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• Contact Reports volume: Unknown

• Page number(s): Unknown

• Date/time of contact: Saturday, the 3rd of October 2009, 2:58 PM

• Translator(s): Christian Frehner

• Date of original translation: Saturday, the 3rd of October 2009

• Corrections and improvements made: N/A

• Contact person: Ptaah


The following exchange between Billy and Ptaah was in response to questions that were, and naturally would/will be, raised about the statement (in Contact Report 476) regarding the Earth speeding up as a result of the possible melting of huge ice masses. Specifically, the criticism would be that such melting should result in the Earth slowing down, not speeding up. However, Ptaah explains why the opposite would be true.

This is a small excerpt of the entire contact.


It deals with the statement that gigantic masses of ice can melt away on Earth because of the climate change and the Sun’s influence, through which the tremendous pressure, caused by the ice, may have the effect that the earth is arching up and probably may increase its rotation.

Obviously, certain people have taken it the wrong way, because they has gone through the wrong because they mock that the rotation speed slows through such a process.

Of course once again it is a case of scientifically „Angehauchte“ (no expression in English) who, on the one hand are understanding everything falsely, and, on the other hand, do not reach the point of that what is the issue, because they are lacking the necessary intelligence.


That claim is nonsenical, because if Earth would slow down its rotation speed through the melting process of the ice masses, the „arching-up“ of the earth would have to reach above the height of the melting ice.

This means, that the „arching up“ of the earth in its mass, weight and scope would have to be greater than the melting ice mass.

This will not be the case, however, if there will really be such a gigantic melting of ice world-wide, which does not correspond to a prediction, but to a possibility only.

If the enormous melting of the ice should really become a reality in apocalyptical dimensions worldwide, the „arching-up“ of earth will be very minimal and calculated within the range of a few metres, while the ice masses have to be measured hundreds and thousands of metres in thickness.

This means that although the „arching-up“ of the underground, on which the ice is melting away, Earth’s outer total circumfence is reduced, through which an increased rotation speed of the planet can result.

But for the time being this is just a thesis and possibility and, therefore, nothing from which a prediction or probability calculation could be made.

It is very clear though, that those people are thinking unrealistically and do not understand the whole thing in the meaning of the possible facts, who are mocking about that which we have discussed as a thesis and possibility regarding the worldwide melting of the ice and the resulting effects.

Even a human being who does not understand the matter can confront himself with that which we have discussed in his thoughts to the extent that he grasps that the „arching-up“ of a surface can be only as great (high) as corresponds to the original extent/height, before something heavy lies on it and the surface is pushed in.

If the pressure and the dent resp., that result from an enourmously heavy weight, disappear from a surface, then the pushed-in surface returns to its original state.


And then that’s the „arching-up“ through which Earth returns to its real circumfence which is somewhat shorter without the gigantic ice masses, which then can or could lead to an increased rotation movement.


That’s the meaning of that which has been explained.






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