Contact Report 542


• Contact Reports volume: N/A (from Special Bulletin 70)

• Page number(s): Unknown

• Date/time of contact: July 7, 2012

• Translator(s): Unknown

• Date of original translation: Unknown

• Corrections and improvements made: N/A

• Contact person: Ptaah


This is an excerpt from the 542nd contact report.


Last night, as already repeatedly before, I had another phone call and was asked for the umpteenth time, why we do not make eBooks.

Also we have once talked about this at a GM, in which case, I also spoke against such in accordance with what Zafenatpaneach, you, Quetzal and your committee had to say about it, which unfortunately was discussed only in a private conversation and therefore was not written down in a contact report.

Therefore, I would like to ask you once to say something officially about it from your own side and indeed even what you have said to me about the connection between book and reader.


What I have explained to you concerning electronic books refers to both Zafenatpaneach’s, Quetzal’s, and also from our committee and my own experiences.

Electronic texts, which are also preexisting among us Plejarens, naturally, in much higher developed forms, serves solely and exclusively for the dissemination of information as well as for communication.

Contrary to this, we have book works, however, that do not consist of paper and cardboard covers, but of uncorruptible artificial materials, which are not inscribed in a form of printing process, but in a form that has the resemblance of a photographic technique.

These artificial materials for book works are, as said, uncorruptible and the book works find great popularity among our populations and therefore frequent use.

In particular, since we are permitted to have your papers and books, your educational works, these have actually found dissemination in great measure.

Electronic book works are not made out of it, except in the mode that they, with teachings through the spirit guides, are reproduced in appropriate mode on large surfaces suitable for reading for all listeners and then the listener can be explained.

Otherwise, however, no electronic books and literary works are produced and therefore not used, because the whole of an electronic book-form has a cold and impersonal effect on the reader, consequently no valueful connection to the book contents and therefore also no eventual participation with the contents can be established.

The whole effect of the electronic contents on the reader is thus impersonal and unactive, consequently deep-reaching impulsations fail to appear.

The electronic book or journal contents act as banal phrases, stiffnesses, without warmth and as restrictions, malfunctions, unfamiliar characteristics, quirks and even as absurdities, etc., because no internal connection can result from it and everything is active like a cold foreign body.

On the contrary, where there is a right book-work, which can be held in the hands, then the reading human being, as the owner, enters into an ownership connection with it.

In this case, however, the whole thing goes deeper and creates, through the book or magazine- content, in these human beings reading the content, a deep-reaching warmth and connection, as well as a participation with the material that he/she reads.

Through the form and mode of this inner personal connection the interest is also awakened, through which arises both a thinking for oneself and participation as well as also an experiencing, through which the thoughts and feelings are stimulated and therefore a questioning and learning also ensues, which can only be achieved with difficulty or not at all with electronic books and writings.

This is simply so because electronic books and writings display only cold information that does not speak to personal inner impulsations and can not create any deep connection to intellect and rationality as well as to the inner warmth.

If a book is used, then connected with this and its contents, is a personal relationship, thus it can be taken again and again into the hands, be re-read or studied, in which case, therefore, also thoughts and feelings become connected.

However, electronic devices, books and writings as well as their contents remain, cold, impersonal, relationshipless and connectionless, because the devices are only a piece of lifeless material for the human beings and the content is extinguished as soon as the device is turned off.

On the contrary, a book affects the human being as something, with its contents, that he/she is also then still dealing with, on the one hand, when it is put away, then, it is again within reach at any time and on the other hand, the content, through renewed reading or thinking becomes internalized again and understood.

Moreover, in no case does an electronic device leave such a variety of lasting impressions, how this is imparted in a book that can be held in the hands and is again accessible at any time when it is put away and with which the human being enters a mental-feeling-based relationship and connection.


Thanks, that one time open explanation can really lead to the understanding that electronic books are really unsuitable for learning because they serve only purely for information and maybe for entertainment, but otherwise can not be regarded as valueful with regards to learning.

When I think about it, then the whole thing appears to me how the news and other information are brought through newspapers, which may be absorbed by the readers and then become quickly forgotten again because the entire information is only superficial, not personally related and without personal relationship and connection. That is the crucial point.


What is to be confirmed.

Additionally, in connection with: Excerpt from the 543rd official contact conversation from August 4, 2012


But when we're on the photo book, then I would have a further question concerning what you have said on the seventh of July at the 542nd official talk regarding electronic books.

You wanted yet to give a further explanation after the end of the official talk, but unfortunately that was lost in our subsequent conversation.


Yes, I remember.

To the explanation I wanted to add that the reading of electronic books for the consciousness-activity and the physical brain is also extremely harmful.

Namely, if by the reading of electronic data only this is included, however not processed in good measure through intellect, rationality and logic, then slowly but surely there occurs a consciousness-poverty and consciousness-deterioration.

There also appears, however, a gradual deterioration of the brain, in which case, a process of brain-degradation occurs as well as an increasing body weight and uncontrollable aggressiveness and a gradual loss of intellect.

Likewise, all of these negative phenomena-forms also apply to all other electronic media of any kind, when the necessary consciousness-work is transferred to this and there is no more determining self, controlling, logical, intellectual and rational consciousness-activity.

If it is consumed only through digital media and thus the consciousness-based work is neglected, then it leads to evil consequences, through which is occurring a general deterioration of the ratio[i], the memory, as well as the psyche and the body.

Also arises a lack of ideas, a lack of motivation and lack of interest with regards to a general physical fitness and knowledge-based interests as well as regarding a good and upright mode of life, etc.


Does that generally apply for the electronic entertainment and information, thus also with regards to the Internet, Facebook, iPad, computer games, etc. and everything that exists in this regard and in the still to come future?


That is indeed the case.


Then one can indeed say that the human being of Earth through the digital media slowly but surely falls prey to stupefaction, is increasingly incapable of life and his/her brain, through a gradual shrinking smaller, is incapable of action and the human being is ever dumber and stupider.


The disastrous thing can also be named in this form.

It is not only electronic books that bring about the human consciousness- and ratio[ii]-based damage, but regarding this, it is all digital information media, as well as all so-called game consoles are to be named.

Through the diversity of digital media of all kinds, especially children and adolescents, as well as adults dependent on the mentioned media, are at risk.

Step by step the life-capability, the life-endurance-capability, the self-value, the personal choice- capability, the thought- and feeling-world as well as the power of self-initiative wither through the whole thing.

Everything in this regard will be strongly affected to such an extent that even the feeling for others, the sense of law and order and for fairness and righteousness shall lapse into a bad form.

Thus emerges anarchy, unconcernedness, wantonness, contempt for life, loss of knowledge, loss of wisdom and lovelessness and ausartende[iii] aggression, even down to the conscienceless, reckless and ausartenden[iv] harming of the fellow human beings.

Therefrom further arises also factors of boundless irresponsibility and the endangerment or destruction of his/her own life or those of other human beings.


A real vicious circle, which however is not recognized and will not be taken into account.

Therefore it is also not astonishing that from the digital media, more and more people fall ill in their consciousness, in their psyche, the body and in many forms even in disturbed behaviours and that the human beings become always more obnoxious and aggressive, unrighteous, hostile and slanderous, etc., towards each other.

A build up of good interpersonal relationships doesn’t have a chance.

And when I think that also the unbearable disharmony regarding the music as well still plays an important role, simply because of the disharmonious ruckus and racket of the abused musical instruments and in relation to the yelling, shrieking and howling of the so-called <singers>, then I see only an iota in it which is necessary in order to complete the disaster.

Also the whole sectarianism of the main religions and their sects still contribute immensely to this end so that everything is ever worse.

The religious-sectarian deluded belief is indeed, since time immemorial, destructively puttering among the earthly humankind, but the majority, the religious- and sectarian believing are so dumb and dependent, that the reality and its truth cannot be recognised.

Thus the reality and its truth cannot emerge for the humankind and consequently cannot be understood; there is no peaceful righteousness and equitably, neither for the individual human being nor for the whole of humankind through a religious sectarian believing and through prayer.

Consequently, the human being of Earth does not turn to the creational-natural laws and recommendations and therefore also not to the love, the feelings for others and the peace, the freedom and harmony.

Also a religious and sectarian belief and an equally directed prayer does not bring about true fairness, as well as bring about no more wars and no more carrying out of terrorist acts.

A belief and prayer in religious and sectarian form, however, also does not contribute to it that the human beings of Earth liberate themselves of their hatred, of their falseness, of their pathological craving for revenge and retaliation, as well as their lovelessness, and neither of their avarice, selfishness and jealousy, not of their aggression, lies, cheating, calumnies and of the all around wrong behaviours, as unfortunately is so since time immemorial.

For the human being to transform for the better and to powerfully put all good values into action does not require religious and sectarian belief and prayer, but the courage for reality and its truth and the courage for the initiative, to turn him/herself towards the creational-natural laws and recommendations and to live and act in accordance with these.

But this requires a healthy motivation and a good will of each individual – which is lacking for the majority of terrestrial humanity, indeed primarily through the religious-sectarian deluded belief and the therefore accompanying false faiths.

Should the whole thing change for the better and the good, then the reality and its truth must be recognized, courage be taken and everything necessary and important for a change be put into action.

This also means that despots, dictators, tyrants and sect-bigwigs of all kinds, etc. be no longer tolerated, but are chased away or no longer even allowed to take the rudder.

Thus it is also necessary that the peoples free themselves from these types of elements, therefore through those agitators no oppression, no terror, no war and no more deceptions take place and no more false teachings are spread, as no further evil can be further caused, even in terms of the spreading of the religious and sectarian irrational teachings.

Only the creational-natural laws and recommendations alone should be observed and fulfilled, in which case, what also must be understood is that the Creation is not a godhead but a pure spirit-energy that finds its manifestation in its natural physical laws and recommendations and is existent only in this spirit-energetical wise.


Pure spiritual teaching, and that is a good thing. There is nothing more to say.





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