things regarding the dangers of smoking. To paraphrase my daughter Semjase's past explanations to you on June 6th, 1976: Smoking is not only a vice and an addiction, but it presents also a great danger and health hazard, even though there may be a few advantages to smoking as my daughter explained to you at the time. These advantages, however, do not in any way outweigh the dangers and harmfulness to one's health. Not only does smoking destroy vitamin C, it also robs the immune system of this vital substance because the poisonous chemicals and noxious gases of tobacco smoke directly attack the immune system. Both strongly impair its functions, even if one were to smoke herbal tobacco goods, etc. The body's own defense system is therefore impaired and harmed, causing infections, allergies and diseases that are frequently fatal, without the individuals even knowing that smoking was the singular reason for their death. As of now we are aware of the fact that 47 diseases are exclusively induced or expedited by smoking, in addition to numerous allergies excluded in this figure. Inflammations of wounds or internal body organs are also expedited by smoking, with pneumonia, the inflammation of the lungs, being one of the most common diseases resulting from smoking. Various poisons, such as nicotine and benzol, throttle the influx of oxygen to the blood, while tar particulates in the lungs tend to stop the flow of oxygen as well. Blood vessels supplying the blood to all body parts are also impeded by particulates that hamper the blood flow, potentially causing infarcts and the atrophy of limbs, other body parts or sections of the brain. The most well-known ailment is probably the so-called "Raucherbein" in German ("peripheral vascular disease" in English). Under certain circumstances, smoking may also impair one's vision and lead to blurred vision, among other things. Various types of carcinoma are also caused by smoking. Smoking may even lead to the impairment of one's consciousness that possibly leads to suicide. The fact that babies may suffer very serious health impairement when the mother is a smoker, has already been known to terrestrial scientists for some time. The fact, though, that a father's tobacco addiction can harm his offspring's health, still remains completely unknown. Even if the parents were to stop smoking at the time of their child's conception, the baby could still experience severe health impairment. To widely exclude any impairment of their offspring's health, parents would have to refrain from vice and addiction at least 18 months to the child's conception. They would have to be careful at the same time to abstain from smoking until the moment of birth, for giving in to the urge in the interim even once would jeopardize everything. Simply one cigarette would cause as much damage to the tobacco addict's health as though he or she had never stopped.


Many people would like to give up smoking but they simply cannot do it. For this reason also there exists a great trade with questionable anti-smoking devices, in addition to schemes involving hypnosis and acupuncture. These are all meaningless, I think, because one stops smoking only if one really endeavours to do so, and then proceeds to realize this resolution. Anti-smoking devices are rubbish, lies and fraud. Regarding bona fide hypnosis and acupuncture, on the other hand, I would like to say that it is possible to become cured, but in no way whatsoever through those bogus hypnotists who always advertise in the papers or offer their services by word-of-mouth propaganda.


I am of the same opinion. You were a chronic smoker yourself for 33 years. But you strove to end this vice when your health demanded it.


Well I could handle it. But look here. I saw this newspaper clipping a few weeks ago in Blick and cut it out. Would you look it over and tell me whether the information is correct?


If it means this much to you. What is it all about?


It also deals with smoking. They give data on the time frame and the results if one stops smoking.


Let me have a look at the article then.


Here, please...


It is amazing what they have written here, but I would like to say that the order of the various point has been well chosen. Unfortunately, our research data does not agree with some of this information because this data is misleading and euphoric in part. If you would like, I could request our research data on this matter.


That would be nice.


Well then, please be patient for a moment [he busies himself with a small, 2" x 3" (5x10 cm) unit, which he takes from his belt] ... These specifications here need to be replaced with the following data: 28, 11, 3 days, 5 days, after 5 months, 3-18 months, 3 years, 7 years - heart attack risk drops by 50% after 7 years; lung cancer risk drops by 50% after 11-17 years. Any regeneration and normalization is in effect after 35 years. As of now, all of this information cannot be verified by the appropriate terrestrial scientists to the same extent as we are capable of doing, because we possess the required super-precision tools super-precision devices that are vital for finding these facts. The values mentioned in this newspaper clipping are only very basic and unreliable. They do not even mention in any way the findings on the final normalization and its organs after having been impaired by smoking.


Earthlings are simply not as advanced as you are by a long shot.


Of course not. But my words were not intended as a reproach.






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