Contact Report 457


• Contact Reports volume: Unknown

• Page number(s): Unknown

• Date/time of contact: Wednesday, December 12, 2007, 2:43 p.m.

• Translator(s): Unknown

• Date of original translation: Unknown

• Corrections and improvements made: N/A

• Contact person: Ptaah


Regarding Ptaah and Billy's advice that gaiaguys shut down their website Dyson and Vivienne responded positively to the advice. The articles from that related to the mission were preserved and can be found here.


Part One


Oh, you are already here, my greetings and welcome, dear friend, have you been waiting for long?


My greetings to you too, Eduard, my friend. No, I only arrived a few minutes ago. And before you ask about what you instructed Florena for me to do regarding Australia respectively the website of Vivienne/Dyson: After all my clarifications that I carried out I must explain that everything by the two regarding their website it absolutely counterproductive as well as unobjective and shows a certain fanaticism. The website should be deleted immediately, which would rather serve the truth as well as the two authors. The whole, as it is set up, cannot serve the purpose, because the attacks have not been kept neutral and in addition they are only built up on claims, which cannot be proven by the two authors, because the ”evidence“ put forward by them is unobjective and extremely poor, besides that they are personally aggressive towards the sect. A fact that cannot be denied and which can bring forth great harm to both of them.

All of it is an extremely thoughtless matter and on top of it against good reason, because when such aggressions are practiced openly towards a sect or against individual persons, then on your Earth this goes against the right to live one’s own life, which must be adhered to, even if the accusations were true, which in this case however cannot be proven by Vivienne/Dyson; therefore they are being held accountable by the sect via the jurisdiction. If open or private attacks occur against people or sects etc., then all truthful facts may well be openly named, however under the omission of any names, because as soon as they are named, a personal attack is happening. Criminals, law-breakers, liars and con men/women etc. may, against the sense of truth and justice, not as such be named openly on your earth, and in fact not even then when their guilt has been proven or is otherwise obvious, because this is forbidden and made punishable through illogical and justice-adverse laws, through which criminals, law-breakers, liars and con men/women etc. are being protected in their actions by false justice and false laws.

But what Vivienne/Dyson produced with their website are pure suspicions which they fanatically fight for and which they only devise from the propaganda material, without having real evidence that what they so vehemently and fanatically claim and openly publish is in accordance with the reality. Therefore in this case it must be spoken of libeling, because assumptions are not equal to the truth, but in this case (they equal) suspicion, which corresponds with libeling, which they are for as long as the opposite cannot be proven publicly, respectively, that the accusations are accurate. Thus Vivienne/Dyson are not only guilty of suspicion, but also of libeling, unless that they can prove their claims without doubt, by observing those machinations, that they accuse the sect of, in the presence of witnesses.

And what is to be advised now I can say in the following manner:

Vivienne/Dyson should immediately take down their website and dissolve it definitely and distance themselves from any further action in regards to their accusations, because this alone would be right, not what they are doing with their website. Those two got fanatically carried away under the wrong understanding of what is right, from which they can never emerge as victors if they cannot verify their claims with strong evidence, which must be accepted even by a court. And that they end their actions as soon as possible corresponds by itself with healthy reason.


This is extensive and clear, but I have already advised both of them of the same, but without success, because they are not teachable and they stubbornly insist that they are in the right, even though this is not the case, which also follows from your explanation. But I will phone Elisabeth today and fax through your words, so that she can email it to both of them in Australia. The unreasonableness that goes out from both of them after all my interventions via Elisabeth doesn’t give me great expectations that the two will find reason.


Then they will have to walk the path of harm.


We say to that: Whoever doesn’t want to listen, must feel it.


A true word which will also be proven in this case, if the two are not teachable and do not walk the path of righteousness. And that they are on the side of fallibility is beyond doubt.


That is the case without doubt.


Part Two

Billy: …

For about the last 10 or 15 years or so, films have been floating around which show so-called rods.

At the 250th contact, you and I spoke about the so-called bio-organic flying objects (Pleiadian-Plejaren Contact Reports, Conversations, Volume 7, pages 298 & 299), whereby you said the following:


81. In contrast to that, however, it is much more often the case that bio-organic flying objects make an appearance in this space-time-configuration, and, indeed, not only on the Earth, rather also on many other inhabited and also uninhabited worlds.

82. So we can also observe such bio-organers, as we call them, on our worlds, whereby at this stage we still do not know, however, exactly what kind of forms of life they are.

83. The dimension-changers, as we also further describe them, are larger and smaller, flight-capable, bio-organic life forms, which are often fluorescent or radiate very bright light and inhabit a parallel space, that is to say, a parallel universe.

84. By nature, they are completely harmless, and even playful.

85. They often appear singly or in small groups, in which they can be from a few meters* to several hundred meters in diameter.

86. They live in a parallel space which is still closed to us. We know its data well, but we have not yet been able to penetrate it in such a way that would enable us to take up communicative contact with these life forms.

These rods are, indeed, bio-organic flying objects?

In my opinion, it would have to be so, because the bioorganic flying objects which I have seen on monitors in your ships, look identical to the ones I have seen recently on television.


23. I know that for quite some time Earth human beings have filmed rods, as they call them. This is actually to do with bio-organic flying objects.


I thought so.

Question settled.






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