Contact Report 481


• Contact Reports volume: Unknown

• Page number(s): Unknown

• Date/time of contact: Wednesday, October 14, 2009

• Translator(s): Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg

• Date of original translation: Friday, December 11, 2009 (plus other dates as translation done in several parts)

• Corrections and improvements made: N/A

• Contact person: Ptaah


This is only a portion of the entire contact. It is an unofficial but authorized translation and may contain errors.


Well, to something different: Already, at various times, we privately spoken about the volcano at La Palma, and certainly already in 1975 on my Great Journey. Already at that time I told some people about that, as I also have in recent years, for which reason I have now already been repeatedly asked whether you could say something more specific regarding what could one day occur there, because certainly the west flank of the volcano is unstable and can break away and cause a catastrophe. Can you therefore say something further regarding this please?


I could do that but it is certainly better if I call up our private conversation for you which we had in relation to this during your Great Journey.


You mean you still also have recordings of that time when we privately discussed so many things which were naturally not reproduced in the contact reports?


Of course. At that time you already made enquiries in relation to the Cubre Vieja Volcano at Las Palmas.


I remember that and I did mention it.


Then I will call up the answer that I gave you at the time. But it will take a while...


Patience brings roses, but first it brings buds.


(after some minutes) Here. This is it. It was, as I said, on your Great Journey on the 17th of July 1975. At that time I explained the following in response to your questions:


Extract of a private conversation of July 17th, 1975 (31st contact):

Your question concerns the Cumbre Vieja Volcano on the Island of La Palma.

The western part of the volcano, the west flank, as you correctly say, is extremely unstable and can slip into the Atlantic in the coming time and cause an enormous tsunami.

But the east side of the volcano is also at risk, especially if a strong volcanic eruption occurs, as is also the case with the western flank.

The reason for that lies in the fact that the volcanic mountain is internally very porous and so saturated with water that, with a strong eruption, the water can suddenly vaporise and rip the volcano apart due to a steam explosion.

I do not want to talk of a certain time in relation to when that can happen or will happen, as it does not lie in my authority to name dates about that, because this belongs in the domain of terrestrial scientists and governments who, in regard to necessary measures, have to make determinations which I am not permitted to influence.

Besides, the entire thing can be prevented if the correct measures are taken which consist of a systematic, "quiet" dismantling of the part of the volcano, which is at risk.

And if it is not dealt with in this manner then a catastrophe is unavoidable if it does not naturally occur that, by and by, only a small part of the side of the volcano, which is at risk slips away.

That will certainly happen again and again in the coming time, but to what extent the danger is thereby lessened is questionable.

But the fact of the matter now is that an enormous part of the west flank of the Cumbre Vieja Volcano can slip, plunge into the sea and, within a few minutes, cause a gigantic wave of water, respectively, a giant tsunami, which can reach a height of up to 1,500 or even up to 2,500 meters or even more, and indeed according to the mass and speed of the falling material as it slips from the flank of the volcano.

As a result of this - if it really happens, which is not yet established - the surrounding Canary Islands would be flooded with 50 to 150 meter high waves and everything there would be destroyed, after which the gigantic waves would also reach Africa.

If it really happens in the aforementioned manner then the giant wave would spread out across the Atlantic in a semi-circular form and indeed in several waves of various sizes and would speed through the ocean at 1,000 kilometres an hour, to - after around eight hours - reach the coast of the USA where it would cause the water of the Atlantic to rise up to a height of 100 meters and more, depending on the shape of the coastline in each place, and bury everything on the solid land under itself.

The effects of the giant tsunami would also destroy the coasts and much in the interior of South America.

England would also be effected by it as also would Greenland and the coastal areas of all of Western Europe.

This is the worst case scenario, if the entirety of the western flank of the volcano slipped all at once and plunged into the sea.

If, however, only small parts of the side of the mountain loosen and plunge into the sea, the results would naturally be correspondingly lessened.



Yes, that is exactly what you explained at that time and I then also used these statements in order to write my first information leaflets about it, which Hans Jacob then also sent to diverse well-known geologists and so forth, because he thought that the information is important. However his action did not bring him a response, as he assured me. Later, as he slowly became no longer in control of his mind, as I remember, he then explained that I had received the knowledge about the Cubre Vieja Volcano from the devil personally and he could prove that, because he personally saw that I had ridden through Wetzikon with the devil on the back seat of my moped.

Regarding A Planetary Oxygen Collapse


Billy ... But now a question regarding the oxygen collapse, respectively, the atmospheric collapse, on the planet Akart, of which you spoke on February 3rd of this year in the 476th official contact conversation. What must I understand “oxygen collapse” and “atmospheric collapse” to mean?

Ptaah An oxygen collapse, respectively, an atmospheric collapse, arises as a result of a massive over-impregnation of the atmosphere by the molecule CO2, which enters the atmosphere, as well as the oceans and other bodies of water, as well as the soil of the Earth, and radically alters the climate. An oxygen and atmospheric collapse would be evoked by a massive excess of CO2, which means a bad fate for the entire Earth humanity. It would evoke a threatening catastrophe consisting of the destruction of life itself. This is caused by the incessantly growing overpopulation, through which constantly more monstrous amounts of CO2 are produced and, with that, not only the air is impregnated, but actually everything up to the highest heights of the mountains and the deepest depths of the oceans is impregnated. The molecule already exists in dangerous amounts everywhere on the entire Earth and unfolds its dangerousness which does not only express itself in the destructive manner, being climate change, with all the natural catastrophes which more and more take the upper hand, which always demand more and more human lives and cause destruction which cannot again be repaired in a practical amount of time. And actually, all of that is founded singly and alone in the overpopulation of the Earth humans, who senselessly multiply like noxious vermin and thereby also produce more damaging material of all kinds, and CO2, and thereby impregnate the atmosphere and reduce the oxygen content - this, along with all other destructive machinations like the logging and clearing of the rainforests - the green lungs of the Earth - and, bound to that, the creation of infertile desert areas. Naturally the Earth has always contained the molecule CO2, but the CO2 content has drastically risen through the irrational pushing ahead of the overpopulation which constantly burns more fossil fuels, such as coal, petroleum and gas, principally through the internal combustion engines of road and marine vehicles, work machinery, and aircraft engines, as well as through nonsensical kinds of motor sports. In addition to that is still the enormous overproduction of animals, which are bred as means of nourishment for the humans and which exhale, and release from the colon, horrendous amounts of methane and other gasses. But also, due to the thawing of the permafrost, enormous amounts of all kinds of dangerous gasses are released which enter the air. Further, it is also the Earth human himself who puts CO2 in the air through his exhalation, and indeed already in dangerous amounts, as a result of the monstrous overpopulation. Every year, in this way, the Earth human is to blame that millions of tonnes of dangerous materials are produced, along with other poisons, and are blown into the air, and that increases as the incessantly growing overpopulation increases. And actually today Earth humanity stands on the brink of the serious threat that everything is leading to a collapse, as was the case with Akart. And if a stop, in a rational way, is not finally ordered to the overpopulation then it all increases more and more, and faster, whereby, finally, nothing more can be saved. If, therefore, the CO2 content continues rising unabated, then the catastrophe is no longer avoidable. And a rapid reduction can, singly and alone, only come about through the prevention of overpopulation, because actually only in that way does all the nonsensical production of CO2 also rapidly decrease. But if that is given no heed then the oxygen content and the atmosphere of the Earth would be so overburdened by CO2 that a collapse would unavoidably result. And if the concentration of the molecules climbs in this manner then the respiration of all relevant life forms on the Earth would be so impaired that it would no longer be possible for them to take up sufficient oxygen. When inhaled, the CO2 concentration already becomes deadly for Earth humans, and for the other actual oxygen-breathers, when it only amounts to eight percent.

Billy That will naturally not be made public by the scientists and by the governments; quite the contrary. They will hold useless climate conferences and make decisions which are even more senseless, as, for example, that within a certain period of years the CO2 output is to be reduced by such and such a percent. Truly, this is completely nonsensical fussing and posturing because, even if that which is decided were to be achieved, the entire thing is not even a drop on a hot stone. This is because, already in the time between the resolution and its realisation, hundreds of millions more human beings will populate the Earth and produce still more filth and CO2 than the quantity that was decided upon. Therefore, the entire climate conference is counter-productive and idiotic because the only correct solution would be one from conferences concerned with the reduction of the overpopulation, at which resolutions, which are effective worldwide, for the radical decimation of the overpopulation, would be made and carried out and certainly by means of a worldwide, regulated control of births. This would thereby have to be such that many more completely natural cases of death come about than the number of births.

That would be the real and humane solution, which could be carried out in a simple manner and would also guarantee that all evils and catastrophes evoked by the human beings of the Earth can be reduced and that the worst could still be prevented.

Ptaah You have already taught that to the Earth human beings since your youth, in that you sent your explanatory writings to those in positions of responsibility on the Earth and to all the media. Unfortunately, however, up to today none of your efforts have borne valuable fruit. On the contrary; you have now been attacked and reviled up to the current time, while, since time immemorial, others with rank and name are built up as stars although they simply only reveal that which you have taught for decades, about which you have warned and which now is being frighteningly borne out, as a result of climate change. This corresponds to an incomparable disgrace, because it would only have been fair if your predictions had thereby been mentioned.

Billy You should not agitate yourself on account of that, because I do not belong to the world of rank and name. But it must be said that when these people with rank and name are built up as stars, as you say, it is actually good that they do something, even if their wisdom has not grown from their own knowledge. But unfortunately these rank and name people are too late with their deeds, because climate change can no longer be halted. There would probably still be something to save, respectively, the worst could still be prevented, if humanity finally became more sensible and stopped the overpopulation, which is indeed firstly and lastly the true reason why everything is going off course in regards to the climate and also in other ways.

Ptaah When I consider all the warnings and predictions which you have written and spread worldwide, which, however, brought no success at all and did not bring the Earth human beings to a change towards what is reasonable, there is not much hope, or none at all, that the correct thing will be done, and a worldwide regulated birth stoppage will be arranged.






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