An Introduction To The Spirit Teaching

The symbol for the Spiritual Teaching


By Arahat Athersata

1. The terrestrial human race is entering and witnessing a phase of very powerful cosmic change. It is a new era, a new age, which continually and distinctly becomes clearer to the eyes of observant, consciously more advanced human beings.

2. While most of mankind here on Earth lies in a deep abyss of ignorance and of consciousness' enslavement, it has become an urgent necessity, through thorough investigations, to find the causes of mankind's decline, and to demonstrate this to human beings in a correct, clear, and revealing message and lesson.

3. Simultaneously, it necessitates showing new ways, which would guide mankind toward a future of conscious comprehension and harmony.

4. It is now time, therefore, for the Earthling to open his eyes and ears and detach his enslaved thoughts from false teachings, to free himself from traditional falsehoods and all evil, and to finally comprehend everything according to the truth."

About Arahat Athersata

ARAHAT ATHERSATA (Sanskit) which means: "The precious one who contemplates the times"

Excerpt from the inspired writing from a higher spiritform. Transmitted from a bodiless, immaterial and purely spiritual level.

Inspired receiver of the message: <BILLY> Eduard Albert Meier

Message received and written down from May 15th, 1975 until August 11th, 1975

Introduction to the Spiritual Teaching

Introduction to the Spiritual Teaching by Semjase at the 10th contact of Wednesday, March 26, 1975, 3:20 pm.

        1. It is now the time to speak of things, that are, in the sense of the consciousness- and the spiritual development of the Earth human, very important.

        2. In this regard, I do not wish to get to any questions, unless they are in relation to following presentation, which you will please understand.

        3. The human bears a spirit that does not die nor sleep during the deepest sleep; it records all thoughts and motions; it informs the human whether his thoughts are correct or false—if he has learned to pay attention.

        4. The spirit within the human is the bearer of the creative realm, and every human has his own (spirit).

        5. It is incomprehensible that the human speaks of a heaven and of a kingdom of heaven within himself, rather than to merely say: Creation, truth, knowledge, wisdom, spirit, consciousness and existence.

        6. A human's yearning lies in the joy that remains, for the imperishable life, the permanent peace, the spiritual and consciousness-related wealth that never fades and lasts forever.

        7. Heaven and Earth will perish, but truth, knowledge, wisdom and spirit will never be changing [change?] or perish.

        8. The spirit and the consciousness are on the look-out for what is perfect, for harmony, for peace, cognition and realization, for knowledge, wisdom, truth and beauty, for love and for the true BEING, all of which are of absolute duration.

        9. All of these lead to what forms the spiritual kingdom of wisdom; all are existing within what is creative.

        10. All of these are here in existence, as a genius of all ingenuity, as a melody of all melodies, as ability of all abilities, as the highest creative principle, as wonder of all wonders.

        11. The human may create wondrous worlds in a dream, just as Creation consciously creates the worlds.

        12. To the human, this capability arises from his consciousness, which is obtainable in existence within himself, in the same way that all wonders are available within himself.

        13. He himself is the realm of heaven, the realm of what is creative.

        14. That's why the terrestrial philosophers of old spoke about the human as a microcosm within a macrocosm because everything that is included within the universe is included within the human.

        15. The inner dimensions of the human are endless.

        16. The image of Creation, the spirit within him—the existence that is without dimension—it bears all dimensions within itself and, at the same time, transcends all dimensions.

        17. The spirit is the wonder of all wonders, and all power emerges from it.

        18. A wonder means using the spirit force in perfection.

        19. The human, however, places a wonder into something for which he lacks all possibilities of a logical explanation.

        20. If a human is happy, his happiness comes from within, because happiness is a self-created state; never is happiness a location.

        21. Joy comes forth from the human's inner part, created by spiritual poise.

        22. Therefore, everything comes from within.

        23. The things that, or humans who, seemingly form the cause of happiness, are only the external occasion to bring the happiness within the human expressing itself, if he has spiritually worked towards this.

        24. But happiness is something that belongs to the inner being, and it is an unseparable characteristic of the spirit's existence.

        25. Endless happiness and endless power are included in this existence.

        26. Outwardly, the human may be old, but this is only a passing matter.

        27. Fifty years ago he wasn't, and in fifty years—when his body is dead—he will not be, because only the body may become old and infirm.

        28. The spirit, however, remains forever young and suffers no symptoms of old age.

        29. The old age, and also youth and infancy, and also sorrows, grief or problems, is something that passes, like it is the case with all external conditions and experiences of the world.

        30. What is lasting is the existence of the spirit, truth, knowledge, wisdom, reality.

        31. What matters is to recognize and build them, because they only make the human free.

        32. If the human recognizes the existence of his spirit, the old age is not harmful to him any longer.

        33. No sorrows, no suffering, no problem, no changes and no ups and downs of life and of the surroundings, of the environment and the world may still throw him into grief.

        34. Wisdom is an elemental, tremendous power.

        35. Wisdom is light.

        36. And wherever a light shines, darkness and ignorance vanish.

        37. But ignorance is the actual darkness, and it is overcome by the light of wisdom.

        38. Wisdom is a characteristic of the existence of the spirit and the consciousness, and it bears within itself the qualities of happiness, truth, knowledge, balance, beauty, harmony and peace.

        39. Wisdom is light.

        40. However, wisdom is the characteristic of a human who has recognized the existence of his spirit and cooperates along with the spiritual laws.

        41. Wisdom is using the spirit force.

        42. Wisdom and spirit are two things that amount to one, in the same way as sunlight and the sun are two things.

        43. The sunlight results from the heat of the sun, which she herself first has to generate through her processes.

        44. Thus, there is also an all-creating existence in the universe that, on the strength of its force, creates forces that constantly and imperturbably follow and enliven the endless eons—as truth, knowledge and wisdom, (and) according to a given uniform guideline—along certain Creative laws.

        45. This forceful existence, however, is Creation.

        46. And therefore, there is only one existence that rules throughout the universe—only one Creation, only one truth, one knowledge and one wisdom—and that is synchronous and unchanging for all times.

        47. The eternal truth is not subject to any variations and changes, and its laws must never be revised and adjusted to new times.

        48. The spirit force is vital and dynamic, namely in such an amount as it embodies the wisdom within itself.

        49. It is a sign of human weakness when religions and their false teachings are presented as instruments of what is creative, and when wisdom becomes unreal through this.

        50. The human searches elsewhere for strength, freedom, joy and light, but not where they really may be found.

        51. Wisdom is a distinguishing feature of Creation that, as a fragment, inhabits the human as spirit.

        52. Therefore, the human shall increase his knowledgeable wisdom, and he will recognize Creation.

        53. He shall increase his search for truth, and he shall know about the power of wisdom.

        54. Cognition of the truth brings liberation from all restrictions.

        55. It brings boundless knowledge and wisdom.

        56. Wisdom is a powerful means to recognize the laws of Creation.

        57. A human who is filled with love is also rich in wisdom, and a human who is rich in wisdom is also full of love.

        58. However, the human cheats himself because he does not know love.

        59. He interprets grasping feelings and sentiments as love, while, to him, real love remains strange and not understood.

        60. A human is a human only if he has recognized truth, knowledge and wisdom, even if he never used the word Creation, because wisdom is also love in its best form.

        61. Thus, the human always finds that enlightenment and recognition are knowledge and also wisdom and love, and where love rules, there rules wisdom, too.

        62. Love and wisdom belong together, because Creation and Its laws are love and wisdom at the same time.

        63. Where there is wisdom and knowledge, there is love and cognition, and where there is cognition and love, there is Creation.

        64. Growth within love and wisdom teach the human to recognize Creation.

        65. First, however, the human learns the truth, and thereby he will gain freedom and peace, a peace which is imperishable, a power without an end.

        66. Wisdom and love both are two stimulating wings of the creative essence and character.

        67. With wisdom and love, the human is master over all creation.

        68. Wisdom and love increase his dedication for the fulfillment of the given creative-natural laws, because spirit and Creation are one.

        69. The earth human speaks of love that he does not know.

        70. He believes to know that his sentiments are love and, through this, he deceives himself.

        71. Love cannot be clothed in words, because it is, just as luck, a state and not a place.

        72. Love is imperishable, and nothing is able to change it into something else.

        73. The path of the spirit force leads over cognition of truth, knowledge, wisdom and love.

        74. The sense and function of the spiritual teaching is to spread truth, knowledge, wisdom and love.

        75. If this fails it is not a help anymore but an evil cult which, through false teachings, enslaves the spirit and produces ignorance, as it is the case with the religions' false teachings.

        76. If it pursues the function of expanding the spiritual knowledge, then it is a powerful instrument of the creative order.

        77. The spiritual teaching deals with the spreading of cognition, truth, knowledge, wisdom and love, with what is eternal, immortal, (and) imperishable, what overcomes death and spreads light, what embodies within itself the balance of wisdom and love, and they deal with the peace that surpasses all understanding.

        78. Each human believes to know what is meant by peace, in the manner that he knows it according to human experience.

        79. But to understand the wise peace of the endless existence, the spirit, the immortal Creation, surpasses his human understanding.

        80. The reason for this is that he is a prisoner of religious false teachings and human-material things that withhold from him an understanding for inner experience.

        81. The experience that forms the true key for true cognition and wisdom.

        82. The kingdom of the spirit holds wonders over wonders.

        83. The visible universe with which the human deals, is but a tiny spot within this wonderful, endless, spiritual intelligence of Creation.

        84. Countless billion universes like this are held within the endless spiritual intelligence of Creation.

        85. What is visible to the human's physical eyes is but a tiny iota within endlessness.

        86. What he cannot see with his eyes is immeasurable, inconceivable and unthinkable; it is confusing and unimaginable for his unspiritual human intelligence and (mental) capacity.

        87. The entire universe which he sees is but one of many rooms and must be counted as myriads, because there are universes within universes, universes beyond universes, universes under universes, universes above universes and universes out of the universes within this ur-mighty, colossal and all-creative spiritual intelligence of the Creation's existence.

        88. And the human is connected with this mighty spirit, with these elemental powers of existence, Creation, spiritual intelligence, because a fragment of this spirit-intelligence Creation dwells within, and enlivens the human, as spirit.

        89. Its (the spirit's) power, its joy, its peace, its freedom, its wisdom, its knowledge and its ability are unimaginable for people that are spiritually ignorant, illogical; for critics and know-it-alls; for those dependent to religions; for degenerated ones and other persons that have been led astray.

        90. And only a human who knows this truth and produces knowledge and wisdom and love from it, is a blessed human.

        91. He knows the answer to the last questions of science, of philosophy, and also of the wondering human.

        92. But in order to become such a blessed human it is required to search for and find the truth, to gain knowledge, wisdom and love from it, for the human is only able to spiritually grow in truth, knowledge, wisdom and love, whereby he will be freed from all human frailties.

        93. The human is enlightened and fully freed only if he—in his thoughts—incessantly and constantly dwells in the endless creative-spiritual reality.

        94. The spiritual intelligence is enlightened by lawful spiritual principles, and directed towards the creative being, the perfection and the power of what is creative itself.

        95. This in contrast to the human intelligence, because the human consciousness generally only deals with single things of the material world.

        96. As a consequence, the human is restricted and handicapped in every direction; he even gets captured, suppressed, plagued and tortured by all possible forms of misfortune, frailties and enslavement.

        97. Therefore, a human's individual self-analysis is one of the essential methods to find the truth and to walk on the path of spiritual evolution.

        98. Therefore, it is necessary that the human constantly examines his thoughts, and may see of what kind they are.

        99. He has to pay attention (to the fact) that, ultimately, he is always led, directed and determined by creative-philosophical principles and realities, by creative-natural laws.

        100. Within the human, there should reign a continually conscious feeling of belonging to what is creative, with his essential spiritual breath, his essential spiritual BEING.

        101. It shall be spiritually clear to him that his essential spiritual BEING is inseparably one with what is Creative, in order that he may—in this awareness—overcome the material outer world.

        102. This creative-philosophical truth and cognition should always and first of all rule a human's thinking, feeling and acting.

        103. For only he who is one with the spirit can recognize and do good in the long run, because he has the possibilities of Creation within himself.

        104. Nothing negative within the endless universe may touch and enslave him anymore.

        105. In addition to this creative-philosophical consciousness comes the practical, dynamic, creative, i.e. the mystical consciousness that consists of the perception of the one reality in all things.

        106. Therefore the human has to be a practical philosopher and mystic, and perceive the reality in its changeable, passing forms.

        107. For what is a human?

        108. He is only a figure and a name.

        109. If one takes away a human's name and figure, what will remain?

        110. What remains is the fundamental essence, the existence—the spirit.

        111. The human who fails to see this will be driven around and away by the slightest breath of air, without hope for rescue; (he will) always (be) striving to find a firm hold somewhere that, however, will never be offered unless he searches for, and finds, the fundamental truth.

        112. Billions of humans look up to the stars in the sky, however without any results or realizations.

        113. Astronomers, however, while looking up to the sky, discover new worlds and write books about it.

        114. But what they see and recognize, other people cannot see or recognize, even if they can look up.

        115. Despite their seeing eyes they are blind.

        116. In a similiar way this is the case with the normal and the spiritual human:

        117. The human, who truly lives according to Creation's laws, sees everywhere and recognizes what is creative, in every life form, in every thing, in every thought and act in every human, in all of nature's work and also in all conceivable circumstances.

        118. But the normal, unspiritual human, who is harmed by religions or other unreal teachings, may not see or hear, or recognize even one iota of truth.

        119. His life is unspiritual, all the more pressed into human-material ways.

        120. Thereby he is blind, deaf and ignorant.

        121. The human who adheres to Creation's laws is the most blessed and most fearless being.

        122. His will is insurmountable, his dedication immeasurable and endless, and his wisdom and love are constant and perfect, not capricious and full of doubts, like it is the case with those who are dependent from religions or generally those who are led astray in some way.

        123. His mind resembles the wide, endless sea and does not let itself come out of its rest.

        124. He does not tremble with fear.

        125. Therefore, the human may unfold his spiritual mind that is not anymore reached by any degenerated negative force;

        126. The mind which gives no shelter to negatively degenerated thoughts and supersedes all positively degenerated thoughts and actions.

        127. Only a balanced mind that is rooted in what is creative—in creative service, in creative wisdom, its knowledge, its love and joy that are more real than all material walls around (and more real than) the human environment—is valuable and serving the spirit's development.

        128. Therefore the human being shall be spiritually great and constructive at all times.

        129. The spirit, the source of all endless, creative development, is itself the human's innermost being.

        130. The human outer being is full of limitations, because it is not itself, but only its wrap, its material body, a limitation, a misleading matter, the source of toil and pain, (and it is) limited regarding cognition and will, willingness to make sacrifices, freedom, love and luck.

        131. If the human looks at his fellowman in an external, material way only, he sees nothing other than just exactly the form and figure, the material of this special person.

        132. If he looks at him with the spiritual eyes of cognition and knows that this (universally) all-testifying consciousness in himself is also in all the other ones, albeit unknown to them, then the manner of how he sees his fellowmen changes completely.

        133. He then does not simply see a man anymore, a woman, a girl or a child, but he sees the fellowman as a bearer of a creative spirit that knows about itself, about its existence, and wants to reveal itself through anybody if there would only be offered an opportunity.

        134. He who knows the truth sees his fellowman from this knowledge and recognition, because he sees in him what is creative.

        135. At least he now knows more than he knew before he recognized the truth.

        136. This is the proof then that ignorance is nothing that cannot be changed for all times.

        137. If the human is willing to accept the truth he can free himself from all ignorance.

        138. The human can free himself from everything, and everything can be taken from him, except the creative consciousness, the spirit, the existence within his interior, this purely spiritual realm within him.

        139. He may be robbed from all of his possessions and may be driven away from his home, but nobody may drive him away from his spiritual realm within his interior.

        140. Thus, the human should be constantly aware of what is creative, without which he would not be able to draw a single breath, could grasp no thought, could not realize, see, hear or experience.

        141. Therefore, the great sages of all times say:

        142. "The creative spirit is nearer to the human than his own breath."

        143. The human may not escape from this highest consciousness, for sooner or later, he surrenders to this creative reality, because it is the life of his life, the spirit of his spirit, the consciousness of his consciousness, the light of his light, the central thought force of all life, the existence that projects all human thinking by far, against which all power of the human-material-intellectual thinking sinks into absolute insignificance.

        144. The spirit itself is able to live without the light of the physical eyes, in the same way that it may live without hearing, arms, legs or even without the exterior consciousness' exterior understanding.

        145. However, there is always something present that enables him to keep on living, namely his own creative force.

        146. This awareness of oneself, this all-observing and all-registering spiritual consciousness within the human, that looks at his thoughts and motions and that stands behind all of his thinking, that tells him whether he is knowing or ignorant, this is what is called creative, the spiritual consciousness.

        147. To always think again and again about the fact that the spirit is omnipotent—always present, all-knowing and, beyond this, endless luck, endless beauty, endless value, actually the value of all things—lets the word Creation become absolutely important for the human and brings forth evolution-related changes within him.

        148. As often as the words spirit and Creation are impressed upon him, there occur within him psychological changes of the greatest importance.

        149. His feelings and all of his senses change.

        150. The more clear his spiritual intelligence becomes through it, the more his personality gains power, and the more blessed will be his life.

        151. A wise one full of spirit consciousness sees what will happen in the most distant future, perhaps even billions of years later, and he has the life forms' and humankind's entire past before his eyes.

        152. Thus, the greatest knowledge is given unto him.

        153. Yet, how is this possible?

        154. Such a human has the necessary requirements within his interior, in the spirit.

        155. As the light may be perceived through the closed eye-lids, as lies within every human creative presence, the entire spiritual realm; however, it is visible only to those who are actually able to look inward through their inner eye.

        156. It can only be useful to those who offer all requirements.

        157. Every human bears within him the entire kingdom of spirit, but it is covered and beaten with ignorance, errors, imperfection, evil, mistakes and restrictions of all sorts, which have to be changed into their opposites through the recognition and acceptance of truth.

        158. The human must resolve and open all evils by developing abilities that are opposed to everything that is degenerated and which lead to a neutral balance.

        159. The way of experiencing the spirit will be accelerated through the unfolding of conscious searching and the gathering of true knowledge, and this unfolding leads to the true and all-encompassing, cosmic wisdom and love, based on the cognition that Creation is present within everything.

        160. The human is one with everything within Creation, in truth, wisdom and love, in the kingdom of the spirit;

        161. The truth and wisdom, that the human is separated through space and time and the body from each other; this, however, may be overcome through the internal experience.

        162. Wisdom and love combined, knowledge and truth combined, the spirit's wisdom and love lead—through experience—to unity and Creation itself, to universal joy, power and perfection.

        163. Since the human does not know what is of Creation, and is led astray, namely by spirit-enslaving religions, he makes a great many mistakes, searches for the true treasures in the wrong places and, thereby, violates all nature-related and creative order and all rules of laws.

        164. As precisely as he will observe the human laws of the human society, he still will constantly offend against all laws and rules and order of what is creative in the universe, and will let himself be captured in human-material troubles, sorrows and problems, in fright, false teachings, deceptions and failings, in misfortune, spiritual ignorance and spiritual enslavement and restrictions.

        165. Exactly what is of greatest value will be made unobtainable by unreal religions and human ignorance.

        166. To the human, this ignorance and the misleading religions disguise that which is the source of all valuable things, the life of his life and the light of all intelligence—the spirit and the Creation.

        167. The human shall accept the entire realm of his daily life and his experiences as creative.

        168. He shall see himself everywhere in space, in the times and in all things.

       169. He himself shall be everything and shall evoke all that is creative in everything, and, in this way, shall bring it to recognition and experience.

        170. For, in everything is the Creation, and everything is enlivened through its spirit, through which everything is one in everything.

        171. However the question remains how the human may identify himself with everything when he does not know the spirit's path.

        172. Generally, he identifies himself with his body.

        173. But what will happen when he tries to enter into the truth and aligns himself in his interior with the creative BEING and the spiritual reality?

        174. Involuntarily the entire world dissolves in this real reality, the "spiritual truth".

        175. The one and only principle of what is creative-spiritual. rules everywhere.

        176. But how shall the human identify himself with everything?

        177. The human shall see himself for just what he really is.

        178. Generally he identifies himself with his body.

        179. He cares for it like it were a gem, he nurtures it and takes trouble for it until self-sacrifice.

        180. He surrounds it with pride, junk and a stupid delusion, while he lets his spirit become stunted.

        181. However, a little bit of pain makes him angry, sullen and uncomfortable against other ones, or he even starts complaining and crying, has self-pity and robs himself of his life.

        182. He surrounds his body with some nondescript halo and with vanity, fear, sorrow, pride and problems.

        183. More and more often, everything revolves around his body only.

        184. Often he extends his body identity towards his material possessions, or he gets upset if some fellowman involuntarily touches it.

        185. Yet, what will a human do about it when he has recognized the spiritual truth?

        186. He will identify himself with all things and all the world's life forms and the universes.

        187. A human full of creative-spiritual wisdom, full of knowledge, truth, love and cognition, knows that from the truth everything originated, originates and will originate for all eternity.

        188. Therefore, he identifies himself with each and everything.

        189. In his spiritual consciousness, he will always be—in his innermost part—one with each and everything.

        190. In his interior, in his spiritual consciousness, he will identify himself with everything in the universe, in the same manner that the other one, who thinks materialistically, identifies himself with his body, with his money, his possessions, his confused speaking and teaching, and with the sound of his voice.

        191. But when the human identifies himself with everything in the universe, no hate and no greed may dwell within him anymore, because he makes no more selfish differences.

        192. He has just become one with the essence in everything.

        193. Other people may claim something as their exclusive property, but he who thinks spiritually identifies it with the truth within and, therefore, owns everything internally.

        194. All fright has left him, while he identifies himself with the truth.

        195. This truth of Creation and of the spirit, with which he is one, even directs his enemy's hand that will rise against him, in such a way that it falls back to (the enemy) himself.

        196. The spiritual one is protected and sheltered, and the whole nature is well-disposed toward him, and yes, even his enemies have to serve him in the end.

        197. With their attacks, they cause the spiritual within him to unfold to even greater strength and power and to overcome all that is evil, vile and degenerated.

        198. Ultimately, the enemies only contribute to the recognition of the truth and growth of those who think spiritually.

        199. They wish evil, troubles and bad things to those who think spiritually; they are of the opinion that they could destroy them through critique, know-it-all manner, lies and defamation, through complaints and false teachings, through condemning and making a fool of him; however, they only cause damage to themselves, because their acting gives testimony of intellectual foolishness and ignorance, from which he who thinks spiritually learns even more and becomes even greater and more powerful in his spirit and consciousness.

        200. Are such truths perhaps suggestions?

        201. To claim this would be a delusion, because it is false.

        202. It deals here with absolute truths.

        203. Generally, the lives of those who are thinking falsely, who are led astray and are depending upon religions, are full of evil suggestions, full of imaginary concepts, false teachings and delusional assumptions.

        204. The only possibility and the only means to overcome those damages is to fundamentally recognize the truths which abolish the human figments, to adhere to them and to let rule the highest creative-spiritual forces.

        205. All unreal suggestions and human imaginations will be corrected by stating:

        206. "I, the human, am a part of Creation that, as a fragment, as spirit, enlivens me."

        207. Yet the knowledge that everything is imaginations and illusions, except the creative-spiritual force, truth and reality, (this knowledge) doesn't diminish the eagerness that the human unfolds in his life at all, but it will drive him up into unimagined heights.

        208. Only that which is true and which remains truth can be valid as truth; something on which one can depend on through eternity, and that never and under no circumstances ever needs revision.

        209. Truth must never be adjusted to some other or new time, because it is constant for all times.

        210. It is eternally constant and always sounds alike, even if it is spoken with other words.

        211. It is the rock upon which one can build in eternal times and in all spaces.

        212. The truth has been before life, and the truth is afterwards also.

        213. What is only of a short duration is danger, a grave deception, a false teaching.

        214. Creation and truth are always the same, today just as tomorrow; they are always unchanging and of eternal, constant value.

        215. They do not change, neither name nor form, because Creation and truth are without names and forms.

        216. Therefore, the human shall cling to what is creative, because alone what is creative is the truth.

        217. It is that which is imperishable, like Creation itself; it is that which is eternal and perfect, that is worth all of human's efforts of will, because near it the human does not fall prey to deception.

        218. Therefore, he shall cling to the truth and become imperturbable in always constant calmness, joy, knowledge, love, strength and wisdom in all things.

        219. That which is creative alone is endless wisdom and truth, with which there is not one iota of error.

        220. Therefore, the human shall get strength from the creative wisdom, and he shall search for his light in his own spirit.

        221. The spiritual human knows well that he may not move his hand in a room without touching myriad of what is creative, because it is always present in all times and spaces.

        222. The spiritual human is full of joy when he knows about the truth that the creative—which is eternally and indescribably powerful—surrounds him wherever he walks.

        223. What is creative is full of endless peace, full of endless cognition and the most perfect perfection.

        224. It is the source of all wonders of the highest spiritual consciousness that is present everywhere, within and external.

        225. His joy is as endless as the spiritual life itself.

        226. In order to achieve fast spiritual progress, the spiritual human looks upon each and everything as creative.

        227. As soon as he sees something, he sees what is creative.

        228. Behind everything and in its manifestations, there always stands before him what is creative.

        229. Therefore, the spiritual human does not walk this way and that way in order to attain the highest spiritual experience; instead he always finds the best place to gather recognition and experience wherever he stays.

        230. His spirit that is to be developed is within him and not at some other location.

        231. He must develop it through his own thinking and acting.

        232. Through this cognition, his attitude becomes a sanctuary, and all things along with him become holy—even the earth under his feet.

        233. The spiritual human does not look upon the future as the time to experience Creation and the spirit dwelling within him, but the immediate "here and now", through which he—in the eyes of the non-spiritual normal people—lives in the most distant future, often totally misunderstood.

        234. For the spiritual human, the time is not sometime, but always in the immediate "here and now".

        235. For him it is not necessary to see physically in order to see the truth.

        236. He begins to search within himself, and the truth becomes more and more real to him, because for him his spirit is the all-seeing presence.

        237. No word that is spoken anywhere remains unheard by him.

        238. In order to speed progress the spiritual human hears the sound of truth from any sound he hears, whereby each sound penetrates his spiritual consciousness and establishes there.

        239. In the same manner every thing reminds him of that which is creative, and of the immediate truth.

        240. Every circumstance is a creative circumstance, each opportunity a creative opportunity.

        241. The creative human lives and works in such cognition, and through this he internally walks on.

        242. What is great, what is spiritual, is present within his innermost as little things, because in the cognition of truth dwells what is infinite in the finite.

        243. And within each human the infinite has its seat; however, very few are able to recognize this.

        244. To wake up the infinite requires reasonable logic and being free from unreal teachings.

        245. To wake up the infinite and let it become effective is the goal of life—spiritual perfection.

        246. Those who are rich in spirit become an instrument, through which Creation expresses the spiritual realm.

        247. This highest wisdom-like value of Creation lets the heaven arise.

        248. Those who are rich in spirit are free of all boundaries of any restriction and the material self-awareness, and are, therefore, in constant touch with Creation itself.

        249. In the case of the human, the weight of the material principle prevails.

        250. In the not too distant future, terrestrial science will discover this principle in the (substance) matter.

        251. Creation is included along with everything that was created; with everything that unfolds itself and develops further.

        252. Only the unrestricted spirit and Creation itself represent true freedom, true perfection, true cognition, power, love, knowledge, truth and wisdom.

        253. In its absoluteness, all of these are the creative itself.

        254. In order to gain anything truly excellent in life, the human must be loyal to what is creative, the unrestricted and unlimitable.

        255. Everything that is limited and restricted brings irreality and problems.

        256. However, attractive as it may seem, it will once become a source of problems and irrealities.

        257. The finite things of all forms are unnatural for the innermost essence, and, therefore, the human cannot recognize and love them as truth without harming himself most severely.

        258. At all times they are full of faults, because everything that is finite brings along problems and difficulties.

        259. If the human loves or possesses something that is finite, it has at least the fault of being absolutely transient.

        260. He may love it greatly according to the human understanding of love; however, when its time comes it perishes, and he mourns over the loss of it.

        261. That which is limited has faults in other respects, too.

        262. Even if it does not perish at the first moment, it is at least subjected to changes.

        263. If it is full of human love for one moment, it may be displaced by, or filled with, human hate at the next moment.

        264. Whether it is a thing that changes or perishes, or a human who changes his approach towards his fellow man, the result is always sorrow and suffering, while that which may not be limited will never change because it is of unlimited and absolute lasting value.

        265. When wisdom and truth dawn within the human and when his spiritual knowledge grows, when he is guided by universal love and when his life becomes a blessing to him and other ones, then cognition of truth has ripened within him.

        266. Then he becomes aware of the fragment of Creation within him, the spirit—the spiritual realm.

        267. Creation is present in spiritual love and wisdom.

        268. He who struggles for spiritual light and spiritual love, to him the door to Creation opens.

        269. If the human loves the truth, he loves that which is perfect and wonderful and what embodies the spiritual realm within itself, for it is also the path to wisdom's realm.

        270. The human shall become aware of the creative presence and let his spiritual intelligence shine forth from everything.

        271. He shall recognize that even in the vast, infinite and open space the eyes of that which is creative are directed towards him, and that Creation is the true intelligence that sees him with those eyes which keep everything safe and are endowed with a sense, and which are able to answer everything.

        272. Therefore, he shall live consciously-spiritually under the eyes of that which is creative; he shall live with the consciousness of that which is spiritual, that is infinite power, of which he must always be aware.

        273. Then he can never be weak.

The Creation

What is the Creation?

Excerpt from Stimme der Wassermannzeit, No. 89 December 1993

        1. Creation is the immeasurable mystery suspended in immeasurable expanse.

        2. Creation is identical to 'Universal Consciousness', which guides and prevails in the BEING of consciousness; it is a double-helix, egg-shaped configuration that simultaneously constitutes the Universe in its growing expansion. Its pulsating double-helix arms live as spiritual energy, while rotating against each other.

        3. The Universe is Creation's internal and external body.

        4. Creation — through its entirety pulsate the Universal 'Gemüt' (a non-translatable German term for the spiritual counterpart to the psyche) and the Universal Consciousness, the power of life and existence in general.

        5. Creation pervades everything and everything pervades Creation, therefore forming oneness within itself. Within this oneness occur all life and all of the evolution allotted to it.

        6. Creation has the identical developmental and evolutionary process as every life form, — however, its values of time are anchored in very high values indeed.

        7. Creation itself exists in a conscious creative state for seven Great-Times. — Subsequently it lays dormant for an equal number of Great-Times, but this time they last seven times as long. Following this period, Creation is awake to create once again for a period seven times as longer once again than the previous one. (One Great-Time is equal to 311,040,000,000,000 terrestrial years; seven Great-Times add up to 2,177,280,000,000,000 terrestrial years, also called an eternity; 7 x 7 Great-Times make one All-Great-Time.)

        8. Creation is The Creation and there exists no Creation other than it within its own Universe.

        9. Creation is the Creation of all creations such as the Universe, the galaxies, stars, earths (earth is equivalent to 'planets' in this context), skies, light and darkness, time, space and all multitudes of life forms in existence, each according to its own species.

        10. Creation is justice, love, strength, wisdom, knowledge, compassion, freedom, mercy, laws, directive, alliance, fulfillment, evolution, life, support, joy, beauty, peace, infallibility, equilibrium, spirit, forever, logic, growth, perfection, contentment, inexhaustibility, omnipotence, sweetness, infinity, solidarity, perception, harkening, elevation, the Sohar, gentleness, lucidity, purity, transformation, origin, future, power, reverence, allness and BEING.

        11. Creation is the BEING and non-BEING of life. It is the most immense mass of spiritual energy in the Universe.

        12. Creation is spirit in its purest form and immeasurable in its wisdom, knowledge, love and harmony in truth.

        13. Creation is a spiritually dynamic, pure-spirit energy that prevails over everything. Incomprehensible for human beings, it is an active, creative wisdom in the midst of its own incessant evolution; it is all-encompassing for all times.

        14. Creation is verity, the all-embracing, solace, comprehensiveness, guidance, equality, accuracy, cognition, empirical knowledge, admonition, discipline, recollection, revelation, praise, perfection, explanation and direction.

        15. Creation is the path of life; it is nature, light, fire and contemplation; Creation is consciousness, and it is omnipresent.

Glory be to Creation.

Billy Meier

Illustration of the Creation

The structure of the Creation according to the Plejarens


The doublespiral structure of the Creation


Basic Rules of Man

Basic Rules of FIGU or Basic Rules of Man, respectively by Eduard Albert Meier (14 years old) Regensdorf/Switzerland, Saturday, February 3, 1951, at 8:02 pm

        1. Each human being must ask himself for, search for, and find his own meaning of life, and must want to use it (the meaning of life) for the improvement of his life and actions.

        2. Each human being must be himself and be his own "guiding personality", who therefore develops his own resounding ideas and pursues and realizes them.

        3. Each human being must let his own reason and his own understanding be exercised in such a way that he demands from himself that which is best and the most salutary; (and) that he forms himself according to his own will, and that he obeys (the demands of) his own needs in his own free way.

        4. Each human being must form himself in such a way that he always is himself, has originally-own (unique), intensive experiences, (and) that he never lets himself be enslaved or subjugated in any other way and, consequently, preserves his internal and external freedom in every respect; in his thoughts and feelings as well as in his decisions, views, opinions, emotions and actions, etc.

        5. Each human being must show towards himself the friendliness and love that is necessary for him, and (must) feel safe and secure within himself as well as being honest towards himself in such a way that he may understand his own thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and opinions, etc.

        6. Each human being must direct his thoughts, feelings, ideas, wishes, needs and actions etc. in such a way that he feels capable for high-reaching goals that, however, shall always be in accordance with his abilities and possibilities and, therefore, shall not be exaggerated and too highly elevated.

        7. Each human being shall see and know himself as he really is; therefore he shall not think of himself as a perfect world for this is not possible for any person because each one must learn and, consequently, is exposed to mistakes and imperfection. Therefore, it is not possible that everything is clear within the human being, (and) that everything is right and that he is better than his fellow-human being.

        8. Each human being must always be fully aware that there are consciousness-related differences between each human being. Consequently, no one can be exactly equal in intelligence to another. But this does not entitle anyone to see their fellow-human beings as blind and to classify them as a human being on a lower level. This entitlement also does not exist if fellow-human beings are even labouring under a religion or sect, because they are all the same human beings who are within the creative-natural laws of life and evolutional learning like all the others.

        9. Each human being by himself shall endeavour through his own efforts to form and fulfil his existence and existential duties in all forms of justice, honesty, reason and intention etc., namely in the spheres of consciousness, character, virtue, thoughts/feelings, and the psyche. In this way the human being shall create a firm motivation for rising within himself, without humbling himself in any way, not even in a religious or sectarian manner.

        10. Each human being shall not use neither his idealism for unworthy nor un-provable and questionable things, but shall direct his idealism especially towards recognizing within himself his own true being, and to improve, complete and realize it outwardly, because the true being is the actual nature of everything that is directed towards progress and success, and that, therefore, is the source of the forming of life.

        11. Each human being shall not believe in any thing, but shall always search for the basic truth, which he can only find within himself if he searches and thinks about everything, and by using his reason, his understanding and his sound logic. Thus the human being may find the truth only within himself, but only if he is free of any belief in things he can never prove within himself. Belief is not proof, but simply something that is assumed to be kind, desirable and right, without any provable content of truth; consequently, a belief can never be cogent because of the fact that the provable truth is missing.

        12. Each human being can never find the real truth for which he searches for years or an entire life if he simply surrenders to a belief and does not explore and recognize the factual truth through logic, understanding and reason within himself, so as to implement and comply with it through his life and lifestyle.

        13. Each human being shall see as his highest goal to progressively mould and implement his knowledge, his ability, his true love, his real happiness, his capabilities and opportunities as well as his wisdom and humaneness in such a way that he can lead a truly evolutional and just, humane life and can also assist the fellow-human beings in such a way.

        14. Each human being's prime concern shall be to pay his own attention on himself, i.e. to his personality, his character, his virtues, thoughts, feelings and actions, in order to align everything in such a way that all things are right, and not chase misleading goals which end in a belief in unreal things.

        15. Each human being shall manage his income and assets in a reasonable way and shall not waste them on unreal, belief-related things, for each person shall do what's right and take care of himself if the opportunity and existence are available to him, so he does not unjustly become a burden on the fellow-human beings and he does not behave as a parasite.

        16. Each human being shall always live in the present, but he shall look into the future and care for its shaping, while also considering the past and learning from it, in order to attain success, realizations and progress.

        17. Each human being needs rest and peace, and consequently, he also needs his quiet hours and shall not be constantly busy, neither when alone, nor when in the company of his fellow-human beings, the family or in communities. Each human being needs times of leisure because only through this is he able to compose and recover himself. However leisure time shall always be in appropriate amounts and not be exaggerated, so as not to become a burden to, and an annoying influence on one's own thoughts and feelings, nor to his fellow-human beings.

        18. Each human being shall at all times pay heed in forever searching for the truth only, and never for a doctrine of salvation because truly there is no such thing, neither in a philosophical, religious, secular, sectarian or other ideological direction, nor can a doctrine of salvation be found in science. A doctrine of salvation is always a belief-related deception, or at least charlatanry or criminal profit-making. In truth, the only thing that always counts is reality, which is based on the use of sound understanding and reason as well as on real logic.

        19. Each human being shall always be frank and honest towards his fellow-human beings, and he shall never presume—whatever may be the reasons—to control his fellow-human beings in such a way that it results in harm to them. This shall be the case both in the family as well as in every community, in order that neither backbiting nor discrimination (disadvantage) or other wrongdoings occur.

        20. Each human being shall pay heed to his internal and external freedom and shall never bind himself to any things from which he may not be able anymore to detach himself, or (things) that frighten him of the step toward freedom; be it concerning purely material things and values or a human relationship, or concerning a family or a community of any kind.

        21. Each human being shall be intent on never accepting and understanding any doctrines of a political, philosophical, sectarian, secular, scientific, religious or other ideological form as "true truth" or as "real, true knowledge", etc., for—truly—each teaching shall be examined down to the last detail because only in this way the effective truth can be grasped and reality experienced.

        22. Each human being must always be clearly aware that the life he lives, no matter how many years it may have lasted, has never been pointless or senseless. Consequently, nothing has been lost in the life lived because each second lived has surely fulfilled its intentionality and brought about evolutional success, even if the result may only have been minimal.

        23. Each human being shall always be of clear and reasonable senses and shall not expose himself to the constant influences of any teachings through which the possibility of one's own (independent) thinking, pondering, reasoning, ascertaining and understanding is taken away. If the human being wants to occupy himself with some things or a teaching, he must always think about the possibility of finding enough time to let his thoughts and feelings, his considerations and ideas, etc. unfold, so he can ascertain everything, and can find the conclusions and the truth within himself.

        24. Each human being must be intent on fostering interpersonal relationships, to devote attention to familial relationships as well as friendship, comradeship and acquaintances. Parents, brothers and sisters, friends, acquaintances and the fellow-human beings in general must always be a source of joy and of peace, in the form of a freedom which has a unifying and expanding effect in each and every way.

        25. Each human being must always be intent that life will impart to him a sense and a feeling of being secure and protected to him. This must find expression both in the company of fellow-human beings and when being alone (aloneness).

        26. Each human being must shape his life by creating events, so as to find in it love, happiness, joy, peace, harmony, balance and freedom.

        27. Each human being who wants to live according to reality must give to himself a sound sense of self-esteem and self-confidence and preserve it; in this way—regarding oneself—healthy, self-sustaining and progressive thoughts, feelings and actions can be best realized.

        28. Each human being shall at all times behave in a decent and virtuous manner and also in regard to his work and opinion, his knowledge and his learning in such a way that he will be recognized and respected as a true human being in his nearer or further surroundings.

        29. Each human being shall live his life in such a way that—after having passed away—good memories result from his life which let him live on in good thoughts posthumously.

        30. Each human being shall live in such a way that the fellow-human beings take an interest in his life and honour him in their thoughts and feelings. It may well be that there are enemies who take interest in evil ways, but they shall be forgiven because peace and forgiveness shall be the work of love, not hatred.

        31. Each human being shall feel embedded into the good company of fellow-human beings in order that a common experience of life may promote love, peace and freedom as well as harmony and the happiness of each individual.

        32. Each human being shall be eager in such a way as to let develop that in his life which is thoughtful-feelingful as well as spontaneous and full of love in a "empfindungs"-like manner. So it is given that each human being's life finds new, good, pleasurable and positive directions again and again, both spontaneous and also well-considered in many ways.

        33. Each human being shall in every respect endeavour during his whole life to fulfil it: with learning and gathering knowledge, with working for wisdom, with performing satisfactory work, with true love and harmony as well as through being intent on keeping peace and freedom.

        34. Each human being shall always be open for all things, so he may constantly find much that is mysterious and exciting in his life, that which brings him surprise and astonishment, perhaps even robbing him of his breath in joyful shock and letting him be forever young.

        35. Each human being shall always foster an open, good, loving, peaceful, harmonious and liberal relationship with all human beings, even if they are hostile towards him. As a rule, hatred doesn't harm the other person, but the hateful person himself because taking satisfaction in hatred becomes his own disgrace.

        36. Each human being must always be open to questions about the meaning of life and the human being's existence, and he shall be in need of them, so as to ponder and to talk about them with his fellow-human beings, to gain cognition of truth therefrom.

        37. Each human being must have the feeling and certainty that he can communicate and explain to the fellow-human beings that which is important to him, and in return understanding is given to him.

        38. Each human being must have the feeling and certainty that his fellow-human beings do understand what depresses and burdens him, and that he may expect useful advice or some other help.

        39. Each human being shall lead his life openly in such a way that it is of use and an advantage for himself in every positive way, and also for his family, his relationship as well as the community.

        40. Each human being shall be intent to not avoid problems and conflicts, but to search for solutions (for them), and to overcome them.

        41. Each human being has the obligation to build up sufficient self-confidence and healthy self-esteem so he can meet and master all tasks and difficulties that arise in life.

        42. Each human being shall always make an effort to not let himself be upset, feel uneasy nor become unsure by any tensions that appear within himself or his fellow-human beings.

        43. Each human being shall endeavour to shape each situation in his life in a conscious and carefully-considered way, if this opportunity is given to him.

        44. Each human being shall form himself in such a way that he doesn't fall victim to shattering thoughts and feelings through unclear, confused and unpleasant situations.

        45. Each human being must always be forearmed to meet thoughts and feelings of reluctance in a relaxed way, in order to deal with them correctly and not to be at their mercy.

        46. Each human being shall endeavour to communicate with his fellow-human beings in order to express his own attitude and to represent his own opinion or "learning interests".

        47. Each human being shall determine goals in his life that he shall strive for and attain with forethought, attention, interest, motivation and self-confidence.

        48. Each human being must consider his life worth living in every situation.

        49. Each human being must always determine his behaviour by himself, and not by external circumstances, nor by fellow-human beings or by religions, sects, philosophies, science or and other ideologies.

(* In the spiritual teaching the German word Empfindung and derivations like empfindungsmässig describe that factor in the human being's spiritual part which is called "feeling" or "feeling-related" in his material part. There is no word in English for Empfindung, just as it is also the case with the Gemüt, whose counterpart in the material body is the psyche.)

Life in Spiritual and Physical

The terrestrial human race is entering and witnessing a phase of very powerful cosmic change. It is a new era, a new age, which continually and distinctly becomes clearer to the eyes of observant, consciously more advanced human beings. While most of mankind here on Earth lies in a deep abyss of ignorance and of consciousness' enslavement, it has become an urgent necessity, through thorough investigations, to find the causes of mankind's decline, and to demonstrate this to human beings in a correct, clear, and revealing message and lesson. Simultaneously, it necessitates showing new ways, which would guide mankind toward a future of conscious comprehension and harmony. It is now time, therefore, for the Earthling to open his eyes and ears and detach his enslaved thoughts from false teachings, to free himself from traditional falsehoods and all evil, and to finally comprehend everything according to the truth. May the Earth human therefore open the senses of his consciousness now to recognize truth. May he look up toward the infinite expanse of the universe, where in timelessness the stars rule in majestic peace and exaltation. May he gaze up to these stars, which, in Creative order, orbit through innumerable year millennia in perfect harmony with the universally valid laws of Creation, and in fulfillment of the commandments to be followed.

As is the case on Earth, these stars are all ruled by Creative laws and commandments which are integrated into the logic and love of Creation itself. There is an eternal activity of growing, timeless existing and ceasing in the endless beginning. May the Earthling look down on his Earth, because there, too, the same laws and commandments of Creation take place in ironclad order. Man, Earth, and its manifold forms of life are all part of these same laws and commandments, as a minuscule yet significant link in the chain of all Creative creation.

Where nature exists by the Creative laws and commandments, untouched by human hand, and untouched accomplishes its existence, there reigns absolute and perfect beauty, strength, dignity, and harmonious greatness without any hierarchy. However, wherever there are traces of human intervention, deliberate illogical order, and corrections become visible, all beauty, strength, dignity, order, and greatness disappear. Harmony is destroyed, changed, and made impossible. Nature then becomes, unintentionally, a witness to the lack of reason and injudiciousness of the Earthling, who likes to call himself the "Crown of Creation". As a self-appointed crown of Creation, man lives in his delusion, unaware of the fact that he has put on a crown of which he is unworthy. The crown in question is far too large for him and he cannot wear it, for it threatens to crush him under its weight.

Truly, the Earthling has developed and "splendidly advanced" until the third millennium. He has taken himself to the brink of a deep abyss and placed himself before the fangs of the beast of lunacy - driven by false doctrines and religious cults of malicious degeneration, which brought forth hatred, greed, vice, misery, lust, and bloodshed. He, the Earthling, self-appointed "Crown of Creation", who rules or wants to rule the world and the universe, who have conquered the air, water, and fire, has long ago forgotten how to be a true and sincere human being, and how to think, act, and live by pure, spiritual standards. Hence, he has essentially forgotten how to live as a valuable human being in the "Community Human Being". He has forgotten to live as a valuable person in communion with other persons. All his forms strive for purely material and materialistic objects and concerns, and he badly disregards all matters of spirit, progress, love, truth, knowledge, logic, and wisdom.

Since ancient times man on Earth has wanted only one thing: to obtain power, power under all circumstances. Upon gaining his power, man has simply used it for enslavement and bondage. Fighting has always been his sole war-cry, and the manifestation of hell his victory. Through very evil and consciousness-enslaving false doctrines, usually in cult-like religious form, man has created coercion and hypocrisy. Through them he spoke of honor and freedom, but in reality he was only thinking of consciousness' enslavement, profit, and exploitation in every way, and absolute dependence. Man on Earth has forgotten how to show his true face long ago, for he has hidden and lost it within himself with the dawn of religious, false doctrines. Because of this he now wears only a colorful mask whose effect is very stale, monotonous, indifferent, stoical, egotistical, and mask-like. Many Earth humans have become like beasts or consciously deranged robots of the cults' false doctrines. Lacking a consciousness that is in agreement with wisdom, and in a form alien to wisdom, people spend their days, months, and years on Earth ignorant of even the tiniest amount of truthful truth. Maliciously and dishonestly they strive only for power, greed, materialism, and hatred against their fellowman and themselves. On the day their life clock stops ticking they die, filled with fear, disharmony and hatred.

Man has made everything subservient to him through his intellect and reasoning, and by arranging and manipulating everything around him. His ambitions thrive only on this subordination. Appearance has become far more important to him than the truth of Being. He lost the eternal truth of the spirit and Creation in its basic elements, and has clung since earliest times to unrealistic doctrines of cults. Due to his self-delusion, he valued enslaving and false doctrines far more than all the laws and commandments in their truth and wisdom. Because of his extremely poor, confused, cult-religious philosophy of life, man believed that by rejecting the true Creative laws and commandments, and by creating orders based on human laws, he could reform mankind in accordance with these unrealistic cults or lead it to a better future of improved living potential. Having lost the knowledge of Creation's essence in man, he wanted to force other human beings into living, using materialistic means and false religious doctrines. That is why he has enchanted the masses of terrestrial mankind with false promises, false ideals, and idols associated with false doctrines of cults. Within a short time this path led to enslavement, consciousness' constraint, exploitation, hatred, greed, and vice of the gravest extent. Wherever a remnant of trust has remained, man soon transformed it rapidly and incessantly into vicious distrust and deadly hatred. The Earthling has gradually removed himself ever more from a true life, from the spiritual intent that originated in Creation. Man has lost his knowledge of the most ancient truth and wisdom, namely, that he is the criterion for all Creative things, in creation of Creation's own perfection within itself.

Now the change of time and the course of a new cosmic era necessitate, with great urgency, that the Earth human turn once again in his aspirations and thinking toward the Creative spiritual truth and the real values of spiritual and conscious life. Until now only a minute sector of humanity knew, or even suspected, that the human life form inhabits not only the terrestrial sphere, but also lives throughout the vast areas of the universe. Similarly, only a fraction of these human beings knows that the human spirit and consciousness project into the spheres of Creation that cannot be perceived through material senses. Creation, however, is the true abode of every spirit form and, consequently, of each human being as well, within whose physical body a part of Creation itself lives.

Truly, it is in the interest of every human being to strive for, and attain, spiritual and conscious expansion and depth, in order to revise his present concept of life. It is a concept of life, which had followed purely materialistic and unreal paths of faith as its course and, as a consequence, propelled the truth of the spirit into severe damnation. A reversal, however, will not be easy, because its path is overgrown with vines and thorns. Concerning the most crucial truths, frequently opposite directions have to be taken, because man must learn that through the existence of his Creative spirit, he possesses for all duration of time an immortal part, namely the spirit—a spirit that works together with the Creative realm and does not play servile role as it has been stated by cults. In fact, each human being must prove to himself that his spirit works in a Creative manner, and that he must find his perfection within himself, to ensure perfection in Creation itself. For those who have gained this knowledge, there will grow an inescapable obligation to put their own material life in the background, and to guide their spiritual existence toward Creation's monumental viewpoints, which contain an endless continuity in their constant transformation.

A human being of truth knows no prejudices, for a preconceived opinion impedes any quest and discovery, and honesty itself. A human being of truth knows perfectly well that all truth and wisdom lie in the timeless flow of endless duration, so that no preconceived opinion can rightfully exist. Only facts of truth can be facts of truth, and only facts of truth can be facts of wisdom. Nothing else can be integrated into it. This is a law of the entire process of all that occurs, because every existence must complete itself in a cycle. Cause and effect find validity in all spheres if they are governed by laws and commandments.

A preconceived opinion harbors all the illogic of doubt and untruth. When a human being begins to absorb within himself this information, he may obtain a clear understanding of a vicious human weakness, namely, whether or not he is beyond the standpoint of preconceived doubts and criticism or still dominated by prejudice. If he is still biased toward preconceived opinions, he ought to put this message aside and pass it on to those who are free from prejudice in their quest for truth.

Throughout the entire universe many variations of life forms manifest themselves based on a specific law. It is Creation's massive and invisible influence which, as an unsolvable mystery, brings about endless continuity and endless transformation. Everything that breathes life in the universe is bound in time and space by this unsolvable and mysterious law, with the exception of the spirit forms, which exist under the same law, but are not subject to time and space limitations. Originating from within Creation, the spirit form, however, is not impaired in its existence by the law of mortality.

Likewise, everything that lives on Earth is inter-connected and subject to time and space and, therefore, to the law of existence in time and space. It is a bond of conditions in space and time, which represent a regularity of solidly fused order; the transformation of space and time in material form; the beginning and declining of coarse matter.

By possessing the knowledge of all prior facts of the past concerning terrestrial humanity, we are taught that in the most ancient days when mankind still lived in harmony with, and observance of, the Creative laws and commandments, people's spiritual aspects and forms totally agreed with the existing natural laws. Consequently happiness, knowledge, wisdom, peace, freedom, logic, and love, as well as tranquility and contentment, were all part of this solidly fused order. With the self-alienation from the truth of Creation, its laws and commandments, and through false doctrines that degenerated into religions, malicious things were cultivated, e.g., hatred, discord, slavery, bloodshed, envy, greed, egoism, quarrelling, and many other inhumane manifestations. Now it is important to analyze and reveal the sustaining, destructive, negative, and degenerative forces anchored in man, so as to show the path of truth, freedom, and wisdom, which is to guide man from the desolation of his consciousness. Only when the ancient, primary significance of life and the basic significance for man's existence in his life form are studied, can this path be charted. In the past ten thousands of years many persons of great personality have lived on Earth and endeavored to answer the momentous questions as to the How, Where, and Why.

Their endeavors, however, were futile, and the concepts they handed down until the present time have been trampled into aridity, today, as through all times. Many of these teachers and teachings were, knowingly or unknowingly, falsified and have become a part of irrational religious dogmas. By doing so, these teachings have been changed beyond recognition. Eternal truths have been disregarded or falsified, only because man found their observance very inconvenient. Even to this day man suffers from the harsh consequences. The bearers, heralds, and advocates of truth, the true prophets, have been kicked, damned, cursed, despised, and robbed of their lives. The days of such incidents continue and are not over with here on Earth. Many New Age sages and heralds of truth shall suffer and endure a similar treatment, as the masses of humanity, misled by cults, malevolently make the heralds endure humanity's maniacal beliefs. However, the change of time, and the new cosmic era with all its penetrating truths, will help them in their struggle and ultimately bring forth victory.

The present mankind on Earth lives in wicked excesses of material desires and pleasures. Man's idea of a carefree life lies exclusively in a material world where fancy clothing, an elegant residence, the best of food and beverages, financial successes, profits, gratified lusts, and vices play the most dominant roles. In his erroneous, consciously false thinking, man identifies all of this as a "satisfying existence" —due to his lack of knowledge concerning truth, of course. The large mass of terrestrial mankind is only striving toward acquiring immense material wealth as quickly and effortlessly as possible, simply to attain power over others. The level of material wealth, the position one occupies in society, and the profession one chooses, determine the value of a person in the world, while his spiritual and conscious values, truly the only values of importance, are entirely disregarded, smirked at, trampled, and considered stupid. Currently, a man's reputation is measured solely by his financial standing, rank, and title. For these people, the fulfillment of their final yearning is a quiet and carefree old age, proud of having attained the "high" level of culture. However, while the pride of Earth's mankind in the height of its culture relates to the lowest values of acquisitions, man neglects all values of true culture when compared to the development of his consciousness. A life stripped of noble humanity does not receive much attention anymore concerning any mention of culture. Egoism, in its crassest form, is the strongest motivation of all human thoughts and actions, and yet, mankind is too cowardly to become aware of this fact or to admit it to themselves, even secretly. Due to the Earthling's lack of courage to face the truth, and his distorted life-style of degenerate hypocrisy, human beings fail to understand each other. Every human being lives secluded from others, deceiving and condemning himself, while, at the same time, begrudging his fellowman each breath of air.

Many attempts have been made to bring truth and wisdom to the Earthling, to offer him a life of knowledge of Creation and to guide him toward the path of Creation, its laws, and commandments. However, all attempts have thus far been in vain. Without exception, the ships of truth have sunk, becoming immersed in the terrestrial being's bottomless depths of lack of understanding.

Truth-seeking human beings have never attacked the real evil at the root, hence they have never been able to find knowledge. They were unable to grasp the evil by the root, because they have held a superficial and erroneous life awareness and lost their actual tasks, as they have replaced the bubbling wells of infinite existence with unrealistic religious dogmas, and have let them end in insanity.

That which is timeless is eternal, and in timeless eternity rest the truth and wisdom of Creative strength and omnipotence. The harder a human being strives to approach this truth, the easier it will be for him to live the laws and commandments in the Creative order. The order of all infinite continuity will shine radiantly into man's life, provided he recognizes and observes the truth of Creation, its laws, and commandments. Tranquility, peace and love shall become his life's companions through time and space, and are evidence of the perfection of Creative harmony.


Inner Values

Truly, life is struggle, a repetitive dispute within one's own self. There are always the current events in life that try to divert our attention and thoughts by pushing themselves into the foreground. However, without fail, true reason will always break forth. It does not matter whether it is drowned out by noise, covered up, distracted, overburdened, stuffed to the brim, true reason is always present, ready to break through the mound of confusion, even though it may be only a hint of a smile. A smile that stands above all else, invincible, sublime, observing man as he degrades himself, reducing himself to dust. The self of man is the most precious pearl, the greatest treasure, which he carries within himself, hidden in his innermost part, in his self - the philosopher's stone.

It is silver and gold, but is not made of these metals; it speaks directly to man - but man rarely hears it. It is the eternal light, the light of all-great-time in all the obscurity and gloom surrounding man. It wants to make man the king—but man violates it. All of man's yearning for it causes him to search frantically outside himself. Yet, it is so near—within every single human being.

It is the union with it that makes man capable of procreating, and with it he can create everything. However, over the millennia there have always been only a few individuals who have joined forces with it, but through this action they have created the great knowledge for all, which is the cause for progression. Impulses and motives formed the terrestrial world and environment, transforming and, consequently, creating increasingly improved external conditions, while the inner ones withered and vanished. Indeed, a reversal shall gradually become necessary in today's modern times to return to the inner values and immortal treasures for which man has searched so long outside of his self. Man has lost the appropriate measure, however, and has had to learn how to find it once again, in order for him to balance all extremes and to finally proceed to the essentials, namely, why man lives on this earth. Therefore, may all those who possess the foresight be recognized and respected by the laggards.

The number of those who err again and again is almost infinitely large. One might ask how many errors and mistakes remain before the last human being on Earth finally comprehends where the path shall lead to, and truly does. Really, truly and verily, life is a struggle, even in joy and in love.

We are allowed only occasionally to forget about this struggle and let ourselves become spellbound by the latest topics, completely fascinated by the eternal process of growing and perishing, and by the up and down and to and fro of all vital motions, which transform everything, including man. The only hope is in the inevitable and the higher, joyful goal of passing into the next higher class, where the lessons and practical tests continue. Therefore, Man of Earth, when you read these words, let it be said: Perform your duty, especially here and now, and surrender yourself to what lies before you.

Inspired art will permit you, Earthling, some fleeing glimpses into the beauty of the spirit, whose sensations you are occasionally allowed to grasp for yourself. It is absolutely essential, therefore, that you be of an animated, easygoing and relaxed nature.


An Important Word

The yearning for certainty burns indelibly in every single human on Earth, especially the certainty of Being and the existence far beyond his terrestrial passing away, which man calls death. This certainty can become true for every single human being once he conquers his own ego. Truly, it is only the ego's haze that prevents envisioning the kingdom of true life, spiritualness, beyond the transformation of being and the passing on. That is because the ego, the "I", places too much emphasis on a person's own welfare until it becomes egoism with most humans. Doubts and uncertainties hang like dark storm clouds over each individual and, in fact, over all of mankind. Man on Earth is surprised by the thunder and flashes of lightning, brought on by egoism, materialism, and the remaining degrading things to which he has succumbed, making him their prisoner. To combat them must become a great priority for man.

Only when, through cognition of truth, the sun of love, which embodies the manifestation of the spirit of life, rises on the horizon of the human psyche to chase away the thunderclouds, is man permitted to recognize how close he really is to the certainty, and how unfounded his fear and anguish have been. Unfortunately, even now for many people only the death of their physical body signifies the beginning of true life and the gradual, renewed radiance of the inner Sohar. However, in the next incarnation the same situation may arise again through man's lack of knowledge in the previous life, if, at that time, he had not been arduously struggling and laboring for improvement. The gloom of absolute or partial darkness during an existence on Earth can only be terminated through a true inner palingenesis, at which time man shall see the light of the inner senses, when the activity of the spirit of life will no longer appear as the gloomy fate that man falsely had created for himself. Ultimately, when the Sohar has begun to shine within man, he will discern the invisible, the power of the spirit and its unlimited strength as the true force, while this visual effect begins to disappear again as a shadowy pattern, but lingers on as a continuous and stimulating recollection, to be effective and beneficial for further evolution. It still remains true of many Earth beings that their naked fear lurks behind all love and the desire for all loving oneness. Man fears everything: The end of love, the death of a loved one, separation and reunion, and above all, the change from this plane of existence to the beyond. Closely linked to these fears is the pain caused by bogus knowledge and bogus teachings, namely that all life will end forever in death, always living off other lives, which it destroys and supposedly must destroy to exist itself. A truly terrible thought. Yet, it is one of terrestrial origin only and emanates from the lack of understanding of true truth. It is correct insofar as every life lives off others. However, life does not murder other lives to be able to exist and to live itself. One life is integrated into another, one life helps the other, only to expire itself at a given time once its time and duty are completed. Life is neither the continuous sacrifice nor the becoming a sacrifice the Earth human falsely assumes and fortifies through correlated false doctrines. Rather, in truth, it is only a process of growing and passing away in a sense of continuously advancing evolution, and solely in the sense of the Creative rules, laws and commandments into which even Creation itself is integrated in every way. Therefore, for many great-times life is a process of rebirth and renewal in the cycle of passing away and growing again. Thus, expiring and death reach into the heart of life in the same way that life and growth extend deeply into the heart of death, whereby two realms merge into one, simultaneously complementing and conquering one another, to gradually bring about mutual comprehension. Life does not strive for vanquishing every single decline and death, but for overcoming decease and formation in general through evolution. Life works toward the progressive evolution of everything that has ever existed or now exists.

It works toward that which is immortal in the innermost of myriads of life forms, toward the final goal of all creations, and toward Creation and the universal consciousness. Simply stated, the real meaning of life in the material state is, in fact, the mastery over one's ego, which constantly wants to dominate, and the subsequent evolution in the wholeness of the consciousness and the spirit. Therefore, conquering oneself means that man must help his own, highest Being to victory, so he may recognize yet another still higher self, namely, the Creative self. Man will be awakened toward it through an even higher evolution. This is certainly one of the most difficult tasks of human life, yet, it is the most beautiful, most valuable, and productive, as beyond this task waits for man the greatest certainty of his all-great-time existence beyond all external and physical forms of being. Because the human life spirit within him is a fragment of the spiritual energy of Creation, it is important for him to recall the Creative root of his being, to unite through true spiritual introspection with all that within himself which is of the all-great-time. To be one with the spirit of life within himself, the part of Creation in him, means becoming absolutely free. Free from the fear of passing away, of death. To be one with a fragment of the Creative energy within also means recognition of the alter ego, the Creative self, beyond the external human ego. It is certainly the greatest experience, but for an inwardly still unprepared person also the most frightening one to encounter; to truly see and recognize oneself—one's own oldest ego, which reaches beyond all spheres and boundaries, floating past all senses into the all-great-time regions of Creation, which are beyond human comprehension. Whoever unites with a fragment of Creation within oneself, with the spirit itself, dissolves the frightening, yet truly innocuous enigma of passing on, indeed, of death. In so doing, one acknowledges death as only the other side of life, where it is nothing other than sleep, replacing daytime wakefulness in the physical realm. Man's lack of reason, his lack of knowledge, and his blindness make him believe that sleep is the darker side of life. As a result he has the same opinions concerning death. Certainly, various other factors are reflected in the fear of death, but it does not make sense to name them all. Only one more item remains to be explained. The mystery a human body can solve only partially when it is abandoning life, can be manifested clearly and truthfully by the fragment of Creation in humans; namely, the certainty of absolute human permanence in the all-great-time. The human being should direct his vision unwaveringly toward the tasks of his life on Earth, with the knowledge that the realm of coarse matter rules in this plane and the realm of fine matter in the beyond. Nevertheless, these two divided spheres of the here and the beyond are one single realm, existing in the same place, in the same time space, only in another dimension. It certainly may seem as though the sum of hardships and suffering on planet Earth is much greater than that of joy and happiness. To believe that this is indeed a fact is but one of man's fallacies. This belief has become a perilous notion, transmitted and implanted through false doctrines and confusion. Such notions are unnecessary, however, because hardships and suffering, as well as joy and happiness, always keep each other in balance. Man overrates hardships and suffering solely through his erroneous considerations, and registers and keeps them on permanent recall, while he forgets the joyous and happy events all too quickly, which then elude him. In these matters, man has not yet learned to find balance, to register the negative as well as positive in the same way, and to preserve them in his memory. The same would hold true for the opposite case, if man were to remember only the positive—beauty, joy, love, and pleasantness. Here again is no balance between the negative and the positive; one form takes the upper hand over the other, resulting in a state of non-assimilation or non-integration, which means that again one factor prevails over the other. In spite of this circumstance, man is capable of seeing and recognizing his determination as a human being, and he can change the situation and attain an island of Sohar and security from the occurrences of gloominess. The length of time required need not be a worry or concern, because until the highest goal becomes reality, millions and billions of years may have tumbled into the past. Millions and billions of years are accorded and offered to man, to smooth out the crumpled face he had caused his own home planet. Yet, he must be devoted at this time to the change offered to him for intervention in the evolutionary goal, to truly grasp the helping hand and proffered knowledge in truth, and to work toward this goal.

"Billy" Eduard Albert Meier


by 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier

Pay heed to freedom, for it is the privilege

and prerogative of every human being and all other life forms.

Pay heed to love, for it is the essence of Creation,

of human beings and of life.

Pay heed to peace, for it is the assurance

of all positive development and unrestricted evolution.

Pay heed to harmony, for therein lies the

equilibrium of every thought, feeling, deed

and everything else.


Do not allow yourself to be rushed by the din, burdens

or bustle of daily living, but remain always composed

under every circumstance life presents.

Seek tranquility, peace, love and freedom -

each is a valuable element of harmony.


Allot some time every day to finding tranquility,

for it affords you respite and time to contemplate.


Practice getting along well with everyone

but do not lose yourself in the process

and always remain within the limits of your ability.


Always respect your fellowmen as fellow human beings,

although they may have dispositions that differ from yours;

indeed, even the worst among them is a creation of Creation,

hence, everyone is just like you—a human being.


State your truths freely, clearly, calmly and candidly,

for only in this manner is an authentic picture created

which defines the true nature of everything.


Allow other people to freely express their opinions,

for they are allotted the same rights as you.


Listen to others, to the bright and intellectual individuals,

and also to the obtuse, the foolish and those who lack learning,

for they, too, have opinions and statements to offer.


But distance yourself from aggressive, boisterous and

obstinate individuals so as not to become embroiled

in their pointless disputes,

for such people insult one's consciousness,

humaneness and refinement;

and yet, at the same time, forget not

that they too are beings of Creation, whom you,

as a fellow human being, must show appropriate respect,

even though you may find their thoughts,

feelings, deeds and actions unacceptable.


Should you draw comparisons between yourself and others,

you will inevitably realize that others

are either stronger or weaker than you in certain matters;

this, however, is no justification for you to feel

superior or inferior to them.


Therefore, neither vain nor arrogant become,

neither bitter nor ashamed, for there will always be

someone who is more eminent or less advanced than you

in learning, morality, character and the like.


Refrain not from enjoying achievements you have gained

through your own honest efforts.


Delight in these accomplishments as much as you do

in setting positive objectives

and bringing them to successful completions.


Always be mindful of continuing your development

in every possible matter, including both your personal

and consciousness-related evolutions.


Therefore be perpetually and humbly attentive

to your personal progress, but only in a righteous manner,

because integrity is the only, truly positive possession

you have as a human being in these changing times.


Approach your work and your business with forethought

and circumspection, for good work is worthy

of proper compensation;

circumspection, forethought and honesty

offer sound long-term rewards in business,

even in a world of guile.


When you achieve positive, remarkable successes

keep from becoming blinded and deafened by them and

proceed toward those things of virtuous substance.


Be attentive also to the means and ways

of the people with whom you deal;

though many strive for lofty ideals,

few reach their goals.


Life appears filled with heroism wherever you gaze,

but when you glance behind the scenes

you find only fear enveloped in a haze

and someone's craving for pretending

to be greater than he or she really is.


Hence, heed not these matters to the degree where

you wish to imitate them; instead, recognize your true self.

Positively realize yourself within your own Self.


And allow these traits to permeate your entire nature.

Do not feign affection for someone if, in reality,

you fail to hold such feelings for the person.


Make no pretense to your fellowmen that bears no truth,

for honesty is a directive which, together with knowledge,

is undeniably the path to wisdom.


Never be cynical about sincere love,

for love provides you with the certainty of coexisting

within everything there is, in both the spiritual

and the physical realms.


And love is the true essence of Creation;

it will endure for ur-eternity and all Great Times

beyond every conceivable hardship and disappointment.


Love is the actual cornerstone and the true incentive of life

where the aspirations form to reach higher, indeed,

to the very highest levels possible.


Love will never die, it will survive eternally

as it pulsates in the everlasting rhythm of

Creational harmony.


Forfeit every negative trait in your life with dignity and,

through self-knowledge, leave yourself open to

counsel for self-realization.


Cheerfully accept what your positive knowledge

and balanced wisdom counsel you to do, and

gain control over your thoughts, feelings, indeed,

your entire consciousness, for in so doing you strengthen yourself

for unavoidable predicaments, and you will never lose heart

even when faced with unexpected misfortune.


Always practice loyalty and integrity,

and never make yourself unhappy over unrighteous things

or those you merely imagine.


Free yourself from alarm and fear,

which oftentimes originate from loneliness,

mental exhaustion and idleness.


Loneliness, mental exhaustion and idleness

are enemies of progress.

Seek, therefore, the company of those

who are knowledgeable and wise,

for they will teach you how to stimulate

and utilize your thoughts,

and how to actively evolve.


Always practice healthy self-discipline

while being kind to yourself at all times,

for you are an individual, an independent person,

who requires not only the pleasant kindness of others

but also the consideration you provide yourself.


You are a creation of Creation, the universe,

and in no way are you any less than your fellowman,

the trees, plants, all animal species or the celestial bodies

in the infinite vastness of universal space.


You have the right to be alive and to exist on this Earth,

regardless of who and what you may be,

and it matters not if you comprehend

the unfolding of the universe in the way Creation,

the Universal Consciousness, intends it.


Nothing unfolds without Creation's love,

and it will not do so unless it is within the framework

of the Creation-given laws and directives.


Accept, then, that you only exist because this is how it was

intended to be and because it is predetermined for you

through the ur-eternally everlasting, Creational plan.


Live, therefore, in freedom, love, peace and harmony

among similar-minded individuals and

with all of Creation's creatures.


Live also in peace, love, freedom

and harmony with Creation,

regardless of what you may perceive Creation to be.


Live also in peace, love, freedom, and harmony with yourself,

your psyche and your personality—

regardless of your deeds, thoughts, feelings, contemplations

and aspirations throughout the rigors of daily life.


Never lose sight of this,

regardless of all the hurriedness, drudgery,

disappointments, broken dreams, negations and tears.

In spite of the turmoil surrounding you,

the world is indeed beautiful and life is worth living.

The Peace Meditation

Saalome gam naan ben uurda, gan njjber asaala hesporoona!

Peace be on Earth, and among all beings!



In the spring of 1984, FIGU members in Switzerland began meditating with the so-called PEACE MEDITATION. Organized by our extraterrestrial friends from the Plejares, this peace meditation was intended to initiate a turn for the better in the terrestrial humankind's future. The intent was that through the emission of powerful and logical impulses, a positive polarity can be forged to counteract the negative "force field" surrounding the Earth much like a huge bell, which influences the terrestrial population and all nature. This negative force field was established, and continues to be entrenched, by several centuries of religious-sectarian, extremist and deteriorated terrestrial human thinking. To reverse this negative energy, therefore, the concept has been to produce dynamic "counter impulses," which the extraterrestrials would send to Earth via a telemeter disk hovering high above the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, coupled with some other devices and the assistance of over 3.5 billion humans within the Plejaren federation. We, at FIGU, have since discovered that by initiating this action the concept has obviously proved to be successful. To this end, and a bit further along in this text, we provide excerpts from the actual contact conversations which took place between Ptaah and Semjase, respectively, so as to illustrate their reasoning behind this matter and other relevant background information.

Since terrestrial humankind, for better or for worse, is accountable for its own condition as well as for that of the planet, it is accountable also for the healing process. For this reason we call upon every rational and responsible human to participate in FIGU's Peace Meditation. The more people who become involved, the greater and more powerful will be the positive-neutral force!

While we do not wish to trigger or put any fear into people: Threats of World War III and other disasters have not been eliminated! Continuous and immensely diverse efforts on everyone's part will be required for a long time to come, so that one day in the distant future, terrestrial humankind will think and act in a more peaceful manner.

Since every turn for the better, or the worse, is always a consequence of every individual's decisions and efforts, the motto for all rational people should be to keep idle hands active. They must not allow themselves to be prodded along the path of life like a herd of sheep under the influence of their collective instinct. Indeed, they must shape and direct their own destiny. Therefore, anyone who lives by the foolish and misanthropic maxim "after me the flood" should instead say "live and help live," which we offer here to indicate that rebirth (reincarnation) is not merely a speculative, philosophic theory. Reincarnation is a fact and can be proven through logic. All human beings will repeatedly incarnate on Earth (regardless of whether one willingly acknowledges this or not), and in their rebirth they will re-enter the precise type of world they helped shape in the past. And it matters little whether their assistance in shaping the world was active or passive, destructive or constructive.

The Peace Meditation in practical terms

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate in the meditation who possesses a clear, material consciousness (which must not be impaired by drugs, alcohol or a severe psychological illness). It is imperative that the decision to participate in the peace meditation is completely voluntary. Participants, say, a child for instance, must not be commanded into joining.


How old should the participant be?

As soon as a child is old enough to comprehend the issues (and only if the child willingly and voluntarily requests to participate).


What is the schedule of the Peace Meditation?

Each Peace Meditation session lasts 20 minutes and takes place on the first and the third weekends of the month (target day is always the first Saturday of the month).

on Saturdays at 6:30 and 8:00 pm Central European Standard Time (respectively at 9:30 and 11 am Pacific Standard Time, for instance) and at

7:30 and 9:00 pm Central European Summer Time (or at 10:30 and noon am Pacific Daylight Time, respectively)

on Sundays at 8:00 pm Central European Standard Time and at 9:00 pm Summer Time (or 11:00 am Pacific Standard Time and noon Pacific Daylight Time, respectively)

These times must be adhered to precisely (e.g., timed by an atomic clock). When in doubt, it is preferable to begin somewhat earlier rather than later.

All times are Wintertime, for Summertime add one hour.



PST Los Angeles  9:30 AM 11:00 AM

MST        Salt Lake City       10:30 AM       Noon

CST Tulsa      11:30 AM       1:00 PM

EST Miami    12:30 PM        2:00 PM

Schedule for North America - Saturday

PST Los Angeles  11.00 AM       Noon

MST        Salt Lake City       Noon      1.00 PM

CST Tulsa      1:00 PM  2:00 PM

EST Miami    2:00 PM  3:00 PM

Schedule for North America - Sunday

'Exceptions: Arizona does not follow daylight savings!'

GMT       London, UK  17:30       19:00

CET        Amsterdam, NL   18:30       20:00

EET Helsinki, Finland 19:30       21:00

MSK       Moskou, Russia   20:30       22:00

Schedule for Europe - Saturday

GMT       London, UK  19:00       20:00

CET        Amsterdam, NL   20:00       21:00

EET Helsinki, Finland 21:00       22:00

MSK       Moskou, Russia   22:00       23:00

Schedule for Europe - Sunday

'Europe uses 'Military style' time notation, 00:00-23:59; not the AM/PM timescheme.'


Information for Australia:


Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) is equal to Greenwich Mean Time plus 10 hours (GMT +10).

AEST is followed in these regions:

        • New South Wales (except Broken Hill)

        • Victoria

        • Queensland

        • Tasmania

        • Australian Capital Territory



Australian Central Standard Time (ACST) is equal to Greenwich Mean Time plus 9 ½ hours (GMT +9 ½).

ACST is followed in these regions:

        • South Australia

        • Northern Territory

        • Broken Hill, NSW



Australian Western Standard Time (AWST) is equal to Greenwich Mean Time plus 8 hours (GMT +8).

AWST is followed in these regions:

        • Western Australia


Daylight Saving

New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, and the Australian Capital Territory from early to late October to the end of March observe daylight saving time. Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory do not observe daylight savings.

Where daylight saving is being observed:

        • AEST becomes Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT), and clocks are advanced to GMT +11.

        • ACST becomes Australian Central Daylight Time (ACDT), and clocks are advanced to GMT +10 ½.


For Japan, add 8 hours to all CET time for the correct meditation times.


How am I to meditate?

Prior to beginning any type of meditation, we recommend that you read the book Introduction into Meditation (however, this is not a requirement). Since this book is currently available only in the German language, many people may not be able to read it yet. The meditation process as such consists of softly whispering or speaking the meditation sentence for the entire 20 minutes. Try not to pursue any straying thoughts; this means allowing no thoughts to enter the mind that are not part of the meditation procedure. Concentrate solely on the sentence "Salome gam nan . . ." Should you catch yourself concentrating on other thoughts, return to focusing on the meditation sentence. A very important point for the success of the peace meditation is based on the proper intonation and pronunciation of the sentence to avoid emphasizing the wrong syllables.

The vowels in the following meditation sentence -

"Saalome gam naan ben uurda, gan njjber asaala hesporoona!"

are pronounced in English phonetics as follows:

Saalome (aa = father) gum naan (aa = father) ben uurda (uu = crew, moo) gun neeber asaala (aa = father) hesporona (o = tone, go).

Here is an audio clip of the above meditation sentence:

How does the Peace Meditation function?

The meditation sentence is composed of words from the Lyrian language, a language previously spoken on Earth 289,000 years ago and then again 13,500 years ago by the ancient Lyra-Vega descendants when the extraterrestrials inhabited this planet for a short period. By speaking (or thinking!) this sentence in unison as a group, certain impulses are released from the stored data banks known as the Akashic Records. These records envelop the Earth and every thought and other impulse generated by all humans who have ever lived, currently live or will live on this planet in the future, are stored therein. Through the accumulation of stored unconscious impulses within every meditator, and because of the intensity they generate (after all, more than 3.5 billion extraterrestrials participate in the peace meditation as well), negative force fields are covered up and increasingly neutralized.


Seating position, sitting aids, and the surroundings

The peace meditation is best conducted in small or large groups, however anyone can also do it alone.

A meditation pyramid aids the meditator. It serves as a focal point, an enhancer of personal thought vibrations, and as a relay station to the energy center in the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center in Switzerland. Such pyramids, made from copper according to specifications supplied by the Plejaren, are sold at the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center in Switzerland, or one can be built by the meditator him- or herself.

The meditation pyramid is placed either on a table if the person(s) meditates while sitting at the table, or in a slightly elevated position on a stool on the floor (the top of the antenna should be level with the meditators' foreheads). When several meditators of varying height participate in the meditation, an average level may be selected.

Using a compass, one of the pyramid's diagonal lines must be aligned due north; that is, the four corner points are directed toward the four cardinal points of the compass, namely North, South, East and West. When meditating as a group (two or more persons), we recommend that someone be designated beforehand who signals the beginning and the end of the peace meditation.



        1. The meditators either sit at a normal height (no upholstered seats or the like) around a table, or else, they take a lotus/cross-legged position or sit on their haunches on a carpeted surface, whereby a small stool or a cushion, blanket, and so forth, is used as a seat. It is important that the spine and the head be relaxed and upright throughout the entire meditation period.

        2. The minimum distance to the pyramid must be more than 50 cm (20"), measured from the chest to the pole of the antenna.

        3. Participants seated around a table hold hands with those beside them and are, therefore, linked together in a closed circle. The palm of the left hand points upward and clasps from underneath the right hand of the person to the left, while the right hand, palm down, holds the left open palm of the person to the right.

       4. Another permissible position while not holding hands is as follows: When meditating on the floor, the back of the open palm may be placed upon the knees, while the fingertips, curled upwards, point toward the meditator's forehead. As a variation, the hands can be placed, palm-down, upon the person's own thighs, whereby the fingertips rest at the knees.

        5. In another version, for those sitting on the floor (5 persons or more), the person's own left thigh (above the knee) and the thigh of the meditator to the right serve to support the person's hands (which are positioned as described in #3).

        6. When the individual meditates at a table, both arms are extended toward the left and right sides of the pyramid in front of the individual, hands held open vertically with fingertips pointing toward the pyramid while the narrow edge of the palms rests on the table.

        7. The meditation, respectively speaking the Lyrian sentence, is performed with the eyes closed.

At the end of the 20 minutes, possibly signaled through a muffled beep (e.g., put a towel over a flower pot that covers a kitchen alarm or the like), the participants should "rest" with closed eyes, while holding the same position 2-3 minutes longer until the designated person announces "yes."

Ensure that the meditation is performed without disturbances; hence, free from pagers or [cellular] phones ringing, unannounced visitors at the door, TV sounds or similar noise!


Is the Peace Meditation dangerous?

The Peace Meditation is completely harmless and enjoyable to all the participants as long as the meditator adheres to the aforementioned explanations and instructions. A possible side effect may be that inexperienced individuals find discomfort if their legs fall asleep or the like.


What did our extraterrestrial friends say about the topic of peace meditation?

136th Contact conversation, Tuesday, October 14, 1980, 11:41 p.m.

Billy: I know, and that's probably how it'll stay because the people on Earth are not likely to alter their ways so quickly and accept the truth that changes could still be invoked, for the better, I mean.

Semjase: While you are not permitted to speak about it at this point so as to endanger the success, it is still advisable that great efforts be made to change various future incidents for the positive, although they seem to be inevitable now. Toward the latter part of 1983 or spring of 1984, we are planning to introduce an effective peace meditation to benefit Earth, its inhabitants, and events that will occur there. Included in this effort will be everyone on Erra and many members from our federation, whose total will comprise more than 3.5 billion humans. This will produce an extremely powerful energy force through which the terrestrials and their actions, hence their occurrences, should be influenced and political confusion resolved. These efforts will also lead to freeing Russia and other countries from their current dictatorship status. The procedures have been instituted and mandated by the High Council, who have found a permissible method to intervene using a particular cosmic clause that could be used to influence terrestrial affairs. As part of the result brought about by these peace efforts, the inhumane wall will fall, which currently divides Germany into two separate countries, thus the two sectors will be reunited into one. Every group member is asked to help, for the strength and initiative of each and every last one is imperative, as is the assistance of other humans on Earth who will voluntarily join you in this effort. In this regard you are only permitted to speak about the peace meditation and its purpose in the peace effort. You may not mention the issues I previously told you about and which I specifically named just now. Should you not adhere to these instructions and speak about these items, you will not only jeopardize all efforts in this direction but the anticipated successes commencing in 1987 will not occur either; they may even transform into something negative.

Billy: What a thought. Of course, I'll sit on my mouth. —But—do you actually think that the dictatorships on Earth will come to an end in the next decade, and that the wall in the DDR [German Democratic Republic] will come down?

Semjase: This is as good as certain, although World War III will still be a threat, in addition to many other forms of tragedies. Success will follow as long as we conscientiously and systematically perform the peace meditation. Beginning with 1987, many other things will change, for the positive that is. However, the first tangible and substantial successes will only become evident in 1988, and within a very brief time afterward they will begin to solidify to the point where the first major uprisings will begin in 1989 and terrestrials will experience their temporary apex in 1990. But I must state once again that you must remain silent on these matters for now.

Billy: I will do that. There is no way I am going to endanger all of these future efforts.

Semjase: Only time will tell the success rate these efforts will bring.

Billy: Slowly some hope is rising within me—and I will put all of this into the drawer of my lost memories so I don't endanger anything.

Semjase: You will be permitted to speak about everything when the events become more apparent.

Billy: By then I'll have forgotten it all. —So it looks like as the end of the 1980s approaches, we soon can expect some rays of hope in regard to a worldwide improvement of freedom and peace. Then the world will look a bit better.

Semjase: Yes, so it will. But now I must leave. Moreover, you are tired. Good-bye.

Billy: Good, and many thanks, girl . . .


232nd Contact, Friday, November 17, 1989, 0:37 am

Ptaah: Unfortunately, our contacts before January 29, 1986, did not bring about the complete success we had envisioned, and we departed from all of you with great regret. We hoped, however, that with the passing of time everything would change for the better. On one hand within the group, and on the other in worldwide events as well, since you have the support of 511 million people of our own population on Erra and another 3.02 billion individuals galaxy wide from those peoples in our federation when your group performs the Peace Meditation. And in actuality, success did come about and it has now begun to bear fruit—for instance in Russia, Poland, East Germany, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, and Korea. These will be followed by other countries. Everything has transpired according to the prophecies, which state that peace will emanate from Russia. All of these immeasurably monumental successes were triggered solely by your group and all of the loyal people on Earth, along with us on Erra and our federation friends. At this moment you have 3,406 peace meditation participants on Earth. And all of you included in this number may be proud of performing the one and only correct peace mediation, which will prompt those peace impulses within terrestrial people that slowly permit peace on Earth to become a reality-just as they have been stored in their storage record locations, from where they impact humans. Thereupon humans understand these impulses and are able to bring them to fruition. It is a fact that all other current efforts for peace on Earth, be they of a political, religious, fanatical or purportedly esoteric nature, have been just as ineffective as the attempts of those who purport to be mediums or other alleged contactees for spirits, saints or extraterrestrials and the like. Their efforts have been totally meaningless and futile, for each of them lacks the knowledge and the true potential to implement what must be done to awaken the necessary impulses within humans, and for them to utilize and make them effective. Furthermore, they lack the knowledge when the peace meditation must be conscientiously performed to turn this voluntary collaboration of our 3.5 billion co-assistants into an immense vibratory force. The honor of knowing this information, and the capability of doing so, was granted exclusively to your group and to all of those loyal people who are at your side. Through the truthful teaching they have become increasingly more knowledgeable and capable of learning how to think and act in a Creational manner. On Earth the honor and success for the current peace efforts by the various government officials and numerous humans goes singularly and exclusively to the members of your group and to all those 3,381 loyal individuals who remain and work shoulder-to-shoulder with you in all honesty, truth, and in cognizance of the peace efforts—openly or discreetly. Unfortunately, I must mention the fact that in spite of all the successes in the peace and freedom efforts, which are also widespread, the bitter side of the situation has not been eliminated, and setbacks are already looming. One of the reasons for this is that in countries where populations now feel free from previously suffocating laws, the people are currently acting very unreasonable, and governments will soon be forced into resorting to strong, restrictive measures again. And this, in turn, will lead to renewed bloodshed. Much of the blame for this matter must be shouldered by the western, the so-called free countries of the world which, through murderous, underground-type wars, incite hatred against the eastern countries and the southern nations of Africa and America. The biggest shouters and those bringing the greatest harm are the Americans and the Germans, in addition to various other, mostly western nations, who believe they must place rules and remonstrations on the eastern nations. Likewise, certain western powers sneakily undermine and defame the eastern nations' governments by using intrigants to incite the people against their governments, and by nurturing conflict in every conceivable form. Unfortunately, this means that everything will change and one day evil, bloody wars will again result from this situation . . .


246th Contact, Saturday, June 19, 1993, 11:17 p.m.

Billy: Then I have another question regarding the third worldwide inferno, the third world war. For a long time mention was always made of the threat of a third worldwide inferno, and that it was as good as inevitable. However, towards the mid 1980s you increasingly stated that the danger of a third world war had diminished due, in part, to the Peace Meditation we perform in conjunction with the many billions of people from your federation, and also because, through impulses, you and your people influenced certain terrestrials into instigating a more rational thinking mode. What is the current status regarding the threat of a third world war?

Ptaah: Currently no factors point in the direction that such an event is looming, and if all related guidelines for terrestrial governments and the population in general remain within the prevailing framework and continue to evolve, then the threat of a third worldwide inferno will probably be contained. However, terrestrials are incredibly volatile, domineering, arrogant and unsettled, and for this reason it cannot be confirmed with absolute certainty that another worldwide inferno will not be triggered at a later date. It is, therefore, imperative that multinational fighting troops be organized according to the Henoch [Enoch] system and deployed immediately to intervene in every country, to create peace and order when wars or revolutions loom or break out. The same applies also to countries where despots, dictators and the like perpetrate their inhumane deeds. Multinational troops would also be responsible for fighting crime and the organized crime system, and they would play a dominant role in enforcing measures to combat overpopulation. We have already discussed this topic in another setting.

Billy: Thank you. . . .









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